XstreamWings Flyer

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Add a dash of adrenaline the next time you want to do something exciting by flying XstreamWings Flyer, the ultimate high-performance flyer. XstreamWings Flyer figures as the most advanced flying device as it’s based precisely on a patented design and utilizes advanced aeronautic techniques.

How does XstreamWings Flyer Work

The amazing XstreamWings Flyer comes with the strike launcher that propels it 100 feet into the air with wings folded when set into action! XstreamWings Flyer is forever ready to take flight and has a low “sink rate”. Its potential to deliver maximum lift empowers it with flight times of up to ten minutes.

The XstreamWings Flyer is built by making use of premium materials and components. The wings and flight hardware are sturdy, resilient and put through grueling tests. The flyer will keep you spellbound with its maneuvers in the skies. Check out how as at the tip of its ascent, the wings flip open and it takes off. It effortlessly soars and navigates streams of air flow to clock in several minutes of exciting flight times.

The XstreamWings Flyer has built-in elevons (wing-tip flaps) that can be swerved to make a number of exhilarating flight paths. It’s known to even touch launch altitudes of over 130 feet. It has even been reported to have pushed limits beyond that. The secret is its unique design, which, unlike any other non-powered flight device, makes it touch extraordinary flight duration and moves!

Choose any of the four daredevil XstreamWings, the U.S. Flag, the U.S. Marines, the Firehawk, Stealth II, and Sunburst. All of them fly high, fast and combat limitations. Being durable, they last years and bring unending hours of fun to the flyer enthusiasts. It’s great for pilots of all ages and entertains everyone who looks at it in the sky! The XstreamWings Flyer brings you the high performance flying experience and sets great drama in the sky. If you are a flyer freak, XstreamWings is undoubtedly a must-have for you!



What do I get?
5 Flyer Pack for $10.99 Includes:

  • 1 XstreamWings XR1
  • 1 XstreamWings XS18
  • 1 XstreamWings XB12
  • 1 XstreamWings XB18
  • 1 XstreamWings XR18

10 Flyer Pack for $19.99 Includes:

  • 2 XstreamWings XR1
  • 2 XstreamWings XS18
  • 2 XstreamWings XB12
  • 2 XstreamWings XB18
  • 2 XstreamWings XR18

Official website XStreamWings.com



XstreamWings Flyer Video
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