Clever Clutch Review

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What is Clever Clutch?

It claims to be a unique clutch that is designed to hold all the necessary items including a cell phone and a portable charger accompanied along. Clever Clutch is a purse with a phone charger that promises to help you keep everything you need organized and at your fingertips. Clever Clutch asserts that it has enough space to carry 10 credit cards, and a lot more while being secured with a magnetic clasp. Wrist or shoulder straps allow you to carry the stylish purse in two sleek ways. Clever Clutch reviews are awaited to corroborate these claims.


Clever Clutch Claims

Organize your purse well – Clever Clutch alleges to be a clutch that can organize all the items in a purse so that you can always find the thing that you need without having to fumble through the purse. There is a need to carry the wallet, the phone and its portable charger individually. Clever Clutch states to bring all these items together in one simple design. It is difficult to accept or reject its claims due to lack of user reviews.


Accommodating design – Clever Clutch promises to eliminate the need to carry a big bag or purse to accommodate all items that women require. It claims that it has a regular clutch like design where one can simply put multiple cards, coupons, cash and even change securely in a small section. At this point of time there are no Clever Clutch reviews available that will attest to its claims. Clever Clutch also declares to have a provision which holds a lip gloss or a pen very easily inside it. There also is a sticky pad which holds any regular sized smart phone inside it. It also asserts to come with a powerful phone charging deck, a micro/mini USB plug and a charging cable. The deck and cable works with practically any new cell phone. More shall be revealed once Clever Clutch is reviewed.

Practical features – Clever Clutch maintains to be highly effective at storing all the cards and cash along with the phone. It also helps in safeguarding the same against RFID thefts with its unique protective layer of RFID blocking technology. At this point of time there are no Clever Clutch reviews available that will substantiate with its claims. It emphasizes that its ultra-slim charging deck is perfect for juicing up phones with its 2500mAH power and is removable so it can be carried in a pocket too. Clever Clutch proclaims to have a magnetic clasp to secure the items inside and a wrist strap to make it handy to carry. Did you find it as good as its claims? Send us your Clever Clutch reviews.

Charge your phones conveniently – Clever Clutch maintains that you can now find everything you need in your purse easily. Moreover with its discrete, ultra slim 2500 mAh charging deck you can charge your phones conveniently and get 12 hours of talk time. The charging deck is compatible with iPhones and Android phones. Built-in sticky pads keep the phone securely in place. Clever Clutch reviews can throw more light on it.

RFID technology offers respite Clever Clutch has hack-proof RFID fabric that claims to keep your personal information, credit cards safe. We hope your Clever Clutch reviews will tell us more about it.


What do I get?

  • 1 Clever Clutch in Black
  • 1 USB Power Charger and Cable
  • 2 Adapter Plugs
  • Wrist Band & Over-The-Shoulder Strap

Price: $19.99 + $7.99 S/h at Official Clever Clutch website

6 thoughts on “Clever Clutch Review

  1. Negative -Save your money not worth it, the wrist band rope breaks very easily and the sticky area for the phone leaves a residue as when taking photos you need to take it off but it soon wears off defeating the purpose of being a Purse for a phone

  2. It’s coming to 6 weeks and I have not received my product phoned your customer service many times and not able to talk to anyone. When I placed in my order I was told it will arrive two to four weeks. Till now hasn’t arrived. Please cancel my order as I will be leaving country for holidays this weekend and don’t know when I will be back to Canada.

  3. I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR MONTHS, cant get thru on the phone number, I want my money back, they dont respond to emails. this is disgusting. Never again


    • Yes, me too, going on 3 mos. and only offers it in black. Where the ads have several other pretty colors?!?!? This is so ridiculous all these months we wait!!!!!

      BTW they promised me it will be here July 18th!!! That came and went, were they talking about 2017??

    • I hear you I was told the samething I called today so that they wouldn’t cancel my order and they told it has been discontinued

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