ClearStream DTV HDTV Antennas Review

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The invention of Digital transmission for television has led to better picture quality and more entertainment to be added through numerous channels. If you’re thinking of mounting an antenna to receive quality signal then don’t look any further, check the newest range of ClearStream DTV / HDTV Antennas. Regular antennas have peak gains only on a specific band of frequency but do not provide an even response on all the bands. ClearStream DTV / HDTV Antennas have powerful coverage throughout and has the capacity to deliver approximately 98% of the signal that is generally lost due to impedance mismatch.

How does ClearStream DTV HDTV Antennas Work

ClearStream DTV / HDTV Antennas give a unique range of compact antennas that can be used to drive premium quality digital signals in the target area. The Micron indoor DTV Antenna series comes with a powerful receptor that can easily capture signal in a 25 miles broadcast radius. Also another similar series known as ClearStream DTV / HDTV Antennas Micron R Indoor DTV Antenna has optimally designed reflectors that focus 2X more broadcast signal through the antenna in a 35+ miles range. Plus according to the theme of the house the series comes in a bunch of attractive colors like matte black, red, bright yellow, crisp white and brushed satin black. It serves perfectly well for houses that experience multi-path interferences.

ClearStream DTV / HDTV Antennas also features Micron A Indoor DTV Antenna that boosts the gain with 4 gain settings for cleaning up the picture quality and can be placed away from TV due to its inline amplifier. For those looking to mount an antenna on the wall or outside, or tabletop to receive DTV signals in a 35+ miles radius the ClearStream 1 Convertible Medium Range antenna serves in the best way. Similar yet more powerful series in ClearStream DTV / HDTV Antennas is the ClearStream 2 that picks signals in 50+ miles range and can boost UHF/VHF long range signals easily. For rural installations and accommodating wide space broadcast networks Clearstream 4 and Clearstream 5 from the house of ClearStream DTV / HDTV Antennas are perfectly well suited.




What do I get?
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ClearStream DTV HDTV Antennas Video

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