Armor Guard Platinum

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What is Armor Guard Platinum – It is an ultimate warranty program for all types of expensive smartphones to avail free repairing and replacement.

Save money in repairs

Armor Guard Platinum promises to be one of the best ways to save those exorbitant amounts that go into repairing the new age smartphones. It is true that the technology of today’s smartphones is way ahead of its time but the fragile body doesn’t go hand in hand with it. As a result, any clumsy spill or slip of the phone can cause it to crack or mess up its hardware. Armor Guard Platinum states that it insures the phone in such situations where most people have to end up paying huge amounts to get it fixed. In fact a contract with Armor Guard Platinum is said to be much more profitable since all the phone repairs or replacement take place without any extra money.

Premium service

Armor Guard Platinum can be apparently used to cover a newly bought phone or a phone that is used but is still under 12 months period from its purchase date. The idea behind Armor Guard Platinum comes from the fact that there is a need of a 24 hour service available to consumers who need to fix their issues urgently. Plus Armor Guard Platinum claims that if it is not able to repair that the phone then they will provide a replacement of the phone. And to support its claim, it is supposedly backed by a Leading Insurance Company that has a “A” “Excellent” rating with A.M. Armor Guard Platinum is facilitated with a feature where a user can cancel their scheme anytime during the warranty tenure.

Covers every smartphone issue

Armor Guard Platinum is said to be highly effective in covering the repairs or replacement of the most common problems that occur in a smartphone. Be it a broken connector port, dropped phone, water damage, speaker problem, power issues, touch screen or display failure and other mechanical or electrical failures.


What do I get? Enroll in the Armor Guard Platinum Cell Phone Coverage Warranty Plans for just $4.99 per month for 24 months. Official website

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