Teddy Tank

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What is Teddy Tank?

A new type of plush toy that has combines two types of fun for kids. It can be dressed up with accessories on the outside and it carries a live fish tank inside its belly. The toy and the fish can be fed at the same time by slipping food into the toy’s mouth


Two types of fun in one toy

Teddy Tank promises to keep your kids entertained and happy with the two types of fun that it gives. Teddy Tank is meant to be a stuffed toy that can be dressed up and accessorized on the outside and it is also supposed to have a fish tank in its belly where your kids can feed the live fish. The kids can believably also play both the games at once. If they feed the stuff toy, the food drops into the fish tank and they have fed the fish at the same time as the toy. So they will not only love playing with Teddy Tank but also have fun watching the fish eating food.

Built in nightlight

The fun with Teddy Tank is not supposed to end just in the day time. It claims to come with a built in nightlight that can give the kids comfort and drive the fear away in the dark. Your kids will believably not put up a fight when you want them to go to bed at night. It is also said to have beautiful fish tank pebbles to make it look gorgeous. That’s not it. Instead of fish and water, Teddy Tank can supposedly be used to hold your kids’ stuff and smaller toys or anything else like sweets, candies or your dog’s treats. It can apparently also be used as a piggy bank and kids are said to learn responsibility of saving money or keeping their smaller toys organized while having fun.


Different fun animal designs

Your kids or grandkids can have a lot of fun with the supposed different animal designs of Teddy Tank. There are Pearl White Teddy Bear, Magical Unicorn, Cute Doggie, Playful Monkey, Fun Frog, Pretty Pig, Honey Brown Teddy Bear, Chocolate Brown Teddy Bear, Awesome Elephant, Precious Panda, Joyful Giraffe and Charming Penguin to choose from.


    What do I get ?

  • You get Teddy Tank for $19.99
  • Official Website : BuyTeddyTank.com

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