Tummy Stuffers Review

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Are you one of those frustrated parents who have to deal with backbreaking work at office all day and come home and do their part of good parenting? Handling kids is a difficult job especially when they are at an age where shouting at them to clean up their room is not such a good idea. Parenting, though stressful, can be fun sometimes and what better than training your kids to store and clean up their stuff using a stuff toy? Well, that’s the latest idea behind the innovative Tummy Stuffers making it a sure shot purchase for anyone who has kids.

How does Tummy Stuffers Work

Tummy Stuffers is a very thoughtful stuffed toy design that makes things disappear around it in a matter of just a few seconds. Kids love stuffed toys and in order to make it really huggable there should be good amount of stuffing inside. Tummy Stuffers is basically the toy body and has an opening where it can be inflated by stuffing absolutely anything you want. Kids can have fun filling it with their books, toys and even bed sheets and at the same time cleaning all the mess up. In fact, they can also have fun during playtime by hiding stuffs inside the toy. It’s perfect for organizing all the stuff they would need while on a sleepover or traveling. It’s also a better way to make children learn about cleaning and organizing their stuffs in a fun way and at the same time find a huggable buddy for the kids.

Tummy Stuffers comes in a standard size of 13 inches and comes in a variety of characters to appeal to the kids. There is a Monkey which has naughty eyes, a cute Dog which begs for getting hugged, a Gator that wants to eat more and more, a sweet Kitty, a Ladybug that has mesmerizing eyes and a Unicorn that the no kid will leave behind. These cuddly characters made from high quality material are also available in a mini size of 8 inches and a jumbo size of 24 inches to stuff as much as possible.



What do I get?

  • 1 Tummy Stuffer Character
  • 8 matching Mini Tummy Stuffer

All this for just $19.99 + $8.99 S&H Official website buytummystuffers.com


Tummy Stuffers Video

15 thoughts on “Tummy Stuffers Review

  1. I ordered the Tummy Stuffers on June 20th for my grand daughter’s birthday. I have not received anything as yet, today is August 1. I called customer service and talked with someone out of this country. No help. Same story = not in stock, not sure when it will be shipped. I am cancelling my order today. Do Not order from these people. They have my information now in their files and I do not like that at all.

  2. This is the worst costumer service ever! None of the Tummy Stuffer items are in stock! Costumer service is horrible and is unable to give estimates on delivery. Do not order from this site!! They are not honest about their products and priority processing is a rip off.

  3. I purchase two of the Tummy Stuffers and received two small ones as a bonus. The dog had a whole on the top if his head and the small alligator threading in the nose has unraveled. It took eight weeks to receive and eight minutes to realize our money should’ve been spent elsewhere.

  4. I placed my order for Tummy Stuffers on June 5, 2013 and never got any kind of email with updates or anything so I called approximately 3 weeks ago and was told item was backordered but new shipment coming in that very day so my order should be processed and mailed soon. I called again yesterday, July 15th and was told item still on backorder so I asked to speak to a supervisor and there weren’t any available (imagine that) so I cancelled my order. I wanted this for my granddaughter’s birthday in August and noone could tell me if it would ever arrive so I am very leery of this company and needless to say, my granddaughter is going to be very disappointed.

  5. Customer service! What a joke! Ordered 4 weeks ago, even paid for quick ship. After waiting for 20 minutes on customer service got told that only applied to after its shipped. E-mail confirmation says 2-3 weeks but CS said 6 weeks. Can’t say if the product is a cam since I haven’t seen it but the web site and shipping sure seems to be.

    • Same thing happened to me. Order them on 5/30/13 and still haven’t received on June 26. I called customer service and was told that they are in high demand. Seriously? It can’t take a month before you even ship them out! I paid for expedited shipping too!

      Also, when I ordered I said no to all the “do you also want one of these” questions from the site. When I clicked to place my order it charged me over $175 for 2 Tummy Stuffers. It took me almost an hour with so-called customer service rep (obnoxious individual) before they finally agreed to credit me. There is no order confirmation page to review before placing your order, so be ware!

  6. Beware. Tummy Stuffers does not have any type of “complete” order page.

    Takes you right to giving credit info. If there is a “complete” order page, we didn’t see it. Nor a “cart.” We wanted to see the order listed. The only option was “process” order. We tried twice just trying to see the whole price and order. They sent confirmation that we had made 2 orders. When I tried to cancel, hard to get in touch. A recording said call back on a business day and it was a business day. Finally got someone. Even though they say both orders were less than 20 minutes apart the previous night, she could only find one. And the order number was completely different than what the company sent us. Sounds very fishy. I am contacting the state Attorney General with a complaint. The site also sounds like you get something free but they try to charge you for it. I’m sure there is a loop hole.

    • Having same issues with this company. Placed Tummy Stuffers order a month ago. No confirm order page went straight to process order. Still have not received d the tummy stuffer. Have made several calls. The order # that was sent to my email doesn’t match any orders numbers they have. Have asked for supervisors and have been told they don’t have supervisors. I do believe this company needs to be investigated.

      • Same story here. I ordered 2 Tummy Stuffers around March 17th. Originally, I was hoping for them to be an Easter gift, but seeing “please allow 2-6 weeks”, I decided to give them as birthday gifts on May 5th. After ordering I never received a confirmation email and the charge wasn’t showing on my checking account. I begin to doubt that I ordered them. I called April 22nd, and was told that the things were back ordered. They couldn’t tell me when they would be shipped and that my account wouldn’t be charged until they were ready to ship. May 7th the charge showed, but still no email indicating shipment. I called today May 14th. Customer service was rude and apparently 2-6 weeks is wrong because I’m still waiting.

    • I am worried now seeing these posts! I ordered one Tummy Stuffer and was doubled billed. Called the next day and asked they change it. They did. My CC was billed for one large one including shipping. This was over a month ago and still no Tummy Stuffer. I am a News Anchor in Northern CA area. I am going to blast this story to our investigative department. We do stories like this all the time.

      • Paid extra for shipping and a month later Tummy Stuffers still have not shipped. I can view my order information but no way to email or phone company. When I try to call number on TV it says not taking calls from your area at this time.

      • Donna, can you give us an update? Ever receive your order? I am very concerned and I’m sure many others are as well.

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