Big Show

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What is Big Show?

As per the infomercial it is a magnifying screen that triples the display of any cellphone easily. It magnifies up to 3 times the original size so that viewing the screen is not at all strenuous on the eyes.

Strain free viewing

Big Show alleges to be the number one solution for everyone who uses their cellphones for the purpose of entertainment. Although not much is clear about the benefits of Big Show and will be validated only once it is reviewed. Big Show asserts that most individuals watch movies, videos, news and more but the problem is the small screen size. Purchasing a large-screen tablet is a costly affair. This is where Big Show claims to be effective. More shall be revealed by user reviews. Big Show guarantees that the small screen size will no longer be a problem with its unique design; user reviews will expose the truth further.

Magnifying design

Big Show promises to be great for smartphone users with its unique design, which will be analyzed further once users send us their reviews. Big Show claims to have a two-support setup where the phone sits on the back of the device and the front is a magnifying screen. The placement of the phone and magnifying glass is intuitively placed to provide up to 3 times the magnification. At this point of time there are no Big Show reviews available to attest its claims. Big Show assures that the magnification takes place without hampering the quality of video and, in fact, it enhances it to another level altogether. Such farfetched claims by Big Show will be verified only once it has been reviewed.

Exceptional features

Big Show promises to have a crisper and clearer display without any distortion. Big Show states to be completely hands-free so one can simply put it on a stand and watch anything desired. Currently there are no Big Show reviews available to substantiate with its claims. Big Show declares to be designed to fold when not in use and turn flat for easy storage or even travel with it anywhere. Big Show certainly is fascinating but will be only validated once users review it. Big Show convinces to be perfect for any place since it stands perfectly well on still surfaces and can be great fun for use while traveling too. Guarantees made by it are under inspection and will be confirmed once we receive user reviews. Big Show declares to be easy to use and serves the purpose for watching movies or taking lessons online and even cooking in the kitchen while watching a video recipe guide. Is Big Show really this good? User reviews will soon reveal the facts.

What do I get?

Get 2 Big Show magnifying screens for $10.00 + $13.98 S/h. Official website:

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