Wrist Buddies Review

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Soft toys make for great play companions for little ones so if you have kids at home too, why not make them happy by surprising them with Wrist Buddies? The adorable Wrist Buddies are different from normal soft toys as they are made to be worn around wrists instead of just holding and playing with. Your kids will love it when they see they can have these soft buddies on their wrists and so close to their heart every moment!


Wrist Buddies
The indulgent and cuddly soft Wrist Buddies will be your kids’ best buddies always. They are not only fun but also something they may have never seen, and since children love all things new, they’ll surely leap with joy on seeing them!

Wrist Buddies are soft, light and fit snugly on kids’ wrists. They slip on quickly and easily as they have soft elastic wristbands, which are comfortable to wear all day. They can be worn on wrists as well as slipped on arms. Since they stay on kids’ wrists or arms their hands are always free to play. What’s more, children won’t even have to worry about losing these buddies as they’ll always be safe on hands and will never get left behind.

There are in all nine styles of Wrist Buddies. Each one is adorable, tender and friendly. There are the sweet ladybug, bumblebee, butterfly, puppy, bunny, kitty, tiger, koala bear and monkey to choose from, or better still, you can own more than just one! They’ll be really great companions for your children always as they can be worn at home, outside while playing or can be taken out on a trip in car. When the family travels outdoors, Wrist Buddies can very much join in too. Also, if kids have their friends for a sleepover, these cuddly ones will fit in wonderfully in their circle as well! So why not introduce these cutest and the softest buddies to your kids?



What do I get?
Order for one of the Wrist Buddies by paying just $10 + $6.95 P&H. Keep adding and collecting all nine different styles as and when you like! Besides, your kids can even give them to other kids as gifts on birthdays or special occasions! Official website BuyWristBuddies.com



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