Wubble X Review

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What is Wubble X

As per the TV Infomercial it is an amazing anti-gravity ball that has the ability to bounce, float, spin and fly. It basically looks like a bubble but functions like a ball and provides endless fun indoors. The floating magic happens due to use of helium in it.

Endless fun

Wubble X promises to provide kids with something to play with indoors with total safety. More will be known about Wubble X once it has been reviewed. Wubble X claims that it may be difficult to achieve fun indoors for kids but it will definitely provide hours of entertainment. Plus, all these claims by Wubble X will be verified once users review it. Wubble Xassures that it may look like a bubble but technically doesn’t burst and functions like a ball. Such fascinating claims of Wubble X will be substantiated once it is reviewed by genuine users.

Heavy-duty design

Wubble X emphasizes to be made from super-thermo-stretch-tactular-stuff. The specially engineered synthetic rubber used for the body of Wubble X is claimed to be free of PVC, Latex, BPA or phthalates. The Helium Can that comes along is to be used to inflate it to a size between 8 to 10 inches in diameter. The assurances by Wubble X will be only verified once we receive user reviews for it. Wubble X asserts to be completely safe and made from “food and medical grade” ingredients. Wubble X assures that it is tested with all US and European standards for safety around kid. Is Wubble X really safe to play with? Send us your Wubble Xreviews.

Salient features

Wubble X guarantees that it will last forever and is completely reusable. Such far-fetched claims made by Wubble X can be believed upon once we analyse user reviews. Wubble X declares to be super soft to touch and is squishy for fun handling. At the same time, it alleges to be very strong so that it doesn’t pop easily. Wubble X does sound lots of fun; reviews will expose the truth soon. Additionally, Wubble X states to be perfect for storage as it deflates and in its deflated states it is compact enough to stow away. Wubble X also alleges to be washable and is even waterproof so that the fun never ends. At this point of time there are no Wubble X reviews available that will attest to its claims.

So many activities

Wubble Xproclaims to be the king of fun as it provides endless activities to entertain the kids. Due to use of helium inside Wubble X, it basically keeps floating when it is whacked towards each other. Can Wubble X be so much fun will be known once it is reviewed. Kids can also bounce it off flat surfaces and try to grab it. Kids can also make Wubble X spin around their fingers and since it levitates there is no question of failing the spin. Wubble X surely is lot of fun and will be confirmed with user reviews.

What Do I Get?

  • You get one WubbleX with 2 helium can for $19.99+$8.99 P&H.
  • Official website: wubblex.com
  • 12 thoughts on “Wubble X Review

    1. we just purchased a wubblex today and we fomlowed the directions to fill it and it seriously popped after 30 seconds!

    2. My daughter was so excited we had fun for about half hour then it popped. She was reasonably disappointed. Got her another one the next day we played very gentle with it but after not to long it just sunk to the ground. Rip off! More of a disappointment than anything! !!!

    3. This product is the biggest waste of money I have ever experienced. first of all you need to buy the helium also, that’s another $8. We filled the ball up and initially it just floated to the ceiling. Not much fun. then after a couple of hours it was hovering quite nicely and performed sort of how it was supposed to. Then a couple hours later, it was done. The thing was still fully blown up but was falling to the ground. Well, since the $8 bottle of helium only covers one inflation (wow, really? that is the biggest rip of all), now you have in your hands a $16 balloon. No different than one you could buy for 5 cents. I am utterly disgusted with myself for purchasing this scam of a product. I promise, you will be disappointed. I highly recommend NOT purchasing this product. I would give it negative stars if I could. Seriously.

    4. I bought 2 of these when Target had them on sale for $7.99 each and the can of helium for $7.99. What a rip off the big can of helium only has enough to fill one wubblex one time. Then the balloon it’s self both popped within 20 minutes with just light play indoors. Next time I want to blow $32.00 I’ll just go throw it in the wind. They should have right on the package “Wubblex For 20 Minutes Of Fun” So Play Quick .

    5. Agree this product is a total ripoff. Ours lasted a few hours today. Don’t waste your money or time. Kids will be in tears.

    6. Bought about 20 of these for our nieces and nephews for a party we had. These things were awsome! they had a blast with them. We filled one with two cans of helium an d the thing just about lifted off into space. Neighbors saw them and ran right out and picked up several for their kids. Best fun in a long time !!!

    7. JUNK.. Junk… Junk. 15 minutes and the two I bought my kids were popped. Worse than junk.. a rip off and pure garbage.

    8. Not worth the money. Ours popped after 20 minutes at least. Would not recommend to anybody. Too expensive for the time that it lasted!!!

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