Catch Cam Keychain Video Camera Review

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You have the latest and the best video camera but have you considered having one, on all the things, a key chain? Well, Catch Cam is here, the amazing new high quality video camera that comes on a key chain. Catch Cam is a great alternative to the bulky, old school video cameras that have several limitations. It makes recording a breeze and you’re able to do so much more with it!


Catch Cam Keychain Video Camera
Catch Cam is a handy video camera that’s lighter and smaller than even your car remote. It’s really easy to use it as all you need to do to set it off is first charge its battery and insert Micro SD Card into it, capture video or picture with a push of its button and simply download it to your computer. It’s that simple and instant, and always ready every time you need it!

Catch Cam may be small but it’s big on performance. It can record up to an hour of high quality video and sound on Micro SD Card. What’s more, it can also take great still photos if you so desire. Viewing and storing videos or pictures on Catch Cam is really easy as it downloads to any computer. It can do several things and be of great help for you. It saves your time and can capture priceless memories quickly as it’s easy to be used.

Since it’s small, it can be fixed almost anywhere to capture great shots. You can mount it to fun places such as your bike helmet or to your car dash, attach it to an RC helicopter or car, use it as a personal security cam for your safety and also create thrilling Youtube videos and more. What’s more, since it’s such a cool device, it also makes a great gift for your dear ones.



What do I get?
Make sure you own this small but hugely wonderful key chain video camera, which is available for just $22 plus $7.99 as S & H only. Besides, you also get a 2 GB Micro SD Card, a charging/ downloading chord and a lithium ion battery free with it! Official website



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