Wuggle Pets Review

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A Wuggle pet is adorable. Wuggles are cute, fun, baby pets that come to life. In fact, you bring them to life. Kids fall in love with their adorable Wuggle pets. Each Wuggle is sweet, cute, and fun. To play with them, just add a little fluffy softness and sprinkle a little magic. Turn and watch as you bring life into your Wuggle.


How does Wuggle Pets work?
You can choose a personality for each Wuggle; it can be shy, sweet, or sassy. Wuggles come as newborn baby Wuggles that you give life to. Every one of them gets its own birth certificate. Your child can name it herself / himself since it belongs to you, just like owning your own baby pet. You can personalize Wuggles with the included personality card. There are pre-labeled personalities too. Each Wuggle comes with a bag of stuffing that children can use in the included zipper-up tool and factory machine to create their own, fun, baby Wuggle.

Choose from an array of fun Wuggles – a newborn bunny, a cute horse, a Wuggle puppy, a magical dragon, a baby unicorn, dinosaur, or raccoon, a mischievous monkey, an elephant, a pig, a kitten and bear. So many to choose from! Get them for your child so he / she can own them and even trade them. They are wonderful collections that can be traded too.

Just like having a baby, a newborn Wuggle needs lots of love and care. Carry them wherever you go. They can easily clip onto purses or jackets and even clip on to backpacks. Wuggles make the perfect holiday or birthday gift. Use Wuggles for special event and spruce up the fun. They make for an amazingly fun party activity.

Wuggles come in party packs of 8 or 12 Wuggle pets and even as fun gift packs in packs of 2 or 4 pets. Wuggles are a great family activity.

How about getting something adorable for your kids that are really different from what you’ve gifted them all along? Go for Wuggles, the amazing toy pets designed on the lines of do-it-yourself models. Wuggles are absolutely adorable, fun and great to own, and the kids will especially love the fact that they are the ones actually making them, and would feel proud to show them off to friends.

This is what Wuggles toys are like: there’s a newborn bunny, a horse, a dinosaur, a magical dragon, a Wuggle puppya, a baby unicorn, a raccoon or any of the scores of figures of your choice that are to be filled with stuffing provided along with it. A little instrument, the factory machine, is also given in which you put the stuffing by rotating its handle holding the toy figure at its outlet. The toy gets packed with the stuffing and acquires a form of its own within moments! It’s just like giving life to someone, and your child will really love that about Wuggles.

Wuggles is really easy to use and as much fun to own. Your child and you can choose a character, personality for each Wuggle and can name it together. You can get different Wuggles toys and make a nice collection of your own. You could make a family out of them too! Wuggles toys can be personalized with the personality card included in the kits. You also get pre-labeled personalities. Also, each Wuggle comes with a bag of stuffing that you can use to create your own Wuggle toys. And there are lots for you to choose from!

Don’t forget that Wuggles are like newborn Wuggle whom you must shower with love and care. Tell your kids that and help them look after the cute Wuggles. These teeny-weeny lightweight toys are really versatile, which you can clip onto bags, purses, jackets or anything for fun. Wuggles can be great party activity props on any occasion. They can also be given away as gifts for other children, so opt for them when any special event for children comes up!



What do I get? (Official Website Offer)

  • Regular: Pick two Wuggles for just $19.99 plus $7.99 S&H.
  • Value Pack – SAVE 25%: Pick four Wuggles for $29.99 plus $7.99 S&H.
  • Zoo Pack – SAVE 50%: Pick eight Wuggles for $39.99 plus $9.99 S&H.
  • Party Pack – SAVE 60%: Pick twelve Wuggles for $49.99 plus $9.99 S&H.
  • Official Website www. WugglePets.com



Reviews and Complaints
Please see the “Reviews” section below.


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122 thoughts on “Wuggle Pets Review

  1. We purchased several Wuggle Pets (8) and the zippers on three are pulling apart.

    Also, we cannot find the Sunny Bunny, Elephant, Dragon, and Bull in our stores. Can you purchase on line?

    Thank you.

  2. I am very disappointed. I purchased the Wuggle Pets party pack and it came all right. But why I was disappointed was it said ages 6-10 I am a 42 year old man who is currently single and lives alone. So when I bought this for myself because it would help me get through the day with the magical unicorns special abilities but as usual it had no special abilities. WORST TOY EVER.

  3. I just made my wuggle pets. I love them, my puppy spot and my white horse honey pie. I LOVE THEM… hehehe

  4. This is the first “project” time activity for kids that I’ve ever seen that is truly do-able by kids. Usually the parents wind up having to do the project due to tiny parts but my kids (11, 8, and 5) make them on their own and get a feeling of accomplishment and very proud of themselves. Yes, their simple to do but let’s not rain on the kids parade. I think they are great and helps kids of all age group to have a “positive attitude” about themselves.

    • I’m not the same MAGGIE as commented below. I bought my wuggle pets at the store. I don’t know anything about there site but I do know that the item itself is AWESOME.

  5. Don’t even go on this website. I changed my mind just before ordering and they kept my information and send out the order. I needed to know how long shipping would take as they listed it as 4-6 weeks. After I received a response from them I went back to the website to place my order not realizing that they had already shipped. I had just started to put in what I wanted when I got a pop up that stated that my order had been received. Apparently if you hit the back key they automatically place your order. With me they kept the information from the previous time I had been on and used it to place a second order. I returned the second order as soon as it arrived at my door but they won’t admit they received it so I am on the hook for both orders. Buy it somewhere else and save yourself the problems associated with this company.


      After reading all of these horrible reviews of the website, I will not even click on any portion of their website. Instead I bought the 2 pack set at RiteAid for $17.99 (had a $2.00 coupon). I also just checked and build a bear sells 10 second recordable chips for 8.00 each. That’s definitely the route to go. Sorry for everyone’s problems, and thank you so much for the warnings.

  6. I tried to order the 8 pack Wuggle Pets online at the official website and was not able to modify my order for the quantity of each selection and the ship time was long therefore, I decided to cancel my order and just go to the nearest Walgreen and buy the two pack but I was not able to cancel my order online. I was also not able to back out of the system. Note that this system has my CREDIT CARD INFO. So I called Customer Service to ask about this and I was told that as long AS I don’t hit the continue button THEIR SYSTEM would not create or receive my order “THIS IS SO NOT TRUE” THERE WAS A 181.00 USD CHARGE WITHIN TWO DAYS AND SOMEONE FROM THE COMPANY CALLED TO THANK ME FOR MY ORDER AND OFFERED ME ANOTHER PROGRAM SINCE THEY HAD MY CREDIT CARD ON FILE WITH A FREE GAS CARD. THIS IS NOT GOOD FROM A CONSUMER STANDPOINT. THE PRODUCT IS GREAT BUT I WOULD SUGGEST TO PURCHASE IT FROM A LOCAL STORE. 🙁

  7. I Love Love Love these things they are easy to use and cute when finished it was definitely worth the 20 bucks I spent.

  8. I got an Amazon.com gift card and decided to get the wuggle pets starter kit. I got it today. So I opened it and put it together. I made the unicorn and then the puppy. But the puppy was DEFECTIVE! So my mom called wuggle pets and told them about it. So they say that it’s not their fault and that we should send the whole thing back. I mean, we just need the puppy. WHY CAN’T THEY JUST GIVE US THE BEEPIN’ PUPPY! What do I do? Please help. 🙁

  9. I was thinking about ordering these for my babies birthday but I tried the phone number and it didn’t work so I wont be ordering. then I came across this page thank god I’m going to build a bear with five little girls. Its worth the price to see the smiles on the girls faces.

  10. Hello, my little bro bought a starter kit but what I find different was that the voice speaker wasn’t included and I wanted to know why?

    • What a rip-off! My 5 yr old grandchild wanted a Wuggle Pet and wouldn’t stop talking about it until I bought the starter kit at Walgreens for $19.99. I couldn’t believe that I paid around $20 for this & then found out the voice box was not included! You have to order the voice box for an additional $7.99! In my opinion, this item is way over-priced.

  11. You can get Wuggle Pets at HSN, it comes with:

    4 Wuggle pets, stuffing machine and all accessories. The set includes the unicorn, pony, bear and puppy for $25 + s/h.

    • I also bought the four pet set from hsn.com. I was very pleased with the timely delivery and price. My set included the unicorn and puppy starter kit, monkey additional pet, and pony additional pet. My total cost with tax and shipping for set was $27.01. Although I was disappointed to find the voice box was not included. My child was hoping it would but was ok with what was received. I almost went to site on paper in wuggle pet box for the voice box. I decided to research first and found so many horrible stories on ordering directly from the wuggle pet official sites. I will instead either find another store or well known site to get the voice box from or a different brand completely for the voice box. In my experience these as seen on tv ads for kids web sites do not provide what they show. My suggestion is to wait for instore purchasing availablity or order from a site providing the product that you personally know and trust. I would have to say my child and I are very happy with the wuggle pets and they are super cute and fun!

  12. I have been wanting the magical dragon and baby dinosaur and neither have ever been available and I was told by the company they never have sold or offered it but the advertisements on tv and the web site video clearly show them as for sale…..this is false advertisement

  13. I bought a Wuggle pet for my niece and there was a bed bug in the cotton which I never opened it still was sealed and you could literally see the bug is dead and see it through the plastic. I called to speak to supervisor and could not get in touch with a manager or supervisor I was refused to speak to any other than the representative. Who should I call about this?

  14. Just to let everyone know, these are also available at CVS pharmacy for $19.99, a whole lot better than going through what all these unfortunate people went through with the actual Wuggle Co. Most of those as seen on TV are available at CVS and/or Walmart. They have an aisle dedicated to all Seen on TV products, you can most likely order from Walmart.com or CVS.com too, which have much better return policies and customer service. My daughter just got a pet, no machine, from her uncle for Christmas, but of course, now she wants the machine make it. So, off to CVS I will go!!

  15. I am very disappointed with this company. My 3 1/2 year old son only wants the baby Dino wuggle pet, which has been advertised for months now. I’ve emailed the company, and also made a few phone calls to them. You’re lucky if you can actually get a hold of a live human being. The Dino pets don’t exist, and to the best of my knowledge, never have. So, they are advertising something that isn’t available, and that is called bait & switch, which is illegal. the only response I get from the company is that they’re not available. No further explanation.

    Very unhappy with them.

  16. I ordered the wuggle pet on their official website. I wanted to order 2 starter kits, one party pack, 4 voice boxes, and 6 additional animals. Instead of all coming on 1 order it made me place 3 orders. I got 2 orders just fine, but the 3rd was messed up. It should have had 1 starter, 3 voice boxes, 3 bashful bears, 3 funny monkeys. Instead I got 1 party pack and 2 voice boxes. Trying to fix this error I called the number on my order 877-833-7685. That sends you to a website http://www.ideavillage /orderstatus.com (page not found) but http://www.ideavillige.com gives me two phone numbers, 818-485-3014 where orders are shipped from (no longer in service) and 800-899-9910. The 800-899-9910 you hold for customer service and it says to call later in the week and hangs up on you. After trying for 3 days I decided to try writing in hopes of getting some customer service.

    • I am having a similar issue. Di you get yours resolved? I was also given another # 866 434 6600 but keep getting a fast busy. I actually never placed the order because of the shipping options and never hit the confirm button. I hit the back button several times to cancel my order but they would not let you hit back so existed my browser. My order was still placed and I need to cancel. Very disappointed..

  17. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT FROM WUGGLEPETS.COM, GO TO AMAZON.Com!! First of all I would like to speak with someone from this company, I have ordered this product off of their website and I knew just as soon as I clicked submit I had made a terrible mistake. My daughter would like this for Christmas which is 2 weeks away, I noticed after submitting my order that is states it may take from 4-6 weeks for delivery..I have tried calling everyday for the past 5 days to find out their estimated arrival date and all I ever get is a recording directing me to their “order status” webpage which is another joke.. my credit card has already been charged and if I do not receive the package before Christmas I am just going to refuse to take it when they try dropping it off, they will not allow you to cancel the order, when you do try to on their order status page it tells you to call the 1800 number, yes the 1800 number which directs you to the webpage.. just a vicious, horrible circle of wuggle pet crap in my opinion!

    • Did they ever credit you back? I’m trying to fix my problem with them too and want to be best educated and I am also planning on calling the BBB to report them.

  18. Just wanted to leave my 2cents. First, I’m glad I ran into this before I ordered. I didn’t know they had them in Wal-Mart. That will be my first option. Second, To All who bought these only. Never use your own credit card or checking card. Get a re-loadable visa or MasterCard from any grocery store. You don’t have to worry about the nightmare of being hoodwinked. Add the amount for the purchase and if they try and take more of your money, nothing happens. Hope I could help someone. 😀

  19. I saw a few Wuggle refill packs at my local Walmart today for around $7-$8. Do I have to buy the machine/kit or would it work to stuff them by hand?

    • These will definitely work without the machine. You’ll just stuff them by hand with all the stuff – I think it even comes with an extra little zipper thing. My kids got the kit for a birthday gift & they think it’s fun – kind of a slap in the face for me since I work at build a bear. Oh well, maybe they just want to be like mommy!!!

    • You could but it is funnier and cooler with the machine. I have the kit it is so lame I will tell you what it has: Pony, magic dust, stuffing, and directions. Could you believe that it does not have the radio thing to say like I love you mom it is so lame 🙁

  20. The website sucks.. Walmart sells them……not many to choose from, but you can get the starter pack of 2 for $19.99 and buy others separately!

    • You can buy the starter pack at bed bath and beyond with everything included except voice box for $9.99 cheaper then walmart…also does anyone know where you can buy the voice box’s? Ive looked and it seems like there only available on wuggle pets website…any ideas since I will never order from the website anyone seen them around?

  21. I cancelled the Wuggle Pet order because they scam you into accidentally ordering the $50 option. Now I have a guy trying to tell me I have to accept their 100 gas card, but it’s tied to some savings program. If you don’t cancel the savings program, they charge your credit card. I’m in a wuggle pet nightmare! Do not order online. Your choice is 2 or 8 pets and you don’t choose the 2 or 8.

  22. DO NOT ORDER WUGGLE PETS FROM THEIR WEBSITE!! TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE! I ordered the 50 dollar party pack by mistake. I wanted the 20 dollar starter pack. I instantly called but an automated voice directed me to their email. I emailed them all of the order information and asked them to please cancel this order and I would re order the correct one. I never heard from them and then 3 days later they hit my account for 57.63! There is no way to talk to these people. I called customer service and this time was put on hold then an automated voice came on and said due to overwhelming response they could not answer my call and to try again NEXT WEEK!!! REALLY NEXT WEEK!! So now I have to file a dispute with my credit card company to stop payment. luckily I save a copy of my email requesting them to cancel my order 3 days ago. What a mess. Now my money is tied up for who knows how long! Terrible company!!

    • I would also contact the BBB and put in a complaint. That usually gets problems resolved quickly and lets others know that there are some issues with their business.

  23. The whole customer service aspect of this company and website STINK! Each time you click, you are requested to buy more of the product itself or accessories. There is no way to change you mind. For example, if you buy an extra wuggle, then you get the ad for the sound box. If you try to GO BACK and cancel the previous addition, and then add the sound box, it processes your order immediately…with the extra wuggle, without the sound box. Tried emailing…said to wait two days for them to contact you. Tried calling…got an answering machine. Before contact was made, item was shipped. Called Customer Service 2-3 times to resolve. I ended up sending back the product, and they still have not processed the refund from 4 weeks ago. I *specifically* asked to talk to a supervisor and was never allowed to. BUYER BEWARE!

    • I wish I had read these before I ordered. It sounds as if they keep repeating the same bad business practices and just don’t care. It took them 6 days to prepare the order for shipping and then sent it UPS Ground which was going to be another 5 days for shipping. When I called and questioned why I paid for shipping that their site claimed was 4 to 6 days the response was it will be only 5 days for shipping they never promised how fast they could process it.

      After I repeated my concerns about fraudulent business practice they did allow me to speak to a supervisor who offered to return the cost of shipping and said she would reimburse $9.99. When I stated that I had paid $21.00 she commented the additional was for the handling (that 5 days of prep work) not just shipping. She also reminded me that it was my option to refuse the package when it arrived but that I would then by charged a $3.00 restocking fee, since it was me who made the mistake and not them.

      So I’ m guessing they are building their empire $3.00 at a time and acting as if they are the only game in town. However after a little web searching I have found they are not the only ones but the ones who advertise the most. Try Pink Moose on Amazon, they have lots of animals and colors.

    • This was the worse experience…they charged me twice on an order I canceled thru email cause the 877 number is a recording to contact them thru email.

      Have to report them to BBB, their headquarters are out of Wayne NJ and you still have no contact…but I sure we will soon!

      • again..I’m reporting them to the Federal Trade Commission for deceptive practices.

        That should definitely get their attention!

  24. I hate wuggle pets! DO NOT ORDER! I ordered the party pack for my daughters sixth birthday and they came a month late. I was disappointed with the quality… on the unicorn one eye was missing and on the dragon the eyes were misplaced. I wouldn’t buy these toys.

  25. I am truly disappointed that you advertise the Wuggle Pets Dragon everyday but there is no way to buy it on your website. I have contacted customer service and they tell me it wont be available. This is very disappointing!! will you ever get it in?

    Margie Mitchell

    • WOW! I had the SAME Experience. They advertise the dragon AND the Dino on TV, but neither were available for purchase. My son wanted one or both so bad for his birthday back in September, but they never had them. All these comments are SO TRUE. This is really a horrific company. They won’t be around long. It’s a shame, b.c what a great idea and it seems the kids REALLY want these things, but you can’t make business owners with good ideas have common sense/ business sense. Oh well, he’ll have to suffer on this one. Very Sad.

      • Same frustration!!!

        All my daughter wants is the Dragon Wuggle Pet. She talks about it every day and it’s on every Santa list. She’s never asked for Wuggle Pets, she’s always asked specifically for the Dragon! Because she’s seen it advertised on TV over and over and over again.

        She will end up being disappointed no matter what. I am planning to file a false advertising complaint with FCC and Nickelodeon.

  26. I ordered these for my daughter a week ago and received them yesterday. I even ordered the entire set so I thought it’d take forever, which upset me because my daughters’ birthday is just a couple weeks away. Anyway, they had no problems shipping them to me so don’t let that stop you from buying them. They are very cute, and I know my daughter will be so happy to have them.

  27. I ordered the party pack of Wuggle Pets two weeks ago for my six year old. They arrived today, and we assembled them. She likes them, so I won’t send them back, but I have never been this disappointed with a product. The stitching is so bad, I had to sew some of the zippers in before we could assemble them. The elephant’s face is sewn together wrong, but I can’t fix that. The quality is awful.

    I do have to say, though, they seem to have gotten their supply problem fixed. I received an email saying they had shipped 3 business days after placing my order. I received them one day before the estimated time. So, terrible product, but shipped in a reasonable time.

  28. My Mother-in-Law (MIL) ordered three Wuggles for my daughter’s birthday. It took almost a month for them to arrive, well after her birthday. I understand now this is not unusual according to other reviewers. My MIL was so angry at the customer “service” she’s going to report them to the BBB. What I take issue with is the misleading advertising. The ad shows a recording device that kids can use which is portrayed in a manner suggesting it’s standard. It’s not – it costs an additional $7.99 per box plus S/H. Totally unacceptable – my daughter was VERY disappointed that the voice recorder wasn’t there and my MIL had no idea to order one. My daughter does enjoy her Wuggle pet but no more than any other small plush toy. Save your money and use this as a teaching opportunity for your child on advertising pressure and bait and switch.

  29. I looked at all the reviews prior to purchasing however that didn’t matter, I already promised these to my kids. I admit, I was nervous they wouldn’t arrive before one month and even told my kids that. I was surprised to get them in about a week. Perhaps the Wuggle people have their stuff together now – prior, maybe they couldn’t keep up with the demand. Bottom line, these are pricey, however kids REALLY love them. Decent quality too. Would buy again from this company.

  30. People maybe it is what pack you get if I get mine sooner then it depends on what pack. Because I got the 2 pack for me and my best friend.

  31. My name is Kate I’m 12 and people learn to wait because didn’t you ever think that they have to make Wuggles then have to box them up wait for the trucks to come back then load the trucks then the trucks take them to a post office to be weighed then the post office puts them in mail trucks and ships them so your looking at a few days or months. I can wait I will I want the wuggles oh and they get lots of orders so ya know wait if I had to, I would wait 3 weeks for water in the desert OK so suck it up and wait just WAIT!!

  32. I’m 11 and my sister is 4 and she wants one. So bad but after reading all these reviews I’m not sure my parents should buy one foe her. Seeing how long it took for these people to get theirs it seems like we shouldn’t waste our money on some stupid little toy!!

  33. I really wanted to order it ,but according to the replies this thing STINKS! I’m 9 years old. The toys might be cute but the service is worse then I imagined. My grandmother told me to look at the reviews before I decided to ask my parents to order it, THANK GOD she was with me! I would just buy it in stores, because I still want it, just NOT to order it!
    DON’T DO IT!!

  34. My daughter wanted one also, but due to the terrible reviews, I won’t be ordering any either. Thanks for the warning ladies.

    • Most states have Build-A-Bear Workshops, but you put the stuffed animal together at the store rather than at home. A gift card to the store would be a great alternative, that is if you live close enough to one.

  35. I like everyone else ordered the 12 pack party Wuggle Pets set and I am still waiting. I ordered them 3 June thinking I would receive them by 11 July. I ordered them for a sleepover for my grandchildren. They were all excited and after reading these reviews I have decided to cancel my order and see if the Better Business folks can help us out. Also a lawyer friend might be of some help. It is my recommendation for everyone else to wait until they come into a store. Wish me luck on getting my money returned.

  36. I’m so glad for these comments. My 8 yr old has been harassing me to purchase these Wuggle pets for days. I won’t be ordering. Thanks!

  37. Hello. I wanted to know where you get the Wuggle Pets. What store? Can anyone please help me find them for my daughter?

    • So far they are only online. I haven’t seen them in any store. My 9 year old says why is the company being selfish. We just read the other comments from other people. Thanks I won’t be ordering either.

      • Hi. I am 10 and I got a Wuggle Pets starter kit(2 pack). Since I got it at Wal-Mart and not on the website ( I heard it was a piece of crud) they came out fine.

  38. Do not use this company. They will not delivery and will not notify you of your cancelled orders. The order had to be cancelled since it was backordered for more than 60 days (April 29th). We attempted to reactivate the order and could not since we got the same story we got 2 months ago. “They will be delivered in 3 to 4 weeks, but you will be placed back at the end of the line.” We had ordered them to use at his birthday party on July 8th. I guess we better find something different.

  39. I ordered a month ago and same thing. The order still shows as “processing” but no activity on it in a month. I tried to call a few times and there is no answer. Big fat thumbs down to them.

  40. Did someone ever actually receive their wuggle pets after ordering? Has anyone been satisfied with customer service from this company? My daughter is super stoked about these things!!! Where can I get them?!?!?

  41. Wuggle pets are soo cute, fun, and funny. I love all of them. If I had to pick my favorite I would have a hard time picking.

  42. I ordered Wuggle Pets 10 weeks ago and got the same deal – a postcard asking if you still wanted the product after a month, then last week the cancellation email. I called several times and finally got a person today – who told me they could reinstate my original order but federal guidelines require them to cancel the order after if has not been delivered after such a long time. I told him it depended on when the product would be available and he checked and said at least another 4-6 weeks. I ordered 3.5 months before I needed them, but decided not see if they will arrive in 4 weeks or not – I will just plan something else.

  43. I too ordered the Wuggle Pets party pack, and my order # is not recognized, the order was not cancelled, I can’t get customer service on the phone, this is a big scam, they shouldn’t be allowed to false advertise! I am now calling my credit card to have the order refunded. Two very disappointed little girls in our house!!! Wuggle Pets are part of a sub-par company, with terrible customer service, who spent bucks on advertising to try to take consumers money and hope they forget what they bought but did not receive!

  44. I order these Wuggle pets back in February. They were out of stock. Then I received a post card saying they would be shipped march 28. They were never shipped so I called and they told me they were out of stock again. then in MAY I RECEIVED AN EMAIL SAYING MY ORDER WAS CANCELLED. I never cancelled my order. I order 12 Wuggle pets the party pack. for 50 dollars. Now the website is selling 8 for 50 dollars. My daughter has been waiting for these for months now and is very upset and dissapointed. So are we. WHAT BAD BUSINESS!!! They couldn’t even bother to call and give us options. Worst business I have ever dealt with.

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