Boom Cube Portable Speakers Review

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Listening to music wearing head gear that doesn’t give cool output is so passé; so is plugging in one ear piece each with your listening buddy or girlfriend. You must also be tired of carrying a bulky music system around to listen to music when and where you please. It’s all so annoying especially if the sound quality you get isn’t good enough. But now, listen to music booming and clear with amazing bass with Boom Cube, the one-inch sized speaker that is more like a keychain and perhaps the world’s smallest and most portable speaker system.

How does Boom Cube Portable Speakers work?

Plug in Boom Cube to your iPod, iPhone, iPad and get boosting bass and pumped up sound volume. It also works on mp3 player, your tablets or computers with all the OS like Windows, Mac and Android. It is so small and portable that you can clip it to your bike, in your pants’ belt loop, even your earrings or the side of your bag so you can bid goodbye to your bulky speakers that is literally a pain in the neck. Take Boom Cube wherever you please and in spite of it being just an inch in size do not underestimate its output. It can give you 10 times increased high quality bass and sound. Boom Cube has a rechargeable ion lithium battery that is so amazingly powerful that you will get boomed up sound for up to 5 hours in a single charge!

There is no need for earphones anymore and you can make quite a fashion statement with the cute li’l Boom Cube that is the size of a quarter and available in various trendy colors. Choose from funky colors like Black, White, Blue Leopard, Pink Leopard, Green Camouflage or Designer Purple and pick up the one that will go with your personality the best. You can order for your Boom Cube right now at a very reasonable price. And if you order now you will get a Black Boom Cube for free so you have a black and a white Boom Cube each that you can alternate whenever you please and show off great bass sound and become the cool one. So now you can get kickass high quality sound with three easy steps, charge your Boom Cube, plug it and blast it!


What do I get?
2 Boom Cube Portable Speakers – One Black and One White for just $19.99 plus $9.99 shipping and handling. Official website

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22 thoughts on “Boom Cube Portable Speakers Review

  1. Everyone one complaining about the speaker just calm the f*** down lol not like your paying 20 30 dollars it’s like 10 buck or less it’s good when your out chilling with friends and you wanna slap on some music it’s better then your phone speaker and if you think 10 bucks is alot then yeah keep that 10 buck in your piggy bank

  2. Just don’t buy one and maybe they can be donated to a third world country.

    The volume was only slightly louder than listening to my iPad and the sound was badly distorted. It as very “tinny” with no bass at all. I only paid $5 for it at Walgreen’s mark-down aisle, but it was still a waste of money. I returned Boom Cube speaker because its just going to wind up in the trash in a few weeks. I’d rather keep my money and not contribute more trash to a landfill. I suppose this might be nice for a child, but for a middle-aged woman like me who wants to listen to music while washing the dishes, this won’t work.

  3. This was a Secret Santa gift, & it was really touching, but I REALLY have to admit, the only way I can use it on my MP3 without any distortion is on radio mode. Otherwise I would get SO frustrated w/ it to the point of tears…

  4. So,I have one as of last night,good charge on it! I do like it,its louder than my nexus speaker,the USB works on an outlet charger as well. Its not super great when you want to listen to anything like Calvin Harris or usher. But I’m listening to senses fail and red hot chili pepper type stuff and its fine!

  5. Do not waste your money on a Boom Cube! Yes it’s a cute little cube but they forgot to put in the Boom! After trying it on many different devices I brought it back to the place I purchased it. It is loud but the bass is super tinny. It sounds horrible.

  6. Piece of doodoo. Where’s the Boom like on the commercial. I knew it was too good to be true(but I bought anyway, what a sucker I am)

  7. Boom Cube is So Better than others but is So cute i Can br8ng it to Camp Thunder Bird for More Bass Sound oh I Did Knew About That is Really Famous is The Best for Partys and less attachment to the Amplifier and One Portable Speaker is so Small that will Change the World in a Perfect way. P.s. it should Be the Number One in America.

  8. Huge disappointment! It is just a little louder then my galaxy nexus speaker(which is not good) and it has distortion on it. My main test is shower test. If you can’t hear clear while taking a shower its garbage.

  9. I just bought one today from dollar general for $11.. the instructions told me that is was pre-charged to about 40% and to use it until the battery completely drained before charging. That took about an hour to drain. It is currently still charging. But from my first impression, it works pretty well and is about 50% louder than the speaker on my phone. There is definitely no Booming bass, but I also didn’t notice much distortion until the battery was just about dead.. All in all I think it will come in handy as I constantly use my phone when I’m outside smoking a cigarette or chilling on the porch drinking some Brews. I’m sure my phone will be happy not having to power its own speaker, nor blowing the speaker.. To me it was worth the $11.. I have wasted a lot more money on other things that were pointless and trash.

  10. My mom ordered me two Boom Cubes because she thought they were neat. I’ll just say that you get what you’d expect from a 1 inch speaker. It’s going to sound a bit fuller than your iPhone speakers and it gets a little louder. The fact is, it’s not going to get you stopped for disturbing the peace for sure. It’s tough to hear it when in the shower too, but for small listening groups in a calm environment it serves it’s purpose.

  11. The Boom Cube does exactly what is advertised. However, it works with my iPhone, but I now have a message I cannot get rid of “charging not supported by this accessory.” It pops up randomly and it is what is seen on my lock screen. I have tried changing the picture, but is still all you view on the lock screen. Mostly, it is an annoyance. I have spent hours trying to find a fix for this, so far there isn’t a fix recognized by apple. iPhones are proprietary, and it is not recommended non iPhone products be used. Even though BoomCube advertising specifically says for iPhones and smartphones, I do not recommend for the iPhone.

    • The speaker is not causing your ‘charging not supported’ error. The that notice I refers the the phone not being supported for charging your iPhone is not capable of charging auxiliary devices.

      Also that error only comes up when you plug into the bottom apple charging cable. The 3.5 audio jack that the boom cube uses will not ever in a million gazillion years give you a charging error. because no device in the history of man has ever used an audio jack as a charging port it’s just not feasible.

      That error should also not remain when your iPhone is unplugged from the bottom charging port. I would suggest rebooting the iPhone software, after you back up your pictures and music, then reinstall the iPhone operating system. But do not restore from a previous version because that will likely give you the same error you were getting before.

      • The speaker is not causing your ‘charging not supported’ error. that notice refers to the phone not being supported for charging your iPhone is not capable of charging auxiliary devices.

    • The Boom cube is not effecting your iphone. The boom cube uses the 3.5 audio jack.

      The iPhone does not charge out of that jack and the 3.5 audio jack has no function other than receiving audio, that error you are receiving is related to something else. You would have to take your iPhone to the store to get it reset.

      No audio device in the world EVER will give you the charging not supported notice. that notice comes up when you plug into the bottom charging port and the charger you are using is not supported with your iPhone.

      The “accessory” is referring to the apple charger plugged into the phone, NOT the 3.5 audio jack.

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