Yvolution Y-Fliker Scooter Review

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Do you want to add more fun to your kid’s playtime outside or give him speed to get around? Then get the brand new Y-Fliker, the three-wheeled flicker scooter he can proudly be the first to own since it has just been launched in the market.

How does Yvolution Y-Fliker Scooter Work

The all new A series of Y-Fliker comes in two models A1 for the young kids and the larger A3 if your kid is a bit older. The industrial grade casters make it a self-propelling scooter that is so easy to ride that any kid can have exciting fun on it. All it needs is for the kid to move his legs and hips and he can glide through full speed.

The sleek design of Y-Fliker scooter has a quick response break to boot so that your kid will have better control of the ride and also it will be safer for them to ride. It’s slick, so it is easy for you or your kid to stow away too and in spite of its sleek design, Y-Fliker is made of sturdy steel that gives it longevity along with making it steady.

Y-Fliker has a performance-rated PU wheels for great riding experience and the full grip of handle the scooter will allow your kid to have a smooth carving and drifting action to scoot around in full speed safely. The ABS footplates of Y-Fliker to are enhanced to give the rider better grip and good drifting capabilities. There is an endless possibility of what fun tricks your kids can do on the Y-Fliker scooter like swerving, sliding, skidding and also the side to side riding stance they would so enjoy.

You can get both the models of the scooter in exciting colors of your kids’ choice – red, black, green, pink and many more. Your kid can even ride Y-Fliker to his school or to play with your neighbor’s kids. Y-Fliker is a great way not only to ride around and have fun but also to keep fit as your kid and your kid will never have a dull moment while being in good health.



What do I get?
More info at the Official website FlikerScooters.net



Yvolution Y-Fliker Scooter Video

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