Bell Howell Micro Plus Review

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Those who have hearing difficulties often feel embarrassed by them and they can land them in awkward situations like not following an important conversation amongst friends. You could be watching TV at home or a movie in a theatre but might struggle to keep up with what’s going on because of your hearing issues.


How does Bell Howell Micro Plus work?
Many hearing aids are bulky and cumbersome, which might make you conscious about wearing them. But Bell Howell Micro Plus is the latest High Tech hearing aid that you can wear discretely without anyone noticing it. Moreover it gives excellent performance as you can hear things from as far as 100 feet away, which you might not be able to otherwise.

Bell Howell Micro Plus is based on the latest technological advancements in the field of hearing aids and amplifies sounds up to 50 decibels. That means you could be sitting in the last row of a movie hall but will be able to hear everything in the movie crystal clear.

You don’t have to turn up the volume on the TV at home and be a part of meaningful conversations with friends without feeling left out. Micro Plus is small and compact; much smaller than the newest mobile phone technology in fact, but it doesn’t hamper its performance when it comes to hearing.

It only facilitates its use whenever and wherever you want without feeling embarrassed about it. It has an adjustable volume control and is comfortable enough to wear in either of your ears. Its soft tips further add to the comfort you get using Micro Plus, which is an almost invisible but high performance device.



What do I get? (Official Website Offer)
You can buy Bell Howell Micro Plus for $19.95 plus $6.95 S&H charges at


Bell Howell Micro Plus Video
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35 thoughts on “Bell Howell Micro Plus Review

  1. I originally ordered the rechargeable one at the higher price and the price taken from credit card. Then the next day I received an email stating that the rechargeable one was out of stock and the money returned to my account. About 2 weeks later I received an email telling me my order was shipped and of course my account was recharged.
    When I received it, it was the cheaper model. I called their customer service number and she argued with me that their records showed I was sent the right one! Finally after 20 minutes she asked me for the model number on package. When I gave it to her, she told me to keep the one I have and they would ship me out the right one, no apologies or anything.
    Finally, now after a month of not hearing anything new, it came today and guess what. It’s the same damn one they sent me before. About to make a call!!!!

  2. Available at your local Rite aid. I paid $19.70 tax included. If you have a problem with it, easy return, save receipt and packaging. Works OK, remember you get what you pay for. I would not wear it all the time, just when you need to listen to something important.

  3. I bought the micro-plus at my local drugstore on Friday 2/15/2013. It quit that same night as I was wearing it. I assumed the battery was dead as batteries included with products are usually not of good quality. on Sunday 2/17/2013, I spent $11.99 plus tax for the 312 hearing aid battery recommended to replace the supplied battery. The device still does not work it will not turn on and there is no sound even with the volume all the way up. Problem #2 I can find no place on the net to get service or help with this product. You would think Bell & Howell would stand behind their products. Don’t buy it this is a rip off!

  4. BEWARE. This product may carry the name Bell & Howell, but it is sold & marketed by Emson Inc., the second largest “As Seen on TV” marketer behind TELEbrands. And like TELEbrands, Emson frequently misleads customers & overcharges their credit cards. They also use bait & switch tactics, which is what I experienced. I ordered the basic model advertised on TV. After waiting nearly a month (my card was charged immediately after I placed the order), I was told via email that the base model wasn’t available & they were sending me the “upgraded” deluxe model. They then proceeded to charge my card the full price for the deluxe model, without my permission & without refunding the original charge. I’ve now been charged for both models plus shipping costs for both. That’s $19.99 + $6.95 for the first one and $34.99 + $6.95 for the deluxe model I never wanted in the first place, for a total of $68.88. I was able to cancel the second charge, but am still trying to get my money back for the first one. I am NEVER buying ANY “As Seen on TV” product direct from the advertiser again. I do have an “As Seen on TV” store at my local mall, so that’s where I’ll go next time.

  5. Thanks Ya’ll, I was actually quite interested in this when I saw it on TV but decided to check out the website first.(This is not my first rodeo!) Very glad I did and all of your comments were appreciated. I will not purchase the bell and howell micro plus now. I have a problem with sounds sounding jumbled anyway and it looks like this would make that problem worse. So thanks to everyone that put in a comment or review of the product.

  6. Hello; I was told that my order would be in my hands any day, so I should keep my eye on my mail until it arrives. Well it has been three weeks since they told me that, and nothing has come yet. Plus I tried calling that number that they advertised on TV, and it is no longer accepting calls. If I don’t have the micro plus in my hands in the next 10 days, I will declare war on them. Johnny from Youngstown, Ohio.

  7. My complaint is that I called in an order for the micro plus hearing aid three weeks ago, and I haven’t heard anything from them since they took the money from my credit card. I have tried to get in touch with them to see what is the status of my order, that particular number no longer accepts call. My next move will be the (BBB). Either I will get the product that I paid for, or I will have the monies they took from my credit card replaced. Johnny From Youngstown, Ohio.

  8. How can I find out if I received a refund after I sent the Sets back ? order # 6155186 bought on 4-28-12 . Mailed the set back after I received it unopened as you said. Thank you.

  9. So far I am nothing but dissatisfied – ordered one unit was processed for two my credit card has been charged over $40.00 and I have not received it was told 3-5 business days now am told over two weeks. I could have driven there and picked it up for less money! I live in the same state less than an hour from Wallingford, Ct where it was supposedly shipped from. Now they tell me it is coming from California – what incompetence. If this how the company does business I will return my order!!! Disgusted so far if I would have known it takes this long and was told different I would not have ordered it and of course, they charge it immediately to you.

  10. You guys are mostly off base. I am delighted with the Micro Plus. I have owned four different brands and this is the best. It does take practice to use it. A rechargeable model can be obtained from Dr. Leonard’s Healthcare for $30.00.

  11. You guys are mostly off base. I am delighted with the Micro Plus. I have owned four other brands, and this is the best. It does take practice to use it. I prefer rechargeable batteries, and for the Micro Plus you only find this at Dr. Leonard’s Healthcare for $30.00. The sales outlets do not have much in specifications, and it would really help sales to include technical information.

  12. I like the Bell Howell Micro Plus but I cant keep them in my ear. They want to keep falling out. I have tried different sizes of the silicone ear tips but nothing works. Any help would be appreciated.

  13. I just bought a Bell Howell Micro Plus unit and really feel that it is a rip off. I do not have a hearing problem it’s just that I don’t want to disturb my companion late at night and thought this would be the answer but a battery that lasts only 10 hrs. is as useless as tits on a bull. I suppose you have to purchase all the batteries from Bell and Howell too. Had I know the batteries were good for only 10 hrs. (there is no way of knowing this till you open the pkg. then you can’t return the unit unless it is defective) I certainly wouldn’t have paid $35. for this thing. No more Bell and Howell junk for me.

    • Well you were lucky your battery lasted 10 hours. I have purchased several batteries and the longest any lasted was 3 hours. A BIG RIP OFF!!!

  14. Help! Lost the instructions! Tossed it with the box. Can anyone tell me how to put this thing together and how to use it? Or where I can get directions? Please send to my email

    Thanks a million!!

  15. What? Speak up. I can’t hear you. I should have received my product on monday and it’s now Thursday!!! WTH…. I called and they gave me the polish shrug as to where my product is. So now I have to wait another week to get it.. Oh they got my ear tips to me in a timely manner. Nope they don’t work very well by them selves either. Click.

  16. Beware of the Bell Howell Micro Plus website. It is very deceiving and you do not get a change to confirm your order, it is automatically placed. I thought I was placing a $19.95 order plus shipping and when it posted to my card it was $49.90 plus shipping for a total of $63.80…. real bad scam. STAY AWAY FROM IT.

  17. I have seen advertised on the TV available at there is available a TV hearing device for $19.98 plus shipping. I have gone the website to find that it can only be purchased with credit cards. I do not use credit cards. I’m also Canadian and would like to order the device and pay with Postal Money Order in US Funds. I don’t seem to be able to find a contact address. I realize that I may nave the wrong department for what I’m looking for. If you could give me that information it would be much appreciated. My email address is Thank you. Howard Martin

  18. What stores carry the product in question, the Micro Plus hearing aid that costs $19.00 with the charger so not to buy batteries?

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