Clever Grip Review

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What is Clever Grip

It is a phone clip that can be used in your cars and promises to keep you and your phones safe.

Clever Grip asserts that now you won’t put yourself in the harm’s way by trying to look at your phone while driving and taking your eyes off the road. Every time your phone rings while you are driving, you tend to do just that. But you also know that it’s a risk that you need to avoid. There are other occasions when you are turning along the way and your phone takes a fall. You don’t want to put your expensive phone through the damages caused by such drops and burn a hole in your pocket. Clever Grip claims that now not only can you avoid the risks while driving but make sure your phone is kept safely as well.

Clever Grip for your safety

To begin with, you need to know that using Clever Grip doesn’t need any special installation. The spring loaded clamp attaches quickly and is supposed to be strong enough to hold things easily, including a heavy brick. Importantly, Clever Grip maintains that it will keep your mobile phone in your line of vision at all times. The 360 degrees pivoting head it has also makes things easier for you. Now you can ensure that you can keep your eyes on the road while you use your phone whenever you want and without any hassle too.


Clever Grip has smart features for your convenience

When you have Clever Grip attached to your car, you will also make sure that your mobile phone doesn’t suffer through falls and drops while you are driving. The good thing is that this phone clip will attach to any style of air vent with ease and add to the longevity of your phone. Clever Grip also stresses on the fact that it works equally well with all types of phones. It is fully adjustable and can be an instant stand anywhere, which allows you a lot of flexibility and versatility with its use too.

Clever Grip and its applications for you

Clever Grip emphasizes on the fact that it has been designed to keep you on top of things at all times. It’s compact and lightweight, which means you can take it with you wherever you go. If you are driving with your GPS then you can use it as a solid support stand while it also has its benefits if you want to stream music while driving. Clever Grip is definitely useful when you want to make hands free calls and that too without looking away from the road. It also works for your kids in the backseat when they want to watch videos.

What do I get?

You get two Clever Grip for $14.95 plus $13.9 P&H. Official website

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