1 Touch Light Transformer

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What is 1 Touch Light Transformer?

It is a transformer that lets you turn any lamp on and off with one touch with the help of energy exchange transfer technology.

No more fumbling in the dark

1 Touch Light Transformer is the perfect solution to avoid accidents that often occur in the dark when you hunt for the switch of a lamp. More often than not, it’s difficult to locate the switch easily. One could either push the lamp down in the dark and break it down or get hurt in a mishap. What you need is a solution like 1 Touch Light Transformer that helps you turn the lamp on or off by simply touching it and also have different intensities of light.

Turns any lamp into one touch light!

The manufacturers of 1 Touch Light Transformer guarantee that it works on all lamps. All you are supposed to do is plug the transformer into any household outlet and then plug your lamp into its base. The lamp will instantly be converted into an automatic one touch lamp, which you can operate by simply touching on the metal part of its body.


The secret…

1 Touch Light Transformer employs energy exchange transfer science that senses your touch on any metal part of the lamp. It powers the lamp and allows you to turn it on or off with a single tap. You can also enjoy three different levels of brightness of the lamp by tapping on its body successively.

Great for children

Children tend to get startled out of fright in the middle of the night. A solution like Plug 1 Touch Light Transformer could be just what they need in their room to feel safe. Plug it in their bedroom so that they can turn the light on any moment and feel peaceful and secure.

Useful for people suffering from arthritis

Those who have arthritis find it difficult to turn knobs on and operate machines easily. With 1 Touch Light Transformer they can easily switch lights on without struggling or asking anyone for help. They can simply touch it anywhere to turn it on.


    What do I get ?

  • You will receive Two 1 Touch Light Transformer for $14.95+13.98S&H.
  • Official Website : buy1touch.com

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