Stretchkins Review

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Wondering what to bring home and make get in the family all excited and jump with joy? Get Stretchkins, the cuddly, stretchy soft toys everyone, especially kids, is surely going to love playing with! Stretchkins are soft and cuddly animal friends that don’t remain still and stay immobile like others. They are stretchable, life size and designed to be flexible, and can become as tall as you want by simply stretching them.

How does Stretchkins Work

The Stretchkins animals come with loops on their hands and feet. All you have to do is insert your hands and feet in them and secure your grip comfortably in them. They will fit snugly and hold you tight to be with you as long as you want! You can play, run, dance, exercise and be active with Stretchkins fastened to you and be sure that they won’t fall off!

Stretchkins are super stretchy and can become as big you want. They really stretch moments of fun and become your best buddies. They are cuddly like the cutest soft toys you’ve played with. They are stretchable and so soft that you’ll just love hugging them. They’ll make all your activities delightful and fun. Check out the six different Stretchkins animals you can choose from to play with; there’s a puppy, an elephant, a unicorn, a dragon, tiger and frog!

Stretchkins are soft and yet durable, so you can play stretch them big as often as you want without worries. Try carrying out energetic moves with them cuddling you and see how they do the same too! You can hop, jump, tumble, stretch out and do anything with them even while exercising!

They play with you all through the day and hug too all night! Just stretch your imagination and make your dreams come true! What’s more, they also double up as great travel companions as you can keep them by your side while traveling and carry them everywhere. They are so much fun that even grown-ups will love them too. And the next time you wonder what to gift a kid, get one of the Stretchkins and make it really special for the lucky one!



What do I get?
Select from: Playful Puppy, True Blue Elephant, Pretty Unicorn, Stripped Tiger, Red Dragon, Jumping Frog.

Price: $19.95 + S/h. Official website



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2 thoughts on “Stretchkins Review

  1. Let me start off by telling you I never wrote a complaint before:

    I placed an Stretcchkins order for 2 little boys. I ordered the puppy & dragon Stretchkins. When placing the order the customer service rep (CSR) never informed me that the Stretchkins dragon was on BACKORDER! I wanted to make sure I would get the order before Christmas so I paid for RUSH DELIVERY. I was told I would receive in the next couple days (order was place 12/16). I placed the order, never receive a confirmation email, and I ONLY RECEIVED THE PUPPY really late Christmas’ Eve! I tried calling customer service- they were closed & didn’t open again until after Christmas…. After a disappointed a little boy and the day after Christmas I called Stretchkins again. Only then was I informed that the dragon was on backorder! I asked the manager to send me another puppy asap, in place of the dragon- and she told me that I would have to pay for the rush delivery! WTH?? Your company screwed up and I have to pay in addition?? The customer representative was not helpful nor seem like they want to be there. But I understood after I speaking to the manager. The company is only as good as the people who is running it. No wonder why the staff is not properly trained. The manager “Tenesha” was even worse. She came off extremely unprofessional and could care less about customer satisfaction. After getting my blood pressure up, the conversation did not go anywhere and I was left very pissed off. I cancelled the backorder and will never ever order from this company again (and I was planning on ordering 3 more)!!

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