Air Writer 3D Pen

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What is Air Writer 3D Pen

It is a 3D printer that claims to fit into the palm of your hand and make things easier for you.
Air Writer 3D Pen maintains that now you can take your creativity and imagination to a whole new level altogether. Whether it’s drawing any shape, size or simply drawing a line in the air, you can do whatever you want with ease. 3D printers are the next best thing in the market today and now they are accessible to you in the form of Air Writer 3D Pen, according to its claims.

Air Writer 3D Pen and things it can do for you

Haven’t you just felt like drawing a line in the air several times? Don’t you want to create gravity defying objects? Air Writer 3D Pen asserts that you can do just that and a whole lot more with its help. It basically is a 3d printer that is compact and fits the palm of your hand. Thus it is not only easy and convenient to use, but you can carry it around with you as well. Air Writer 3D Pen is so simple to work with that practically anyone can make the most out of it, including young children.
Whatever shape or form you might want to create, you simply wave the Air Writer 3D Pen and your job will be done in seconds.


Air Writer 3D Pen and how to use it

To make the most of the cool options Air Writer 3D Pen brings, you can start with loading the pen by placing the colour coil in the back. You then have to press a button and the printer will automatically load itself rest of the way. Air Writer 3D Pen can then be waved to create the shape of your choice. When you do that, special plastic comes out. It’s flexible but instantly starts hardening and turns into sturdy solid that remains cool to touch. Thus you can create anything you want in mid air and watch it freeze in front of you like magic.

Air Writer 3D Pen and the options you have

Air Writer 3D Pen emphasizes on the fact, that it allows you to trace a picture on a paper and lift it off the page. Thus you have a variety of options right at your fingertips. You can use it to make prototypes of ideas you have in mind, while creating cool custom jewellery is a breeze too. Your options are practically endless with Air Writer 3D Pen, which gives the power in your hands to make anything you want; from phone cases to projects and fun toys.

What do I get?

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