7” Inferno Tablet Review

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Tablets PCs are all around and everyone is using them. Everyone is experiencing the amazing facilities and convenience a tablet offers, but if you opt for Inferno Tablet 7-in, the most powerful Tablet PC ever, the comfort, services and luxury you’ll have at your finger tips will be unparalleled! So toss everything else away and switch over to the smartest tablet of all!


7” Inferno Tablet
The amazing Inferno 7-in tablet makes it possible to carry out a massive number of functions besides browsing the Internet, watch videos, sending and reading emails and a lot more! You can easily download hundreds of free applications on the state-of-the-art tablet PC and avail of several more exciting features as well as it offers you all the benefits of the sophisticated Google Android 4.0 operating.

The tablet features fast response processor technology, 7″ light touch capacitive screen and a built-in web cam. What’s more, it also brings you the fantastic 720 Full HDMI video output which you can for connect to your home TV or monitor. The Inferno Tablet 7-in is also Skype Video ready so that you start chatting with people instantly.

The Inferno Tablet 7-in also has the forward-facing camera for video chat. Fingertip zoom is another feature that makes using the tablet an enriching experience. It also comes with HI-AMP loudspeaker system for clear and strong audio.

In addition to these, also comes with pre-loaded apps such as Amazon Marketplace, Google Play, Slide Me Marketplace, Pandora, TuneIn Digital Radio, Nook and others. In short, there’s an application for everyone in Inferno Tablet 7-in!

As for the specifications of Inferno Tablet 7-in, it is loaded with a powerful dual core 1.2 GHz processor, 512MB RAM, 8 GB internal storage and 1080P full HDMI video output. It also has a high tech soft-touch capacitive 7″ screen which you can use either vertically or horizontally. That’s not all, the screen even rotates automatically for you when needed.

The gadget also has a built-in rechargeable battery that provides a cool 4-6 hours of active use. And carrying the tablet around is also incredibly easy as it weighs less than even 1 lb. Inferno Tablet 7-in also includes 1-year Manufacturer’s Free Exchange Warranty. Since it offers you so many exciting features, applications and facilities, it’s a must-have in today’s hi-tech, competitive world. It’s priced at $179 only, so place your order today, right away and have an edge over the rest!



What do I get?
Buy Inferno 7″ Tablet at SkyMall.com for just $179.99.



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3 thoughts on “7” Inferno Tablet Review

  1. Help – just did get my inferno and it won’t always stay connected to internet, despite a “good” connection. The help line is not open till Monday, just wondered if any ideas or if inferno “bad”. Thank you in advance.

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