Wall Rider Review

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What is Wall Rider:

According to the review Wall Rider is an infrared controlled car, which maintains that it can take racing fun to the walls, quite literally.

Wall Rider claims that now you can have thrills and spills like never before because the action will be moved to places that you couldn’t even imagine. Who doesn’t love racing cars because of all the edge of the seat excitement they give you! But the thing is that these remote controlled cars are restricted to the ground and that’s all the action you can get with them. However now you have an opportunity to takes things a step further and move the action to walls and ceilings as well. Racing cars has never been more fun, according to the claims made by Wall Rider, which takes things to a whole new level and offers you more thrills and excitement.

Wall Rider and its secret

The secret of the Wall Rider lies in the precision suction technology. It’s this technology that ensures high performance from this infrared controlled car. And that’s how you have a mean machine that promises to defy the laws of physics. Now you don’t have to limit the action for your racing car on the ground as it can be moved to places that you would have thought unimaginable. Another interesting and fun aspect of Wall Rider is that it comes fully assembled. If you have the need for speed then you can start racing with it right away.


Wall Rider and the options you have

Of course, Wall Rider lets you race on the ground, which can be fun in itself. But why just stop there when your car doesn’t have any limitations as such? You can start with racing it on the ground and then take it up the walls. The chase can then continue onto the ceiling for more breathtaking fun that will make its mark with people of all ages. Wall Rider means there is a stunning upside down car chase that’s happening in front of your eyes, which will impress your friends and move things up a notch for all avid racers.

Wall Rider doesn’t scratch your walls

Now with Wall Rider you can not only race around walls but get exciting action with friends around mirrors in the house. You can work around the hurdles of TV or light fixtures for that matter. It adds that another level of excitement, which is pleasing to the eye. Wall Rider also stresses on the fact that while you have all the fun, your walls will not bear the brunt. It’s the same high precision suction technology that doesn’t scratch the walls or ceilings, leaving them unscathed.


What Do I Get?

  • Buy Wall Rider & infrared remote for $19.99 plus $6.99 S&H.
  • Official website: buywallrider.com
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