Boom Tunes Review

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What do you do when you and your friends are out at the beach, and you want to dance to some great music? Are you fed up of fighting for headphone space? Stop all that fussing and get the amazing Boom Tunes! Boom Tunes is a wonderfully cool way to turn everything and anything into a speaker!


Boom Tunes
The secret behind Boom Tunes is its Boom Tunes vibration pod with a sticky pad that can be conveniently reused, and stick it onto any surface and “Boom’ you have a great speaker! All you have to do is plug in your Boom Tunes to whichever music player is at hand, then place the vibration pod anywhere and listen to some incredible sound!

The beauty of the Boom Tunes is that sound quality of the song is never compromised; you get to hear crystal clear sound that transmits all the bass and treble notes. Boom Tunes works great with your iPod, phone, laptop, tablet, music player and computer. It is such a compact and lightweight device that you can carry it around with total ease.

Place Boom Tunes in the cooler and have fun at the beach, instead of lugging around a heavy music player with speakers; listen to great sound in the car or home; place it on the pool table while playing pool; the possibilities are endless! You can even take Boom Tunes while boating! Place it on the refrigerator and it becomes a speaker, place it inside your dressing table drawer and turn it into a speaker.

All you have to do is place it on or inside any surface that reflects sound. You can even place Boom Tunes inside tissue boxes or shipping boxes; bigger the box or object, bigger the sound! You get to choose between black and white colored Boom Tunes. Boom Tunes is cordless so you have the option to run it on either 2 AA batteries or use the included USB cord if you don’t want to use batteries, so you can power your Boom Tunes through your computer.



What do I get?
Boom Tunes comes is just $19.99 + $7.99 processing and handling for your own portable speaker and comes in your choice of black or white. Also included is Black carrying case with a built in clip to keep your Boom Tunes handy. Official website



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10 thoughts on “Boom Tunes Review

  1. If I drop the boom tunes will they like shatter the earth because of the decibels of the sound and newtons of force required to play at that level of sound or does it have a decibel limit? With a lunchbox it’s loud, what about the earth?

  2. I am not having any problems with my boom tunes I think it was a fine idea though the system itself could be smaller. Yall are all saying that it is not loud turn your volume to full and get a tissue box and hold it there lightly then tell me if its not loud. Besides even if it is a ripoff I got mine for 5 bucks at five below.

  3. I got Boom Tunes for Christmas. Seeing as my cassette tape player for an iPod doesn’t work in cars without cassette players, I thought I could use boom tunes in the car instead. WRONG. I’ve stuck it on to every imaginable item as a test, a soda can, tissue box, the refrigerator, boxes, etc. It works but hardly any sound comes out. You have to strain to hear it. What a shame! I guess I’ll have to find something else…

  4. Worst product in the market, don’t waste one penny in this p.o.s. speaker. It doesn’t work at all! Taking it back first thing tomorrow! Please save your money!

  5. Do NOT buy this Boom Tunes. Look up “Rock it 2.0”. I guarantee that you will love it. It is amazing, smaller than Boomtunes, more convenient, and it 100% works! Boom Tunes copied the maker of the rock it 2.0.

  6. I bought this stupid toy. I want my money back. I can’t relive someone actually came up with such a stupid idea and put an advertisement on tv.

    • If it was such a stupid idea, why did YOU buy it? Sounds like they were smart enough to get your money. 😛

  7. How does the Boom Tunes compare with other speakers, with respect to loudness of sound?

    How does the Boom Tunes compare with other speakers, with respect to quality of sound?

    How many times can the sticky pad be used?

    How will I get a new sticky pad if I need one?

    What is it made of and what is its weight?

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