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What is WonderForts?

Wonder Forts claims to be an amazing fort building kit that lets your kids build forts, play spaces, castles, canopy beds, pirate ships, rocket ships and more easily. Alleging to be sturdy yet easy for kids, Wonder Forts assures that it’s also great for building forts outdoors.

How does WonderForts work?

Constructing a wonderful fort is very simple, as WonderForts guarantees. WonderForts proclaims to have building rods that can be connected with the fort connectors to make a frame and you can add a bed sheet or lightweight fabric and a perfect fort will be ready in no time and out of thin air.


A fort right in your home
Ask your kids if they enjoy making forts the same old way using your furniture and they are likely to say no. But what choice do they have, right? Actually they do, allegedly with Wonder Forts, which is a fort building kit that will let them build their own forts and play spaces. Just connecting the building rods of WonderForts with the connector and adding a sheet on top is convinced to give them their own fort. They do not have to move the furniture any more, as WonderForts promises. Wonder Forts states that you will never hear your kids squabbling either since there will be enough room to accommodate them together in the fort.


Build different structures
Wonder Forts emphasizes that its building rods and connectors are sturdy so they can take the weight of bed sheets and yet are easy for kids to use. Not just inside your house, WonderForts assures that kids can take the party outside and build forts in the lawn to get a proper camping feel. If you are concerned about your bed sheet soiling then WonderForts claims that you can use any other lightweight fabric to build the fort. Wonder Forts emphasizes to let kids build life-size structures with designs included in the kit or their own designs.


Also put on a puppet show
With the 150 building rods, WonderForts maintains that the sky is the limit when it comes to letting your kids’ imagination soar. They can build anything that is imaginable. A small hideaway fort or two forts connected with a tunnel, the kit assures to let them make a custom fort themselves. They can also allegedly build a pirate ship, a playhouse, a princess canopy bed or even a rocket ship, and even put on a puppet show. Your kids can enjoy being in a new kind of structure every time as WonderForts maintains. WonderForts lets the kids mix and match bed sheets to create exciting and different custom forts.


What do I get?
Official website: WonderForts.com

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