Card Lock Review

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About Card Lock

Card Lock is a cover for your credit and debit cards that convinces to safeguard you from identity theft by RFID scanners. Card Lock asserts to be as strong as having a bank vault in your pocket. Card Lock claims to be sleek enough to easily fit into your wallet or purse without adding bulk. Card Lock states to come in stylish leather look or pretty paisley pattern.

How does it work

Your credit and debit cards can be easily scanned by RFID scanners from your pocket or wallet. But Card Lock proclaims to secure you from identity theft and financial loss by using high-tech polymers that block frequencies. Thus, Card Lock assures that it can block RFID scanners and that your information won’t show up on the scanner no matter what.

Secure yourself from identity theft

It’s not just physical theft that can ruin your credit and mess up your finances. Identity theft pulled off by using RFID scanners is just as serious a problem that can land you in a financial jam. But Card Lock is a strong cover for credit and debit cards that promises to secure you from having your credit or debit card information stolen. Card Lock asserts that by blocking the frequencies with its high-tech polymers, you can forget about having your most crucial information like name, address and social security number stolen. By using RFID scanners, criminals commit a crime called skimming and steal your information without you even realizing. You could be standing in a queue at the bank or just walking by and using an RFID scanner, a criminal can get all the necessary information to wipe off your bank account or use your credit card info and deplete the balance. But Card Lockconvinces that once your card is inside the cover, no information will show up on the scanner and you can be saved from a financial mess.

Light as a feather, strong as a vault

While stating to block frequencies to prevent identity theft, Card Lockmaintains to be light as a feather and soft as silk. Card Lock declares to be so fine that it can easily fit into your wallet or purse without adding extra bulk. You could be using more than one Card Lock for your different cards and it guarantees that it will still be easy on your pocket in more ways than one. However, the strong security that Card Lock proclaims to provide is not compromised in spite of its sleek and soft feel.Along with being extremely useful, Card Lock claims to look very stylish too. Card Lock maintains to be available in smart leather look and pretty paisley pattern to suit your personal style.

What do I get?

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