Bose Wave SoundTouch Music System

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What is Bose Wave SoundTouch – It is a compact music system that plays music from any source wirelessly with the touch of a button.

Lifelike sound

The renowned name Bose Corporation introduces Bose Wave SoundTouch, a new compact music system which promises to expand the options to enjoy music with. Bose Wave SoundTouch presents itself as a completely new and easy way to enjoy authentic, room-filling sound from all the music sources you use and stream music wirelessly around your home.

Got Wi-Fi at home? Enjoy music in any corner!

Bose Wave SoundTouch is devised to be perfectly compatible with the Wi-Fi technology. If you have Wi-Fi network at home, you can enjoy music with the Bose sound in any room as it’s designed for multi-room audio.

Possibilities galore to enjoy music

Bose Wave SoundTouch offers of possibilities and sources you can listen to music from. The music system enables you to listen to CDs, six FM and six AM presets, iTunes, Pandora, your stored music library Internet radio playlists with certain custom packages and use streaming music wirelessly by touching the button.

Enjoy best quality sound in an instant

In keeping with all that Bose Corporation has delivered in terms of quality, innovation and diversity, you could place your trust in Bose Wave SoundTouch too as you are guaranteed sound quality that matches the best. What’s more, the music system can be connected to any source instantly. It has a remote featuring six presets that can easily be set and changed directly on the remote or with the free SoundTouch app.

The secret? Bose Waveguide speaker technology

Music, you are assured, sounds best on Bose Wave SoundTouch curtsey Bose waveguide speaker technology with its high-performance sound. The music system may look small but the output it guarantees seems to defy all limits.

AirPlay enabled

If you own an Apple device you can play music wirelessly from Bose Wave SoundTouch too.

Loaded with features

The music system offers numerous features such as auxiliary input, a headphone jack, on/off snooze with a simple tap and large visual display with song and station information, adjustable brightness and automatic nighttime dimming.


What do I get? Get the Bose Wave SoundTouch Music System for just $599.95. Official website:


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