Tummy Stuffers Wild Ones

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What is Tummy Stuffers Wild Ones

It is a cute and cuddly 13 inch toy that kids can cuddle with and also a great way to organize kids’ rooms with its large storage capacity.

Organized fun:

Tummy Stuffers Wild Ones claims that it is the most useful way of training kids to organize their stuff and have a lovely time while doing so. Most of the time handling kids is a difficult task especially while making them clean their room and organize their stuff neatly. Tummy Stuffers Wild Ones emphasizes on helping with this particular problem with its unique cuddly toy like design that is so adorable and attractive that children will run up to it and stuff it with their belongings for fun.
Tummy Stuffers Wild Ones guarantees to make things lying around disappear in a few seconds with its unique design. The reason why it is a sure shot hit is because kids love huggable stuffed toys and what better way to stuff it then using their favorite things. Tummy Stuffers Wild Ones has a toy shape body and has an opening from the mouth section that can be used to stock absolutely anything and as the things increase it is stated that the its size also will increase. This is a fine way to organize the room and clear up all the mess. Tummy Stuffers Wild Ones proclaims that it can be stuffed with anything – right from children’s books, toys, bed sheets, clothes and more. Kids can also hide their stuff inside the toy to have fun and can be taken over to a sleepover or travel too. Tummy Stuffers Wild Ones guarantees that children will learn about organizing their stuff in a fun way.


Wild attractive characters:

Tummy Stuffers Wild Ones promises that is made from high quality and durable material with a standard size of 13 inches. There are number of characters to select from – an argyle monkey, Dalmatian,cat, blue leopard, giraffe and a bunny.It is alleged that Tummy Stuffers Wild Ones also comes in 24-inch jumbo and 8-inch mini sizes too.


What Do I Get?

  • You will receive your choice of Tummy Stuffer Wild One for $19.99 + $8.99 P&H
  • You will also receive Mini Stuffer
  • Official website: buytummystuffers.com
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