Bell+Howell Solar Charger Review

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Why Bell+Howell Solar Charger

How often have you gone out traveling and been stuck without a power source to be able to use your mobile devices? Given the nature of our professional lives today we need to be on the button at all times and you just cannot be without your mobile phones or tablets for that matter. It’s especially true when you are on a camping trip or somewhere close to Mother Nature and can’t find a reliable power source. That’s why you need a revolutionary product like Bell+Howell Solar Charger, which will ensure that you are not caught out without power at any time.


How does Bell+Howell Solar Charger work?

Bell+Howell Solar Charger is a high power, high energy solar charger that works brilliantly with all mobile devices. The magic of this charger lies in the multicrystalline solar panel, which when coupled with its lithium batteries can capture solar energy or from any power source in your house or office for that matter. You can also use it to draw power from your PC when needed. Bell+Howell Solar Charger has a multifaceted adaptor, which makes it compatible with practically any handheld electronic device. So you can use it with your iPhones, e-readers, Tom Tom and other navigation and Bluetooth devices as well.

You will never be out of touch with your friends and family or work when you have Bell+Howell Solar Charger. Moreover it’s also known for its high discharge rate, which ensures that power is transferred to any device almost instantly. Bell+Howell Solar Charger comes with an attached keychain, so you can take it wherever you go and feel the power.




Hello everyone.
Well I have a complaint about the Bell Howell solar charger.

I am really frustrated and let me tell you why if you have purchased this Bell Howell solar charger from any where you probably understand me.

Well here it goes well I purchased this Bell Howell solar charger for my iphone 5 cause i liked the size of it and portability you can put it on your keys but when I received the charger I was upset not realizing it didn’t have a connector for my iphone 5 so that upset me but I had other gadgets I can use it for.

The other thing that upset me was that it said it harness the power of sun well it did work for only half and then stooped.

So what I am trying to say that Bell Howell needs to make a lot of upgrades to the solar charger the need for an iphone 5 connector also be able to charge the full charge like the commercial said and to be able to still harness the power of the sun when charging device not shut down.

So when Bell Howell fixes there mistake we will all be happy cause I really like the charger for the size and portability and keychain and built in light.

Cause I really can’t find any solar charger that is like Bell Howell in size and keychain and with a built in light.

So I hope Bell Howell takes in to thought about all are complains if they do they would have one of the best gadgets once they fix all the problems.

The Bell Howell should check the web or YouTube more to see how customers like there product if they did they would have fixed the problem already.

Cause there is no other way to contact them and the people on the phone are no help.

Well let me wrap this up by saying Bell Howell fix the flaws and you will have a great product or you are going to have a lot of complains like this. Don’t just take our money give us what we want what you promised us.

What do I get?
You can get Bell+Howell Solar Charger for $19.95 plus shipping and handling charge of $6.95 at You can also upgrade to a fantastic value deluxe deal where you also have a built in triple LED flashlight for just $10 more.


50 thoughts on “Bell+Howell Solar Charger Review

  1. Received my new bar yesterday and it has been charging for 26 hours. Will the red light go out when it is fully charged?

  2. I purchased mine from CVS and Waldorf Maryland. when I plug it in it will charge for one second and die. I even kept it in direct sunlight. I don’t charge for a few seconds and then still, it dies . this is definitely a gimmick. and I really liked this thing. all it needs is a better battery cell in it. and I’m sure it can be done. Look how long watch batteries work. I have another Rayovac charger that is battery operated with a 3 v. Battery. it works great.. this bell device is a piece of junk and a rip off and bell knows it.

  3. First off it is Bell + Howell, NOT Bell & Howell. Just a rip off from some out of country site. They do not work.

  4. I purchased 2 bell and Howell solar chargers about a month and a half ago. Well I followed the instructions on how to charge. Well I plugged my phone into the solar charger and it worked for 5-6 minutes. I called customer service and they said I had two choices, I could return the chargers for new ones or they would refund my money. Now here is what really made me mad. I had to send back my 2 charger that didn’t work and I had to pay to ship them. Then when they got them they would send me two more. If I wanted a refund I still had to pay to ship the chargers back to them and I would only receive the $19.95 back. They wouldn’t refund the shipping charge. So not only did I pay 13.90 the first time for shipping they want me to pay even more. I can’t believe they can get away with this but this is not going to be the last they hear from me.

  5. Wow I purchased these chargers from Belle and Howell and it was a huge mistake, I ended up paying 34 bucks to these people and got ripped off. After I charged the device on a USB port on my computer like the directions say, the charger only charged my phone one bar and went dead. I was like what the hell? I demand a refund but now I can’t seem to find the website on the Internet, how do I get my money back from these people?

    • I also got ripped off. I purchased 2 chargers paid $33.85. I called the 1-888 number and talked to customer service and guess what they will send you new ones or give you a refund. However they will not give you your shipping price back and if you want a refund you have to send back the chargers and you have to pay the shipping and handling once again. If you want new ones you have to do the same thing cause they won’t give you a new charger til they get the old one’s back. This is so wrong. I’m just livid.

  6. I purchased the Bell and Howell Solar Charger at the local Rite-Aid and it never charges. Therefore, it can’t charge my phone. I have left if in the direct sun, plugged in it, followed all the directions. It had a charge one time, but went dead when I attached it to my cell phone. I find the sales pitch, both on TV and online to be untrue and just a scam. The bottom line is that I lost $10.00 + tax and won’t purchase any other Bell and Howell products.

  7. I have tried this Bell+Howell Solar Charger on my iPhone I get an error message but I left it plugged in for the 1 hour and a half both my phone and the charger were dead!!!!!!

    I then tried to use it on my Garmin and the same plug that fits the Garmin is the same size that fits the charger so their is no way to charge my Garmin with this useless charger I do not know what you can use it for so I am Very unhappy

    • I completely agree with your assessment of this device. I purchased mine from CVS and found no adapter for my iPhone 5. I called the company to ask about obtaining one. The guy that answered didn’t even know what I was talking about. He claimed that their adapter fits the iPhone. He said that maybe they “just haven’t caught-up to their new technology yet”. This on a phone that’s been out for two years?

      Please, don’t waste your money on this device.

  8. Wow. I was considering purchasing this item (the solar charger) from them, but thanks to all the comments and info from others I will be keeping my money on my pocket!!

    Sorry you all had so many problems. It’s a shame they get away with this!

  9. My grandma got me this Bell Howell Solar Charger before she passed. All I can think of guys is you have to mod some connections or transformers but I like mine still. Bell And Howell is a poor company. That’s why these are crappy, get them more money you know what I mean. How could you make something if you don’t have the support. Your business would plummet to the bottom of the chart.

  10. I REALLY WISH I would have read the reviews about this product before I purchased it. It tells you on the box that it comes with a FULL CHARGE which it didn’t. This product doesn’t stay charged very long as it only charges my phone to 1 bar….Oh Brother….Hopefully, I can get a REFUND!!!

  11. I wanted to express my extreme dissatisfaction with your “Bell and Howell Solar Charger”. 2 weeks ago, I purchased, not one but two of these chargers and was very happy to get them as I had researched them online and had only heard positive reviews about them. I purchased them in my local Rite Aide Pharmacy and took them home, I had bought one for myself and one for my husband, both were purchased on the same day. When I got them home, we followed the directions included, we waited the prescribed amount of time to make sure the chargers were adequately charged up and attempted to use them. The lights came on (red and green) but when trying to charge a cell phone, my husband’s charger only provided half a charge and the one for myself didn’t charge anything at all, the only thing that worked were the “red and green” lights! The charger had been charged in direct sunlight for my husband and via the USB cord on his computer. I used a regular extension cord plugged into a house outlet. I returned the one that I bought for myself and got my money back and I will be returning the other non-working device today after work.

    I am very sad because we each have more than one device and I thought that this product would be the answer to our prayers as we are campers and like to make sure our phones are charged at all times as well as being able to listen to music while camping.

    I am extremely disappointed and plan to find a site and make sure that people know that this product DOES NOT work as advertised and will also send a report of this incident to Consumer Reports, no one should purchase this product if it doesn’t work as advertised and PROMISED.

  12. Can anyone tell me how to reach the Bell and Howell Solar charger people? I ordered forever ago, got the same phone call trying to sell me things, then yesterday, got a no-reply email that said my order had been cancelled. I did not ask to have it cancelled and cannot find a number to call anywhere on the website or elsewhere. I am livid, as I feel the charges probably already went through. I need to speak to a human being on the phone if possible. Thanks.

  13. I bought two Bell & Howell Solar chargers. I’ve haven’t had them long enough to evaluate whether it will charge sufficiently from the solar cells but I can say that everyone should beware that the unit does NOT come with their equivalent of the Apple Lightning to 30-pin Adapter. In short, there is no adapter provided to charge the IPhone 5 !!

    Their Customer service offered their apologies and asked if I wanted a refund. I had to go to Walmart to get it, paying ANOTHER $29.00 plus tax for the needed Adapter! I’m in this venture to the tune of over $65.00 and have not yet tested the solar cells.

    Vincent L. Diaz

  14. I found a review from someone who actually bought and used the product at

    I think this says the most:
    “We bought two online for $19.95. But shipping and handling made it almost $34.”
    But this was also interesting:
    “Does it Work?
    “I would have to say no,” Linda said.
    However, Linda did like how it fueled her iPod. And… It might work as Christmas gift for some people on her list.
    “Well, those family members I don’t like too well might get it,” Linda said.” “

    • I bought mine yesterday and kept the charger on the cell phone all nite/ I put it under the lite… it was dead/ I now have it sitting in the window I don’t know if I was suppost to turn it off or what/ no directions.

  15. Piece of crap took FOREVER to get here (even with express) pony express. Does not work as advertised. Does not charge in room light unless it’s 100 watt or more bulb it holds a charge for 10mins yeah right I’d like to see it work on anything more than the simplest cell phone — smart phones are out of the question.

  16. WOW thank god I looked up reviews before I placed order for iScope. I would rather use reg flashlight then deal with these people. Seems like customer worst nightmare. I can deal with couple or even few issues people might have with a particular product or company but it seems like each and every product has made consumers unhappy with service in general I would rather pay few bucks more and get it from as seen in tv store then deal with issues for months with company and my credit card. Thanks to you guys for making people aware.

  17. I ordered the solar charger about two months ago….still haven’t received anything. The VERY next day i started getting phone calls from a company in Florida. I checked online and they had SEVERAL pages of complaints. I filed a complaint with the Florida BBB about their business practices. I would receive up to 15-20 calls EVERY DAY from this company. Sometimes as often as every 20 minutes. I finally answered the phone as Fred’s Heating and Air. The girl asked for me by name and told me she was verifying the shipping address of the solar charger. I in turn asked her if she wanted to place a service call. The company responded to my BBB complaint by saying they comply with all laws and regulations. I responded to her comments via the Florida BBB….then why are there hundreds of complaints filed with the BBB and why does this company have an F rating. The calls finally stopped a couple of days after I filed my complaint. The company said they would take my name and number off their “internal” phone list. I responded that they shouldn’t be calling me anyway because i am on The national Do Not Call Registry.

    • Just a little note. Any time you give your phone number to a company if purchasing anything, you just gave permission to call you. Until you send a cease and desist letter. I worked for a hearing aid company that would do free inspections and take info. then call and pester people until they received a letter to cease contact. I quickly left that company when I realized working in an ethical manner. So just a little FYI about how these companies work, the other problem is they use multiple shell companies and all get your info, so technically thats one way they get around the do not call list.

  18. I ordered this solar charger in March with a projected delivery date of April 10th. I received an out of stock postcard notice in the mail with a new date of May 17th. I called today, May 10th, and a new projected delivery date is ‘sometime in June’. Still out of stock. I can’t believe an upright company like Bell & Howell would leave their customers hanging on like this. I’m now searching for an acceptable replacement online. Any suggestions?

    • Bell & Howell went out of business over 30 years ago. A small corp office is alive and the license their name to companies that make good and want a big name to put on them Look at different Bell & Howell products and you will see that the name is licensed to a company. Bell & Howell corp gets a royalty fee from the products but B & H does not manufacture anything any longer.

      • 11-12-12 THANK YOU!! I saw this Bell & Howell Solar charger on and wondered if it worked. Sounds like few people actually GET this product. It’s LAME that Bell & Howell rents out their name! NOT for me!

  19. Review Bell+Howell Solar Charger

    Does Bell+Howell Solar Charger work well on any handheld electronic device?

    Is Bell+Howell Solar Charger easy to use?

    Is it easy to carry around?

    Does Bell+Howell Solar Charger charge devices instantly?

    Do you think Bell+Howell Solar Charger is overpriced?

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