Bose Solo TV Sound System Review

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Are you a television buff and wouldn’t miss your favorite program for anything in the world? Even if you do enjoy watching all those soap operas, reality shows, or sitcoms you get compromised sound quality because the internal speakers in your television or your regular sound system cannot give you the crisp quality. But now with the Bose Solo TV Sound System you can get a lot more out of your television watching experience with depth and detail of sound like never before. And if you think you need a whole home theatre system with several small and large speakers to get the kind of boom effect then you’ll have another think coming.

How does Bose Solo TV Sound System Work

The Bose Solo TV Sound System is just one speaker system and doesn’t require elaborate cabling but just one connection. It is loud and mess free and the array technology of Bose, the pioneer in sound systems, will give you even and wide sound throughout the room no matter what corner you want to cozy up in. The proprietary digital signal processing of the Bose Solo TV Sound System also ensures that the system defines the sound with a lot more effects, dialogues and music with clarity and naturalness. The same technology also optimizes the sound at any output level so you do not have to adjust it if a quiet moment in the show leads to a sudden loud explosion.

The Bose Solo TV Sound System has just one speaker that can fit under your HDTV whether it’s wall-mounted or on a cabinet/shelf without the need of any other equipment. You can easily set it up within minutes in your living room, entertainment room or even bedroom with making a connection going into your TV and plugging the speaker into the wall. You can use the Bose Solo TV Sound System as a stand for up to 37″ or 42″ TV sets. The remote of the Bose Solo system is a simple, four-button one with volume adjustment, mute and power. You can also control other components attached to your TV with the universal remote control available.



What do I get?

  • 1 Bose Solo TV sound system

All this for $399.95 Official Website



Bose Solo TV Sound System Video

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