Tek Recon

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Gaming fans are looking for all the action they can get and want edge of the seat excitement. They are also discerning about what they want and will not stop till they find the best out there. And now gamers who want to take their experience to a whole new level are being promised a great deal of fun and excitement by Tek Recon. Quite simply, Tek Recon suggests that it takes the online gaming experience to another level altogether while adding the thrill of live action battles so that gamers are completely sated and get what they want.

How does Tek Recon Work

Tek Recon consists of high performance blasters that are combined with live online play. And that already turns the experience up a notch of two for gaming fans. Now they can get the excitement and adrenaline rush they seek while they indulge in their favourite activity. Tek Recon lets gamers have the opportunity to play Team Supremacy and capture the flag through either WiFi or GPS. In fact Tek Recon is said to be quite versatile and has various play options for players; from WiFi to online games via GPS and also a free app that make things easier.

Tek Recon comes packed with exciting features, which make play rather interesting as well. There’s the Night vision mode, besides Heat Seeker and X-ray that test the skills of players who now have to be at their best to play the game aided with these cool features. The NRG ammo found in Tek Recon leaves no mess while it can also be used over and over again. It’s also Game safe, which is something gamers want to know. The hammer head in the Tek Recon on the other hand has a rapid fire mode, functional triggers and real recoil kickback.

Tek Recon seems to have taken the game to a whole new level altogether. It gives you the option of firing the NRG (energy) rounds for up to 50 to 75 feet. And since they are reusable you can make the most out of them. Tek Recon can be easily downloaded as an app on your Smartphone and can be added to the secure cradle. You can also communicate with your team and track them with the help of GPS or in the online version. Tek Recon also lets you play several missions and adventures so that the fun never stops.




What do I get?

  • You get Tek Recon for $19.99 Plus P & H
  • You also get
  • Tek target and 20 more rounds of NRG Ammo

Official website buytekrecon.com



Tek Recon Video

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