Tenzi Dice Game

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What is Tenzi Dice Game

It is a fast, frenzied dice game that guarantees hours of entertainment for kids.
Tenzi Dice Game claims to be a fun dice game that your kids won’t have enough of. You know when you have young ones at home, how difficult it is for you to keep them engaged and entertained. Tenzi Dice Game asserts that it can be the right playtime companion for your kids. It’s a game that will always be a hit at kiddie parties and when young ones get together for one reason or another.

Tenzi Dice Game and how it works

Tenzi Dice Game can be played by two to four players at a time and each one of them chooses a set of dice. Players hold all ten dice in their hands, one person says go and everyone quickly rolls all the dice. You can then look at the roll and pick the number you are going for. The goal of Tenzi Dice Game is to have all the dice showing the same number. Once you have chosen the number, you can put it aside and roll the remaining dice quickly till you get to your goal.
You don’t have to wait for other players to roll after the first time. Thus Tenzi Dice Game can lead to a lot of frenzied excitement, according to its claims.


Tenzi Dice Game and different options you have

Tenzi Dice Game can lead to various options including Tenzi Tower where instead of putting the rolled dice on the side, you stack them up in a tower. The player who has all the dice stacked, and shouts Tenzi, wins the game.
Splitzi is another option you have with Tenzi Dice Game and in this case rather than having ten dice of one number you try to get five dice of one number and five of another before shouting Tenzi to win.
Team Tenzi allows you to join forces and you play to get your team’s dice to one number. Each member of the team can also go for a different number.
Tenzi Dice Game also lets you play Mega Tenzi where you can double the challenge with 20 dice or Target Tenzi where players can declare the number they want to go for before the first roll.
Stealzi is another option with Tenzi Dice Game where if you notice a player roll the number you are going for, you can steal those dice and give him an equal number of yours.
And finally there is Twisted Tenzi you can mix and match your favourite Tenzi games and add to the fun, which will be endless for you.

What do I get?

You get 1 x Tenzi game (40 dice / 10 of each colour) and Rules sheet for $14.99.Official website shopatshowcaseus.com/tenzidice.html.


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