Big Kid SecureDrive

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About Big Kid SecureDrive

Big Kid SecureDrive proclaims to be a USB drive device for the computer that protects kids and teenagers from offensive web pages, junk and viruses to provide them with secure computing and browsing experience. Big Kid SecureDrive assures that it will give parents the peace of mind by keeping the kids safe and has many fun and educational apps for kids. Big Kid SecureDrive asserts to work with any personal computer and keeps the files of parents and kids separate so that kids won’t mess with important files if they’re sharing the computer.


How does Big Kid SecureDrive work?

Unlike softwares that are difficult to install and don’t block unwanted programs or websites effectively, Big Kid SecureDrive promises to be very easy to use. It convinces that you just need to plug it into the USB port of any desktop or laptop much like a regular pen drive and reboot the machine to start getting instant protection. Big Kid SecureDrive claims to be a self-contained system that is a stronger filter than any other software. Big Kid SecureDrive blocks out all kinds of inappropriate websites, dangerous ads, spyware, viruses, banners, and pop-ups.


Safe computing environment for kids – The internet is an extremely useful tool for kids to learn and grow. However, it is also infested with offensive content that parents would like to save their kids from. There are softwares and tools to block out such content such as websites, ads, banners, etc. but they are difficult to install and not effective at dealing with all kinds of problems. But Big Kid SecureDrive is a self-contained system that makes computing environment for kids so safe that parents wouldn’t need to monitor the activities once it is installed. Big Kid SecureDrive emphasizes that it is as easy to use as plugging in a regular USB drive and rebooting the computer to get the protection.


Highly secured – Big Kid SecureDrive maintains that no matter what the online threat it can keep young users safe from it. It promises to block out offensive websites, junkware, spyware, dangerous ads, pop-ups and banners, and viruses and meets the high standards of Children’s Internet protection Act. Big Kid SecureDrive alleges that parents have a control of what their kids can see and browse. Big Kid SecureDrive is portable so kids can get the protection on any computer they use.


Fun and educational applications for kids – Not just providing a secured online environment for the kids Big Kid SecureDrive also emphasizes that it will delight the kids with its full suite of great softwares including full internet access and home network. Big Kid SecureDrive claims to be loaded with innumerable educational and fun applications for kids such as games and more. Big Kid SecureDrive asserts to work with standard excel sheets, documents, presentation files and projects can be saved straight on the drive. And if kids and parents share the computer then Big Kid SecureDrive declares to keep the files separate so that kids won’t mess with any work or important files.

What do I get?

Get the Big Kid Secure Drive for $39.95 + $7.95 for postage & processing. Official website:

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