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Do you often think what could be a wonderful gift for your little kid? What if you could find something the kid will love to keep all the time? Does your kid loves arranging toys and keeping them away from everyone around the house? Well now there is a product called Stuffies which will definitely captivate you and your child.


How does Stuffies work
Stuffies, just like its name, are cute and cuddly soft toys for kids. But that’s not all. Stuffies are soft toys with secret pockets. There are 7 secret pockets designed with each Stuffies soft toy which will keep children’s toys and treasure safe and sound. Stuffies can be used in so many ways. One can use a Stuffies as a soft cozy pillow at home for children; it can be put up as a travel buddy for the kids and can store some of their candies, toys and pajamas for sleepovers ready on the go.

Kids enjoy secrets and love to hide their toys and belongings away from everyone. Stuffies will form a perfect companion for the kids anywhere they go. Kids who have owned a Stuffies are seemingly happy and love putting their toys and treasures in it. The best part about ordering a Stuffies is that it comes with a secret gift inside to bring a smile to every kid who owns one.

The loveable and huggable Stuffies toys are available in a limited edition of a bear, a horse and a cute and faithful dog. Stuffies also come in the shape of a giraffe, a hippo and a cool looking dinosaur. Stuffies are made out of a long lasting durable and super soft material and are completely harmless to the children’s skin. It is the perfect gift for birthdays and holidays or just a day to make kids happy. Stuffies comes for less than the standard prices for the holiday period and the Free secret gift inside the 7 secret pockets to make kids jump with joy!



What do I get?
Choose from Bear, Horse, Giraffe, Dinosaur, Hippo and Dog. See the Official website


Stuffies Video
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3 thoughts on “Stuffies Review

  1. I am 42 years old and I bought this Stuffies for my 6 year old daughter and she loved it. She especially loved putting her snacks and barbies in its pockets. When I saw how much fun it was, I ordered another one exactly like it for myself. I enjoy it as well.

  2. Review Stuffies

    Is Stuffies toys durable and soft?

    Are the pockets inside the Stuffies toys large enough to hold stuffs?

    Is Stuffies compact enough to travel around with kids?

    Does Stuffies toys have good quality and good finishing?

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