Bell Howell iScope Review

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A flashlight is one of the most important tools in a toolkit for low or no light conditions. It also serves the purpose while being on a trip or is handy during power outages right at home. But ordinary flashlights that can throw good amount of light are large and bulky. Also the battery life of such lights is very less thus increasing the cost of maintenance. What if there were sleek and light-weight flashlights which can be easily carried in your pocket? What if that flashlight came with extra features apart from its primary purpose? Well, look no further because Bell Howell iScope does something similar.


Bell Howell iScope
Bell Howell iScope is the latest innovative flashlight which is powered with 3 brilliant white LEDs that provide amazing light in low or no light conditions. It is light in weight and is small in size to fit any pocket or any bag without covering much of an area. The material used for constructing Bell Howell iScope is the rugged aluminum construction which is used in air craft carriers and so strong that it cannot be broken even if a car runs over it.

Bell Howell iScope’s features do not end there but go even further. The flexible head of this flashlight can be extended from its 6 inch size to over 2 feet distance. The extension is even flexible in itself by allowing the user to rotate the head for entire 360 degrees. This helps using the light to reach in hard to reach places and even be used as a hook to pick up fallen objects behind refrigerators, washing machines, etc. Another amazing feature of Bell Howell iScope is it has a magnet in its head as well as the rear. The head magnet can be easily used to retrieve small objects fallen underneath the couch, behind the furniture etc with ease.

Its slender neck can even reach depths of kitchen sink to retrieve fallen items. It has the capacity to hold items weighing up to 2.5 pounds. The rear magnet facilitates to plug Bell Howell iScope on a magnetic object and work as a fixed light source while working in the dark for eg fixing the car engine with no need of holding the light. Bell Howell iScope comes with an offer of providing another Bell Howell iScope absolutely free on purchase of one.



What do I get?
Get 2 Bell + Howell iScopes for only $19.95 plus $6.95 S&H! Official website For Customer Service call – call 800-568-9392.


Bell Howell iScope Video
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25 thoughts on “Bell Howell iScope Review

  1. Magnet works great. The warranty is 30 days. I haven’t gotten one of the three of mine to last longer than 7 days. The first Bell Howell iScope wouldn’t work after I changed the batteries. I determined when you remove the old batteries a very fine wire is alongside the battery holder which comes out when you empty the batteries. Impossible to replace. The second one, one of the three led lights quit, and when I replaced the batteries on that one it would never ground again when you screwed the top on, must be that near invisible wire again. To bad they are junk, I like the magnet and the flex handle. Maybe I can tape a real flash lite on their handle. Save your money. Buy something else

  2. I purchased an Bell Howell iscope about 2 months ago for a very unique purpose. It serves the purpose of providing a strong, but small light upon the bill of a hummingbird that we are examining. My only problem is that the lens has become clouded and it needs to be replaced. I can’t imagine what could have caused this problem, but I want to make the iScope usable again. How can I obtain a new lens and how much will it cost.


  3. I ordered 2 Bell Howell iScopes online on a Wed and when my confirmation (with a number) printed out, the order had inadvertently doubled – in both quantity and all the charges! I called the customer service number & was told they could not help me to correct it because my order had not downloaded yet & to call back in 2 hours, next call I was told to call the next morning, next call I was told 24-48 hours…on & on. Then it was the weekend & they were closed. So first thing Mon I called to be told this same story. She said she would be happy to take yet another order. Their system leaves a customer powerless to correct errors or cancel or change anything on their order! I will be watching my card to see what happens…very suspicious and frustrating!

  4. Haha! They don’t know how to spell “separate” correctly, at least not twice (spelled “spearate” on the last line).

    Buy one Bell + Howell iScope for only $14.95 + $6.95 S&H and you will get one free, just pay separate $6.95 S&H. Or you can upgrade to the Deluxe iScope for only $24.95 plus $7.95 S&H and get another Deluxe iScope free, just pay spearate $7.95 S&H.

  5. I paid for priority shipping but when I didn’t have it 3 weeks later, I called the Bell Howell iScope customer service. I was told that the priority shipping was not from when I placed the order but from when the order would – finally – get shipped to me. When I suggested to the rep that this should be made clearer on the website she said OK and hung up ! I call that poor customer service.

  6. Ordered Bell Howell iScope for Christmas on Dec. 7, paid for RUSH shipping….have not received the items yet. When I called their customer service department I was offered a $5.00 refund….paid $37.00 for shipping/handling. I asked to speak with a supervisor…none were available. I was given the company’s mail address. I am NOT happy with the customer service. I was advised they ran out of the product and I was the FIRST to have my order filled…sure I was… anyway, perhaps they should communicate with their customers when they cannot deliver timely.

  7. I wonder what it takes to find a genuine review on the internet. I wanted to read “Bell Howell reviews” and when I entered the keywords I got a lot of results. But each one of those websites I opened had extremely positive reviews of the product. And the same websites also had a “buy now” button. When I clicked on those buttons, I was led to other websites where I could order the product directly but again no genuine review to read. I experienced the same pattern on various websites and concluded the fake reviews sites were all manufacturer promoted sites. I didn’t let myself be cheated by the sites. A little more search later I came here and, great, all the reviews were right here. I’m so glad I got to read all your various experiences about the product.

    • That’s just how SEO works, unfortunately. It’s very easy to take people for a ride by writing positive reviews of even the worst of products. And, then, it is really quite simple to cheat search engines too. A search engine doesn’t know what review is genuine and which one is fake. This gives scammers a free hand in posting hordes of reviews promoting their products. The websites that you read the fake reviews on are owned by affiliates who work in tandem with manufacturers. They charge the manufacturers money for selling their products. They do this by exploiting the loopholes in search engines.

  8. Three days ago, I submitted an inquiry asking where the iScope/charger that I ordered on July 8th is. I have never even received the courtesy of a reply (and it took me 3 times to submit the inquiry since every time I sent it to customer service, I received the message “Unable to submit your request. Please try again later.”) What horrible customer service!

    I, at the very least, expect to receive a reply to my inquiry! It has now taken me three times to submit this comment.

  9. There is no difference between the iscope and the iscope deluxe! All that is done is that they ship you two more so you end up with four iscope’s.

  10. On July 8, 2012, I placed an order for a Bell & Howell iscope with an icharger. Even though I received an email stating “your order is complete” with order number 6406107 and a total cost of $20.90, as of this date (August 6, 2012) I still haven’t received my order. I don’t think this is a scam, I just believe it has been lost somewhere. Please look into where it is and let me know since I still want it. Thank you.

  11. They offer a ‘deluxe’ model for $10 (+$7 s/h) more, but don’t tell you what any difference is. There is no mention of what they modify for the deluxe. This is not a new item, I have a slight variation that I bought 2 years ago, and I use it all the time. I would consider it if I knew what it did.

  12. Review Bell Howell iScope

    Does Bell Howell iScope really provide bright light unlike other flashlights in the dark?

    Can Bell Howell iScope be used for retrieving objects from hard to reach places?

    Does it really extend up to 6 feet? Is it flexible in all angles?

    Is the magnet powerful enough to hold items of 2.5 pounds weight?

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