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About AiRScouter

AiRScouter states to be an advanced head-mount display that shows all the needed information to your field of view ensuring more efficiency in work and fewer errors. Claiming to be HDMI 720 p eyepiece it is be attachable to USB cameras, drone cameras, video cameras, and more tools to prevent guess work while also inconveniently handle equipments. AiRScouter proclaims to give you the freedom of reading critical information in public without others seeing it.



How does it work

You need to plug the head-mount into the AiRScouter box that has a full-size HDMI interface. The information of your work will be displayed on the high-quality color LCD panel of AiRScouter so that the info will be accessible. The original optical design proclaims to provide a bright and clear 720p high resolution image (1280x720pixels) to keep all the info easily readable even in sunlight.


Head-mount display for all the needed information
AiRScouter is a head-mount display that convinces that you will be able to view information hands-free and won’t need to ask a colleague for assistance or stop assembly activity to read a manual or instructions. It maintains to keep your hands free to enhance productivity and since all the information is displayed right in front of your eye. Are these claims true? Let’s wait for AiRScouter user reviews to know more. AiRScouter declares to be useful to just about anyone courtesy the newly-designed headband that places the head-mount display securely on your head. The flexible arm allows you to adjust the display position so that you get optimum viewing position so that you can wear it even on your glasses just as comfortably. We have no proof whether it is really that convenient or comfortable due to a lack of user reviews.


Get a drone view or connect with an expert remotely
AiRScouter claims to have an HDMI interface so that you can connect it to a variety of tools. The integration does not cause significant changes to the system. With this feature you can use the drone camera and get a bird’s eye view of things, use it for security and view a remote camera feed, or attach on a video camera and get low angle shots without laying flat on the dirty floor or craning your neck and getting incorrect shots because of lack of visibility to the shot. AiRScouter assures that you can also remotely share the view with an expert with the help of USB attachable camera and mobile networks so that complex problems will be solved easily. There are no user reviews yet to affirm whether AiRScouter is really that versatile.


Comfortable to use
AiRScouter promises to be a lightweight and compact tool so you can easily carry it around. It assures that it does not cause eye strain because you can adjust the distance of the image from 30 cm to 5 m with the help of a focus dial. Does AiRScouter really have such great and convenient features? We’d like to hear from your reviews.


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