Atomic Beam Battery

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About Atomic Beam Battery

Atomic Beam Battery asserts to be a powerful, rechargeable Lithium battery that works in Atomic Beam Headlight for providing bright beam consistently.


How does it work?

Since Atomic Beam Battery is completely rechargeable, it is to be placed in its charger till it indicates the battery is fully charged. Place it in the Atomic Beam Headlight to begin using it.


Powerful battery
The Lithium Atomic Beam Battery assures that it has the capacity to increase the brightness of Atomic Beam Headlight by 85%. Such powerful performance of the battery is complemented with its alleged battery life that shines up to 5,000 LUX. Currently, there are no Atomic Beam Battery reviews out yet that will help us evaluate and analyze its performance.


Multiple advantages
The portable Atomic Beam Battery guarantees to be easy to use and is lightweight so that it can be carried along with its charger anywhere. The battery maintains that when it is plugged into the headlight, it provides a hands-free operation that shines on desired space for a long time. Such farfetched claims made by it will be verified only when users send us their reviews. It also promises to be tough enough to work underwater and withstand tough weather conditions. Send in your reviews if you found Atomic Beam Battery really beneficial or not.


What do I get?
Atomic Beam Headlight lithium battery pack is just $12.99 plus $5.00 shipping and handling

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