Beamz By Flo Rida

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Many of us have a tremendous passion for music and want to make it a part of our lives one way or another. You don’t want to stop at listening to your favorite artistes but wish you could create your own music too. And that’s what Beamz By Flo Rida helps you do according to its claims. From top Billboard artist, Flo Rida comes this exciting offering that takes the game to a whole new level. With Beamz By Flo Rida you are promised that you can create, mix and master your own tracks, perform them instantly and also sound great every time.

Path breaking technology

Beamz By Flo Rida claims to make the most of the hottest music technology; Interactive Light Wave, that takes the interactive music game to a different plane. Thanks to this technology it’s said that you can play hundreds of instruments and sound effects. What’s more, Beamz By Flo Rida doesn’t need you to have any prior skills; you simply move your hands and let it work its charm, according to the claims.

Getting skills instantly

Beamz By Flo Rida offers you a way to create, produce and collaborate on music, irrespective of your age and music capability. Recording music, playing and mixing is supposed to be a lot of fun with Beamz By Flo Rida for beginners as well because they can get the skills required almost instantly. And it assures you that you can sound great for the first time and every single time.

Quite versatile

Beamz By Flo Rida is said to help you create remixes and original music creations, while you can record and share your creations too. The virtual DJ lets you mix your own library. Beamz By Flo Rida works well with iPad, Computer, iPhone or iPod.

Where to buy Beamz by Flo Rida

Official website Price: $199 + $19.95 Shipping & Processing.

Beamz By Flo Rida Video

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