Bell+Howell Micro Max Review

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About Bell+Howell Micro Max

Bell+Howell Micro Max is an LED flashlight that claims to be the smallest yet the brightest flashlight in the world. Bell+Howell Micro Max convinces to give wider and more intense beam while being so tiny that it will fit into your palm and it has a convenient dual setting that lets you choose a dimmer light for reading at night or light all the 6 LED lights for more brightness.

How does it work

Bell+Howell Micro Max you can have light as powerful as stadium lights, as its manufacturers claim. the compact light proclaims that you just need to fix it to any standard 9 volt battery to turn it into a bright flashlight.

A palm-sized flashlight bright as stadium light

If you want the brilliance of a stadium light right in your palms, Bell+Howell Micro Max promises to be the thing you need. Bell+Howell Micro Max proclaims to be an ultra bright LED flashlight that fits right into your palm. Bell+Howell Micro Max asserts that it can transform any ordinary battery into LED flashlight. A traditional flashlight can throw only a narrow and dull beam that hardly serves your purpose. But Bell+Howell Micro Max assures that you can fill an entire room with brilliant light due to its 6 super bright LED lights.


Compact enough to fit into a purse

Storing regular flashlights is also a hassle but Bell+Howell Micro Max states that it can fit just about anywhere. You cannot really carry ordinary flashlights in your car because it just won’t fit in but Bell+Howell Micro Max guarantees that it is so compact that it will fit anywhere. You cannot possibly carry a flashlight in your purse and unlocking the door at night become such a hassle. However, Bell+Howell Micro Max maintains that it is so tiny that you can carry in your purse or even pocket easily. At the same time, Bell+Howell Micro Max declares to be so bright that you won’t look for anything else when you need light. The flashlight promises that it can easily light up even the darkest of places and save you from tripping or bumping into things in the dark or fumbling for things. You are assured to easily look for keys in your bag or walk the dog at night or do anything else that needs light.

Two convenient settings

The light produced by Bell+Howell Micro Max is alleged to be as bright as daylight and it claims to last more than 100,000 hours. Bell+Howell Micro Max assures that it will light up dim areas an even come in handy when you go camping. Even when there’s a power outage, Bell+Howell Micro Max promises that you wouldn’t have to be in the dark because you can use it to fix the fuse conveniently. Bell+Howell Micro Max asserts to have a dual setting for your convenience; you can have a dimmer light to let you read in the night without disturbing your partner or blast on all the 6 LED lights for bright illumination.

What do I get?

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