Storytime Pets

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What is Storytime Pets

It is a cute and cuddly stuffed animal that has the ability to read stories and sing along with kids with the use of a supportive app that works in iPhone, iPad or any android device.


Innovativestory telling method:

Storytime Pets guarantees that it is one of a kind stuffed animal that is available for kids. Most stuffed toys are cute in design and have a plush body to make a huggable toy for every kid. Kids love them so much that they hold them at night while listening to stories and fall asleep. So what if the same stuffed toys start telling the story? Storytime Pets convinces to answer this very question and uses new age technology to provide with a talking stuffed animal that tells many stories and even sings along.


Technology meets fun:

Storytime Pets emphasizes on the fact that its latest use of technology to make the stuffed animal talk is the best available and is based on an app that is available freely along with Storytime Pets for iPhone, iPad and all other Android devices. It comes with a USB cable and audio plug that helps connect the stuffed toy to the device to play to app. Once connected with the app, kids can choose over 12 different stories and 20 sing-a-longs that will be read or sung by their favorite Storytime Pets. It is claimed that the speaker of Storytime Pets is placed in such a way that the sounds appear to come from within them giving a nice effect. Plus the mouth of these plush toys is electronically rigged in sync with the stories so it moves to provide a feeling as if they are talking. Storytime Pets promises that it is a perfect toy for every kid and comes in 7 cute cuddly characters – unicorn, dragon, monster, puppy, lamb, boy bear and girl bear. It is stated that Storytime Pets consists of classic stories like Snow White, Hansel & Gretel, Little Red Riding Hood, etc. and songs include Happy and You Know It, Old MacDonald and more.


What Do I Get?

  • Buy one Storytime Pet for $29.99 plus $6.95 P&H.
  • You can Choose from the Unicorn, Dragon, Monster, Puppy, Lamb, Boy or Girl Bear.
  • Official website:
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