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If you’ve been looking for an alternative to cable and satellite TV for enhancing the experience of watching and enjoying television, look no further. ClearTV, a revolutionary new digital HD antenna is here to transform the way you watch TV forever. ClearTV is the new digital broadcast transmission system that makes it possible for you to save big by getting rid of cable and satellite expenses and simultaneously enjoy top quality picture.


How does Clear TV Digital HD Antenna work?

You can now watch your favorite network shows for free simply by getting ClearTV home!All you have to do is plug in ClearTV digital HD antenna in your TV and instantly start enjoying crystal clear viewing and that too for free! The antenna is really easy to set up as you simply plug it in the TV. It can be used on a flat surface, standing or wall mounted too.

You need to just ensure that it faces the transmitting tower for best reception. Hundreds of crystal clear and HD shows are available at your fingertips for free. You can watch your favorite shows, sporting events, local news and weather programs and more on your favorite popular channels. What’s more, the transmission is far better than what your cable and satellite TV offer you. It involves absolutely no contracts, no monthly fees and the annoying unexpected price hikes.


The federal government mandate has made it compulsory for all broadcasters to switch over from analog to digital broadcast and transmit a digital TV signal cable over the air, which offers superior visual and audio quality than analog. The ClearTV antenna receives over-the-air digital and HD signals for free. Broadcasters can offer multiple programming choices on a single channel, or sub channels.

ClearTV translates into non-stop hours of entertainment and infotainment of free digital TV without having to pay cable or satellite bills every month!

ClearTV Antenna Frequently Asked Questions

What is Clear TV?
Clear TV is nothing but an antenna that receives over-the-air digital and HD signals. Earlier, television channels had been on analog broadcast, which have now switched over to digital as per a government directive, which has made it mandatory for television broadcasters to convert from analog to digital broadcast. Now, only digital signals are available over the air in the United States and Canada. The digital system transmits better visual and audio signals than analog can.

Can ClearTV fit all TV sets?
ClearTV is compatible with all televisions that have an (Antenna IN or a Cable IN) port at the back of the television. After May 25, 2007, all television sets sold have to have an ATSC (Digital) tuner built-in and receive digital broadcasts. Television sets manufactured prior to that may have a menu option for scanning digital channels, in which they have digital ATSC tuner facility. If you find ‘ATSC’ written, they are ATSC enabled, else you will need to purchase a converter box.

What are the benefits of ClearTV?
ClearTV transmits digital broadcast, which offers far better audio and visual quality and television viewing as compared to analog broadcast. It puts an end to satellite service bills and exorbitant cable charges that you shell out every month. The antenna is easy to install and beams best quality picture. ClearTV brings you uninterrupted free HD TV viewing which means watching free HD TV and all your favorite channels forever.


What about the picture quality of ClearTV as compared to that of cable?
The ClearTV antenna transmits best quality HD signals which cable companies do not as they compress their HD signals. It results in degradation of signal which is of lower quality as compared to OTA broadcast.


How many channels does ClearTV offer?

You can watch all your favorite channels including movies, sports, news, entertainment, weather and more. Digital television allows broadcasters to offer multiple programming choices on a single channel (sub channels) which had greatly broadened the choice for people.

Most households can receive these popular networks such as NBC,PBS, FOX, CBS, ABC, ION, 24 hour sports programming, a 24 hour classic movie channel, 24 hour news and weather channel, popular Spanish-language channels and more.


Is it possible for me to add more cable to my Clear TV?
Yes, if you need to shift your Clear TV to a location which the cable connected to your antenna cannot, you can connect an extension cable and enjoy your ClearTV as per your wish.


Is the ClearTV reception totally clear?
While you are guaranteed superior quality reception of pictures, it may vary on account of certain factors. The location of the broadcast, huge buildings, geographical features like hills and tall trees can affect reception. For best results, you need to be within 25 to 30 miles of a broadcast antenna.

Does ClearTV work outside, in the basement or the attic?
Clear TV is basically an indoor antenna hence it’s recommended to hang Clear TV on the inside of an exterior wall or window facing the broadcast towers. Please avoid keeping it in a basement or attic. You may also need to watch out for excessive moisture or temperature extremes to protect your antenna.


Is Clear TV compatible with DVR or TIVO?
Yes, Clear TV very much works with TiVo and other digital video recorders (DVR). Clear TV is a HD antenna hence you can receive an HD broadcast signal easily.


What should I do if I can’t receive proper signal with Clear TV?
If you aren’t receiving proper signal with ClearTV, you can check the exact distance from your residence to the nearest transmitters. Visit and type in your address to get an idea about the nature of reception at your house and try being in close proximity of a broadcast antenna.

Do i need an outside antenna for this product so i can get all the channels?
It depends on your location. If you are located in area that does not have large buildings nearby and is not densely populated, you should be able to get decent reception for your local channels just using this antenna.

My TV has the plug facing down instead of outward, does this have an option to angle the plug?
No it doesn’t has an option to angle the plug.

Does it need wifi or internet for its use?
No it doesn’t need wifi or internet for its use.

How does it work, like how do i get the channels?
You simply unscrew your cable connection from the back of your TV set and then screw the Clear TV antenna onto the same adapter, and you’re done.

Does it come with the screw to connect it to the tv?
Yes, it comes with the screw to connect it to the tv.

Can i put a small amplifier on this to help make it pick up better signal strength?
No you can’t on this device.

Will this antenna work in New York city?
It will work in any city of the U.S. You should be close to a tower where you live, being at-least 50 miles from the tower. You should check where your tower is.

Clear TV Reviews

Majority of the customers are dissatisfied the way clear tv antenna works and have given poor ratings. The clear tv antenna do not live up to the commercial. As per the reviews the product is too good to be true.

Customers have complained about receiving very few channels as compared to other antennas for the same location.

Also, they are not any getting local channels among the few as advertised. While some received few channels, there were also complaints of people receiving no channels at all. Even though people are living in a flat terrain or near the tower or antennas are installed as per instructions thus antennas have poor reception leading to disappointment of the customers.

Few suggested bunny ears as an alternative or to stick to the wired ones to get more channels and good receptions. People say this TV Key doesn’t work, but according to one of the buyer maned Charlotte G your television has to be HD ready, it will not work on older model televisions. Also, the antennas need to have in the right place to work well such as the device is useless in the basement but gives satisfactory result when installed on first or second floor.

It is a great device for anyone who is considering getting rid of their overpriced cable or satellite TV services for rooms that don’t need premium channels like guest room and similar.

What do I get?

If you compare the amount you spend on cable or satellite TV with ClearTV antenna, you’ll be surprised to see how much you save with ClearTV. While you spend around $80 per month on cable or satellite TV, the free digital TV costs only $19.95 with additional postage and handling. Official website

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  1. Don’t buy it a ripoff i paid 45.91 send it back only got 29.91 back it want work don’t wast your money.

  2. Use to be the feds protected the consumer of people like this. But after orange got in office your on your own. Wouldn’t surprise me if orange hair getting a cut from this scam.

  3. Let me start by saying I don’t pay full price for anything So I purchased a 2-max antenna on eBay for half price and hooked it up Got 26 channels all clear I have heavy tree coverage at my house so if it got too windy or rainy some of the stations would break up I moved on to up 4-v antenna Again less than half price It works great still get 26 channels but no drop out My antenna is mounted outside on an old dish mount Very happy with my free tv Hope this helps

  4. I have two, one in Anchorage and one in Wasilla. I get 6 channels and on top of that I have to move the Dam Thing around everyday, sometimes 3 to 4 times a day if I want to watch any TV. I can’t afford Cable and I thought at least have a few good channels. Bull Shit. Tired of the Freeze Frame all the time!

    The worst $20.00 I’ve spent. I watch a lot of DVDs

  5. James Williams | December 23, 2017 at 2:24 am | Reply

    What a piece of crap! Now, I can’t even find out how to return it.

    • It’s a beautiful deal if you are a illegal alien from mexico.99% channels are Spanish and when the illegals get apartments food stamps and healthcare Obama throws in a cell phone and one of these antennas for house warming gift

      • roberta mcdonald | January 30, 2018 at 5:19 am | Reply

        You are such an UGLY PERSON !!!!

      • you also forget they get Subside Gasoline in Virginia and Washington plus allowance for cigarettes and other goodies depending on the State of residence, not to mention Daca people get free room and board and tuition free thaks to us the Tax payers.

    • Deloris Jackson | May 21, 2018 at 7:18 am | Reply


  6. Works as a great placemat for a laptop. Better have some useful ideas for it, because it AINT GONNA WORK!!

  7. What a flaming RIP OFF. Don’t fall for this SCAM. Save your money. Why do people do this?

  8. we couldn’t get even one channel with this antenna.

  9. Clear TV Key is junk. Do not waste your money. They are making their money on the shipping and handling charges. They ship via UPS surepost so they pay a low monthly flat fee for all their shipping, then charge 16.00 for shipping and handling. When the product doesn’t work (which it did not) they will allow you to return the product , at your cost, for a refund of the purchase price only. Oh, and they were running a “sale”, 2 for 19.99. When they arrived, the price marked on each of them was $10.00, so the “sale” saved a whole penny. This was done to an elderly woman who can’t afford cable. THESE PEOPLE SUCK!

  10. scott browne | June 17, 2017 at 10:47 pm | Reply

    I think the reviewer that sent his dogs droppings back to the seller has the solution, at least to have the satisfaction of responding to a scammer even if it costs something to ship it to them. Use a ziplock so shippers don’t have to smell it. Maybe a few hundred or thousands of these nice packages will make the point.

  11. Frans Wikman | June 1, 2017 at 2:41 am | Reply

    Hello, I need your input regarding this. I highly recommend you email me directly:

  12. how the heck you gona get espn etc if you gotta be 20-30 miles from stations. don’t believe it.

    • It’s basically a single element UHF antenna.
      You can do the same thing if you buy a 90 degree co-ax connector and stick a piece of small wire into it that is 11-1/2 inches long.
      Total cost at a hardware store about $3.00

    • You will only get networks like ABC, NBC, etc, not for cable stations

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  14. The clear tv antenna sucks. It is no good and i dont want to see anyone else get ripped off.


      • Leroy Vahovick | January 26, 2018 at 1:19 am | Reply

        I purchased two of the Antenna’s and could not get any channels, we tried several places with the antenna’s . still got no pictures period.
        The phone number I called to return the items , has no one answering the phone, so do not know where to send them for a refund. If anyone has the address, please email then address to me.
        Thank You.

        • Linda Phillips | April 10, 2018 at 7:32 pm | Reply

          I returned mine to the address where it was shipped from,but I never heard from them. I just wasted money on returning it.

    • Joseph Mccorriston | August 24, 2016 at 5:48 am | Reply

      It’s just like all the others that constantly breakup during every show on every channel. It’s junk

      • Joe Mac
        Cable tye it to a 12 ft piece of PVC pipe and connect it with the shortest piece of coax that will reach. Try it horizontally first.
        Plant the pipe in the ground so you can rotate it.
        Use two sticks to get another channel.
        Stations use vertical or horizontal polarities. You will have to compensate for this.
        Exercise regular safety for lightning, powerlines, etc.
        Sometimes mounting it diagonally will solve the polarity issue but usually this only works for nearby stations.

  15. can you use your v.c.r with it

    • Yes if your VCR has a built-in tuner.
      You can also use the stick on an analog tv if you have an HDTV converter box (WAl Mart).



    • I bought it at Walgreen’s store Its amazing now I’m not bored I live 30 miles away from town so had no cable with this I’m happy. It may not be like cable that has so many channels but you know what at least has 40some channel and I’m not bored so I’m OK with my purchase TV Clear from Walgreens!! Don’t talk bad about a ITEM If YOU Don’t Have It!!!

      • You are either an idiot or you work for the freetvkey company. Free TV key is nothing more then a cleverly worded scam to make you think you’re getting something more than regular antenna television. If someone on here says they get 40 or 60 channels then they already get 40 or 60 channels on antenna you don’t get any more channels there’s no magic Inside the Box that makes it pick up more channels. I do not buy antennas of any kind you can stick a piece of speaker wire in the spot for the antenna and it will pick up and I do pick up right now all the channels that are broadcaster in my area with a piece of speaker wire. If you don’t believe me unplug your expensive antenna I don’t care what kind it is put a piece of speaker wire from your junk drawer in the little spot and you will get all the channels you got on your antenna. I hope this saves somebody some money not only on the freetvkey but on all antennas. If that seems too hokey to you fine go out and buy a $30 antenna or better yet buy the $40 antenna cuz it must be better right ? wrong ! I showed a friend who purchased mini antennas over the years and he just shook his head in disbelief. All the money I spent he said he doesn’t buy any more antennas either


  17. I was getting ready to buy Clear TV.after reading all the complaints/ No way,,,,,I thank all who wrote.


  18. I bought TWO of these flimsy things. They do not work, and my old indoor antennae is still much better. Can’t believe that they are allowed to make these impossible claims for their product. Save your money- DO NOT buy this junk!!

    • Same thing happened to me. I only got the same 7 channels I got with my old 15 year old amplified antenna. I took my back for the $19.95 refund.

  19. I don’t get it in my opinion this is the worse rip off ever!!!!! I mean I called them back 4 million times and they gave me a new can’t you believe that people do this this is sh*t what is wrong with this

  20. I don’t liked your antena , I see the same channels whit the regular antena .. I think I will found more channels but I didn’t found.. Are lied in yours announces… sorry

  21. It’s just normal digital TV. We knew about this many years ago when everyone went to digital TV. Free TV is nothing special. You can buy a digital antenna for around $10 to $15 at walmart and it will provide the exact same functionality. Stop buying Free TV! It’s a rip off! They are playing on the ignorance of people who don’t realize that free TV is just an expensive digital antenna!

  22. It not so clear did setup in about 5 min scan 5 times and place Antenna on windows and other locations but pictures on my HDTV were choppy & fading in out move it Still no better called Customer service said I needed amplifier for additional $ 14.95 I said just reverse charges on card and they offered to let me keep antenna & waive the shipping charge of $7.95 Nope keep the $7.95 and reverse charge. I calling a professional installer and going with roof mount

    • You are Lucky… I ordered one 02/08/16, was to be delivered before 8pm 02/24/16. NEVER CAME..!THIS IS A SCAM AND TOTAL RIPP OFF

  23. would recommend Spectrum Indoor/Outdoor Digital HD TV Antenna.
    You will find the best Antenna that you satisfied Quality & Price wise.
    Totally Free HD TV Channels FOREVER.
    World best Quality Spectrum Digital TV Antenna.

  24. I bought this antenna for $6 atat aa nearbynearby thrift store. It worksworks justjust asas well asas thethe one iIHD prior. d

  25. rodney ninichuck | June 9, 2015 at 3:59 am | Reply

    this product is absolutely cheaply made and pure garbage. its one of the worst purchases I’ve ever made. i have a 2 year old LG television and live only a couple miles from Cincinnati and the broadcast towers so theres no reason it shouldn’t work well. its just so cheaply made.

  26. Buying Clear TV was one of the worst investments I ever made and I bought 2 of them.
    It does not come close to the promises made on the infomercial.
    I had to go back to my old broken down antenna that actually give me a consistent signal.

  27. Diane R. M. | June 2, 2015 at 8:22 pm | Reply

    I suspect that “Clear-TV” is a device that was put out by a major cable TV company. It’s intention is to purposely “Not work” and “Totally frustrate the consumer”, with the main goal of being to knock those silly little thoughts of “Getting rid of cable” right out of our heads!!!!!

    • NOT A HAPPY CAMPER | June 29, 2015 at 12:56 am | Reply

      1st of all it was supposed to take 2 to 3 weeks for delivery. It took 7, when they arrived, I tried 1 on the 3 TV’s and only got 7 channels on 1 TV. So, NO NO NO !!!!! And to anyone that will hopefully do research before making a purchase. This SCAM only teaches us no more 19.99 scammericials.

  28. Anne Fischer | May 20, 2015 at 1:00 pm | Reply

    Fox guarding the hen house. Video u display to view “does not exist”!

  29. I didn’t even know these things existed til I saw it on the As seen on tv shelf at my local store. I figured hey, 15 bucks, why not I will try it. It does not work. I have spent several hours adjusting to the foreign concept of broadcast towers and where to point this thing. The product insert says it works best if there are towers within 30 miles of where you are. It works best on an exterior wall or window. They also warn the signal may be degraded by hills, tall buildings and tall trees. I live in SE FL – which is very flat with short little trees and I have yet to see any building around over 5 stories tall. Anyway I have a tower 19 miles away. I stuck this thing on the window. Then I did everything possible besides twist myself into a pretzel and click my heels three times to make it work, but, it just doesn’t. WEAK OR NO SIGNAL when I am very well within all of their limited parameters. Maybe the tv antenna technology works – but this one does not. I haven’t given up though. I am taking this one back and will try another brand after I have scoured all available reviews.

  30. Tried on 4 separate TVs. Sending them back even if I am loosing money on shipping fees.

  31. Pamela Durdey | April 12, 2015 at 8:21 pm | Reply

    I bought these and tried them on windows and walls with no success to speak of. I only ever got one fuzzy picture.the wallmart antenna works much better.

  32. Seriously? People can’t be this stupid. Surely. It is an antenna. You can pick one up at any department store or big box store…for less. If it is this easy to get people to buy overpriced gadgets just by using some flashy word trickery then I really need to quit my day job and start a gimmick. Good grief people.

    • What is your problem? There is an entire generation of people who grew up on cable tv… what would they know about tv antennas that have been obsolete since 1972? Additionally, this thing is cheap. The only problem is – it does not work. Stop blaming consumers for being victimized by unscrupulous companies, cranky pants.

  33. I bought two of these, cost about 4 dollars to ship and you end up paying 15.oo dollars for shipping and handling. They didn’t work for me living out in the country so I sent them back. What a rip off. They kept more than half my money, don’t buy…they are cheap and an old antenna will do just the same for you! Bad business practice, they are making money even if you send them back. RIP OFF

  34. I purchased a Clear T.V. and found that the antenna we already have works better. The Clear T.V. antenna is a joke. They play it up and say you can receive up to 500 channels however, even with the booster they offer and living within 18 miles of an antenna the Clear T.V. picks up less signals then a basic HD Antenna which you can purchase at any Wall-mart. I give this a thumbs down and would be willing to sale mine for 10 bucks or best offer. I purchased the 2 antennas and both are for sale for 10 bucks or best offer. I would even take the shipping cost and 1 dollar hahaha

  35. I want to know about my order I placed an 2/23/2015 so at this time I Don’t have received the antenna can you tell me how much of time I have to wait to see the antenna into my hands today is 2/8/2015. Can you let me know when.

    • Anne Fischer | May 20, 2015 at 1:18 pm | Reply

      something is seriously wrong with these dates.

    • Their number is 1-973-287-5158. Be careful come to find out through ordering online they signed me up for some kind of HiFi success shit that has been charging my account 59.95 for 13 month that I just recently found out. Awful

  36. Local Purchase | February 4, 2015 at 2:23 am | Reply

    Please visit or and look for Digital TV Reception Maps to determine the available TV stations and location of the broadcast towers in your area.

    I live in a border town and saw the ClearTV ad for the first time last night. The ironic thing is I was receiving the Program broadcast via a GE Ultra Edge Series Indoor Amplified Antenna which I purchased locally for $29.95. The Clear TV in the infomercial was $10 cheaper but did not have the signal amplifier… additionally I would have to pay a bloated S+H fee… I had later learned that ClearTV was available at a local store and considered purchasing one for my second TV until I came to this site…

    People need to realize, these antennas are designed to receive Local and National DIGITAL Broadcast (not Satellite) signals. Typical channels one can receive are ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, PBS, and possibly some other locally broadcast channels. In my area I receive over 40+ channels although about 50% of those are Hispanic and 2-3 of the remaining 20 or so channels are broadcast in different video format (1080 and 720). Additionally I receive 3 Religious channels, 3 PBS Channels and some other “duplicate” channels but with different programming at times.

    Setup was pretty straight forward:
    1. You connect the Amplifier to the RF connector on the back of your set.
    2. Connect the Antenna to the Signal Amplifier.
    3. Go into the Setup menu for your TV (refer to your TVs operational manual if you don’t know how to do this)
    4. Select Source: AIR or Antenna NOT Cable)
    5. Select Source Type: Digital or both Analog/Digital. (some antennas are claim to receive analog (VHF/UHF) signals but are not optimally designed to receive such signals).
    6. Select channel: Auto Search or Auto Program
    6. Once complete: Exit setup menu if you set does not automatically do so.

    Remember this is only an antenna.
    Reception has a lot to do with:
    1. Your proximity in reference to the Broadcast tower.
    2. Placement of the Antenna, it is recommended mount as high as possible and near window.
    3. Quality of the Antenna and Signal Amplifier (if you have one)
    4. Signal interference from other devices (although not as common a problem as with as old analog signals)
    5. Signal interference from Geological Formations (Mountains)

    Hope this Helps. Good luck!

    • CURIOUS about something ! You say you just saw the ad last night and in the same breath almost you are saying how you connected it—WHAT GIVES Bud!!!

      • Well, duh! He didn’t say he connected it up right after he saw it on TV. He said he connected it “after” he saw it, meaning it could have been the next day or next week. Go back to school and take a course in logic….Bud!!!

    • This is a con and if i could get my money back i would, this crap is not worth 10 cents.

  37. I ordered Clear tv,Picture perfect,I paid 27.00,but the booster to pick up exra channels was not included and has to be ordered seperatly for 14.95,I have 2 local and 2 movie channels shows sometimes and or 4 ket channels.The booster shoild have been included and it sould have been mentioned!12/30/14

  38. yes this is an as for tv scam the antenna works sometimes but rarely most often only gets 3-5 channels and many times duplicate channels if that counts. I complained about the unit the first thirty days of purchased and they never replied. Worst of all I saw it on sell at Walgreens in the as seen for tv section then I became very annoyed. DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS LIE.

  39. Unfortunately I believe that this is scam and believe what im reading here scamers how do they get away with it. This should be illegal to sale as it is avertyized what’s worse are government let them do it. Its all about the money dont be scammed save your money and realize we get what we pay for.oh ye

  40. I’ve read everyone of these comments for top too bottom! Sounds like this product worked for a few and not for others! In my honest opinion I think it has too do with where your positioned, signals aren’t an easy thing they are a very tricky thing! They might work in certain areas and not work at all in others with anything! You location, how far from a transmitting tower, what obstructions are in your path, what kind of range your product offers, expensive not always better in some instances, then again can be! The only scam I can see and don’t like is that they promise you that you can get cable channels and that’s false advertising! If the would have advertised as a free air to air antenna I wouldn’t thought so much! Infomercials have been around and false advertising for century’s and are not going anywhere soon! something’s work and something’s don’t! But the nice thing about having the as seen on tv products in stores now is you can try them (keep your receipts) and return them most places! Sometimes things can be frustrating but may actually really work for some people where as not so well for others Though that’s the gamble we take everyday in our so called lives!

  41. The Clear Tv is a load of crap we have it and on bad days we get better channels heck with just aluminum foil we get better channels that’s sad. The clear tv needs to stop advertising the product is TRASH!!!!

    There is also no place to email them i don’t blame them for that they know it’s trash.=( CLEAR TY ANTENNA TRASH!!!

  42. The new commercials are a hoot. The spokesman takes a portable TV with a Clear TV Premium Antenna up in a hot air balloon and marvels at all the channels he is getting.

    Of course you will get pants loads of channels if you elevate the antenna! That’s Antenna Basics 101.

    This might be OK if you live within 25 or 30 miles of the towers and amplify it. I’d love to find one at Big Lots or Dollar General and test it out for shiggles.

  43. Tired of paying high cable bills; I made the switch to Clear TV. Got rid of the cable during the day when my kids were at school; They were mad i got rid of the cable! But i am not! Bye Bye Comcast! Hello Clear TV!

    • I have been getting broadcast tv since the FCC required digital instead of analog and do not have “cleartv” and get it legally for free. What this infomercial does not tell you is that there is several other places you can get a similar product. Products advertised on infomercials are usually overpriced and much more difficult to get your money back if not satisfied. Buy local even if at WalMart and you will be providing jobs locally.

  44. WAYNE ARMSTRONG | October 17, 2014 at 3:40 am | Reply

    Got it home and it was the worst antenna I ever had. I live only 2 miles form were they broadcast and I had to move it and scan my tv at least 10 times before it picked up some channels. Nothing more then the rabbit ears antenna I had on the tv before. This is a scam people please save your money dont buy it, Clear TV is crap garbage, it does not work like they say at all.


  45. Clear TV antenna did not work in Kansas City, at all. With shipping and the “free” second antenna, was over $35. Ordered a 19.95 booster in hopes it would help…didn’t help at all. Customer Service is not good, was transferred around when I asked how to return this junk..they offered to refund $7.50 for the over $55 I spent to keep the stuff and give as a gift. Why would I want to give people I like a pile of expensive JUNK?! Insulting! Lots of wasted time and $ here! This is a big scam!

  46. I came across this forum of reviews today about clear tv antenna. I bought one a year ago along with the signal booster, a must have or you get nothing, and here is what I discovered. The antenna does indeed work. I live in a city with only 3 broadcast towers. I also live only 45 minuets from the Canadian border close to a large city, and 90 miles from Seattle, another large city with all the major network broadcast towers. After a lot of moving the antenna around, an exhausting 2 hours, and scanning multiple times- I found the damn thing really works! I pull in 8 channels-6of which are Canadian but great, in north area of my home with antenna on window, and I pull in 5 different channels, all American, from my side bedroom window, which faces west. This is how most indoor antennas will work, and it totally depends on where you live and the terrain. I will never get those Seattle stations unless I use a massive roof top antenna with all the bells and whistles, and even then it might not work. I think that it is up to the individual to do some homework on the products they buy, because even though they leave these facts out in the advertisements, it does not make it false.

    • low country girl | January 9, 2015 at 8:10 pm | Reply

      I like my clear tv. I get more digital stations than my mom gets with a rabbit ear antenna. location does make a difference with reception. When you go to the website it tells you which stations you are most likely going to pickup based on your area code. To my surprise I got more stations than they listed.

  47. It’s a freaking antenna. People are so dense. No hope for the human race.

  48. Amazingly, BBB still rates this as ‘A+’!! Seems people are not following up with complaints to a higher place…

  49. I am a cable installer. And for anybody who buys this antenna, it is just a digital antenna that picks up local non cable TV channels. Now if you by a digital antenna and replace the coax cable that comes with it and put a larger size cable in it, it will get more local channels. I bought one from big-lots and plugged it in and got 2 channels. I then took the antenna apart and soldered in a thicker cable in place of the factory one went from 2 channels to 17 channels. For about $35 you can buy a roll of rg6 cable from lowes. And the antenna is about $9 – $12 at big- lots. It’s real simple and cheap to do.

  50. What channels will this system get. AMC, TNT, Hallmark, TV LAND, CNN NEWS, NATIONAL WEATHER

    Thank you

    • Those are all cable you won’t get those channels; But you will get free broadcast network channels; ABC; NBC; CBS; FOX; and PBS

  51. Clear TV is a big scam. The offer on the website said buy one, get one free with additional shipping and processing so I ordered two. The free offer came up after the order was already processed so I ended up paying for two. Another very big issue, you do not get to review your purchase before final submission. I was charged $31.96 for shipping and processing. If I had known that cost, I would not have completed the order. So instead of the item costing me $19.95 plus reasonable shipping costs, my total was $76.17! I will be reporting this company to the Better Business Bureau.

  52. its just a antenna like any other antenna only at cost less remember the old days when you had roof antennas or a antenna by your tv and you had to move it around sametimes

  53. mike huffstickler | August 31, 2014 at 9:31 pm | Reply

    I live more than 35 miles from broadcast tv station. I can’t pick up any signal using clear tv.

  54. People, if it sounds to good to be true it usually is. First off they advertise I can watch all my favorite channels. My question is, how do they know what those channels are? How can an antenna give me something I pay for? Everyone would have it and the price would be much higher. If you have wireless internet, purchase roku. Unless you like watching live sports, it’s great.

    • I don’t have a “Clear TV” brand antenna, but I do have an inexpensive antenna I paid about $20 for and a new TV. I was surprised at the channels I do get. To be fair, I am in a metro area and I am in a higher elevation area in that metro city. I am getting very clear reception of all the local network channels including ABC, CBS and NBC and the local FOX affiliate as well as several other channels. I tried using the antenna with a digital converter box on an old TV and could only get THIS TV network. It may be my TV, it may be the box, but when I plugged the antenna into the new TV it worked great. I suggest doing a browser search on the internet for antenna TV reception in your area to get an idea what stations you should be able to receive. I found to be helpful. As someone else said, realize it’s antenna TV, not paid TV, which means you are not going to get channels that are generated for subscribers, ESPN or TBS, etc, but you aren’t paying for it either.

      • I’m certain I bought my antenna at Big Lots, by the way, but I’ve seen similar antenna’s priced anywhere from $10 to $80 at many local retailers, I couldn’t tell you if there is any real difference, there may be and at some point I may risk a little more money and buy a ” better” antenna and see if it gets me more channels. The message here really is, it pays to shop around, ask questions. I would be reasonably convinced that Clear TV is a legitimate business, but don’t buy online or over the phone ANYTHING until you are certain of the costs and the risks, guarantees etc..

      • Thanks for the information. It was a big help.

      • Anne Fischer | May 21, 2015 at 12:34 pm | Reply

        When i was a kid growing up in “upstate NY in the 50’s – abt 60 miles from NYC in the foothills of the Appalachians – there the Catskills et al- just like i am now in western NC in the foothills of the Appalachians and surrounded by mountains – South , Brown, Black, Blue Ridge and 60-70 miles from Charlotte, 50 from Asheville- we got all the channels from NYC with a roof top antenna and never had to rotate it and they were clear always. Now I struggle with 2 antennas, one outside but not on the roof and one inside which as it is placed only gives me 1 PBS -UNC channel (actually 3 since it is digital); and then I must use a splitter to use the outdoor antenna and fiddle with it to get the commercial channels CBS out of SC (can’t get the one in Charlotte) and ABC out of Charlotte. Cannot get the NBC out of Charlotte. Very frustrating considering this day and age. I have broken down to subscribe thru ATT for internet (somebody had to die on my street or move so I cd get a space (for real) bec the city has a no compete clause somehow legally which I used briefly but was poor quality- but I won’t keep the TV tho it is convenient not to fiddle with channels, it will save me still over $200 a year to use the old way; and I am not interested enuf in the few channels I might like for the xtra $20 or so+/month. Still looking for another antennal for inside since my outside one is falling apart. Wicked winds tear it up. BTW, my current indoor one is from Amazon for $15. Disappointing to read all the negative comments abt Clear Channel TV antenna.

  55. I have read the reviews and for myself I receive all local stations very clear with little interference and I live in the country where I couldn’t get stations before. people need to realize they are buying a tv antenna not cable or satellite common sense should tell you are not going to get tnt,tbs,espn, fx, etc. just so it is known I do not work or ever been employed by clear tv. all 3 antennas do just fine for me it is just what they are antennas.
    hope this helps.

  56. don’t spend your hard earned dollars on this scam. I tried two completely different tv,s and even a neabours but on none did I get not even one station all fuzz but no clear anything. So if you are hooked on getting free tv get a regular antenna with a roter then you,ll be fine that was my solution and by the way I do know the difference between uhf and vhf and it did not work on any not even when I set it up one channel at a time so save up for a real antenna and don’t waiste it here my antenna only cost 12.00 and with the roter was just 20.oo more but I now get over 50 stations thanks.

    • Anthony please tell me what kind of antenna to get and what is a rotter? I dont know what to buy so please tell me what and where to buy this thank you.

      • Julie, a roter is a rotation motor that “rotates” an outdoor antenna various directions, depending on which broadcast transmitter you want to use for your television program choice. Instead of a “straight pipe” to which an outdoor antenna is attached, this rotor is instead attached to the “straight pipe”, and then a short second/auxiliary pipe extends another 3-4 feet into the air, and the antenna itself attached to the second/auxiliary pipe. Using an attached console inside your home (next to the TV), you remotely rotate the antenna until you get a good picture. It’s what I use at my home.

        • I cannot afford Cable anymore, just got a notice we are going to have to buy another box for Digital or something, I am 80 and on a budget and want to get a rotary antenna. However, I cannot find anyone to install it. Being an 80 yr old woman I cannot do it. Would have 10 yrs ago but now a little slowed down!!! Before cable I had a rotary and it was fine so I am sure they are improved. How does one find a company that sells and installs. I have looked in our phone book and on the internet but nothing comes up.


  57. I bought clear tv antenna and it cost me $28 but here’s my problem. I did plug it directly into my tv, placed the clear tv antenna onto my window, nearest the tv but it wont come in. I cant use my remote to change the channels to even see, if it works! My TRU FLAT RCA tv, isnt very old about 6 yrs maybe? I do run the tv thru my VCR, I have a DS CONVERTER… I need to unhook my VCR every time i want to watch tv? My remote for my tv, has a ” front,video and dvd button”, that I switch to either watch tv or dvd’s or VCR movies. That’s it and volume of course! I have a separate remote for my DVD player! Do I need another REMOTE for the converter?… my son is very good at hooking these things up, but said he thot i needed a universal remote?).AS FAR AS I can tell I have everything I need, just plug in the clear Tv antenna to my tv, cable line on back of TV and go, right? WHY DOESNT IT WORK??? you tell me!!!??@!@!!!?? I am not happy about this! There are shows Im missing becoz I ony get about 8 channels with my converter. I cant even get ABC channel!

    • ANNNNND… The only cable company my place will let me use is COX CABLE. No SATELITE DISHES…PERIOD! AND COX CABLE TO WAY TOO EXPENSIVE..I CANT AFFORD IT. EXACTLY WHY I decided to purchase the CLEAR TV!

      • If its not going to work AT ALL, then I WANT MY MONEY BACK! I GET ABOUT 8 CHANNELS WITH JUST MY CONVERTER. I was hoping with CLEAR TV, Id add a few more stations, maybe TNT or ABC at least??? That’s alll I really wanted!

      • I have not yet purchased my digital antenna so know nothing about it but I am in the management business and have been told by attorneys that FCC and OTARD regulations make it illegal for an owner, management company or owners association to prevent anyone from obtaining desire programming. If the “required” cable company does not offer programming that you want and you can obtain elsewhere, they have to allow you to place a satellite dish or install other service providers. They can establish regulations as to where you may or may not be able to install a dish. Other programming and installation would be at your own cost but they can’t make you stick with that company.

  58. I thank God I never followed through on ordering. I purchased an antenna from Groupon for less than $8.00 pull anywhere from 37 to 42 free channels , happy not stressed.

  59. seriously!?!?!?? | August 17, 2014 at 11:41 am | Reply

    You people do realize that this is just a basic tv antenna???? You can get antennas at walmart for 5 bucks, there is no such thing as an hd antenna any antenna can give you an hd picture if the signal is transmitted in hd. Literally any antenna you screw into the back of your tv will do what the clear tv antenna can do… people can’t be this stupid…..

    • Seriously,

      Why do you have to be so mean?! People don’t realize that any old antenna will do the same thing the Clear antenna is claiming they can do. At least they are less than Mohu! Did you ever think of that?! Speaking of “any old antenna,” Mohu gets far more channels than “any old antenna” I have ever tried.

      Don’t be cruel, people ask questions because they want to know. You should not put people down for reflecting on this (gimmick) and asking questions.

      • Inquire Minds | August 25, 2014 at 1:50 am | Reply

        Wonder Woman you are right. Its no reason for anyone to be so cruel. We are on here to find information about the product so that shows that we have some kind of sense. I thank everyone for the input because the commercial do sound convincing.

    • That is not true. Now I have a buddy who switched from his old regular antenna to the Clear TV antenna. He can now see all of his channels clearly and the ones he wasn’t getting that he was suppose to be getting, he now can. I tried hooking a regular old antenna up to my HDTV and could not get a signal at all

      • Clear TV works for me! I get broadcast network and some religious channels

        • It works perfectly for me, I will cancel my cable and get another one for second tv, I have clear tv and Roku, I get CNN and many channels add-on with ruko, clear tv for local and some channels very good. Thanks clear tv, I got it in Walmart.

      • I had the old style antenna on my RV. With a HD TV, I had to have a converter box. Not the best reception. Opted to convert antenna to HD antenna and my new HD TV is just fine. Bottom line is from my experience, antennas need to be ones that can receive HD signals. Have a Winegard 12″x12″ in our home and the reception is better than cable plus the picture is now full screen which wasn’t the case with cable. I would suggest that if customer service is lacking with this brand, go to a retail store and purchase one. At least you know you can return in a specific time.

  60. Thank you, thank you to all the people that took the time to leave a reply about the clear TV. I just received Brighthouse yesterday and was truly going to order this product after seeing their commercial. It only took reading a few of the negative reviews to change my decision. Again, thank you for taking the time to write a review. You really helped me decide not to waste my money and my time.

    Have a rainbow day!

  61. Thanks again to all the people who posted their Reviews – or +. We need to continue doing the same thing going forward on all meaningful purchases so that we can stop these type of rip-offs of common people. Was getting ready to purchase one, but needless to say not anymore. Houston, you can buy most “As Seen On TV” products off Walgreens and Wal-Mart shelves. This would have been the option I utilized. Mind I said would have, not anymore. If the BBB does not stop it, I think this has proven with our collective “voices & fingers” we will stop the SCAM….Be Blessed on purpose!!!!

  62. It’s surprising the BBB hasn’t spotted and posted this LIE ALREADY at their business site unless they have at the time of this e-post.

    I went a purchased it, IN PERSON THANK GOD, ’cause what I’ve read HERE ON THIS SITE AND ANOTHER, that people was being debited over $160 from their card from their account despite the commercials said they are only charging slightly over $30.

    I installed Clear TV CRAP on my wife & mine respective TVs BUT “NO SIGNAL” was detected whatsoever DESPITE we live in a three-mile radius of an extremely powerful news affiliate and it’s somewhat-rival station. Our old rabbit ears are hundred times better than this train wreck so folks, IF you see any Clear TV CRAP package on a display shelf, RUN and DON’T LOOK BACK.

    My Grade: “F” and I’m sure the BBB will give a very similar grade very soon.

    • Do you Really Think you are going to get 100 Channels from a $20.00 Antenna,? Get a Life!! If Some One Wants To Buy A $20.00 Antenna & Then Kick it to the Curb!? Let them Be the FOOL!!! Get IT? GOT IT! GOOD!!!

      • Ekim Sevard…You said “Get a Life” I think it is you who need a life other than insulting others. You obviously have some type of a complex and need therapy….Good Luck

  63. I am sitting here watching a very convincing infomercial about this item. After reading several posted comments I feel I am now able to make an informed decision. I will not be spending my money on this product. Thanks to all of you who post took the time to review this product.

  64. Denise Qualo | July 29, 2014 at 5:27 pm | Reply

    It does not work, I want the full amount back.


  66. John morrison | July 22, 2014 at 5:01 am | Reply

    They won’t be getting my business!!

  67. John morrison | July 22, 2014 at 4:59 am | Reply

    Guys thanks for the word on this company they won’t be getting my business!!

    • You Have to Have Cash Before you can Give someone Your Business? Don’t You? LOL!!!

      • Ekim Sevard….You are such a jerk, plus mean, cold and stupid. Though usually, people like you get the biggest tricks played on them and when this happens you will have a flashback, remembering how you insulted and belittled others.

  68. What a piece of garbage. I have a digital tv. All I get is a snowy picture. Don’t waste your money. I feel like I got ripped off big time.


    • You need a digital-to-analog converter box. They sell them here on Amazon. RCA is a good one. You have to get that first and also the antenna and two coaxial cables.

  70. Do not waist ur money on this product its just a big SCA M UCH BIG LIARS.

  71. No good lies it all this company does you can’t get the local channels they say you can I wouldn’t waste my time with this crap no way to call them and saying its easy to hook up sure but only 3 channels. It should be illegal to sell such a scam, Do not purchase this product!

  72. RODNEY WERLE | July 1, 2014 at 1:24 am | Reply


  73. Why didn’t yall have patience and wait for it to be sold in your local Wal-Mart or grocery stores “as seen on tv” products…..I will be buying it here in the near future from them so if it doesn’t work properly, let’s just say I won’t have any problems returning it! 🙂

  74. I bought this antenna and the way they make it sound like you can get cable channels which you can’t get. The antenna does work very well and I am buying 2 more for my other TVs. All the other antennas I have bought did not get the reception that this one gets. I would usually pickup about 30 something channels but with this antenna I got 38 channels the most of any other antenna. I did have a question after purchasing the unit and cannot get a hold of anyone and finally got an email and sent them an email but never back from them. If you are unsure of how this will work for you I would paid this with a credit card and if you have a problem you can always stop payment on your credit card and your credit card company will give you a phone number to contact them.

  75. daniel mitchell | May 31, 2014 at 9:25 pm | Reply

    the clear tv antenna really works bringing in channels I couldn’t get with an amplified antenna. it was worth the money I paid for it.

  76. Robin Sawler | May 19, 2014 at 8:08 pm | Reply

    This is such a scam I don’t know why these people are allowed to rip people off. I paid $46.00 Canadian and they are only willing to give me back $25 and I am unsure I will even get that. I hate these kind of companies they make is so bad for the legit ones. DO NOT ORDER CLEAR TV IT DOES NOT WORK.

    • Last night was my 2nd time seeing the infomercial. I wanted to get this for my daughter and thought I might check out some of the reviews on it. Guess I won’t be ordering this. Thanks to everyone that provided information regarding this product. Just in case you might not be aware, there is another avenue you can take when lodging consumer complaints besides the BBB. You can file a complaint with your state’s Attorney General’s office. Hope this helps and sorry for all who were victims to this.

      • I bought two clear tv antennas and they don’t work at all. Why do the government let these peoples false advertisement let them scam peoples out of money for these thin pieces of plastic? I wish I could find someone to sue them and the government for the problems I am having to get money back when i don’t get even one channel. people on tv lying about how it works someone should of tested it before they sold it to anyone else. Just like the government let people sell bad meat and eggs and they put a sell of approval on it all the money they get and only 1/2 inspecting it i no their not that hard up and not doing their job. Why is the government blocking people from suing them for their money back? if they have confidence in selling it and if it don’t work they should have confidence in giving the money back and some extra for the problems i am having problems getting money back. This is a scam for the government and clear tv to make money. Why don’t the news like fox news talk about this and bring the government and clear tv antenna to justice. fox news is fighting against Mrs Obama for trying to feed kids healthy food.

  77. I ordered 2 Antennas, I bought a new TV. I tried it in every room in the house, I couldn’t get one channel. It is a Scam, Ripoff.

  78. My sister-in-law had 2 of these antennas so she gave me 1 of them. Hers works very well at her house, and she gets about 8 or 10 channels, but mine only picks up 4 channels. All 4 channels are religious, and 3 of the 4 are Spanish. I’ve written to Clear TV Antenna and asked what I might do to pick up more stations, but they won’t respond.

  79. I don’t even have my antenna yet but am already disappointed because I absolutely do not like companies that advertise these “wonderful” things and then fail to tell u
    that you DON’T GET EVERYTHING YOU NEED for that advertised price. So yes u get the antenna but now u have to buy the booster AND the cable that just so happens to DOUBLE the price. Really? Then, because u already placed your order online, u can’t cancel it without calling and sitting on hold forever. So now I have this antenna coming that I don’t even want anymore because I couldn’t afford to order the rest of the stuff to go with it to actually make it work good. So…. now I will have an antenna that doesn’t work well or I can return it and lose all my money I paid for shipping and handling and plus pay more shipping to return it. What a rip off, this should be illegal. I am so fed up.

  80. Dorsey Barnett | April 30, 2014 at 2:35 am | Reply

    I ordered and received the Antenna but I simply couldn’t get it to work, so sending it back.

    • Even though you are sending it back, you won’t receive the shipping and handling you paid so they are still getting your money. Such a ripoff!

  81. Thanks to all those who posted the truth, we all know some things are just too good to be true. I spoke to my husband about purchasing this device…I knew it was something to it. I am like the next person you do better off purchasing the device from local stores (ie), big lots, radio shack. Any other place but CLEAR TV.

    • This is the biggest scam It does not work and they do not want to return the money paid. THey lie lie lie. It is not any good and does not pull in any stations that are on the cable stations. I advice all the people not to be fooled and do not purchase this. IT IS A SCAM!!!

      • steve harper | May 11, 2014 at 2:22 pm | Reply

        Reminds you of the Brooklyn Bridge story, don’t it. If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is to good to be true.

  82. david hamilton | April 19, 2014 at 4:02 am | Reply

    what a rip off…it came thru regular mail I paid for separate shipping on the two antenna s and the two 8 ft cables all in a little bitty box . big lots has one for 5 bucks and it works better(just add foil)

  83. Wife and I saw the ads on TV. Thought might be good deal. I called their 800-number and got the big info-mercial again thru the phone. Started to order on-line but saw websites slamming the product.

    Thank you to the people who posted the truth to offset the hype in the ads !!

  84. Glad I came to look at this reviews before ordering. Looks like no body has a positive comment about this antenna.

  85. I was interested in getting the Clear Antenna but saw a lot of negative reviews. I have a similar antenna from Costco which cost about $29.00. I must say it does a good job though. It can be placed on wall or window or behind the TV or a picture. Not cheap but it works. It only pulls in the free channels but reception is good and I enjoy 11-2 and 11-3 PBS channels (Chicago area). Probably safer to stick with this and at least know what you’re getting.

  86. Some one bend me over and give me a good swift kick in the butt for having not read the review’s on this Clear TV antenna first. So I was charged almost the same price for shipping and handling and Clear tv told me it was coming by UPS when in fact the antenna’s ( I bought the 2 for 1 deal ) came through the postal service (MAIL)not NOT UPS. Then there was the one time holding fee that took weeks to get back. The first time I connected the antenna to my living room TV it programmed about 8 channels. So I experimented different spot on my window ( I live on the tenth floor and my living room is all glass) and the second time I programmed my flat screen it said I had 27 stations ( only about 9 worked). The theirs the free one I hooked up in my bedroom (again lots of glass ) and I’m lucky if I can get that TV to program maybe 6 channels. So all in all these are junk and was a huge waist of money. And the Radio Shack rabbit ears I originally used worked just as good.

    • Thank you so much for your and all the other reviews. I was about to order cleartv thinking it would be a small and great investment. But I kept thinking that they say “If it sounds too good to be true, most likely it is.” So glad that I decided to read the reviews first, this is why you don’t really hear anyone else with this. Thank you a million! Cassey

  87. I ordered the antennas clear back in February. They said they sent it out and I should get it on Feb. 25, 2014. The package went round and round in the usps system and not coming to me. I wish I had asked for a refund. They sent another antenna out and said I would get it in 3 days. What a laugh! It took a week to get it. When I got it the box was open and in terrible condition. The antennas are a real rip off! I was getting 12 channels with my old antenna and the clear tv antenna only brought in 4. Not worth buying! Terrible shipping and terrible reception! Wish I had never seen them!

    • Who was it that said, “There’s a sucker born a
      every minute, and I want his money.’ Looks like there are a lot of “suckers” out there.

    • How true, I tried to cancel my order a few hours after I placed order, was told to call back in 5 hours, I did and was told my order was already shipped, got email and order was send the day after I called. Was lied too. Bad customer service, item does not work, lots off channels half of them have no signal. Please do not order. Wish I had seen these reviews before I ordered. Sure am a sucker.

  88. Order two and received four clear tv. Not worth returning for refund since you then have to then pay for shipping fee twice as they don’t pay shipping to return. I think this is a scam.

  89. I have seen only one good review so far (Mandy) WOW LOL

    • Mandy probably works for the company! Sometimes you will find that a company representative will write a positive review in order to decieve others.

  90. After having read the reviews of this product I’m not sure it will even work once I receive them. My BIG complaint was being charged twice for what I later find out was some 1st time holding fee and here I am a week later and not only don’t I have this product yet my checking acct. has not been reimbursed and they told me it was supposed to have been sent : NOT”.

  91. This false advertisement!! I get same old channels. Paid $25.00 dollars for this piece junk. I am very disappoint with this product. it is a piece of junk. it don’t do what it said.

  92. I bought an RCA FLAT antenna and it did not work any better than rabbit ears. I bought the LEAF powered antenna and I get between 22 & 31 channels depending on the weather. I am very satisfied with what I get for what I paid. Unamplified antennas are a waste of time

  93. I ordered 2 sets of clear TV. I did not read the reviews before hand. (I should have). I did not get a receipt for this transaction. Everything was automated and you could not talk to a live voice. They tried to get me to buy a lot of other things but I kept saying no!. I looked at my bank statement and saw that they charged me $71.54. When I called they said the shipping and handling charges were $31.95 plus the cost for the 2 antennas($34.90). They charged for each piece S&H. I should have known better than to order anything from TV. They get you every time.

  94. Before anyone purchases this product go to!! This site will tell you what channels you will be able to receive from your location, then go to purchase the antenna or rabbit ears from a reputable store that accepts returns if it doesn’t work!! You cannot receive cable channels like this ad implies because cable channels are scrambled!! Don’t fall victim to this slick talking infomercial. If you do purchase from them, make sure you purchase with a credit card so when they don’t refund your money you can call your credit card company and report the fraudulent charges and receive a full refund!!

    • This is good information to have. I was wondering if you would be able to get anything other than local channels and this answered my question. I would only be able to get 7 channels with this device, not near enough to warrant cancelling cable. Too bad too, my cable bill just for TV alone is almost $100.00 a month

      Thanks for the website info. It was very, very helpful

    • Thank you so much for this very helpful information.

  95. 1st……when ordering clear tv had to purchase 2 not 1. 2nd… DID NOT. Work in any location ( 5 different areas in Ohio ). Called to get money back they would not reimburse me…bad investment. Scam..Scam

    • I was just about to order this “clear TV” and I found the review section and started reading. I live in Lakewood and now I’m so happy I didn’t order this ,sounds like a piece of crap. Thank you for the info.

  96. I brought 2 Tv old rabbit ears antenna froorm Goodwill for $4 and I get a very sharp picture and several channels

  97. From what I can find out Clear TV is based in Wallingford Ct you may want to start there.I was going to buy one but after reading the reviews and doing a little more research I quickly changed my mind!

  98. virginia wakeford | February 23, 2014 at 5:18 am | Reply

    Finally we’re happy with our TV, we dropped cable, saved a fortune, enjoy a better picture & have now ordered another two Clear TV antennas. It’s as simple as shown on the commercial.

  99. This is merely an antenna people. There is no miracle going on here. You can attach a couple pieces of wire to the back of your tv or use the old fashion rabbit ears and get the same results. There is no difference in receiving an HDTV signal or an analog signal when it comes to the antenna. Only your TV knows the difference between digital and analog signals. You will NOT receive any cable channels. You’ll only get your local TV stations. If you live a hundred miles from a TV station you will NOT receive anything. Save your money. Also, Clear TV please take that smiling idiot off your commercials too. He’s very annoying.

    • tysvm everyone we knew its too good to be true ! thanks for helping some people some money !

      • THANK YOU ALL FOR INFO ON THIS SCAM ……… …. I had called the number today and could not no way talk to anyone personally. No way !! was I going to give even my credit card info to a machine !! lol so thought i would check it out on the web when i got home. I did and I will NOT waste my Money Ordering Something for nothing. So glad I didn’t talk to any salesperson, I just may have believed their lies ! Lol/smh… The only reason I would suggest to anyone to order this, is if you have no possible way to travel or have any one travel for you to even the dollar store to buy an antenna you need. Sure wish there was a way to get the real info on this out there to people who are not fortunate to search the web or aware of how to check them out otherwise before purchasing something for nothing. Shame on the oh so creative people who put this on the market with intent to deceive others !!!! Shame on those “creative misleading people” !!!!!

    • GREG you are so funny, Thanks for the INFO and the laugh ! Will not purchase !! THANKS AGAIN !!

  100. Clearview antennas are crap plus they way over charge and send items you didn’t order and you’re completely dealing with an automated system when you call the #800. After I received my cc bill I called customer service (# listed on my cc statement) and complained a person that could hardly speak English, she gave me the wrong mailing address (to return the crap) and said she would email me a copy of the invoice SINCE THERE WASN’T ONE IN THE BOX! I hadn’t given my email address when I ordered them but she read it off to me BUT never sent the invoice. What was supposed to have cost $40+S&H ended up costing me $151. Oh did I mention they’re pieces of crap? My husband finally got fed up and purchased an outside antenna and it didn’t do much for the Clearview! I need to file a report with the BBB! After this experience, I will NEVER order anything advertised on TV again! SCAMMERS!!!!

    • I need to figure this out because I am gonna have to pay 100 dollars for tv in a year each month if I don’t hook Clear TV antenna up

  101. Ok this is my review, I got 2 of this antennas I live in a first floor of a two floor building on 32nd street Brooklyn NY. I only get 5 channels, I sold one of these antennas to my cousin who happen to live on 23 rd street and fourth ave. in a 5th floor apartment looking to Manhattan with nothing to block his view and he is getting more than 70 channels, so I will say the antennas works very good it just depend how far and how high you live.

  102. Sounds like a scam like Huges net, I got Huges net for $80.00 a month, they took 386.00 dollars out of my bank. I canceled my order, I got back $200.00.

  103. I was watching this advertisement on TV. Was wondering if it is good in Canada or just United States? What is the cost in Canada for the antenna?

    • I’m not sure what it costs in Canada but, I did find this on this website:
      I hope that helps you.

      What is Clear TV?
      Clear TV is nothing but an antenna that receives over-the-air digital and HD signals. Earlier, television channels had been on analog broadcast, which have now switched over to digital as per a government directive, which has made it mandatory for television broadcasters to convert from analog to digital broadcast. Now, only digital signals are available over the air in the United States and Canada. The digital system transmits better visual and audio signals than analog can.

  104. I received my two Clear Digital TV Antennas a few days at a cost of $38.45, after shipping & handling on the two antennas. I find that their advertising of “Digital TV Antennas” is misleading if not down right fraud! The claim of “Digital” suggests that it receives & converts signals to enable non-digital TV sets the ability to air “Digital” programming…well, it does not! What you receive are two very basic antennas (which you can buy for under $10 from anyone who carries RCA products), which do not convert digital signals to use on non-digital TVs. A digital converter is also needed to view these “free digital programs”! What Clear is selling is basically very standard antennas which can be purchased anywhere…and very adequate ones starting around $10.

    I feel the BBB, Attorney Generals Office, or FCC should insist that Clear TV clearly states what their product will & will not do. Feedback please….am I the only person who was led to believe that digital conversion was inherent in this product?!?

    • I doubt that you are the only least that doesn’t think? Common sense will tell you that it doesn’t convert signals! Analog is analog and digital is digital!! Old doesn’t work with new..just keep your eyes open and think! If it sounds too good to be don’t get something for nothing.

    • No, they ripped me off big time and I think they should be shutdown, put out of business. When I purchased mine it was bogo so I received a total of 4 pieces of crap plus power boosters which I did not order and they only thing they’ve boosted for me so far is my temper since they not worth **** either! When I can verify their location and address, I’ll post it and maybe if enough people complain something will be done about it…….but then we’ll have to depend on our government and we know how that works!

    • The commercial I saw, they do say that it works with hd tv. they never said it would work with old TVs. Just saying.

  105. I just have a question. Can this be used with an older TV?

    • Please read my comments above. It can be used for older TVs, if you purchase a digital converter for around $40!!!


        • Thank you Thank to all for your truthful comments, I was about to order 2 of these Antennas. Your comments saved me from being ripped of. Instead I bought 2antennas from our local Wal-Mart $20 a piece and they work perfect. Now everytime I see the ClearTV informercial I want to slap the host to know your ripping off people especially during these hard economica Times and you do it with a smile on your face is SCARY!!! Hope you sleep well at night.

    • yes try a pawn shop first,but cvs and wally world have converters,i have wabbit ears..

  106. Your best bet is probably high speed internet on your computer get HULU PLUS for about $8.00 a month plus tax. Watch what you want, when you want. There is also free HULU, CRACKLE, RETROVISION, WB, and more.

  107. I ordered the Clear TV antenna and wished i had have read the reviews about it before i did. This has to be without a doubt one of the biggest pieces of junk ever produced and it is sold by one of the best snake oil salesmen in the world. What should have made me doubt that this was a product worth buying was when he said he was out in the Gulf of Mexico watching tv on his boat. The infomercial for this product is full of nothing but lies so please if anyone is thinking about buying a Clear TV antenna do not waste your hard earned money and do not buy this.

    • I hope that you can get your money back. With all the comments I have been reading I’m thinking that company will be out of business soon. If you were the only one that had a problem with this then I wouldn’t say anything but since there are so many that are unhappy I just say that spreading the word is the best thing to do.

      I refuse to order anything off the TV, especially where they want your information. If I want something then I will go to the store and see if they can order it. Then if I’m not happy I can return it to the store. As you said…”hard earned money”. Not something you want to take chances with. Good luck.

    • LOL, I am cracking up at your comment. I laughed almost as much as I did on Jimmy’s video on you. Funny stuff.

  108. Your product does not do what you say you tell the public a out right lie. Your antenna has to have a amp to bring in the signal. I ordered two and when I called to check on my order you operator ask why I did not but the amplifier. I ask her what do I need with it , you add says you can get all these channels free. Your operator told me ” you have to have the amp if you are over twenty miles for station cause the antenna will not work over twenty mile distance. ” I have notified my local station of your false commercial and will talk with them again on Feb. 03, 2014. I would like very much to talk to your rep but I know that will not happen. I will report your company to Better business of Oklahoma. You should tell the people the truth. Tell them your Antenna will need an amplifier. It is fraud and you can bet I will do all I can to expose this. I do not expect to hear from you because you know I am telling the truth. You will be hearing from me.

    • Dude-take your phone number off the post!! I agree with your sentiments but man that wasn’t real bright putting your home number in this post

  109. Virgial Bailey | January 28, 2014 at 8:35 pm | Reply

    Clear TV Antenna doesn’t work any better than other antennas purchased at my local dollar store. I really was hoping it would be better. The best thing about this antenna is the design. I can move it to places the regular antennas are not able to go.

  110. This review is honest and also aimed at LOUIS. It seems he is constantly lambasting people for their reviews. He is right about one thing: They are careful about what they promise and what they don’t. BUT….those selling the antenna know EXACTLY hows that infomercial comes across. It is VERY MISLEADING!!!! No they don’t say you can watch sports. They ask people what they watch, and the person gives an answer of sports, then they move on to picture quality. THEY KNOW. It sometimes isn’t what you say, but what you leave out that makes a conversation as CLOSE to a LIE as possible. Louis is right, they never promise anything, but during the entire infomercial, the comparisons are to cable and satellite. NEVER do they say that you will NOT get as many channels as with the other 2, Only that the picture is as clear. VERY MISLEADING, almost like POLITICS, which also should be considered a crime.

    • yes it does say you can watch your favorite sports and a lot of other lies. the antenna does not work without their amplifier which you have to buy from them. I called to check on my order. I was asked why I did not buy the amplifier. I said why should I your commercial says I can get all these channels free which is another lie. The whole thing is a lie. Watch and pay attention to what they promise before you stand up for them. you are wrong. I cancelled my order.

  111. bernie freifeld | January 15, 2014 at 8:20 pm | Reply

    I just received my Clear TV antennas Tuesday and hooked them up on the small TV upstairs,and on the 35 inch downstairs in the living room. They work fine. we live in a valley so we didn’t kid ourselves into thinking we would get the upper cable channels, but we get all the network stations plus 3 versions of public television. about ten years ago when we bought this house, the 40 channel cable lineup from Time Warner was getting too pricey and I downgraded my service to the 12 channel basic cable package. for the last ten years, they would call once in a while to ask what they can do to get a larger part of my business back. I told them don’t make us pay for channels we don’t want. they said that was not possible, and I replied then I will stay with the 12 channel package, and when the price of this one keeps going up I will cancel my service. Thank you for giving me good reception, and clear picture for just a small investment. Also, thank you for giving me a reason to tell Time Warner “You’re Done!!!”

    Respectfully Yours
    Bernie Freifeld {Ronin)
    Binghamton NY

  112. total junk!!! do not waste your money

  113. Had high hopes that this antenna would catch all the channels but I was sorely disappointed.
    The RCA that I had before is better. Live and learn.

  114. Boy glad I read the reviews before I ordered, learned a lot. Thanks guys

  115. I’m currently using a $13 dollar (from Family Dollar store) basic rabbit ears antena to do the exact same thing.

    • Ok, I live in the boondocks desert near Joshua tree and 29 palms ca. I have the rabbit ears and watched tv for free for years. Then one day, they, the broadcast folks over on a mountain dropped ABC then in six months dropped CBS then dropped NBC then KTLA and now I have PBS and Fox and one more…three channels left. Will clear tv get me tv out there? and, BTW… they never did move to the digital, just the old VHS or whatever they call it. Not enough people out there to make the change I guess? any comments?

      Desertmike J.T. ca

      • Hey if you don’t live near any transmitters or in a metal mobile home like I do. Get your self a external HDTV antenna they sell them at best buy for hundred bucks but its worth the investment and I used my existing cable lines to connect it through my house.

  116. Why would anyone buy this? I can do a digital air scan on my TV & pick up over 100 channels without any antenna. The catch… Most are just music channels with a few local TV channels in the mix & one or two movie channels. I tried digital cable once but the channel numbers are so screwed up I couldn’t remember the good channel numbers to go back to watch. Who wants to spend all their free time flipping channels? I hardly ever watch TV anymore. My TV is better used as my monitor. I can watch the newest movies for free on the internet at Glowgaze or

  117. If you will not try you will not learn a lesson. Good luck!

    • I work for a tower company called Rohn towers. I think you all should just get a communication tower you’ll get great reception. Lol

  118. Some people do not get local channels without cable or satellite depending on their area. This would be good for someone like them. However if you are in an area where you already get free local channels this product would not really benefit you.

    • All this is is an overpriced indoor tv antenna. I’d be willing to bet that a $5 set of rabbit ears would work better, which is also easily repositioned to get signals from different directions, unlike this piece of rubbish.

  119. Yes I have the antenna, I get 47 channels and its not near a window. I don’t work for the company and I’m not brainless Mr X, yes some things on TV rips many people off. In fact I’d like to try the items out before it is put on the market, far sure I tell the truth. I do think the price is high and S&H is high. With all the tech know age why can’t so one come up with antenna that gets cable channels so very one can get the some thing. There is so many people on fix income that can’t afford cable. If cable wants to charge let them charge for X-Rated programs. Bottom line the antenna does work.

    • Cable companies transmit on channels that you can’t receive without THEIR antenna and service. That’s because they are in the game to make money. If everyone could just hijack their signals then there would be no money to be made and cable companies would disappear. I understand that. I just don’t use cable. I use a homemade antenna set up in my attic to get the available local broadcast channels. No one NEEDS cable, on a fixed income (which I am on) or not. It is not a basic necessity to live.

    • It is a complete fraud and lie and you are supporting this rip off

      • Martha Miller | March 20, 2014 at 10:59 am | Reply

        From all the bad reviews (and the very few good ones – probably by someone lucky enough that it does work or someone related to the sale of the product), I believe I have saved myself a big headache by reading reviews first. Thanks all and sorry for your losses.

  120. Like with most all “AS Seen On T.V.” crap this is also junk. I wouldn’t waste my money on it, go buy a really good aerial antenna for 50 to 100 dollars if you only wish to watch the 3 to 6 local stations that you’re only going to get anyway.

  121. There is a law against this it’s called ( FALSE ADVERTISEMENT ) The only thing is it’s not enforced anymore for some reason . If so there would be a lot of these crooks I jail and we have to hear these b/s commercials on TV . I was going to buy one of these but after reading all the reviews it looks as if no one has anything positive to say only negative . THANKS

    • All they are selling is an antenna that receives television signals. Tell me what they said that was “false advertisement.” The people who made this commercial were counting on people hearing what they want to hear. I keep reading complaints about not being able to receive cable channels. I laugh every time. They NEVER say you can receive anything except over-the-air BROADCAST television. It’s a television ANTENNA that enables you to receive television signals in your area. That’s all. They never claim it is more than that.

      • That’s what I need just a decent antennae for over the air. We put up some aluminum /air stuff across a very old bay window to block cold weather. However I lost all tv reception. Do you think this antennae will work for me? I only have over the air broadcasting.

        • Hobby

          It depends on what is available in your area. You might just need an RCA indoor rabbit ears antenna like I have. I get about 20 channels with it. Maybe you need an outdoor antenna. Go to to see what is available where you live, and what kind of antenna (indoor or outdoor) you may need. I actually receive a few more than they say I can receive. Don’t buy this ClearTV thing. I bought my RCA antenna at Walgreens for less than $17, and it’s better. You can adjust the position of the RCA antenna much better and much easier than this ClearTV thing. You may have to move your television antenna away from that blocked window. If signals can’t get through, even a good antenna won’t receive anything.

          • Thanks for the info. I visited the website you recommended and it showed there is only one station I could receive and its 43 miles away. It’s a foreign language station.

      • First thing is they do not say local and when you call the company they will tell you that have to also buy their amplifier in order for it to work but they do not tell you that on tv. You do not believe me call and ask.

      • My lost friend you are lost and blind to the truth. They lie about every thing and people like you help them mislead the people. Just stating facts.

      • Actually, they very much DO promise you can “see all your favorite sports, movies, and shows” — for me, that’s HGTV & The Food Network, The Tennis Channel, ESPN, HBO, Showtime, TVland, MTV, E, and most especially Fox News, TCM, & Animal Planet…

        Clear TV commercials say “you can see ALL your favorite sports, shows, and movies”… So yes, they PROMISE I can see what I’m curreny watching now! And apparently that’s a total lie!!

        And they also never say you must buy their amplifier for even ANY station to come through…

        This level of fraud should be illegal!

  122. Thanks guys for the heads up…kmt. Bunch of crooks the cable comp.should sue them.

    • Sue them for what? All they are selling is an antenna to receive broadcast television channels. They NEVER say you can receive cable channels. Maybe this company is crooked for the other the reasons stated by some customers here, but they NEVER say that you can receive cable channels. People hear what they want to hear. This is just an ANTENNA to receive over-the-air television signals.

      • MY neighbor has one of these, she gets about 20 clear channels, it does not get you cable channels, you must have cable to get cable channels. Myself, I bought an outdoor Antenna from Ventura TV, its gets me about 60 or so channels, cost 45.00 bucks and works great. Unless you get an outdoor antenna you will only get about 10 channels or so, that include the Clear TV Antenna, depending on the area. Outdoor Antenna people, is the way to go, and make sure it’s a good outdoor Antenna, not one of those cheap one’s they sell at walmart, or the Swap meets. Remember, you get what you pay for.

  123. I can’t believe people are complaining about not getting cable channels. How stupid are you people? They never say you can receive cable channels. I hate to sound like I am defending them, because obviously this is a dishonest company, but never do they say that you can receive cable channels. You would have to be REALLY stupid to think you could, and that’s what they were counting on when they made this commercial. Here’s the reality of over-the-air digital television in my area.

    I bought an RCA rabbit ears antenna for $16 in Walgreens two years ago and dropped cable. Here’s what I am able to watch for free every day, 24 hours a day: CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, CW, PBS, ION, COZY TV, Movies!, Bounce, Antenna TV, ThisTV, and a few others. That’s all the networks, two channels that show great 50s, 60s, and 70s sitcoms, two channels that show excellent old movies, another channel that shows movies and music shows, another channel that shows Law and Order, Monk, Criminal Minds, without a Trace, and others, and a few other independent channels. That’s all with a simple RCA rabbit ears antenna that cost $16. You don’t need a “digital antenna” to receive digital broadcasts. There is no such thing. An antenna is an antenna. It picks up signals in a specific range of frequencies, whether they are analog or digital.

    Just do some research, buy a decent antenna from a reputable company, hook it up, make sure your television is set to “antenna” on the settings, and put your television into “scan” mode. Then you will see what is available for free in your area. If you live far from broadcast towers, you may need an outdoor antenna, but I think it’s worth it. I am able to watch FREE television, and I have more than enough choice of what to watch with simple rabbit ears. I can’t imagine paying some crooks to watch television. I grew up watching the best television shows ever for free. I still watch free television. Unless you are a sports fan, which I am not, there is no reason to have cable. Look again at the list of channels that I watch for free. If that’s not enough channels for you, then you are spending way too much time watching television.