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Gift your kids endless hours of playtime and fun with tiny new playful, magical creatures called The Zelfs! A super cute band of creatures called The Zelfs are adorable new toys kids can spend hours playing and laughing with. The story about world of The Zelfs goes that they live in a secret garden called Zardenia. It’s a magical place where a whole lot of them live and come out when the twilight moon ascends in the sky.

How does Zelfs Work

It is here that they descend from to become your kids’ playmates and bring them all the joys that only true friends can. The highlight of these play creatures is their delightful hair, which isn’t normal but can be styled in any way kids want. Their hair can be shaped, twisted and fashioned in scores of way by simply pulling them or brushing them. You can add hair charms to them and make them look like waves, spikes and all things nice!

The Zelfs are really small, and that’s what makes them all the more endearing. They create magic ands glow with a light on their tummy. Take a look at the merry clan of the magical creatures with your kids and let them choose the one (rather, ones) they love the most. There’s Spellinda, Buttershy, Lunanne, Garny, Flamy, Elfa and many more! They are of different colors and eccentricities that make playing with them simply superb. They are available in three different sizes, large, medium and small to choose from. Kids can collect them, style them and play with them by easily changing their looks.

The Zelfs are indeed fun, different and adorable. They are everything a kid would want to play with, so make sure to take a good look at them with your little one and place your order!


What do I get?

  • you will receive Two Zelftastic Starter Kit that includes a Lil, Medium and Large Zelf for $20

Official Website BuyZelfs.com



Zelfs Video

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