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Today it’s all about your tablets and smartphones, which are being used for several purposes. You listen to your music through them, you can use them to chat with friends or get on with your work activities for that matter. But the problem you are often faced with is that these device speakers direct the sound away from you. However Amp Booster promises to have the right solution for you because it will direct the sound in your direction. Thus whatever you might want to do, Amp Booster can assure you that you get it done loud and clear.

How does Amp Booster Work

Amp Booster seems to have several applications for you on a regular basis. Do you want to listen to music while you hang out with your friends? Do you want to video chat and be able to hear the other person clearly? Amp Booster will allow you to do just that so that you are not struggling for sound anymore. It can also be used while you are working, which is an added advantage. The patent pending design of Amp Booster is the highlight and is responsible for directing the sound towards you so that you get the maximum volume out of your devices.

Amp Booster claims to double the volume from your devices and what’s more, it’s versatile enough to clip to any tablet or smartphone. From iPhones to blackberry, Samsung phone and Kindle, Amp Booster will work with all these devices for your convenience. In fact since there are no wires or batteries to deal with, you are saved a lot of hassle while using it on a regular basis. Amp Booster is also convenient to carry around with you wherever you go because it’s quite portable and easily fits into your pocket while giving double the sound when at work.




What do I get?

  • Get Two Amp Booster just $10 Plus 15.9 S&H
  • Also get 2 Anywhere Mounts, a $50 value

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