Tummy Lites Review

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Are your kids afraid of the dark and make a fuss while sleeping? Get the adorable Tummy Lites for them right away and see their fear of sleeping alone vanish in thin air! Tummy Lites is the bright and adorable lantern in the form of stuff toys which lights up for kids when turned on and makes them feel secure and loved. The light is actually set in the tummy of the cuddly stuff Tummy Lites toys, and as kids love stuff toys, they adore this way of getting light in the dark and staying alone all by themselves!

How does Tummy Lites Work

All kids have to do to get the Tummy Lites light on is just turn its nose. It’s the easiest and the most fun way for children to play with Tummy Lites and also get light from it. What makes Tummy Lites especially attractive for kids is the different lovable cartoon characters it comes in. A range of different Tmmy Lites characters, such as the monkey, unicorn, lighting bug and dog are available, out of which kids can choose the one (or more) to keep them company when it’s time to sleep. Your kids will surely love all the animation characters and will surely be engrossed in going to sleep happily playing with them instead of throwing tantrums.

Tummy Lites also comes with a timer, which switches it off automatically after twenty minutes, which means it won’t stay on all night and waste power. And the entire range of Tummy Lites is made of best quality flush fabric as that’s perfect and safe for kids. It also comes with durable stitching, which makes Tummy Lites long-lasting and dependable.

Tummy Lites stuff toys are the perfect companions for kids at playtime, bed time or anytime! They are so cuddly and cute that kids can’t have enough of them and want them to be a part of everything they do, including playing with other toys! They can be carried anywhere in the dark to get light without a torch. It’s the perfect toy you can give your kid so why not get one right away and delight your kids?



What do I get?

  • $ 19.99 + P. & H. Official website www.tummylight.com



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9 thoughts on “Tummy Lites Review

  1. Tummy Lites seems to be a scam. Product was ordered 4-23-13. Still unable to track. I am going to cancel the order if no information is provided by 6-3-13. My advice, don’t bother to order, it won’t ship.

  2. Tummy Lites ordered 4-16-13. As of today, there is no record of my order. I have provided the date of order, name and address, and the order confirmation number. Still no record. “Elanor” has promised higher authorities would be calling me within 24 hours to help with the problem. Good luck with that.

  3. Hi,

    I ordered two of these three weeks ago and haven’t seen them yet and I can’t find a customer care number. Can you help?

    • I managed to contact someone who seems to be familiar with the Tummy Lites product at 1-800-777-4034. I pushed “O” and spoke with Elanor. Still waiting for an answer. Good luck, at least they haven’t charged my account. I’m going to try to cancel if I haven’t heard from them by 4-25-13.

      • Good luck to yall! I have tried numerous times to order this…I finally contacted the Better Business Bureau because I was tired of getting the runaround. After weeks I was finally told there was not enough public interest in the product so they were NOT filling any orders.

        • Thanks for the update Leslie. I haven’t been back to this site for some time. Elanor promised delivery by 5-28-13, still nothing.

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