Teddy Tanks

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What are Teddy Tanks?

They are stuffed toys that also double up fish bowl for kids.

Two in one fun

Teddy Tanks aim to fill your kids’ moments with lots of fun as they seem very unique and special. Teddy Tanks are basically stuffed toys that can not only be decorated but also turn into animals with a fish bowl in their belly. That means two in one fun for children as they can play with them in two different ways.

Unending excitement for young ones!

Teddy Tanks can keep kids occupied for hours as they create a vivid and delightful impression that the animals like the giraffe, brown bear and others have fish in their belly. The animals’ mouth can be opened by kids through which they can push fish food down so that it falls in the fish bowl. It gets kids all happy and excited to discover that they are actually feeding the fish. Teddy tanks can also be adorned and decorated with bows, clips and all the accessories, which naturally adds to the fun moments for kids.


Loads of animals to play with

A whole range of animals are a part of the Teddy Tanks family. Unicorn, penguin, frog, brown bear, teddy, monkey, panda, wild animals like lion, elephant, giraffe and several animals have been designed as Teddy Tanks stuffed toys. The makers of Teddy Tanks state that all of them can be dressed on outside and also gobble up fish that can be seen in the belly. Kids can also do both together, which seems even more exciting to their imaginative minds.

A secret hiding for kids’ fav stuff

If not a fish tank, the glass bowl can also be used to store other things by kids such as stationery, toys, chocolates, dog treats and more. They can also use it as their piggy bank in which they can save money daily and learn about the importance of savings. Teddy Tanks are soft to touch and the fish bowl is made of shatter-proof plastic. Click on BuyTeddyTank.com and TeddyTanks.com and see the exciting world of Teddy tanks yourself.


    What Do I Get ?

  • You will get Teddy Tanks for $19.99+$7.99P&H.
  • Official Website: buyteddytank.com

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