Wandarama Reviews and Complaints

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Watch tinsel shapes and spears levitating right up the ground. Just press the button, wave and they fly and when you stop they drop and then press again to watch them pop up right up in the sky. It defies gravity and it will freak out your mama. Introducing Wandarama the amazing wand that you can fly. Float it , swirl it, make it jump, just press the button, wave it around.


How does Wandarama work?

Its the same weird science that makes your hair stand up.

Games you can play with Wandarama.
Grab a friend for a game of Wandarama catch, raise your tinsel toys and cross your house and back. Fly it up high and bring it down low. Play a round of Wandarama Limbo. Turn your imagination into reality with Wandarama’s magic. Go under the sea to make shiny creatures swim free. Make butterfly fly up in the sky.

Give your kids a fun toy that can swirl, float, fly or twirl and will also make them feel like wizards because they can do it with just the touch of a wand. Wandarama is a gravity-defying and electrostatic wand that makes the accompanying tinsel toys suspends in the air above 6-12 inches the wand. The secret lies in the fact that Wandarama is charged with static electricity. These shapes are carried by the air currents and the kids can manipulate the movement without touching them. By just flicking a switch the tinsel toy will bounce, float, fly or swirl and twirl. Wandarama is an interactive toy that two kids can toss from side to side. Your Wandarama kit comes with 2 Wandarama, 24 assorted tinsel toys, two sticker sheets and an instruction guide. It is a physically demanding toy that makes kids more imaginative so will stimulate their minds.


What do I get?

  • 2 Wandaramas
  • 24 Tinsel Toys
  • 2 Sticker Sheets
  • Instruction Guide

Get Wandarama kit for just $19.99 + $7.99 shipping and handling. Buy from the official Wandarama website – www.Wandarama.com. 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.


Buy 1 Wandarama, 24 Tinsel Toys, Sticker Sheet and Fun Tips Guide at Amazon.com for just $15.99 + FREE SHIPPING. Always buy at amazon and get the benefits of Low price, No shipping/handling scams, no hidden fees, no “buy 1 get 1 free” scams, hassle-free 30-day money back guarantee.

Please Visit The Official Website www.Wandarama.com


Wandarama Video


48 thoughts on “Wandarama Reviews and Complaints

  1. I have a similar item that I purchased from a science store that I have used in my classroom for years. It has always worked. HOWEVER, I CANNOT get the Wandarama to work. We can hear it generating static, and yes we peeled the foil shapes correctly. THIS PRODUCT DOES NOT WORK. I am very glad that we won this in a drawing, and didn’t spend any money on it.

  2. This is a follow-up to my comments yesterday. We figured out how the assembly of the tinsel toys works. You don’t assemble them. You peel off the green stuff, and once you are able to suspend it in the air with the Wandarama it takes shape.

    If only this was spelled out somewhere in the directions. Its, actually, cool the way it takes shape in the air.

  3. I found these for $3.99 at The Christmas Tree Shop. I bought a bunch of them for my son’s Harry Potter birthday party. There are no directions on assembling the tinsel toys. Once I read someone’s comment here, I realized the green part needs to be peeled off first.

    There is no indication on the box that these are battery operated, requiring 2 AA batteries. There is no indication on the wand as to which direction to drop the batteries; although, most should be able to figure it out.

    I’m still not sure how to do the assembling, but my sons had a great time decorating them with the stickers and an even better time keeping the “tinsel toys” (aka extremely thin pieces of foil that don’t resemble anything more than a crumble of extremely thin pieces) afloat.

    The Wandarama is super chintzy. But my kids are enjoying them, and I feel confident they will make for a nice, wizard-like party favor. I wouldn’t pay more than $3.99 for one, though.

  4. They have these at five below now for $5.00. They seem to work good for my kids. The only thing I am having trouble with is putting the tinsel toys together. They come flat and there are no instructions on how to assemble them to make them not flat. If you know please let me know thanks.

  5. This Wandarama does not work! Santa brought this for me at Christmas. IT REALLY STINKS! The tinsel breaks apart and I have never been able to get it to fly. My mom took my toy from me today to try and get it to work and she could not either! My dad could not either!

    • Try peeling the colored stickers off of the tinsel before using the toy. Ours has been great since we figured that out.

      I just want to know how am I supposed to know how to store the tinsel when not in use? The “enclosed booklet” wasn’t there.

  6. Thank you for your warnings. My kids wanted this “Wandarama” for Christmas this year, but I’ve never heard of it so I googled it and read all your Wandarama reviews and now I can save mt kids disappointment on Christmas morning.

  7. That said.. I bought these buttons from Walgreens (this time) and loved them.. My husband had a pair of 50.00 jeans and the button came off. I am not a sewing type person and this was a great alternative. So far so good. They have been on his pants for several months and are still working.

  8. What a joke, 2 wands come in each box when purchased ……. and they are telling you that you are receiving one set of Wandarama free which is not true there are already 2 wands in each box set. What a way to advertise.

  9. I ordered a wandarama for my grandchildren. I received the merchandise and it was billed to my credit card. Today, I received another set. I called my bank, and of course you have billed my credit card. I did not authorize, nor would I have ordered another wandarama. I am shocked that your company does business in this manner. I have no wish to order any other merchandise and am returning the order that you shipped that was not authorized. I have contacted my bank so that they are aware of this problem. Now, I will have to spend money to ship something back which I did not order in the first place. This is shameful on the part of your company.

    • you should have just marked on the box return to sender did not order then they would have received it plus they would have been billed for return shipping.

  10. Thank you all so very much for sharing your experiences so candidly…my son watches these commercials like Sylvester watching Tweety…which is why I went searching for any word on the feasibility of this product. Thank you for saving my sanity and my money!

  11. Thanks to all who posted their Wandarama reviews. I won’t be ordering this. I’ve ordered 2 items from this ‘As Seen on TV’ in the past and in the end, the cost was about double what was advertised. Once you start the order, there is no option to submit or review order, as soon as you enter your payment info it’s done, you’ve ordered it, so I have started looking for reviews on anything advertised ‘As Seen on TV’ and highly recommend everyone do the same. I have an email from them because I had a question about shipping cost, I think I will forward this link to them. Thanks again to everyone here.

  12. I ordered one of these Wandarama on June 1st and have seen nothing by July 1st. I wish I had read the Wandarama reviews before ordering — This is a scam and I will always read the reviews before ordering anything like this again!

  13. I just want to thank all of you who took the time to write these reviews! My two daughters have been begging me to order this for them as it advertises nonstop on their favorite TV channel. I told them I was going to look it up online to see what other people were saying about it first and I am so glad I did!!

  14. I received the wandarama today and my son was very excited. We put in new batteries and proceeded to try it out. Unfortunately, it worked for about two minutes and that was it. My son was so upset and wanted me to purchase another one. I quickly telephoned the company and informed them of this disaster, The customer service rep immediately offered to credit my account. This item does not work at all and will advise anyone who is thinking about purchasing it to SAVE YOUR MONEY!

  15. I bought Wandarama for my daughters 7th birthday. She was so excited to get this toy. She was so disappointed when we opened the “flying shapes” they were soooo thin that most of them ripped to pieces even with very carefully trying to pull the tinsel shape from the tissue paper backing. The one’s that did not break to pieces, did not take shape above the wand. Instead they were sucked into to tip of the wand and ripped apart when trying to carefully pry the shape from the wand. Now we have no flying shapes and just two green sticks the kids play with like swords! I got my $19.99 refunded back to me!

  16. We received Wandaramas over a month ago. When we purchased, their site offered additional Wandarama set. We though this is a promotion Buy 1 get 1 free, but it was not the case. They charged us around $60 and sent 2 cardboard boxes (you can’t gift those), total 4 Wandaramas. Why do we need 4? Their website is so clever in deceiving that you do not even know that you are going to be charged double until you are charged. We tried to contact them but no real person there. The Wandaramas themselves were not good. Silver ribbons tear right away. Other ribbons are so small, they float like pieces of paper, not making any shapes at all. We expected 3D shapes as on TV, but no. Butterflies stick to the wand, wrap it around and tear when you try to remove them. Another piece of …. multiplied by 4. What a waste!

    • Alisa,

      They say “order today and we’ll double your offer” then they say “order now and you get everything you see here: 2 Wandaramas, 2 Tinsel Toys, 2 Sticker Sheets, Instruction Guide”.

      And then when you are going to ode, the first field is “How many would you like? 1” (with a number 1 by default).

      Which means you order 1 and they send you 2, very clear. Now if you order 2 (changing that 1 in the quantity field), yes they send you four and charge you 2, simple math. They never said order 2 and pay for one because the second one is free. You can understand what you want, it’s a free country, but don’t blame them.

  17. I was charged tax and I am not in the state where their address is listed. I think that is illegal.

    • it is illegal! the law states that if you DO NOT live where the items are sold over the internet, that you should not be taxed! (I had to study it for class)

  18. I ordered a wandarama 3/12/10. I recieved it about a week later, but it didn’t come with any of the tinsel toys. I called them and they said they would send them right out. It has now been a couple weeks, and I haven’t recieved them. So much for this being an Easter giftl.

  19. Just got it after I also ordered before christmas. These thinner than paper shapes are ridiculous and not at all like what was shown on t.v., not even I, as an adult, can handle these silly things. Very dissapointed. Ya live and ya learn. Never again without reviewing something first. What a joke!

  20. Just got it after over 2 months. Pretty lame so far. Buttons are hard to activate. I guess they will get the hang of it.

  21. I ordered mine back in December and just received it today March 15th. So far, I can’t figure out how to get it to work so it seems like just another piece of garbage. I wish I had never ordered it.

  22. Ordered Wanarama on January 18th but they just charged the card yesterday. Order track says it shipped on 3-8-10. I’ll believe it when I see it. (Not holding breath) The bogus USPS tracking number is genius.

    Called, emailed and no response. the PO Box address should have been a tip off but when something is so heavily advertised on TV you would think it would be legit. I am more disappointed with myself than these fraudulent clowns. At least it was only $27.98.

  23. BIG SCAM..they claim they shipped my order, but the tracking number doesn’t work on USPS! The number doesn’t ring it just hangs up on you. Nor do they answer their e-mails I have sent. DO NOT ORDER THIS WANDARAMA. The site/company is fraudulent!

  24. We ordered the Wandarama 12/21/09 and still have not received the toy. I called once about a month ago and they said they were back ordered and we would receive in 2 weeks. I called today and the automatic answering system would not let me talk to a real person no matter which option I chose. They stole from us.

  25. i also ordered a wandarama about 9wks ago and still havent received anything. does anyone know a phone number that I can use to check if this order is a just scam? I cant seem to find anything that has a phone number.

  26. Has anyone actually received wandarama? I also ordered 5 weeks ago and still ‘pending’, missed my son’s birthday. Has anyone had success canceling an wandarama order?

    • I received the wandarama 1 week after ordering. I ordered the beginning of May. But the toy is a joke. I couldn’t even find a phone number, so I emailed. It took about a month but I received an email back saying they will refund the purchase price of $19.99 and it will take up to 7 days to show. I will see about that. I am keeping that email as evidence that they will refund my money.

  27. Wandarama Review 1
    I feel this is a scam. I ordered this Wandarama over a month ago, the wandarama website says 2 to 3 weeks delivery. When I check my order status online it says pending. I have tried to contact their customer service via phone all I get is their elevator music. They were sure to charge my credit card. Be careful and don’t get your hopes up!

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