Brighter Viewer Review

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What is Brighter Viewer? As per the television infomercial it is a large magnifying screen that helps in enlarging anything up to three times its actual size. It rotates 180 degrees for easy adjustment and has LED light too for extra illumination.


Brighter Viewer Claims

Clarity at its best – Brighter Viewer guarantees to be the best way to perform strain-free activities involving the eyes. Instead of squinting hard it is better to enlarge the thing in sight but most methods such as having a magnifying glass doesn’t always help due to many drawbacks. Brighter Viewer assures that it eliminates each of them and can become a hot favorite for most of the work around the house instantly. How true its claims are will be substantiated once it has been reviewed.


Out-of-the-box concept – Brighter Viewer convinces to come with an amalgamation of best design ideas. It states to have an extra-large screen which is the size of a standard tablet to ensure that the magnification is readable. The magnification capacity of Brighter Viewer is three times the original, which is a very appealing feature. More about this shall be revealed once it is reviewed. Brighter Viewer declares to have a white border and stand that makes it perfect for placing over any flat surface while using and provides a hands-free approach. Additionally, it asserts to have a rotational feature that helps in adjusting it and tilting anywhere between 180 degrees to bring it to a comfortable viewing angle. At this point of time there are no Brighter Viewer reviews available that will attest to its claims. It also alleges to have an in-built bright LED light that can be switched on with a flick off a switch on the stand to read in dimly lit areas. Send us your Brighter Viewer reviews if you found it to be helpful and recommend it to other users.

Multiple benefits – Brighter Viewer guarantees to be great for eye-straining activities such as reading fine print on medicine bottles, squinting to read recipes, crossword, work documents, important texts, etc. Brighter Viewer also maintains to be great for threading needle, beads, removing splinters, screw small objects, repair work and even panting fine prints. Whether Brighter Viewer is really that versatile will be revealed by user reviews.


What do I get?
You will receive Two Brighter Viewer and COMPACT VIEWER for just $14.95 plus $12.9 S&H.Official website

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