Bose Wave III Review

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Scores of music systems abound all around, vying for your attention and claiming to offer the ultimate in entertainment and more. It’s only if you come across an exceptional music system like the Wave music system III that making the right choice becomes a breeze.

How does Bose Wave III Work

Wave music system III, brought to you by the famed Bose Corporation, is an incredibly versatile and brilliant music system that not only delivers lifelike sound from CDs and radio but also performs a whole lot of functions. To see it is to believe it, and all you have to do for that is turn it on to experience the magic it creates!

Wave music system III brings you three system packages that offer different modes and alternatives. They offer a whole new way to enjoy your stored or internet favorites. The Wave music system III with Wave III dock lets you get more out of your iPod, iPhones, Play iTunes, podcasts, CDs, radio and more. Its dock charges your mobile device and belts out incredible sounds, turning this Wave system into a cool iPod speaker system.

The Wave music system III with Bluetooth music adapter allows you to have music on your smartphone, tablet or computer wirelessly. It enables you to enjoy Internet radio, MP3s, and no software or special setup is required for it.

Wave music system III with multi-CD changer is the perfect way to play CD and MP3 discs. Up to 4 CDs can be played in a row for hours of uninterrupted music on the Wave multi-CD changer with a remote control.

The entire package also offers a host of other facilities that make listening to music a whole new experience. It also offers features like dual alarms for two different wake up times, a touch-top snooze/on/off control and an advanced tuner with text display. What’s more, optional accessories are also available with which you can play music from an iPod, smartphone or tablet/laptop through the system. Available in the distinctive design of the Wave music system III and three smart colors to choose from, here’s your chance to grab your favorite one right away!



What do I get?

  • Wave® music system III $449.95
  • Wave® music system III with Wave® III dock $549.90
  • Wave® music system III with Bluetooth® music adapter $549.90
  • Wave® music system III with multi-CD changer $699.90

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