Stompeez Review

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Are you always wondering about the perfect gift to give your child or grandchild? Now you can give them Stompeez.


How does Stompeez work?
Stompeez are adorable, super fun, and entertaining slippers that your kids will just love to wear all the time. Unlike ordinary slippers Stompeez are slippers with personality.

Stompeez slippers are available in a variety of styles: Sir One-Eyed Monster, Growlin’ Dragon, Be-Bop Bunny, Unusual Unicorn, Perky Puppy, Playful Blue Puppy, and Peek-A-Boo Kitty.

These slippers are amazingly soft, warm, extremely comfortable, and lots of fun too. They will make your kids cheerful and happy.

With Stompeez your kids can walk, stomp or jump. You can wear Stompeez in your slumber parties, use it when you stay overnight at grandma’s house, and they are perfect for traveling. Stompeez makes a great gift for birthdays, holidays or special occasions.

When your kids use Stompeez your floors will always stay clean because they will leave their shoes at the door and use Stompeez when they step inside the house.

Stompeez is made with excellent quality material and durable stitching so they will last you a long time.



What do I get? (Official Website Offer)
Order Stompeez for you child or grandchild and they will just love you for it. Stompeez is available in different sizes. You can now order Stompeez for only $19.95. It also comes with a full 60 day money back guarantee. Official websites, and


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  1. I bought 3 pair of stompeez, 1 for each of my children’s Easter baskets, Upon opening a pair I discovered they were mismatched in original packaging. Not only were they two different stopmeez they were different sizes. I tried exchanging out the unworn mismatch so I could just have an actual pair in the size I wanted and Stompeez brand refused to do anything for me. They would not make good on their mis manufactured product. I explained that I did not want a refund just a pair of stompeez for my daughter and I would return the bad pair and they basically said too bad nothing we can do for you. I am upset that I bought three pair ($80) and this is the end result. I will never buy their product again.

  2. I am in Australia and my kids have been bugging me for weeks to get them these – they are kind of expensive (AUD$30 each) so I thought I would google to see if I could get them cheaper and then I found all these bad reviews! SO glad I have not ordered them. My kids will just have to learn that smick advertising is not always an indicator of quality.

  3. I bought my 8yr.old a pair at Christmas of 2012. And they still work. She loved them so much. I am reading all these horror stories and just don’t understand, I bought hers from CVS Pharmacy and am very happy with them. At first was very worried before I got them about them not working. Yet we have not had any problems.

    I never purchase anything off TV. I wait till it goes to Walgreen or to CVS in the as seen on TV section. Very Happy with the product, about to buy my other two Children some.

  4. We got a pair of the be bop bunny and they broke ( the air bags) within 2 months. They will not replace or refund. I got rude sales people and NO help from this company at all. How do you tell a 4 1/2 year old that was so excited …. Sorry honey but its a cheap product. Man am I ever sorry we “fell” for the commercial.

  5. BE CAREFUL!!!!

    I just want to caution everyone when ordering these items. You will get a verification call about your order and they are relentless. They “claim” it is to make sure your order is going out to the right person…funny thing is they never even confirmed what I purchased.

    The real goal of this call is for them to hand you off to a third party seller which tries to sell you additional items. I was not only appalled but really complained. Don’t try the bait and switch on people in a sneaky matter because you know that our privacy is protected and you are trying to find a loop hole.

    Take the call and don’t let them transfer you or just ignore strange 800 number calls after you place the order. They are hurting their business by doing this. Not sure the brain surgeon that put this marketing plan in place but from somebody who has been selling and marketing for over 20 years, they are not the brightest bulb in the box. You have a product that is unique and people are interested in purchasing….leave it at that.

  6. Also, might I add, all the people who are upset about not receiving their orders on time are being spoiled brats. You have no idea how overwhelming it is trying to keep track of orders and get them out on time. I know because I own a business. Just be patient and relax!

    • Then hire a better staff! I guess YOU and the Stompeez company forgot a cardinal rule of the business world….. THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT!!! No excuses. And obviously YOU have no idea how overwhelming it is to be a parent that just wants their child to be happy. Gimme a break! I have no sympathy for a multi million dollar conglomerate that’s sole purpose is to bilk the public out of their hard earned money. You ARE the brat here….

      • Actually, the customer is not always right. if the customer was always right, businesses could not stay in business and if the establishment was always right businesses still could not stay in business there has to be a balance between the two. sounds to me like your business ethics are a little screwed up if you think customers should always get there way. maybe it is you who should reevaluate the way their business is run before calling people names!

        • Actually Jamie and SHAWN the customer IS always right, otherwise you go out of business – get it???? I make it my business to tell EVERYONE when I get bad customer service. Idiots.

    • Excuse me: why exactly are you in business if you cannot ship your products on time ??????

      I am a small business owner and I ship my products within 24-48 hrs. If for any reason I am out of a particular item, they are clearly marked on my site with expected date of new stock. I also give my customers the option of waiting or having their order cancelled. I do not process my customer’s cc until I am ready to ship their order. If they have paid by PayPal, they have an option to ask for their refund.

      So don’t tell customers to relax and be patient !!!! Looks like you don’t know how to run your business.

  7. I don’t know why everybody is so down on Stompeez; I love mine.

    When I saw them on TV, I knew I wanted a pair. I know I’m 20 years old and some people might think I’m too old for them, but I don’t care! I told my mom that’s what I wanted for Christmas. But then, after looking at the reviews online, I told my mom I’d changed my mind, because they were $30 and everybody was saying they broke immediately.

    Well, my mom bought them for me at Walmart anyway, and I’m so glad she did. It’s been months later now, and I still wear them every day, and they still work as good as they did when I first got them. The $30 was definitely worth it. They are so cute, I love mine so much I wear them everywhere, even in public…

    I think it’s just a fluke that some of these were breaking. Mine seem real sturdy, I don’t see them breaking any time soon. It was probably just a bad batch, they were probably just overwhelmed by the orders that were coming in for them when they were real popular and perhaps in a rush to get them out there, they made some manufacturing mistakes. Or maybe it’s just little kids that are playing too rough with them. But mine seem to work fine. Even if they did break I would definitely buy them again.

  8. These slippers are a rip off.. I bought them for my grandson and what a joke. I could of just went to Walmart and got him slippers. They don’t work and my grandson was very disappointed. After seeing the commercials he was so excited and wanted them. What a let down for the money I spent and the disappointment my grandson had.

  9. Let me first say that I did not order these from Amazon. I ordered directly from Stompeez.

    If I could give this company 0 stars I absolutely would. I ordered these slippers as a Santa gift for my daughter and my son this year. Of course due to the popularity, I placed my order in early December to ensure that I received them before the big day since this was the #1 item on both of my kids Santa list. I ordered online and all went well. They were shipped in a reasonable amount of time. I was so excited about securing the big item and tucked them away in my closet. Well come Christmas morning all that excitement turned to big time disappointment when my son could not even get his foot in his Stompeez. I went back to the website to ensure that I ordered correctly. The sizing requirements say that a medium fits sizes 11.5-4. My son is a size 3, these should definitely fit. It broke my heart to see my son’s disappointed face as his sister stomped around the living room in her new slippers, but I assured him that I could just call the Stompeez people and tell them that Santa got the wrong size. WRONG!!!! I spoke to them today and according to their policy you only have 7 days from the day that you receive the item to exchange and your product. I explained that surely with the Christmas holiday they would have some sort of exception since it is not like parents can try the slippers on their kids before Christmas morning. After much complaining a supervisor said that they would let me exchange them but I have to pay shipping. I HAVE TO PAY SHIPPING! Are you kidding me. This was not my mistake. I, in good faith, ordered slippers that this company said would fit my child and they don’t. That is the bottom line.

    Oh, and they don’t work that well to begin with. My daughter seems to be satisfied, but really they don’t work they way they show on TV.

    I wouldn’t suggest this product to anyone!!

  10. I bought my daughter Stompeez the purple unusual unicorn for Christmas as she begged for them every commercial. The shoes are very cute when working, but after wearing them around the house for one day, one shoe stopped working. Apparently the balloon inside that pushes the eyes up is popped. She did nothing rough just wore them around inside. I read tons of reviews on the Stompeez and obviously it’s a major problem with the product especially the unicorn. As much as they’re advertised you would think they would make them more durable for children and recall the shoes and find a better way to make them pop up when walking especially when they’re $20.00 a pair at the cheapest I’ve seen anywhere. Very cheap product as most as seen on TV are. If they made them better they would triple their sales and they could be around for years to come, however at this rate, who wants to buy a product that simply breaks the min that you use it, and who wants to buy future products from a company with a reputation of such cheap made products? ? Please fix!

    • Okay, So I have the pink puppy ones and they work just fine. You should return them and get the pink puppy ones because they are cute, and they work. I’ve been wearing mine around the house every day for about two weeks and they’re perfect.


  11. I live in California so I’m usually closer to their company. I ordered mine in Dec. 21 then in Dec. 26 it started shipping. On Dec. 31 my delivery finally arrived. I tried it on and nothing is wrong with it it is now a new year and it is just like a 2013 miracle. I’m sorry for all of you who’s Stompeez are broken/didn’t arrive.

  12. I bought a pair from my local Kroger, when my little girl opened them this morning they didn’t work like I expected. Very disappointed.

  13. Extremely disappointed with Stompeez. Ordered 11/16/12, delivered12/24/12. Naturally too late to buy anything else. Invested $87.65 for three pair for grand-kids. No boxes to wrap in. Free gifts are cheesy. 1 pair Wrong type. 1 pair wrong size (fits my wife). 1 pair right (wo wo).

    Somebody in shipping / selection needs to be fired. I sure hope you didn’t plan on another purchase from me or my friends.


  14. I would like to thank each of you for saving me from the headache I was sure I was three seconds from receiving. I was JUST about to order my 3 year old a pair of the unicorn stompeez that she so adores as a surprise present from Santa. Until, something told me to check the reviews FIRST. So, thank you all….I appreciate it.

  15. Purchased 3 pairs of stompeez, in September 2012. found out in December the girls visited Grandmother in Florida and received stompeez from her. What to return my order, still in shipping box. Was told to late ,pass return date. This is a special situation, and many people shop early for Christmas. Norma, Hosa, and Carma were not able to help me. Do not shop with a company that has poor customer service. Especially in this financial stressed times.

  16. So I just bought these stupid things a few days ago. 2 pairs. One for my nephew and one for my niece. (Plus a duffle bag for $10 which I was forced to buy or the order wouldn’t be placed. Obviously should’ve just stopped right there.)I had no idea that this company had such a bad reputation until I read most of these reviews. Now I completely regret buying them. At first, when I ordered them online, I was obviously cool with it, because I had no idea what I was really getting into. I figured they were just like any other company and that everything would be fine. But then I noticed that the transaction still hadn’t gone through yet and it’s already been a few days since I ordered. I’m still sort of new to buying things online and this hadn’t happened to me before so I got a little worried and quite suspicious. That’s when I looked up Stompeez reviews and well..yeah. I panicked and tried cancelling the order but I just got some number. I was told that I had to call back during business hours (mon-friday 5am-5pm), but now that I’ve read all of these comments, I know that it’s not going to get me anywhere.
    I guess I’m just going to have to wait it out and settle. =/

    • Oh and I haven’t received a bunch of calls like everyone else. Wonder why that is. None the less, I’m relieved.

  17. I lost my senses apparently, and ordered these things online via their website. Today, I have received 3 calls in the span of 4 hours for an affiliate that they’ve apparently sold my number to. Great. I found a website where you can actually look up your order status (I have to put in my first and last name and billing zip, it didn’t work with the order number they gave me.) After it brings up your history, it lists an actual tracking number, and will let you change your phone number, uncheck the boxes for ok to call, OK to mail, and ok to email, and has links for cancel order and return order, etc. Too late to cancel for me, but at least I unchecked those contact boxes!

    • Thank you so very much for posting the tracking site link! I too ordered these online since the local stores were out of the ones my granddaughter wanted. My tracking number shows that the order shipped on 12-11-12, but the charge on my credit card still shows pending. I will be calling my credit card company first thing tomorrow to see if I can cancel the payment. And like you, I have received three calls just this evening and they wanted my card number, expiration date, etc. I told them I did not have it with me and hung up on them. Thanks again for your help!

  18. I ordered my first pair last week and my phone has blown up today with calls. The Stompeez representative told me they gave my info to an affiliate. When I tried to find out if they also gave away my credit card info they hung up on me. 3 Times!! I tried to speak to a manager but they would never transfer me. He was at lunch or on another line. Then when I tried to cancel my order they gave me the runaround. The affiliate told me I could cancel my Super Savings card by calling the 800 number once my slippers came. Then when I said I wanted to just cancel it then, she told me I had to put it in writing. Then how can I do that by calling the 800 number? I was so tired of dealing with this disgusting company that I just called the bank and cancelled my debit card. I will be contacting the BBB but I sure wish I would have read these reviews before I bought them. Too bad it has be like this. Especially since I have a little boy who wants these so badly.

  19. I got a pair. First time they were put on, they “popped” and burst…and they NEVER even got stood up in!
    Be interesting to see how “customer service” goes from here. I give them 24 hours to contact me and then, it’s off to the State Attorney Generals office.

    • Ditto. My Wife took the girls to the mall, where they bought a pair each with their own money. It was an ‘As seen on TV’ store in the mall is Gaithersburg MD. My 9 year old wore then for 4 hours, and both slippers broke…..

      I took them back with the receipt the next day, and was told that they do not take returns, even on defective items. Called Stompeez from their web site, they said that they do not take returns from stores. Raised a complaint with the local BBB, but honestly do not expect to see any resolution, so I will just warn everyone I can not to buy these…..

  20. I ordered four pair with bonus gift. The order was wrong and now I can reach no one by phone or website. I have written down all phone calls, on 3 calls phone went dead…not my phone…the phone number on website. DO NOT BUY!!

  21. I have read these reviews and am shocked that this is exactly what I have experienced. This company is fraudulent and I will definitely report them to the BBB. I too received defective slippers, numerous phone calls after the initial order and now am unable to get a response on email nor find a telephone number to contact me. I did attempt the 800 no I found in one of the complainants email, but that does not appear to work. DISGUSTING. I will most definitely be reporting this to our local Press.

  22. The slippers are cute but they are not made good at all. The 2 pair I bought both broke-one from each pair. It was the same problem on both slipper, the hose that goes from the bottom air pump on the sole of the slipper, feeds up to the top to another little plastic tunnel. This tunnel is the part that breaks-the side seals come undone. I fixed both pair of mine by opening the seam on the top rim where you slide your foot in and put duct tape, yes good old fashioned duct tape, on the sides of the tube and made sure it was working before I hand stitched it back up. I kind of bought them for a joke gift anyways so as long as they can see at least once how they work, I’m OK with it, but they should be ashamed of themselves for sucking in so many people with a cheap product. I complained on their Facebook page and the next morning my post was gone with no comment from them at all about my complaint. They do have a scam also-they call to confirm the order and go on about the voucher for gas and then they transfer you to someone else who goes on about the voucher and then they start confirming your address and end with asking you to confirm your credit card number. YOU SHOULD NEVER HAVE TO GIVE YOUR CREDIT CARD NUMBER TO ANYONE OVER THE PHONE unless you personally know them! I told them if they touch my credit card, I’ll turn them into the BBB and let our local stations know. I see other people feel the same way. I also posted a message on my Facebook board NOT to buy them. I think this is pretty disgusting for a company to take advantage of people-especially for gifts for kids. I would still like to see my local stations kill the ads. I may still write them a note and tell them to check them out. But of course they probably make mega bucks off these ads and wouldn’t even consider it. If your kids want them, just tell them the company is bad, that they’re crooks and maybe that will suffice.

    • Thank you for your post. I was about to order two pairs, one for my daughter and one for my neice, and after reading your post, have decided not to! I appreciate the time you took to write this, you saved me the annoyance you had to go through.

  23. My Stompeez took a long time to arrive (missed my sons birthday) and upon arrival, only one slipper worked (ie the eyes did not pop open as advertised). I sent an email requesting information on having a replacement sent. A week later, I received an email stating that I should PHONE a number – 877-254-5326 – this number is answered by a recording, you are put on hold for a few minutes and then get disconnected. How can a business operate like this? I’ll be reporting to BBB unless I hear back soon. Suggest others do the same.

  24. I ordered a pair and within 24 hours my home phone line has been ringing off the hook. I cannot say for sure but I think that they sold my phone number. The “Stompeez” company called me for a no name 1800 number 5 times on the next day trying to get me to buy a Super Savers program offering a $100 gas car if I just confirm my credit card number. Needless to day after 20mins of arguing with the person on the phone that I did not want this program nor would I confirm my credit card number, they tried to tell me that unless I repeated my credit card number my order would not ship. I told them to just cancel the order and then they tried to tell me that they already shipped and that they just needed to confirm my credit card number to insure that customer service did their part. So a lot of lies later and a headache, I drove to the As Seen on TV store and bought a pair for $4 less. I have also been getting calls from other companies saying “We see that you recently ordered Stompeez, you may also be interested in this product”. If they didn’t sell my number, then how could those companies know that information? I have had 12 different companies within 48hrs of ordering calling my home phone ranging from 8AM to 9PM. My suggestion, go to a store and buy one, save the headache and violation of privacy.

  25. I ordered a pair of Stompeez for one of my 3 grandchildren online as soon as I shut my computer down someone (I was told from STOMPEEZ) called me to confirm my order. I repeated everything to them (for THEIR records) and was told I would be receiving $100.00 worth of free gas cards and something else( I can’t remember what) and was told if I didn’t want this product I could call the 800 number that would be enclosed and cancel and I could keep the gas cards. WELL, I received the Stompeez today, no gas cards, no info on the $29.00 shit and no 800 number to cancel. NOT IMPRESSED! When I FINALLY found the number to Stompeez the company tells me THEY never made the call to me. It’s a shame because I planned on ordering 2 more pair. I would NOT recommend anyone to order these through the internet. If any money is taken out of my checking account in the amount of $29.00 or more of any kind you’re company will be reported to the Better Business bureau.

  26. Does anyone have the name and phone numbers for the two companies you were charged $1 for then had to wait for them to show up to cancel? I called both and cancelled and assumed that was it but I’m still getting charges.

      • Wow… if you dont have an answer why reply?

        For everyone else. These the “special gifts” or however they titled them that charge you monthly unless you cancel them but you can only do this after they show up. Initially, they charged $1 each and you dont have the choice. Anyhow, I called both these places, cancelled the charges and memberships and thought that was the end of it except I have now been charged again. I threw away the info with the company names and numbers after I was assured by the man on the other line that they were cancelled.

        So, does anyone have this paperwork still with the phone numbers?

          • I knew what she meant by the first message! If you don’t know what she is talking about, then don’t bother responding!

            Melanie, I have 2 numbers for you to try….try 800-475-1492….or 877-475-1492… I got a call last night about the $1 thing. I quick wrote down the number, but thought i would remember if it was 800 or 877 (But I didn’t remember..haha) I don’t have any names though..

            I’m just now noticing you write this a month ago…Let me know if this helps.

  27. Stompeez is the worst company to do business with. I order two pairs of slippers and both We’re defective so called customer service and asked for Manager. He was so rude and didn’t help me any they will
    Not refund my money. My daughter is so mad At me. They also gave out my credit card number to a company trying to sell me something. He was incredibly pushy and even wanted to wait on the phone until I drove back home. He finally hung up on me when I cursed him out. Worst company ever. I don’t see how they can be in business. They have both pair of Stompeez Slippers and my money. But I’m going to file a dispute against them.

  28. Stompeez are TERRIBLE. Worst product I have ever purchased via television. I bought them for my girlfriend about a week ago. After they arrived in the mail, she wore them for not even ten minutes and the air bags had already popped. When I called customer service to explain what happened, they were extremely rude and vague about the return policy. Obviously this is a giant scam and these slippers weren’t meant to be returned. I highly advise against ordering a pair; I know I will never purchase anything from this company again. STOMPEEZ SUCK!!

  29. Do not order Stompeez. I received my first pair for my daughter 8 weeks after the original order. They broke within 3 days. It took 4 weeks later to get an exchange. The exchange broke within 1 week. Customer service was horrible and to make matters worse my daughter cried knowing I wasn’t going to try to exchange for another pair. I’m praying I get my money back.

    Cheap product, horrible customer service and a sad child. Not a positive experience.

  30. Not pleased with Stompeez at all ! Finally after a 6-week wait for my little girls Stompeez we received them defective. Only one set would actually open up when walked on…. soooo… customer service said I needed to send them back and they would replace them.. Okay, fine… after ANOTHER six week wait I received them only to find they were defective also. After calling customer service again they informed me they would only give me my money back if I returned the item again! Are you serious…. I’m sorry, but my money should have been returned regardless if they were returned or not. I did not want to have to wait another 6 weeks so my baby is walking around with very pricey, defective stompeez !

  31. It seems most of the complaints for the slippers are from customers that ordered them. They are now sold in a very large amount of stores. I have not seen anyone comment on the actual slippers themselves. I already bought 2 pairs and have them put away for Christmas. So I am hoping the reason so many people don’t like them is due to long waiting times when ordering online or phone.

      • Better pray they work. Christmas is quite a ways off. You won’t be able to exchange them. My daughter had two pairs that did not work. We are not trying a third.

        • I bought a pair of the Stompeez Dragon at TJ Maxx, we get home and two minutes after my son walks around in them one of the pumps messed up, he was so upset begging me to exchange them, but that was the only pair at the store. Now I’m not sure if I should even deal with the 800 number after reading these reviews. But good luck with yours! 🙂


    • Don’t waste your time. You have to call the “call center” overseas. I emailed them also, but never got a return e-mail. Google customer service on the internet. You will get things done much faster. FYI…. Mine were defective twice ! So aggravating.

  33. I ordered my 4 yr. old son’s Aug 21 I think. I got them while I was in the hospital, size M (he wears a 12 so perfect) they make a soft squishy sound when he walks….I was expecting more….but he sure seems to love them. I got hassled by another company too….these comments have helped me to go change my credit card info TOMORROW before I get any charges from them! Thanks!

  34. Very happy to have found this website. Stompeez commercials should be banned. I suggest contacting television stations that air Stompeez commercials to inform them that this company is ripping people off. I would threaten to stop watching the network if they continued. If enough people ban together.

  35. WOW! Thank GOD I read these reviews just as I was about to place my order! I knew I Stompeez had a reputation for being on back order so I thought I’d order well in advance (August ordering for Christmas gift) but no thank you! Thanks everyone for just saving me $40+! If I see them out and about at a store as someone mentioned for $7 I’ll consider it : )

  36. Stompeez slippers are horrible. First, it came in a small box so it came smushed. Second, one ear didn’t come up. I highly don’t recommend this product for ANYONE.

  37. PARENTS, GRANDPARENTS, AUNTS AND UNCLES… DO.. NOT.. BUY.. THESE SLIPPERS! I bought them for my son for Christmas and didn’t get them until March! AND after I called and cancelled them 3 times! When we finally got them, tho no expecting them, they were cute enough but unbelievably uncomfortable. The little bellow they have in the heal of the slipper are uncomfortable. My son cannot even walk on them. His feet slip off of the heal and he has almost twisted his ankle on a couple occasions.

    They are dangerous and undoubted cause foot damage later down the road. I cannot imagine that they are good othorpedically for growing feet of young children. I fully regret buying these slippers and I beg you not to make the same mistake I did. The customer service is horrid, thankfully I got them before the illegal practice of selling my credit card info.. but I would take my child to the store and let him/her pick something that they will enjoy for many years than ruin their feet for many years

  38. OMG…..never again!!! Got the product and guess what doesn’t work!! and on top of it some third party company calls me and tells me I have no choice but to be enrolled in some budget saver monthly club for thirty dollars a month…told them was not interested they told me I had to wait till I got the information to cancel… needless to say I was more then mad I was fuming…why would I ever want my credit card billed an extra thirty dollars a month and to have no choice bull-crap!!! I’ve had to search down this company to get un-enrolled!!! I will NEVER EVER order from this company again…and on top of it the dang shoes are defective so I have to pay shipping for them to get to me and for them to be sent back!!! Good Luck to who ever orders from this company because I would say SCAM!!!!

  39. I placed my order for Stompeez on June 30th, 2012 for my friend for her birthday (with my mom’s permission of course, and I sent them to my house to give to her on her birthday party). For some reason I read the reviews AFTER I ordered them, and of course I read horrible reviews. So, I ordered from a different website that had good reviews for it’s stompeez deliveries so that my friend would hopefully get hers in time for her birthday (I sent this pair directly to her house). As it turns out, the second website ran out of stock too, so she got hers 2 days after I got mine. So what I think happened is that Stompeez has just restocked their inventory, sending out orders to people waiting for their order, and also sending out mass orders to websites such as the second one I ordered from, which then sent the Stompeez to the people who ordered from the second website, which is why my friend got hers after mine. Long story short, My mom never cancelled the first order so we both got a pair of Stompeez. My friend loves them, I love them, and I think it was worth the wait. Anyone thinking about buying these as of now shouldn’t be suspicious because they are most likely back in stock! P.S., No, I do not work for the company.

  40. I ordered these and all I ended up with is my bank account cleaned out and no slippers! I ended up having to change my account # and loosing a large amount of money along with a very upset grandson and a lot of hassle! Don’t go for this scam!

  41. Well… I’ve seen this commercial a thousand times and Ive always told my 4yr.old she couldn’t have them because they are pricey. Her birthday is in about 2 weeks and I was actually considering it until I stumbled upon all the bad reviews. I am so thankful and grateful for all who took the time to review this product b/c I don’t have $20 plus dollars to waste nor the time to track down the low life’s that stand behind this faulty product. I’m surprised that this product is even still up and running. Good luck to those that are still trying to get their money back and/or still waiting for the slippers to come. Some of you waited a year for these damn slippers smh that’s just crazy! Sorry for all that had to find out the hard way that this is a scam but thanks for the warning

  42. Hope this BBB info can help others:



    Stompeez Slippers
    (855) 876-1809
    10303 Norris Avenue, Pacoima, CA 91331

    On a scale of A+ to F, STOMPEEZ received a BBB Rating of: “F”

    Reason for Rating – BBB rating is based on 16 factors.

    Factors that lowered this business’s rating include:

    323 complaint(s) filed against business
    Failure to respond to 19 complaint(s) filed against business
    10 complaint(s) filed against business that were not resolved
    BBB does not have sufficient background information on this business.

    BBB made at least two requests for background information from business.

    BBB has not received a response from business and/or has not been able to verify information received from business.

    Customer Complaints Summary Read complaint details323 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 323 closed in last 12 months Complaint Type Total Closed Complaints

    Advertising / Sales Issues 39
    Billing / Collection Issues 8
    Problems with Product / Service 63
    Delivery Issues 201
    Guarantee / Warranty Issues 12
    Total Closed Complaints 323

    Additional Complaint Information

    Our complaint history for this company shows that the company responded to and gave proper consideration to most complaints. However, one or more complaints are unresolved meaning the company failed to properly address the complaint allegations or their response was inadequate.

  43. I ordered Stompeez 6/29/2012…recieved 7/20/2012. I think the New Management company is trying hard. The Slippers are cute and fun! A little loud with the “squish air” noise, but, work fine and I’m a big girl! I’m sorry for everyone who had a bad experience in the past, but, I’ve had no problem…delivered before told and slippers work fine!

  44. I too, like so many of you, was going to order these for my daughter for X-mas, but did not due to all the negative reviews. I am so glad I didn’t! BUT…I was totally amazed when about 2 months ago, I was in the local grocery store and what did I see?? An entire bin FULL of stompeez! I started playing with them to see if any of them worked… they didn’t. I just can’t believe they were all there..dozens of them… priced for I believe $6 or $7, when so many of you all are still waiting! What the hell is going on with this loser company?!

  45. My mother bought a pair of stompeez for my daughter and was billed. The next day she was called by several sales people that had her credit card information and needed her billing address so they can sell her several programs and would not take no for an answer. My mom is 70 so I called the numbers and I cannot believe some of the nasty, aggressive and immoral people that work with stompeez. they basically refused to refund the money they charged her and I had to call the bank and freeze any charges made. Shame on them for taking advantage of people and giving sensitive information like a credit card number to other salespeople. WHAT A SCAM. BEWARE of this product!!

  46. I placed an order last week for my daughter. The order hasn’t been processed yet but I am getting calls from high pressure sales people to join their best value program with my info given to Stompeez~they have my credit card info,mailing address etc except they don’t have the correct mailing address for where I was having the slippers sent too. I canceled my order for the slippers. I do not trust a company that gives out all my billing info to other companies. That should be illegal!

  47. Looks like they are under new management (same people who distribute the Dream Lites Pillow Pets). I’m *hoping” this holiday season won’t be as bad as last year when it comes to back-stock but the prices are already getting a little crazy and it’s only June!

    • Oh wow..!! I was so ready to place an order right now and I’m glad I decided to check the reviews before I did.

    • My grandma asked about stompeez and she said as a ten year old do you think those would be something you would ware? Would those be something I would ware? And I said yeah!!! Those things look awesome!! I would ware them to school on pajama day and all of the other strange things they let us do at our school! But yes! those things look so cool! And I want some so bad!! And then she said… what size do you ware? But I dont have any yet so.

      BYE!!! Comment for me!!

    • This new management is giving out my credit card info and billing info to other company’s to call and pitch their high pressure sales…No thank you. Canceled my order. I am now intently watching for any unauthorized charges on my card..No thank you!

  48. Do not order big Rip-off. The customer service is sucks. I order in December still have got them. I have call several time each time I am told oh we are getting supplys at the end of the week and then we will ship yours to you. The are so full of it.

  49. email received today. If I remember correctly, $10 bucks wouldn’t even cover shipping – and this bunch of knuckleheads really failed last time around. Thanks, but no thanks.

    Dear Stompeez Customer:

    The Original Stompeez Slippers are back and under new management!

    Stompeez was such a huge success with children last year that suppliers were unable to keep up with demand! An entire year’s supply of inventory was sold out in just two months. We are so sorry what this may have caused you and your family. Let us make it up to you!

    We want to make it right by offering you and your family priority access to the new Stompeez Slippers, as well as a promotional discount of $10.00 off your next Stompeez order….

    etc etc.

  50. Thank you everyone who left a review. I was going to get a pair but after reading the comments decided not to. Thank you for saving my money!

  51. I bought my daughter a pair of STOMPEEZ about 5 weeks ago from Concepts Direct (A store that sells products sold on tv) my daughter so thrilled that i could get them for her because I dont have a credit card cannot make purchases online. She has worn them about 5 times ( we are only coming into winter now in Australia) and was devastated when she went to show them off to her nana that they no longer worked. So Monday I return to the store to show them their faulty product and the sales assistant asked if I had proof of purchase to which I replied “No I didnt think to keep the receipt as if we had of got through winter I would of been happy.” She then proceeded to tell me to leave the STOMPEEZ with her and fill in a fault log form and they would send them off and if they were deemed faulty they would be replaced, like hello they dont STOMP anymore the unicorn is permanently asleep now. So no receipt no refund or exchange for that matter and thats all i was asking for.

    After reading all the reviews here me and my husband have come up with a plan lol. Tomorrow he will go in to the store and buy another pair of STOMPEEZ, now giving us a receipt to return the faulty pair and get a refund. Still not sure if I really wanna keep the new pair thou but will be left in the same situation no receipt to return the other pair but at-least we have gotten rid of the broken ones.

    The store manager told me she would look into it and see if there was anything they could do with no proof of purchase and would get back to me tomorrow sometime. I have also decide to let other shoppers know that I was advised you must keep all receipts of purchase for 12 months, can you imagine how many receipts one would have even after half a year, and then to sort through them all to find the one that goes with the product would also be time consuming. Do they not think people have more important things to do with their time than to sort through receipts, our lives are already busy and hectic enough without having this added stress.

    I would not recommend these slippers to anybody or shopping at Concepts Direct for that matter, and I am also thinking seriously about going to consumer affairs.

    One very dissatisfied customer and heartbroken 6 year old.

    • Lorrinda,
      Here in the States, 99% of stores require a receipt to return or exchange something. If nothing else, we need the receipts in order to get warranties honored. To make it easier to keep receipts, get a business-size envelope for each store you go to that requires a receipt for a return.

      Put the name of each store on the front for easy identification. Then (and this part is critical to making it easier to find receipts) start putting your receipts into the envelope IN ORDER, with the oldest receipt first. In other words, just stack your latest receipt on top of the others.

      Keep the envelopes in your purse and you can put the receipt in there promptly (so, no lost receipts). Or, keep the envelopes – in alphabetical order) in a box at home or in your home office for easy access later.

      After awhile, if you need a receipt as proof of purchase, just estimate what day/month you got your item, then look through the receipts till you find it. So if you got that item recently, you would look toward the top of the stack, or if you got that item a longer time ago, you would look toward the back.

      If I buy something at the Mega-Mart that comes with a warranty, I often write the name of the item at the top of the receipt so that later I don’t have to scan through dozens of listed items (some of my grocery store receipts can get very long), should I need to find that receipt later.

      I hope this helps; its absolutely necessary to do this over here if you expect to get any money returned, and does help save one’s sanity!

      Best of luck to you!!

  52. I ordered stompeez for my granddaughter on Nov. 28 2011 for Christmas! Today is May 20, 2012 and still no stompeez!! I felt horrible when her Christmas gift didn’t show up and now that is all she talks about! Very disappointed, and every time I’ve tried calling customer service I never get a hold of a person!! Guess I’ll chalk this up to a lesson learned and will inform everyone I know NOT TO ORDER THESE!! Word of mouth is the best way to destroy or make a company!!

  53. I spoke with a representative from the company. It seems they are getting their inventory from another source after the problems from last Christmas. He told me starting the beginning of May they have been selling a new product that is improved and can handle more jumping. I guess we will see if they are actually better.

  54. I ordered the slippers on Nov. 29, 2011 for a Christmas present. They arrived yesterday (May 11, 2012). I got a “free duffle bag” which cost $7.95 for shipping. I did not order a blanket but was sent one of them and billed $6.95 for it. I also spent 90 minutes on hold on the phone only to find out they had left for the day. If you are ordering for Christmas 2012, your order needs to be placed by Memorial Day.

    • My son’s slippers were broken when they got here. I was shipped a faulty product and my 4 year old son was very upset.

  55. I agree with OLB. I don’t work for the company. Nobody on this site has ordered for a while, so i think it will work this time. I really think stompeez will pull through.

  56. I ordered in November 2011 the day before Thanksgiving. It is now May 2012. I have checked on my order repeatedly “no we still don’t have any in stock” My order has been cx twice because of time elapsed and finally told them FORGET IT. I can’t imagine how they can be in business when they can’t fill an order for three pairs of slippers in 5+ months. DO NOT ORDER from this company! RIDICULOUS!!

  57. I ordered Stompeez for a christmas gifts for my children. As of April 22, 2012 I still have not received them. I also ordered the duffel bags and I was sent blankets instead. When I call to ask why I was told they didn’t have enough bags.

    Now when I call to check if I will ever get them I get told the same thing. They should be getting supplies soon and they will get it sent to me.

  58. I paid extra to receive Stompeez in time for Christmas so my daughter was excited. I feel sorry for everyone else who didn’t get there orders. The slippers are crap though. My daughter has wore them maybe three times and one of the slippers broke. Do not buy from this company. I don’t even plan on trying to get a refund seeing all the complaints on here, I’m sure I won’t ever get my money back anyway.

  59. I was VERY disappointed with the Stompeez slippers. I purchased them for my 3 children for Christmas and 2 out of 3 did not work. Sent them back. Waited and did not receive anything, so I had to call. When I received the new package we got another pair that did not work along with a wrong style pair. Sent those back. And never received replacements (4/17/2012), so I had to call and requested a refund. What a disappointment and hassle. I would NOT recommend getting these.

  60. I ordered four pairs for my grand-kids and it took months and five phone call before they where shipped, its to bad the kids like them and have fun using them. I think the the owner should think about having a store, their shipping department is not very reliable and their employees just give you false information. I would have ordered 10 pairs for a sleep over party but I know that they would never arrive in time. PEOPLE SHOULD THINK TWICE BEFORE ORDERING STOMPEEZ.

  61. Ive been ringing and trying to get onto the people to find out when they are going to arrive got them for easter and still waiting what a joke I am 5 hours away from where you make like serious yous need to do something about that and from reading the other reviews you really need too fix it or your gunna go be shuting shop REAL soon haha ……. What a joke

  62. We ordered some in the beginning of march and we got them in about 2 weeks. My niece’s stopped working but I was just feeling around and it was just the ball was deflated. But the other pairs are just fine I was just thinking the way they are designed the kids are suppose to let the ball pop back up before they stomp on it again.

  63. I order the peek a boo for my daughter for Christmas. In January still no slippers. When placed the order I was told 6-8 weeks. Then I checked on line for the status and still down loading. So I called they said in 4-6 weeks I would have them. So I was ok I can give for her birthday in April. In March still no slippers so I called then they said not sure when cause they have a high volume of back orders. So, I told the lady just cancel that order. Then she offered me a $6.99 credit to keep my order in process. I said no way!! This was a very big disappointment for me. My daughter really wanted them and I wanted to surprise her. But the surprise was on me. Thank god, I didn’t tell her cause she would still be waiting. Stompeez is a false advertisement it so fake. So parents and grandparents do not order them for the children. Thank you for sharing your comments I thought I was the only one, and seams like there is hundreds like me. God bless you all. This is a lesson learned for me.

  64. I bought the slippers for my 2 daughters, within one week one pair stopped working and then within the next week the other pair started to whistle and also stopped working. It cost me 40.00 for a pair of regular slippers. Big waste of money.

  65. Thank you all for leaving your Stompeez reviews. I am going to take note of your posts and not purchase them. It sounds like you have all saved me a lot of frustration and heartache.

  66. The reason they are not able to fulfill those orders is because they have been sending their stock to stores. Just received a post-card that they are now available at the local “learning shop/toy store”.

  67. Thank you all for your feedback. I was going to order a couple of pairs but will now avoid the headaches a company like this can inflict.

  68. DO NOT! I repeat, DO NOT order from this company! They are a joke and the whole process has been ridiculous! I placed my order back in November and was semi-understanding of the fact that they couldn’t fill it for Christmas. My daughter’s birthday was the end of February so I decided to wait for them until then…still no slippers.

    I read on here where someone stated that the “key” was not to order the bag because they are what is backordered. Not true…first, they could easily have sent the items separate, most companies would have and second, I received the bag, but STILL no slippers and it is now March 16, 2012.

    For all of you that have not received your order, like myself, you will be interested to know that their website states that the SAME product I ordered in November is one of the products that is being advertised on their website as “In Stock and has Same Day Shipping” TODAY. Really?

    Yes! I had a phone conversation, yes! I was offered free shipping (they are also offering that on the website right now..whoop de doo), Yes! I was told it would be here in 3-4 more weeks! Yes! I cancelled my order especially after being told they would NOT guarantee my order would be here in 3-4 more weeks.

    If you received your order I am so happy you and your kids haven’t had to deal with the disappointment and frustration that we have had to and for those of you that are considering ordering from them….DON’T!

  69. Like so many others, I never received my order. I placed the order on the 3rd of December. It is now the 15th of March, and I finally decided to cancel my order today.

    I did not received any kind of confirmation email until February 7, when I got an email telling me that my order ‘had been placed, but was on back order’ and that it would be 4 to 6 weeks before they could be shipped. I got another email a few weeks later telling me it would be ANOTHER 4 to 6 weeks before they could be shipped–but rest assured! They’d get here before Christmas of 2012! Funny. A few days ago, I received this email:

    “We would like to begin by thanking you for your Stompeez order. We appreciate your patience as we have worked to fulfill the overwhelming demand received for Stompeez product. While we have been able to fulfill tens of thousands of orders, we’ve been unable to fulfill 100% of them.

    We are sending this update to inform you that in spite of our best efforts to get product to you as quickly as possible, we are unable to ship the balance of your order at this time due to unforeseen issues in our supply chain. We are expecting additional inventory to arrive and plan to begin shipping as soon as we have it in hand. At this point, we are unable to quote a specific date.”

    So their estimate went from “4 to 6 weeks” to “another 4 to 6 weeks” to “sometime before December 2012” to a vague “eventually”.

    When I finally tried to cancel my order online, I got a popup notification:
    “Would you like to keep the order if I offer you a $3.48 discount? Press OK to accept the discount and keep the order. Press Cancel to cancel the order.”

    I was ordered a $4 bribe to keep my order. Of course, I clicked ‘Cancel’ and then was told to call a number.

    I called the number. I got a recorded message telling me that they had a ‘high volume of calls’ and they were unable to answer my call at the moment. I called again a few minutes later got some lady on the line that could barely speak English. I was able to cancel my order after being offered another ‘discount’.

    Don’t order from Stompeez. You won’t get your order. On the slight chance you do receive your order, it will break in a few minutes. Get your kid a teddy bear or something instead.

  70. I wish I would have read the reviews before ordering this product! I placed my order, for a dragon, a cat, a bunny and a puppy, the last week in November of 2011…it is now March of 2012 and have not received my entire order. I did receive the purple puppy and along with that another slipper that I never ordered. Sent that back at my own expense! Two weeks later I received another pair of purple puppies. I have called this company at least 3 times with no satisfaction. I am cancelling the rest of my order since it is not worth it. Not only that I see that many customers received defective product! I too will be contacting the BBB and Consumer Protection. I wish I would have read the reviews before I ordered. I learned my lesson!

  71. Just a tip. If you want to order for a birthday etc. Don’t expect delivery anytime soon. I ordered a pair for my Granddaughter for Christmas and placed the order in November and was told that they would guarantee delivery by Christmas. It is now March 14 four months later and still no delivery.

  72. Horrible Experience! I ordered 2 pairs of Stompeez Slippers for my kids for Christmas. I ordered them November 29, 2011. Today is March 12 2012 and I have not yet received them. I finally cancelled my order today because I was told they still do not have the slippers in stock. I asked what slippers they had in stock and was told, “None at the moment.”

    Today is the 6th time I have contacted the company. The first time was mid December. I wanted to know if the slippers were going to arrive in time for Christmas. I was told because I ordered them before Dec. 4 I was guaranteed to receive them. I called Dec 20 again and was told they would be there Dec 24. They did not come.

    I called twice in Jan, once in Feb and then today. Received the same likes every time. “It’ll be 2 weeks and we will have them to you.”

    Don’t waste your time ordering….they will never come!

    • Hey Guys,

      I am 10 years old and would love Stompeez. My mom has promised to get them for me but has not yet done so. Should I tell her not to? is it worth it?

  73. DO NOT BUY THIS Stompeez. I ordered two pairs of Stompeez for my children for Christmas on December 4th, 2011. I called a week before Christmas because the items were not there yet. I was told that based on my order number they could tell I ordered on December 4th and guaranteed me that they would be here by Christmas.

    Now I understand that they may have had an overload due to Christmas, but it is now MARCH 10th 2012!! I still have not received my order. Good thing my children never knew about it. They would have been so disappointed. This is a HORRIBLE company. I wonder if ANYONE got their orders, because based on what I have read I am not the only one still waiting. What a SCAM!!

  74. Just like most of you, my daughter saw the commercial way back in October and was dying to get these for Christmas. I finally relented by November and ordered them…they were GUARANTEED for Xmas – ha! I also asked for the duffle bag for the extra shipping charge. Weeks went by & I called before Xmas…still guaranteed for Xmas, they said. What a joke. By the end of January, a blanket shows up in the mail and they charged my credit card $6.95 for something I didn’t order. No e-mail or anything about the shoes or the bag. I don’t know why they sent me this blanket.

    After reading all the reviews here (something I should have done before ordering!), I contacted the Better Business Bureau (online). I recommend all of you do the same. They have been very good at following up with me, however all they can do is contact the company. At first, they received no response either, but I was getting regular letters from the BBB with a status. Finally, they got my order cancelled by the end of February and I don’t have to call the company any more only to hear more of their lies. I told the BBB in my report that this company should not be allowed to advertise like they do or promise delivery. I see their website is still alive and well. Don’t know what kind of regulations are in place for companies like this…I suspect not any. But I think it’s worth making the complaints on record. In the end, I’m stuck with some blanket I didn’t order but I know it would cost me 3X as much to try to return it and attempt to get a refund…not worth it.

    • Now that I’ve read even more of the comments below, my advice to EVERYONE…PLEASE CONTACT THE BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU ABOUT THIS COMPANY! It’s the only chance we have to have an affect on scams like this. It might also be worth a call to Clark Howard (consumer advocate).

        • I also placed a complaint at BBB. Not only for my frustration and everyone here, but for the fact that they are STILL falsely advertising online. I am so sorry all of you have gone through this too. I guess we are all in good company and hopefully can get the word out to unsuspecting customers! :0)

  75. Stompeez is a JOKE!!! Ordered one pair that showed as available around the first of the year for my daughter’s birthday. I’ve called 3 times to get a status of when the product will ship and after being given multiple “back order dates”, I called today and was told they no longer had a back order date to provide. They couldn’t even tell me if it would ship this year. They never have a manager available. All of the reps read from scripts and it sounds like I’m calling a sweat shop with the sound level in the background from all the reps being on the phones. That tells me that this is a call center for many different products and depending on what number you dial, that will determine what script they will read to you to answer your questions. It’s too bad because my daughter really wanted the Unicorn slippers that she saw on TV and now I have to let her know they will not be coming.

  76. I just made a comment but want to update it. I ordered the one eyed monster twice after the second wearing they both broke. Don”t order it.

    • I made a comment early about how unprofessional the Stompeez company is. They will not return the money for the order I returned. I ordered twice because I never received an order confirmation on the first order. I call and told them I was returning the extra four pairs. I returned them at my expense with delivery confirmation, they received them on Dec. 28th and no refund. Now they are telling me I must send proof that I retuned them but did not tell me what kind of proof they required and to fax it (like I have a fax machine at home). I guess the order form and the confirmation from the post office. When I decided to make an additional comment about the quality of the slippers I noticed that my orginial post had been deleted so I am relying to my own post and hopefully this will remain up. Their customer service is nowhere to be found.Would I go to all of the trouble to save copies of orders andconfirmation if I was scamming them, I think it is the opposite.

  77. Company is unprofessional. Never sent an e-mail confirmation and I never received one after the order was submitted. Since I never heard from the company I ordered the slippers again for my grandchildren. Both orders arrived after two months. I called and told them I was returning one order, I sent them at my own expense, with a confirmation number. They received them on Dec. 28th and I am still waiting for my money back. I called them today and they told me I must submit proof that I returned them. I asked what kind of proof they wanted and the answer was just proof. I guess the packing slip which I was required to return with the order. I have the confirmation slip and will get the print out from the post office, what else will them demand. They do not believe in customer service. I would just like my $80.00 returned

  78. I wouldn’t order from these frauds if they paid ME! I ordered a pair of slippers and it didn’t go through so I did it again. After ordering the slippers I received a notice saying that both orders had been declined. I had already canceled on them prior but was surprised by the notice. Then 3 days ago I suddenly got 2 pairs of the same slippers, that one I had canceled and 2 were declined anyway. I had been trying to figure out what the shortage was on my card-now I know. And now I plan to send one pair back and gave the other pair to my granddaughter for her 4th b-day. Guess what? One didn’t work! This company is fraudulent and false in their advertising. Don’t order from them.

  79. OUTRAGED!…After my niece and nephew had seen the commercial on Disney channel they wanted these, so I did what any good uncle would and ordered them both a pair in early December for Christmas. I received no email confirmation, no charge to my credit card and could not find customer service contact information on their website…I chalked it up to a scam. Over two months later half the order showed up on my doorstep and a charge to my credit card??? I called infuriated and asked them to cancel the remainder of the order and let me return what was sent for a refund. I then was told that I would have to pay for the return shipping. For a $26 refund, it seemed like too much of a hassle…so I decided to give them to my niece anyway and do they even work? NO!! The little bunny ears just lay flat no matter how hard she walks, runs or jumps!!! Companies like this should NOT be allowed to advertise on TV and especially not childrens networks like Disney.

  80. I ordered 4 pair in November…they came in the mail today, Feb. 11. I only got 3 of the 4 pair, needless to say I have one very sad child, actually two very sad children. About 12 minutes into wearing them my oldest (7 years old, 52lbs) comes down the stairs crying that one is broken. She was right, the pump that makes the ears pop up and down popped and not only do the ears not go up and down, but with the pump thing not holding air they are pretty uncomfortable. Big Time Disappointed with Stompeez!!

  81. This is the most infuriating company to deal with. I order a pair of slippers the beginning of Dec or end of Nov. I had given up on them and then they arrived a couple days before Christmas for my 3 1/2 year old daughter. I open the box and they sent me an x-large, with a note in the box saying they sent what ever just to get the order out and if I was not satisfied to call the customer service number. Well for a long time I could not get through. Then I only get people who speak so so English. They tried several times to send me a prepaid ups label via email, which never came. I finally said I am not talking to you give me a supervisor, don’t know if he was one, but said to mail them back at my expense and I will be refunded the shipping. We will see what happens. This is the most disorganized company I would suggest no one order from them.

  82. This company is a JOKE! I placed an order back on November 26th for three pair. It’s now February and they still haven’t shipped out. Not to mention that in the mean time I have called three times to check on my order status only to hear EACH time that my order will ship out next week. PLUS, they canceled my order and now for some reason I have two different orders in the system. When I asked to speak to a manager, they responded that no manager was on the floor. It’s looking like my Christmas gift will become an Easter gift, but I’m not totally certain that they will even arrive by April.

  83. I would not know what to tell you about stompeez because I ordered them on Dec 1st of 2011 and still have not recive them!! When I called to check on my order before christmas they told me rest assure they would be here by christmas!! After Christmas I called back I was told they would be shipped within the next week and that I would now have free shipping.It is now Feb 2 2012 still no stompeez and when I called to check on my order they said well we did give you free shipping!! However they do not know when my order will be shipped they onse again told me they think it will be sometime next week lol! I would just like to know that if you dont have the orders to ship why are they still selling them?? I would love to cancell my order but my children got an letter from santa telling them that he was bringigng them shortly the elfs were a little behind and they ask me about them every day.I will NEVER order from this company again!!

  84. They are just wasting my time. I ordered them in December it is now February and still they haven’t arrived. I’ve called them multiple times they kept assuring me that they would send them out yet I’m still waiting.

  85. I ordered three pairs of these adorable slippers on Dec. 3 as Christmas gifts for our grandchildren. I was told by the customer representative via phone that I would receive them in 5 to 7 days. Two weeks later I was told by another customer rep that all shipments were expected to be shipped for Christmas delivery. All the online “order status” gave was that my order was being processed. I attempted to cancel my order online, but was given a phone number to call to cancel. Finally, on January 31, I cancelled my order via phone. I feel that advertising a product on kids’ TV shows and getting them excited to add these slippers to their Santa list and then not filling orders despite promises to do so is false advertising.

  86. DO NOT BUY!!!!! My mother ordered these as a Christmas present for my daughter back in late October…needless to say we did not receive them until the 2nd week in January. We decided to give them to my daughter for her birthday. She had her foot in the slipper for a total of 3 minutes before one of them stopped working. This is a rip-off!!!

  87. DO NOT BUY!!!!! Please I hope this review is read!!!! Today is Jan. 30th 2012, I ordered my Stompeez on Dec. 4th 2011 and still have not received them! I try everyday to look up my status on the website and the order numbers do not work, it is so hard to find the 800 number to call them and you always get transferred internationally to representatives in China that barely speak English. They keep telling me that my order is waiting to be shipped and should be coming and sometimes they tell me one of my stompeez is on back order. I just cancelled the order today because thankfully they are now being sold in stores. DO YOURSELF A FAVOR TO SAVE YOURSELF EXTRA STRESS AND DISAPPOINTMENT ON YOUR KIDS FACES WHEN THEY STILL DON’T HAVE THERE STOMPEEZ 2 MONTHS LATER DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS HELLISH WEBSITE!!

    • What stores are selling them? I just cancelled my order from November because I wanted them for my Granddaughter for Christmas. Its now March and I was tired of their lies. Guarantee before Christmas!! What a huge lie.

  88. OMG this Stompeez thing is a joke I ordered my grand children and nieces and nephews them for Christmas joke is on me it is 1/28/12 I ordered them on 11/4/11 and was told I would get them by Christmas nothing yet I tried to call and cancel my order and they would not let me I had to cancel my credit card I do not want them and they really messed up my Christmas thank you for nothing and empty promises what a let down and by the way my order still has not been processed.

  89. My stompeez experience… a positive one?

    Hi you guys! Like all of you, I have a daughter who so badly wanted these slippers for Christmas, I read the reviews and decided not to out of fear that I wouldn’t get them in time. My daughter’s birthday is in February so I decided to wait. I ordered the unicorn pair January 20th. My thinking was “OK it was Christmas and they were probably overwhelmed with orders.” A day after I placed my order, I received the “100 dollar gift card” scam phone call. I didn’t give them what they asked for but nonetheless, I started remembering the old reviews I read and decided to look up some updates. I came to this page specifically and decided to call them and cancel.

    When I called, I told her I was weary because of all the bad reviews and asked why weren’t people getting their orders. She mentioned back orders and Christmas basically. She assured me that the unicorn slippers were available and were to be shipped out that day. I also mentioned the scamming phone call and she took me off the list and I haven’t received any more. To sum it all up, I took a chance and continued with the order.

    Ordered a pair Friday, January 20th. They shipped out on the 23rd (that Monday) I received my order today on the 27th. So all in all, I think the holiday season may have had something to do with the delay and the fact that they ship FedEx smart post who are notorious for being super slow. My daughter has not worn them yet sooo there could be a blow out later who knows lol I’ll update

    Also this review does not excuse them in any way. A lot of you guys (the majority) were really cheated and lied to and given the run around. They might have been overwhelmed during the holidays but they should have never guaranteed delivery before Christmas if they couldn’t come through.

    • Ashley,

      I am sorry, but you must have ordered size SM/M and not size large (L). Size L’s have been on backorder. That is why your order has been shipped and you had a positive experience. Is that correct?

      • Yes I ordered the small/ medium size. Unfortunately the air bubble in one shoe did not work and I ended up sending it back. Hopefully them redelivering will not be a hassle but who knows.

  90. We ordered these on November 28, 2011 and it is January 26, 2012 and still NO STOMPEEZ!! 2 whole months!! my kids saw these on a commercial in late October and we waited until cyber monday to purchase these thinking we could get a deal…….NOT!! My husband ordered 4 pairs with the duffel bags. My husband said that he went back to the website after a few days of noticing our account hadn’t been charged yet and thought that maybe the order didn’t go through so we went with our guts and walked away from the order…..OR SO WE THOUGHT!! On January 25th (last night) we got an email saying our back ordered items will be shipped in 3 to 4 weeks! HA!! I don’t think so!! You mean to tell me that you actually think I still want these?! This is absolutely ludicrous!! I haven’t heard crap from this company since I placed my order (not even telling me they were on back order in the first place) and months later they decide to contact me to tell me I still need to wait for them?! Here I’m thinking the order never went through and that was OK with us…..we moved on and bought the kids different gifts. My husband is going to call today and cancel this order and will be calling our bank to make sure they don’t let this order go through! I had a bad feeling about this after I thought about how the slippers would “work”. Glad to know I should use my common sense a little more. I better not get these sent to me or anything else from this lame company…..GET OUT IF YOU CAN!!

  91. I ordered stompeez on November 21st, they guaranteed that we would have them by Christmas! Called several times for updates, pretty much got the run around, but still promised I would have them by Christmas, they arrived 3 weeks after Christmas. The kids were happy, the shoes are cute, but one of them does not work! Were they worth the price or wait?? Definitely not!

  92. DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM THESE PEOPLE!!! They sent me the wrong product and made me pay to ship it back!!!
    Even Their review section screws you!

    • Agree with all these posts….do not order any products! I just cancelled my order after waiting for 3 months to receive it! They tried on the phone to offer me a discount for my inconvenience, no thanks!!

    • Thank you to everyone who wrote these reviews!!

      I went online to order the be-bop bunny stompeez today and the only size they had was small. I checked the other styles and they had only small in all styles. My daughter wanted a pair for Christmas, but I thought I’d save this gift for her birthday which is coming up.

      I called CS to see if they even had other sizes and they were not super friendly which worried me seeing as I am a prospective customer. They informed me that they would have a new shipment in within 4-6 weeks. That’s when I jumped online to check the reviews and boy am I glad I did!

      I got on e-bay to see if they had them on there and they do, but people are selling them for $50. I guess that’s due to how hard it is to actually get them. Further down in these reviews I read that they are of very low quality. I am disappointed, because my daughter really wants them, but glad I found out before I was scammed! Thank you!!

  93. DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM THESE PEOPLE!! They sent me the wrong product and made me pay to ship it back!!

  94. DO NOT!!! Order these slippers… I don’t do reviews (this is my first )I know they are cute and would make a great gift, but you will not receive them in time! I ordered them for Christmas gifts on November 24 after rounding up 6 sizes from parents ( a total of 162.00 worth of cheap made in china slippers) Waiting with so much excitement 3 weeks go by and no slippers, so I go to the website to see what the status is… there is none I’m no where to be found so I naturally check my credit card and no charge so I thought that maybe I didnt go through the order process properly “oh well I’ll give it a go next year” Well to my surprise I open my email and there is a email from my once beloved slippers and in it, it says they will be in time to enjoy just in time for the holidays! HUH in what year 2015??? NO Thanks! Now its time to cancel I know by the other reviewers that this is not going to be a easy task! So I hate to do this but go in hitting hard and being firm… “NO I do not want free shipping” No I don’t want this yes all I want them is canceled!! Very hard for them to understand… So I told them if they gave them to me for free I still don’t want them! Keep your crap and your cheap made in china slippers( that I WAS willing to spend 7.95 for each pair to get shipped to the same house!) But wait… I can get a free duffle bag if I pay another 7.95 per each I was smart enough to opt out of that one! I know they are cute but they will have so many cancelled orders that they will have a warehouse full of them just waiting for wal mart to buy them out because the business went under for poor customer service! so my friend you Will have them in a wal mart near you soon (just like pillow pets!)

  95. I would not buy from this company again. Ordered four pair of stompeez with the “free” duffel bags on Dec. 4th and was told they would be here before Christmas. I called and checked the order and was told the duffel bags was the delay and I should split the order and the slippers would arrive on time for Christmas, but not the duffel bags. 4 days before Christmas they still have not arrived, called again and was told they were shipping out that night and would be shipped for “next day” delivery at no additional charge to me. Called the next day and was told the exact same thing from a different person, overnight delivery and will arrive the next day. They never arrived. The company just flat tells lies!!! Called after Christmas and was told it would be three more weeks. It is January 21st and I still have not received these items, however, I did get blankets in the mail (not the duffel bag originally ordered).

  96. Do not order Stompeez from this company-order will not arrive, will promise you things then take that back. I have cancelled after being guaranteed by Christmas – still getting run around and dont know when they will have them. They told me free blanket and free shipping and handling, now told I never called that day and I would have to pay shipping and handling and STILL does not know when. FORGET IT BAD COMPANY POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE AND NO STOMPEEZ.

  97. Ordered a pair of Stompeez for my grandson on Dec.5th, they promised to be here by Christmas, never showed, and they have no idea when up. I call company to complain, am offered a free blanket – not enough and ask for a supervisor. He then tells me they will waive shipping and handling. I bite, said will be in 2 weeks. Never arrives, I call company again they have no record of my first call yet, it shows I’m getting free blanket, but have to pay shipping and handling, and have no idea when I will receive it. I cancelled the order, my grandson will be happier to have $30 it was going to cost me and pick out something else.

    Do not bother with this company-they dont care about consumer

  98. I ordered my Stompeez slippers only 1 pair because the s&h for the free bag was a rip off, so I ordered it on 11-28-11 and still til this day 1-17-12 never got them I call everyday, never the same story!! I was told the kittys were on back order but now in, don’t worry we’ll ship next day air so you can have them by Christmas day, Yesterday I was told they were being shipped Next day air, but still no tracking number as promised, all of their promises are false. today I was told no sorry we don’t have next day air. & she will highlight my order URGENT!! So now at 10:23pm I’m trying to go on there web site and cancel my order I don’t want anything to do with the company or slippers they have BAD REVIEWS. don’t waste your money. Spread the word!!

  99. I never got what I ordered on Dec 8th but did receive two blankets on Jan 13rh now I will not be ordering anything again from this company. I now have to tell my two grand-kids that they will not be getting them and very disappointed that a company will send you something that you did not order without asking if you would want it. Why will I order slippers and get blankets as a replacement what am I suppose to tell the to walk on the blankets what a shame

  100. I ordered Stompeez on Dec 3 for my daughters birthday, which was Dec 15 and like everyone else no Stompeez , no Stompeez at Christmas and still no Stompeez. It is now Jan 16 and I have not received a email or phone call even stating if their in or they are shipping them. Just absolutely nothing what kind of business is this.

  101. I thought my story was unique until I read the notes on this site — I guess not! I ordered my slippers on December 5th, made several phone calls to ensure that the slippers would be received before Christmas. Needless to say, they still have not arrived. I tried to cancel the order tonight, but alas, when you try to cancel using the information on the website (including the button that says “Cancel my order”), you are instructed to call, instead. Are you kidding me?! So, tomorrow I begin the process of cancelling my order.

    My advice to you…if you have not ordered from this company, please dont!! Save yourself time and frustration.

  102. I ordered slippers as an Xmas gift in mid November, on January 8th I received the duffle bag but no slippers. I did not order the duffle bag….This company is a scam. On Monday I will start the process of calling them, likely will not get through and will have to have credit card company fight them.

  103. Worst gift I have ever purchased. They don’t work as advertised on tv and they came two weeks after Christmas. (we ordered them in plenty of time for Christmas delivery) AND they sent us a cheap blanket we didn’t want that they wanted us to pay $7 for, but that took $8 to send back parcel post! Worst company in the world! AND they don’t have a phone number to complain! DON’T BUY THEIR CRAP!!!

  104. eBay bought GSI Commerce. You must contact eBay ethics line to file a report. The president of GSI Commerce I believe is ‘Chris Saridakis’.

  105. Poor Company with empty promises! We ordered 2 pairs of Stompeez more than 6 weeks ago and still haven’t received them. They did say our shipping fees for the crap promo blankets would be refunded. Will see if that happens. What a shame for company to market a product that it can never deliver to its customer. The only consistent part of our transaction has been Stompeez poor service followed even worse communication. The people at Stompeez need to give me their screwed up definition of “Processed” or “Processing” b/c I’m certain that we don’t have the same thing in mind.

  106. I ordered Stompeez for my granddaughter’s birthday the other day. Today, I get a phone call from an Illinois phone number. She identified herself and asked which gift card I would like, Target, Gas card, etc. I said, I don’t want any of them and was just going to say thank you when she hung up. Now, I see by the other reviews, that they sell my personal information and these people are not employees of Stompeez. It is not the right thing to do and I will let people know on my FB page about you and Wuggles.

  107. The product is fine..cute. However I will never order from them again. They sold my personal information and now I keep getting soliciting calls stating that they are a rep from Stompeez but then want to sell me a $100 walmart card for $5..cost of shipping. SCAM!!!

    • The slippers were fine I had the same order/delivery problems that everybody else did. I chose not to get the duffle bag but about a week after I got the slippers they shipped a duffle-bag and charged my card $6.95. I called and customer service was worthless I ended up arguing with them about ethics. Finally she said I could refuse delivery and it would cost $3.00 to return. We yelled about that for awhile then she finally agreed to have the charge removed after I refuse delivery. How do you refuse delivery when you never see the mailman? I fell for $100 walmart card I’m sure I’m an idiot we will see.

  108. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!! My nephews suggested this product to me as their Birthday present in October. I ordered them on 10/7/11. Several weeks later I checked on the status. The last update was from 10/8 telling me the order was being processed. I waited a couple more weeks and checked again, still processing the computer read. I also received an IMPORTANT postcard in the mail telling me that I could either send the card back to cancel my order or don’t do anything and my order would ship by 11/30. It’s January 11, 2012 today…. I checked on the status once more to find that they cancelled my order on 12/9. I never cancelled my order! I work in Customer Service…This company did not impress me. Bad Customer Service!! READ REVIEWS BEFORE YOU WASTE YOUR TIME!

  109. After reading complaints from those that have rec’d them I called back and cancelled my order. Kind of glad now that I didnt rec them, even though I ordered them the middle of Nov. Thank you everyone that wrote on here of what a disappointment these slippers were after you rec’d them. You all just saved me over $100.00 Should have researched this more before ordering and then having the headache of having to call and getting a different answer every time I called.

    • Keep watching your credit card statement, I canceled 3 orders and was still charged for them. I rejected the packages like they told me to and now it’s over a month later, they owe me almost $50 and they are saying they didn’t get my rejected packages.

      I have never seen a company like this before! It’s awful!

  110. I received the slippers( which were garbage) before Christmas. Now on January 9 I receive a “free” duffel bag for which they charged my credit card an additional $6.95. I didn’t order a duffel and didn’t ask for a “free” gift. Pretty shoddy marketing technique to get another few dollars out of us suckers. I notified my credit card company to stop payment on the “postage” charge. This company is really one of the sleaziest I have ever dealt with.

    • They charged my credit card for the duffel as well (I never received my slippers even though I was sent an email stating the order had been shipped). Last week I began having fraudulent charges placed on my AMEX and had to have the card cancelled. I fully believe that this company is responsible.

  111. I just ended my fifth call to this company. I won’t bore you with the details of doing business with them, since I just read others’ comments. Their complaints seem to cover most of my problems. PLEASE DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY. They are neither professional nor honest, nor ethical. The incompetence is incredible. This is a SCAM.

  112. I ordered 3 pair of slippers early Nov. They arrived 12-23, however no free bags! The grandchildren were so excited – but only for a short time. Two of the three pairs had a “blow out” before the night was over – very disappointed little ones.

    On 1-5 I received the “free” bags, however, my credit card was billed $26.00 for postage! Please do not buy these darling slippers – they are clearly a scam!

  113. Well its Jan 7 and still no slippers I order them Nov 27 2011 what is up with this so called company, if they aren’t going to ship them then why not say it, instead of saying there on back order. That bull!!

    • I ordered slippers as a gift for my niece on Nov 28th ans still nothing. I got an email for something that shipped but they shipped a blanket instead.. I did not order a blanket… It is crazy how they mislead you and keep saying that they are very backordered. If they were not ready for the demand, they shouldn’t have advertised until they got all the supply.

  114. Thank you everyone. I was going to order for my grandsons for Christmas, but the Gods were watching over me when I noticed on their website they had run out of the product. So I waited until now to order them for my grandsons upcoming birthdays, but when I saw the $27.00 S&H fee and the $1.00 electronic filing fee and the $4.40 sales tax which far exceeds our sales tax in my state, suddenly a $39.90 order was up to $73.12. I did not enter my payment information, but instead went back to see if I could remove the “bags” to reduce the S&H, but there is no control over that. Then I came here and read your reviews. Above and beyond the costs, the 1 to 3 hour life span of the product was the killer for me. I’m out – my daughter will have to explain scams to her 4 and 2 year olds.

  115. I ordered a pair of Stompeez on Dec 3rd. Still have not received them & get the run around everytime I call. They have no idea when they will get more & cannot even give an estimated ship date.

  116. I ordered 2 pairs Dec 2, promised them for Christmas. I checked up on them daily and daily promised they would be here for Christmas. Didn’t happen, called on the 26 and promised before New Years, here it is Jan 5th still being processed. I just called and “Terry” said owner donated a shipment that is why orders didn’t ship. REALLLLLY, wish I could get proof of that. I highly doubt they donated the slippers customers had been waiting months for.

  117. I received Stompeez in December. Great product, my niece loves them. My problem is with customer service and how they spoke to me.
    I never received notification that my bag was on back order. I did not receive it before Christmas like I did the slippers, there for I no longer want it. They refuse to give me my second s&h charge back for a product I no longer want and have yet to receive. The 2 customer service employees I spoke to were rude and short with me, claimed they did not have employee I.D numbers, and did nothing for me. I have to stop the charge by going out of my way to call my bank.

  118. UNBELIEVABLY bad customer service!!!!! I ordered Stompeez beginning of December; website stated orders before December 5 would be delivered Christmas. By the Monday before Xmas I had not received them and their order tracking on the website “mysteriously’ stopped working. I called customer service and was assured that although they had not shipped they would in fact arrive by Christmas. TWO WEEKS Later I finally got thru to customer service not only to be told they hadn’t shipped but were on back order!!!! There was no apology or offering of a discount or some kind of compensation!!! I have NEVER has a situation this bad this company is COMPLETELY irreputable!!! DO NOT ORDER THESE!!

  119. I placed an order on Dec. 3, 2011; still I haven’t received my order. I have twice requested and order status, without any reply.

    • I also ordered Stompeez on December 3rd and was promised Christmas delivery. I called periodically to check on status and was promised Christmas delivery. After numerous calls, they are still waiting for shipment!! I still have not received the slippers.

  120. I ordered one pair of Stompeez on 11/27/11 figured I would get them for Christmas, of course I didn’t. I’ve been checking on the website and they were finally shipped on 12/30/11 today is 01/05/12 and I still haven’t received them. Where are they being shipped from? I wish I had canceled my order. Now I just hope they work when I finally get them.

  121. I was watching TV and my grandson was with me. The commercial came on about the Stompeez and I knew what he was getting for Christmas (this was around the 3rd week in Nov.). I placed my order and waited. After a while I figured nothing had gone through. And suddenly on 1/4/12, I see the 6.95 shipping and handling charge coming out for Stompeez! I went online and pulled up the website, scrolled towards the bottom of the site and found a phone number. Called and a young lady checked and found my information and said I should see the slippers in the next 4-5 business days. Have to admit I’m feeling a bit cynical, but it sure would be nice to still get them and to see my grandson’s face light up.

    • Ordered 4 PAIRS of slippers the second week in November. I also, was wondering where my order was. I called and called, finally they told me they were shipped out. I started to get worried because a week later still no Stompeez. On Dec. 22nd they arrived. Low and Behold the children’s large is not a large way too small from their size description. My son had his pair on the morning of the 25th, one slipper “died out” by the afternoon of the 26th. This is the WORST product I have ever invested in. I’ll give it to them though, great advertising, they knew they’d hook the kids!

    • Same exact thing happened to me. I’m furious with their customer service and plan to report them to the BBB.

  122. I ordered our Stompeez around the end of October. After a couple days with no contact or email showing the order was processed. I ordered another pair, thinking the first order didn’t go through.

    Lo and behold, around Thanksgiving, I received 2 emails stating that they were on backorder and would arrive in time for Christmas. 2 different order numbers, meaning 2 pairs! GRRRRRRR

    We got our Stompeez (2 pairs) around mid-December. Now I am fighting to send back the second, unneeded pair. They finally answered my 4th email, telling me to call.

    Oh, and to charge $1 to process the payment—what BS!

  123. I ordered the Stompeez as Christmas presents in November and I paid the extra shipping to guarantee receiving them in 2 weeks. I did not receive them and after I finally got someone on the phone who was very rude, I ended up with both pair just before Christmas. Of course one pair does not work. I have contacted the company 3 times. I was told I would receive a shipping label to return them and I have yet to receive that. This last call I made I asked for a supervisor and she put me on hold to come back and tell me that he is on the phone but that he would call me back. I’m sure that call will come as quickly as the label I have yet to receive. I am also contacting Sprout. I have not seen the advertisement, but still think they should know of the horrible service and promises that this Stompeez company does not provide.

  124. Our parents really wanted to give our kids Stompeez for Christmas. To expedite the order, I called the company December 2nd and ordered them directly from a customer service rep, who assured me that they would get here in time for Christmas. It’s Jan 3rd and NO SLIPPERS. The website kept saying our order was in process, so I contacted the company twice to see what was going on. They finally emailed me today that “We are expecting inventory to arrive in the near future and will process your order as soon as inventory is available.” So not only is it almost 5 weeks since we ordered – THEY STILL DON’T HAVE THEM IN STOCK AND NOT ONCE COMMUNICATED THAT. Kids, grandparents, everyone disappointed. Poorly done, Stompeez.

    • I placed an order on 11/26 and was promised twice that the product would be delivered by 12/25. I cancelled the order today and again they tried to make a promise for delivery. I will never do business with this or any other flash Christmas product again.

      • PDS INC
        10303 NORRIS AVE
        PACOIMA, CA 91331-2220

        This is the company (so-called)…they are a company of ‘jack of all trades’ master of none!! Search them in Business Bureau….walla!! interesting line of assortment of business they do. its A 3rd party company.
        Just as I expected; why I never did receive my item placed back in early November.

        Their orders go into their poorly managed IT system; lucky those who got their orders MISSED,(like me) did not get anything-until you call them & they MANUALLY trace your info, they finally find you.By then its already too late. yours supposedly to sent 1st order have gone to someone else in their cue. so what do they do?! come up with some ridiculous ‘legit’ excuse. come on!! be honest what do they think us consumers are…stupid!!
        so very poorly managed company. I have known other 3rd party Co. that do exceptionally well-but sadly not this one. lots of complaints about their ‘other’ business interest too.

        worth the wait till it comes out in the stores!! or till some other better organize company (like wuggle pets for example) manufactures and/or sells this similar product.

        Good luck!!

      • I ordered mine on 11/18 and was told on DEC 23 that orders were still going out and mine would be here before Christmas. Did not happen. When I called again after Christmas I was told one of my choices was sold out so if I changed it my order would go out, I changed my order and called again today and was told that they are still on back order. I have since written a letter and will be contacting the BBB to see what type of formal complaint I can give. Since every time I’ve called I’ve gotten another “story” that was different then the others. There is no customer service with this company and they dont seem to care to make it right or just tell you the truth.

  125. This company is the pits. I ordered slippers for kids Christmas gifts the first week of November and nothing has shipped yet and they can’t tell you when they will be shipped. And what’s worse??? They don’t even have the courtesy to notify you that your Christmas gift will not arrive on time, offer compensation of any kind, or anything. This is the absolute WORST customer service of any company out there. Hang up your hat Stompeez. (Or at least quit advertising Holidays, Special Occasions and the like since you can’t ship before any of these occasions occur.) I would be ashamed to be the owner or manager of this company.

  126. Well, thank you everyone for the reviews. My 4 yr old had been begging for unicorn stompeez for Christmas since probably the beginning of November. I put it off & put it off & then they were out of stock. I had to make up an excuse that Santa wasn’t making anymore & thought I’d order after they came back in stock & I almost put an order in the other day & decided to once again wait. Guess my subconscious mind was telling me something & now decided to look at reviews & so glad I did. By now shes already forgotten about them thank God & I’m happy about that so she wouldn’t be disappointed if we got them & they didn’t work & saves me some anger & $

    • We did receive ours that were ordered in November, barely before Christmas. The kids loved them until they stopped working. My daughter wore hers for 1 day before they stopped popping up. Now they are just an expensive pair of ordinary slippers. She is very disappointed. CANCEL WHILE YOU CAN!

  127. I got my slippers finally.. what A WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY, these are NOT WORTH IT these are poor quality and after ONE day of wearing one slipper does not work….. THANKS STOMPEEZ FOR YOUR CRAPPY ITEM.

      • Same here…I place my order on Nov. 21 and now we are Jan 10 still did not receive my order, therefore I just cancelled my order b/c I still did not receive the order and was promised to get it before Christmas. So I cancelled and reported this to the BBB!

  128. What a crock!! I ordered on 11/28 with promise of Christmas delivery. Guess what, no slippers and one very disappointed 4 year old. She is asking everyday where the elves are with her unicorn Stompeez. What do I tell her, they went on strike? Seriously after reading ALL these complaints I’m just going to attempt to cancel my order. I did go to the BBB and file a complaint. I hope they get shut down. Poor excuse for a company

  129. I registered a complaint with Nickleodeon for continuing to show the stompeez ad on their channel but I never heard anything back from them. Did anyone else email a complaint to Nickleodeon?

    • I registered a complaint with Sprout..where I saw the ad. They were very prompt in responding. I haven’t seen the Stompeez ad on PBS since.

  130. My mother ordered the dragon slippers for my daughter mid November. Christmas week still no Stompeez. She called every day and every day there was a new excuse! The best excuse had to have been “there delayed b/c of bad weather in China” Seriously!! Needless to say my 5 year old did not get her Stompeez but we stopped payment on card! What a scam! Shame on you for teasing these children!


    I ordered Stompeez for 2 young friends for Christmas gifts. My order was Nov 1st. Then I got an email to say they would be back ordered for 6 weeks. Figured I still get them in time. I was leaving the US for the UK Dec 16 and taking these as presents. Got another email to say they were being shipped on the Monday 12th so I called to see when they would arrive. They couldn’t tell me, I asked if I could upgrade the shipping to get them on Thursday, the person said she couldn’t do that, so I asked for a supervisor. The supervisor was busy I said I’d hold but they wanted me to call back. I’d already been on hold for 30 minutes. I asked if they could call me back but no. So I cancelled the order.

    The end? No, they sent me the slippers anyway, arrived Dec 22nd after I was gone, but better than that, they shipped the FREE bag separately and charged me another $14 shipping for that.

    No if I want to return I need to pay the shipping. THESE GUYS ARE CROOKS.

  132. Well, I got our Stompeez by the hair of my nose!!! One day before Christmas!! Don’t be too bummed that u didn’t receive your Stompeez, one is already BROKE!!! It lasted a week… and beware, they try to call you and give you a FREE gas card or Wal-Mart card …ya, but there is a catch!! Definitely not all it’s cracked up to be…..super disappointed.

    • Heads up!

      Throughout these reviews you will come across Aimee & stranger…. They obviously work for Stompeez, because they are just as full of crap as the reps you speak to!

      Good luck

    • My daughter begged for these slippers for the holidays and we ordered them on November 28. I read the reviews on this site and realized my ordering the slippers was really more of an experiment and never expected to receive the slippers. We actually DID receive them, around December 20 (shocked) and they do work, at least for now. We ordered the size S/M unicorns. I was sickened by their website sale form, which forces you through a bunch of up-sell items (the bag, expedited shipping) which all default to you buying those items (unless you uncheck the boxes) BEFORE they will let you see your confirmation page. What upsets me the most is the call I received this afternoon from a man who said his name was “Sean” and said Stompeez wants to send me a $100 Walmart/Target gift card or a gas card, my choice. Smells like a scam. Before I declined, just for fun, I asked what the “cost” is for their “free” gift to me and of course he said they charge a “processing” fee for the gift card. Such a joke. Be sure to decline because there’s something seriously wrong with this company. And has anyone noticed that their commercials aren’t running anymore?

  133. Ordered 11 pair of Stompeez slippers on Oct. 11 and 13th and wanted them for Dec. 18th. Was promised over and over again they would get here, but never did. Finally I received 5 pair on the 23rd of December and then the duffle bags onDec.27th, but have never received any of the other 6 pair. The company is very unreliable and would never order anything else from them again.

  134. I ordered Stompeez on December 1 for my two young daughters as a present from Santa. It’s now December 30 and still no Stompeez – even though I was guaranteed delivery by Christmas day. When I called in mid-December to check the status of my order, I was told that they had just received a shipment of slippers and that they would be sent out the next day and guaranteed to arrive by Christmas day. When I called again today, December 30, I got the same story – they just got a shipment in and my order would soon be fulfilled. I have decided to cancel my order. I understand that they had an overwhelming response to their product, but they are being misleading. And that, I do not appreciate. I would steer clear of this product for now.

  135. I ordered Stompeez in November and didn’t receive them until December 23rd. I definitely do not recommend buying these slippers!!! My girls have only had them since Christmas day and they are already broken! The eye on the monster will no longer pop up and the ears on the pink puppy are stuck up and will no longer go up and down. They were worn alot but were not abused! Not only that, I ordered the duffle bags and did NOT receive them! Waste of money for sure!!

  136. I guess I’ll join the chorus of disappointed customers. My daughter saw the nonstop commercials for these slippers on Nickelodeon and begged for them. I went against my better judgment ($20 for slippers!!) and ordered a pair Thanksgiving weekend. I had read the reviews about slow shipping, but at the time the website promised delivery by Christmas, so I placed my order. By Tuesday, December 20th, I was getting concerned because the slippers were not here and the website just said “processing”. I called and got the same line everyone else has gotten. “We just received a shipment of these and they are being mailed tonight. We still GUARANTEE delivery by Christmas.” Clearly Christmas has come and gone and no Stompeez. We called on the 27th and got the same exact line I got on the 20th, but still no Stompeez and the website still just says order processing. My problem is not with the slow shipping. My problem is with the outright deception. Don’t promise something you can’t deliver and quit lying and telling me the dadgum slippers have shipped when they haven’t!!! And how am I supposed to cancel the order and disappoint my 5 year old who is carrying around the picture of the Stompeez and checking the mail every day anxiously waiting for her slippers. They should be ashamed of themselves for marketing to kids and then disappointing them on Christmas. We filed a complaint with the BBB and the Attorney General’s office. The company did take the shipping charge off of our order, but really we just want the stinking slippers, or at least a straight answer about when they will get here.

  137. I have had the same experience. Still don’t have my order that was guaranteed by Christmas! Now they are saying 4-5 weeks backordered. I am considering canceling my order but not sure I’ll ever see my money. I’ve never had such an unprofessional experience.

    • I just talked to the Stompeez customer service folks twice today. Once to check and see if we would EVER see our order placed on Nov. 30. Then, after being refused an opportunity to even talk to a supervisor, the agent I spoke with told me that they are a contracted call center and whatever information they give the public is what is told them by the higher-ups in their call center and apparently the company itself.

      I left comments, having formerly worked in customer service, that they should work on improving communication between themselves and the company and that we consumers would find it a lot easier to have been told something like “it would likely not ship in time for Christmas due to backorders” rather than being continually given indefinite information for expectations that didn’t materialize.

      I then began to search for an address for the company itself and ended up reading many reviews and called back and cancelled my order – I think I will order some other slippers from maybe LLBean or some other awesome company I can count on – for quality and GREAT, realistic customer service. I do commend the second Stompeez agent I spoke with; however, he immediately cancelled my order, and emailed me the cancellation.

      Best of success to all of us caught in this mess.

  138. My children received their Stompeez just in time for Christmas. I was worried because the time was being cut short, but they came in. They work very well and my kids LOVE them!

  139. What a scam! I ordered my slippers on 11-22 and still have not received them. I called numerous times the past month and was reassured that I would receive the slippers before Christmas. Well big surprise…no slippers. This company is a bunch of liars. Shame on them for disappointing kids on Christmas morning. I was honest with my kids and told them that this company was a big lie, and was selling something that they did not have. I CANCELLED my order today. The lady asked if they gave me a free blanket, would I keep my order. Not only NO, but HELL NO. The cancellation # they gave me is the same # as my order #. I am so happy I cancelled and did not pay $54 for 2 pairs of slippers that are JUNK!

  140. This is by far the worst company ever!! I ordered 3 pairs on 12/3 and like everyone else I was guaranteed to receive them by Christmas. I called 2 or 3 times prior to Christmas and once again was assured that I would receive them by Christmas. Well, Christmas has come and gone and it’s now 12/29 and my order is still processing?? I spoke to a rep yesterday and was told they would only charge me shipping on one of the pairs I ordered and would through in a blanket….Yeah that really helps the situation (sarcasm). I check my order today and they only gave me credit for shipping on one pair!! The lies continue with these morons. This company is the biggest joke and I would urge all of you still waiting for shipment to cancel!!

  141. Well finally after ordering since October 16th I did receive my stompeez, But Sadly I did not get everything I ordered. At least I got the stompeez the day before Christmas. But I didnt get the complete set deluxe package that I ordered. Although they took the money out of my account for the whole package. Now, I need to find their number and call them to wait for a rep to pick up and give me a B.S answer.

  142. Complete joke of a company LIARS- like every other review on here I too was guarenteed shipment prior to Christmas and my order still showed processing over a month later. 3 times I called and was quarenteed shipment. And today I call to complain and they blame tthe manufacturer not themselves for lying and being deceitful. Don’t bother with them. The only compensation they offer for their f ed up service is free shipping and rush delivery when they do get their supply in. Screw them! They’ll be going under soon enough doing buisness as they do!

  143. Ordered Stompeez on 11/27 for my 6 year old niece for Christmas. Called on 12/22 to find out why they had not arrived. Was told they were shipped and would arrive on 12/23 or 12/24. It is 12/28 and they still have not arrived. Called again today and was told they were out of stock and were never shipped at all! This company just lies and is taking advantage of people. They offered to not charge me shipping as though they were doing me a big favor. They will not answer the question as to when they will be back in stock and cannot say when they will be sent out. Just Disgraceful!

  144. I have called three times and emailed twice. Ordered 12/1 and was told I would have it before Christmas. Online my order is “in process” but Customer Service says it is ready to be shipped…they told me that last week and this week.

    I called again today after reading these reviews and told them if it was not shipped soon I would contact BBB…Mark (the Customer service Rep) then gave me the end of the call script and tried to hang up on me!

    I just filed my BBB complaint. Normally I would have cancelled my order and been done with a company like this…but, it is on TV and being marketed to children…including my 5 year old that still has not received her “Original Stompeez that will not disappoint me once I get them” (says Mark).

  145. I placed an order for one pair of Slippers for my granddaughter back in Nov., It is now the 28th of Dec. and she hasn’t received them. I have called several times and I was told that they were on back order but the shipment just came in and they would ship. I called again today and was told they were still on backorder. I was never told they were on back order until I called last week. Today, I am told they they can’t tell me when they will ship. Maybe my granddaughter will get them by May for her birthday. They couldn’t tell me if that would happen either. What a sucky company. They couldn’t even tell me runs the company. Very UNHAPPY with this company. I just checked the website and the slippers I ordered aren’t even labled backordered. How can they run a company like this.

  146. I can’t let my child watch Nickolodean anymore because she starts to cry whenever she sees the commercial. How do you explain “scammers” to a 4-year-old?

    I ordered 12/5 and like everyone else, after being promised numerous times they would arrive before Christmas, still haven’t received my product. In fact, it still says my order is “being processed.” After now reading that the few kids that have received their shoes have had them break in just a few hours, I have cancelled my order.

    And what REALLY pisses me off — How can they seriously have items for sale on their website when people who ordered in early November still haven’t received their product?? If they have the products, then why aren’t they shipping?

    • To everyone who ordered late….it does say 4-6 weeks for delivery. I ordered mine on 11-15 and got them on the 23rd of December…exactly 6 weeks later. Longest I’ve ever waited for a package but it did come. The 5th of December??? That’s not even three weeks. They can’t make miracles happen! Clearly this product became much more popular than they expected.

      • I haven’t even received my Stompeez order yet and I’m extremely unsatisfied! I ordered them over a month ago I’ve called 3 times and was told 3 different lies, the first being they’d be there in 7-10 days. 2 weeks later I called and was told they would be here before Christmas…well it’s almost New Years Eve and that are still not here! Two more calls later and finally they tell me almost all of them are on backorder and it’ll be next week. If they aren’t here I am thinking seriously about making them refund my $103.00 and shove ’em up their noses! As for their REVIEW…the slippers are cute but not cute enough to rely on this company to get them to you in time for anything, order at least 3-4 months ahead. And Aimee none of us asked for a miracle just the promises made to be kept. So you can keep your (holly jolly sarcasm and stick it of YOUR nose)

      • Hey Aimee,

        I ordered Nov 1st, cancelled my order Dec 12, when they still hadn’t arrived and they couldn’t do expedited shipping although the phone rep said they had received a shipment the day before and mine would be sent the following day. Couldn’t speak to a supervisor, couldn’t call me back, and couldn’t say when they’d be delivered! What kind of company are they?

        Now to top it off I just got back from vacation and they arrived after I’d canceled and I have to pay if I want to return them?! Give me a break. What a scam.

      • Seriously “Aimee”??? It doesn’t matter that it says 4-6 weeks for delivery because they promised me and obviously A LOT of other people that they would arrive by Christmas. And 3 weeks is not expecting a miracle because plenty of companies were GUARANTEEING delivery if you ordered as late as Dec 20.

        And if “this product clearly became much more popular than they expected,” then they should have done the honorable thing and shut down their site and stopped the commercials. Even today they are continuing to take orders for product they do not have.

  147. Wow… sorry to see I’m not the only one. I ordered on 11/25. Today is 12/28, about two weeks ago I emailed and they said it was guaranteed to be here by Christmas. I have an email saying it shipped and will be here on the 30th. Now that I read all the reviews, I’m not sure I want them anymore. If your going to advertise to children, you need to be able to keep your word!

  148. This company is a joke. Everytime I called to check on the status of my order I would get a different answer. It was on back order, then they had a surplus amount, then it was sitting in the warehouse waiting to be shipped, then on backorder again! Every conversation caused more frustration than the product will be worth. I still have not received my “guaranteed before Christmas” order that was placed November 24!! The customer service department reads it’s responses from a script on their computer screen and couldn’t and answer any of the questions I asked. If you haven’t order yet….don’t!! Save yourself the frustration!

    • Kelly has hit the nail right on the head! Word for word, the same ordeal that I have gone through with Stompeez! STILL, I have not received the 3 pair of slippers that I ordered Nov. 24. I was also “guaranteed before Christmas” even after speaking to a supervisor & being on hold for 45 minutes. On friday Dec. 23 the representitve told me they were going to be overnight shipped to my USPS. I called twice on saturday…not there, nor are they still. I called tues, now they are supposedly backordered. Crappy company!

  149. I also ordered 3 pair of these slippers and was told they just received a shipment or a shipment was coming in and they would process my order. Then they guaranteed that anyone that ordered before December 1st would receive them before Christmas. I ordered this November 15 or 16th. I am still waiting. I called today and cancelled my order. This is poor customer service.

  150. So Angry with this company. I sent them the following email today.

    I was guaranteed my order to arrive by Christmas Eve and never received it. I have talked to you 2 times on the phone and emailed you twice and all those time was told I would receive my order. I had to tell my kids they were not getting them for Christmas and had to go buy slippers the night of Christmas Eve with money I hadn’t budgeted. I am so angry right now as I even asked your customer service over the phone not to lie to me ( her name was Amanda) and be honest about them getting here on time and I was assured several times that I would have them. I told my kids they would still get them but I want a steep discount. If I cannot get this you can rest assured that the BBB will be called and other measures will be taken . You do not lie to your customers and do that to children on Christmas, and then have the nerve to charge me full price. Absolutely inexcusable. If my children didn’t want them so bad I would have you cancel my order, but unlike your company I don’t disappoint little kids.

    Your customer service is one of the worst I have ever seen in a company. I can’t even get my questions answered correctly and there is never any name associated with the reply in the emails.

    I anticipate that the discount will be applied to my account this week. If not there will be action taken.

    Then to find out from others on here that they took the 24th off just makes me hot!! So mad.

  151. I ordered in November and was guaranteed to receive them by Christmas by 2 different CSR’s. When I called again today they told me they were still backordered even though I had been told by two other people that they were in stock and would be shipped and I would receive them by Christmas. I paid over $20 shipping and processing for 3 pairs and it is taking over a month for me to receive the slippers. I am beginning to wonder if these slippers even exist especially since two different people lied to me over the phone about my order.

  152. A WASTE OF YOUR MONEY…It took forever and forever to receive order after ordering it… I gave Stompeez house shoes to my Granddaughter on Christmas Eve. She wore them for couple hours. On Christmas morning she had them on for about one hour and noticed the little air pocket (in the sole of them that makes the ears go up and down) was deflated. So they did not work, after only about 3 hours of wear. I called Customer Service. They said I could ship them back, at my own expense, and they would replace them. However, I chose not to do that. By the time I paid shipping, that would add the the cost of them, and who knows if the next pair tears up that quick. VERY BACK PRODUCE. VERY POOR QUALITY. AIR POCKET IN SOLE WILL NOT LAST LONE UNTIL THEY DEFLATE LIKE A BALLOON.

  153. SO beyond pissed…. I ordered 3 pairs, 2 pair don’t work and the 3rd pair don’t match up to the shoe sizes they compared them too…. called customer service and spoke to a rep who doesn’t even speak English and when I asked for a supervisor I got hung up on while on hold (after waiting 45 min to talk to someone) now I have to go thru this all over again…. THIS SUCKS…. If you haven’t rec’d them yet call and CANCEL your order…. it will save you the aggravation!

  154. I am really upset ordered 5 pairs for my grandchildren were guaranteed they would be here for Christmas. I placed the order DEC 1. They still are not here. Oh Yes they did bill me and ship them on the 20th but certainly not in ant manner that would get them to me on time. Wouldn’t you think they would have sent them express mail since they were ordered a month ago! If my girls were not looking for them I would send them back! Thanks STOMPEEZ for making me explain where they were!!

    BY THE WAY THEY STILL ARE NOT HERE! The question remains were they ever shipped!

  155. Beware before ordering these. I ordered 4 pair on 11/26 and the website promised delivery before Christmas. Here it is 12/27 and they still have not arrived. When you call customer service they lie to you and tell you they will be shipping out the next day.


    • I ordered slippers November 19th and still haven’t received them, just like everyone else they lie to you. I have called and they said they would be here for Christmas and still no slippers. They say back ordered but if you go into the web site it shows available. If you haven’t ordered, don’t. I would cancel but children were so excited about getting them. I called just before Christmas and they promised me they would arrive in time for Christmas, I am going to get in touch with better business bureau

  156. I spoke to customer service today as I did not get my order that I placed on December 1st. I had written customer service before and they informed me if I placed my order before 12/5/2011, I would have it shipped out in time for Christmas (see message below). I did NOT receive my order and today is December 27th. Today the customer service agent had no idea when my Stompeez would be shipped or when they would be delivered. She said she added a ticket to my order to send as soon as possible. I asked that they be sent as a priority shipping.

    I am requesting to have my shipping and handling refunded, as I was emailed the information that I would receive these prior to Christmas. I had to print out a picture of the bunny Stompeez for my child and put it in a box as an “IOU” for her to open Christmas morning. Needless to say she was a little disappointed.

    I was also told I could call every day to see if the status was updated. Seriously, is this the normal routine to find out order status, to call every day? I am also noting that my order/reference Does this information mean anything related to my item?

    BEWARE, this company does not fulfill orders as stated on website. This customer service is LESS than helpful!!

  157. what I cant believe is that they are now taking orders for most of their slippers again I STILL HAVEN’T GOTTEN MINE THAT I ORDERED IN NOVEMBER!! When I check the status of my order there’s STILL an x next to processing! If I go onto the page to order the unicorn is available not back ordered, so why haven’t mine shipped yet?? How can they still be taking orders when SO MANY people still haven’t gotten theirs yet? I’m just blown away by the poor customer service by this company and I wish Nick. Kick Jr and the hub would stop running their commercials!

  158. I ordered two pairs of slippers with the duffle bags on November 26th and have yet to receive them when the website guaranteed them before Christmas. . .I am highly disappointed in this company and will file a complaint as soon as possible.

  159. This is going to sound like a broken record but buyer beware the stompeez website I ordered 4 pairs one for each of my kids (I never order online) on the 25th of November 2 weeks before Xmas I called waited on hold for about 45 min then got hung up on called back again waited over an hour finally spoke to a guy who assured me they would be here before Xmas. A week before Xmas still hadn’t received, called to cancel order as this was the only gifts I bought for my children this year (we got other gifts from local church because money was really tight this year) so I didnt want to take the chance that they wouldn’t come in time but the guy again assured me they would be there even if they had to overnight product to me, well Xmas came and went they were closed for several days before and after Xmas so just spoke with them today. All they would offer me is to credit me the shipping I didnt even want them now after Xmas it’s really the point you dont guarantee your customers something if you cant fill the shipment. I found out that they had 3 of the slippers I ordered in stock and were only awaiting the monster ones to come in before they can ship, I asked why the others were not shipped and they answered I DON’T KNOW!!!! and continued to push the free shipping. They also charged my card which I have proof that money came off the day I ordered they say they dont charge until item ships because items were backordered but they were in stock when I ordered. I work for an online toy store I know how this works or is supposed to work they should have first called or emailed to tell me they were backordered but never tried to contact me they said there is no way they could contact thousands of people and I needed to be reasonable so to say the least very very very disappointed with the please to all make complaint with better business bureau asap so other families dont have to go thru what we all found out the hard way.

  160. This was the only gift we could get our daughter this year due to my serious medical issues I have been faced with. I ordered them Nov 5 and they arrived Dec 26th, my daughter wore them for 5 min and the pumps are broke and the ears dont go up! What a pile of crap. So what was already a sad and horrible Christmas for our family was made worse by this horrible company taking advantage of people.

    Shame on you!!

  161. I just filed a complaint with BBB!! I order 2 pairs of Stompeez 11/17/11 and did not receive by Christmas. I called 4 times beginning 12/19/11 because I had not received them yet and in each and every call I was promised I would have the slippers by Christmas, which of course I did not. I called 12/26/11 and was on hold for 45 minutes and then disconnected!! I hope we do get some help from BBB!!

  162. BUYER BEWARE!!! Very UNRELIABLE COMPANY to deal with. Called them 7 days in a row to check on when they would ship from my order, placed on Dec 5. The first day they told me they would ship in a couple of days since they had just received another shipment in, but that the shipping status would not update online until a couple of days later, because of a computer problem they were having. Each time I called they told me they would ship out my order. They always reassured me & GUARANTEED a BEFORE CHRISTMAS DELIVERY. 2 days before Christmas I was told they were going to overnight my order. MY ORDER NEVER CAME!!! They tell you any story on the phone. They do not keep their word. I had 3 very disappointed grandchildren for Christmas. Next time I will learn my lesson and order online only from reputable stores. BUYER BEWARE!!

  163. Just filed a complaint with about this company. I placed my order on Dec. 5th and was told my order would come in 5-7 working days. The Monday before Christmas I checked on the website, but they said no order was found! On the phone line for 45 min. before a rep came on, I was told by her that no order was found. I KNOW I talked to the same rep on Dec. 5th with her taking all my info, plus my credit card nu. She said she would forward my info to management and it would take about 24 hrs. before I would hear from them. A week later I still haven’t heard anything and of course no Stompeez. I read the reviews before I ordered them (which I should of listened to) but stompeez was the one thing my grandchildren really wanted, so I relented. I encourage all you out there to write a complaint. Hopefully, it will close this company down and silence these scammers! To play with the hearts of children is just cruel!

  164. What’s up with this company? They have a winning product that is unique in the marketplace, which is a rare commodity IMHO, yet they are screwing it up with poor product fulfillment. It boggles the imagination. This business could be huge but they have decided to take the sleazy low road just to squeeze the consumer a little bit. Simply Amazing!

  165. For all people like me who haven’t received their order that was promised by Christmas, I just filed a complaint on the site and there was only one other complaint listed. Please file a complaint with the so they can investigate properly and Merry Christmas anyway 🙂

    • Oh, I also got in contact with Nickelodeon and suggested they vet their sponsors better in the future. I would suggest others do the same. I explained the problem we are all having with Stompeez. This wouldn’t be such a problem for me if my sons weren’t seeing the commercial every 5 minutes when they watch Nickelodeon.

    • I just filed my complaint also and it said there was only one other complaint. I think those might be the closed complaints. I bet they have tons they are getting ready to work on. I hope everyone files a complaint!

    • I think mine was one of the closed ones. I filed with the BBB weeks ago about not being able to get a hold of any one in the company to get them to cancel my order. Right after filing, they emailed me and cancelled my order. I am sorry I didn’t also file about their lies about getting the product out before Christmas. I encourage everyone to do so.

  166. Ordered 2 pair of in stock stompeez on 12/2 for Christmas gifts. It’s Christmas morning and they are not here. I called last week and was assured they would be here on time. Horrible organization to entice kids through repeated commercials to want their product Christmas morning and then fail to deliver. They should have spent more money on producing their product and less on the commercials that run every 5 minutes.

  167. Stompeez are amazing! I received some as a gift and love them. They are very unique, this coming from a teenager. My 13 yr old brother and 6 yr old brother also received them, and can’t stop jumping around. 5 stars all the way.

  168. I would NOT recommend these. I did not have a problem with shipping (but reading the reviews I see hundreds did!), but they inflatable ears only worked for 5 minutes! My daughter was SO disappointed. I would stay away from this company as well. Listen to all the horror stories on here and TRUST them!

  169. I ordered my slippers Nov. 25, were not told they were on back order. Called them 2 weeks ago inquire about them and was told they were shipping them out and they would be here by Christmas (tomorrow). Called Thursday and was told they would be here today—-no slippers. I called the customer service line and they are closed. Nothing in the stockings for my two boys. I have to work tomorrow and I m pretty upset cause I dont have time today to go get anything. NEVER will I buy anything from them again nor will I recommend anyone buying something from them. What a scam.

  170. I ordered a pair for 4 of my grandsons on Dec 2, I was told that they would be delivered by Christmas. I have called 6 times in the last 2 weeks and each time was told that they would be here in time, I called yesterday and was told that they would be shipped over night and would have them today. Well here it is Dec 24th and I am going to have 4 very disappointed Grandsons, Thanks for nothing stompeez! I will be reporting this company to the BBB!

    • Wow! sounds like my story. They must have been told to lie to everyone so they would not cancel their orders. I bet when I call to cancel my order in the morning, they have miraculously shipped already and I won’t be able to.

  171. Mine arrived yesterday and I was so excited for my daughter. Then I opened it, and it was the wrong pair with a LAME-ASS note basically saying this was all they had so take it or leave it.


  172. I placed an order on Nov 27. After not receiving anything within a few weeks, I was finally able to contact customer service after 2 days of phones calls and was told all orders prior to Dec 5th were guaranteed delivery before Christmas. On Dec 23 I was notified my order had shipped and would be delivered in 5-10 days (meaning wont even make it by New Years, let alone Christmas!). UNBELIEVABLE company. Do not order from them – it’s a very disappointing organization!

  173. This company is a joke, STAY AWAY, I ordered Dec 5th, 2 pair for my kids. Order still is not, here today is Christmas eve. I sent several emails all I get in return is an automated response. They have not even processed my payment yet…

    DO NOT ORDER FROM stompeez, wait for em to be at target or wally.

  174. What really pisses me off, is that I’m reading these comments and it seems like people who ordered on DEC. 5th are receiving their slippers but people ( like me ) who ordered in the middle of November are not! WTH is that?! These stupid slippers were the only thing my daughter (3) asked Santa for, if they knew they were getting overwhelmed by orders then stop taking them and STOP running the commercial so kids can stop seeing them and getting excited for something they wont have!

    • Totally agree with you Marny and think that “Stranger” puts a lot of time into deflecting the issue at hand for someone who doesn’t work for Stompeez… or do they?

  175. I ordered one pair of Stompeez for my niece on 28th NOV. The order was shipped 16DEC, but not with the “free” duffel bag I requested and agreeing to the $6.95 add shipping fee. Unfortunately they choose to use an inferior delivery method called FedEx Smartpost. It’s anything but smart, just google it. I think they probably pay about $0.75c for the actual delivery of the item and charge the customer $6.95. The order was shipped on 16DEC from California and it is now (24DEC) somewhere in MI. (going to Lansing MI) to be delivered by the local post office. I don’t think I would recommend these to anyone just for this reason.

  176. My suggestion to anyone who reads this… DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY!!!!! They lie, they’re rude, they’re slow and they’ll send you a product that you didn’t request with out your knowledge! Also, for those of you who are having issues, please please please file a formal complaint with the better business bureau ( and/or with the Federal Trade commission ( This is the ONLY way we will stop these scammers!

    • I so wish I’d read this before I ordered back on November 18th. When I call, they hang up on me when I keep asking questions. I’m waiting one more week (after Christmas) then I’m canceling my order.

      I don’t understand how people who have ordered later than I did have received theirs. Just goes to show you that this company doesn’t know anything about running a business.

      And yes, I will be reporting them to the BBB!

  177. Ordered my 5 yr old unicorn Stompeez on 11/8. Finally received them today from FedEx smartpost delivered through the USPS. It’s a Christmas miracle…I really thought this was wishful thinking. I called a few times in the process and remained calm and kind. Just by the hair of my chinny chin chin! Good luck to all!

  178. Seriously, this is the Grinch who stole Christmas. I am so disappointed that Nickelodeon is such a money hungry station/company that they would allow this level of debauchery for money to show this BS commercial and actually get the hopes up for children that this is real. No Virginia there isn’t a Santa Claus, and thank you for stompeez for making that real. Your Karma is coming!!!

  179. I placed my order on 12/5 and was told it was guaranteed to arrive by Christmas. The tracking information says it’s “in process.” I’ve called and spoken to a rep twice and both times was told I would have the order by Christmas even if they had to overnight it. It’s 12/13 at 10:00 p.m. and I have not received the slippers. I’m going to have a very disappointed granddaughter tomorrow!!

  180. This company has some real issues…I ordered my daughters stompeez on Nov 28. I called Dec 19 still looking and they told me exactly what I wanted to hear…they`ll be there for Christmas…well there not. dont fall for their lies…if you have a dead line to get them order them a year in advance!!

  181. It’s a Christmas Miracle!! The Stompeez I ordered on November 17th arrived via UPS today. I had all but given up hope that I would ever see them. There really is a Santa!

  182. Stompeez SUCKS. Really. There’s no other way to put it. And it’s obvious when you look at these reviews without one positive comment. Not only did they take tons of orders for products they don’t have, but they have consistently lied to customers about everything from having them in stock to when they would arrive.

    I would normally never order something on TV but this was consistently the #1 item on my 5-year-old’s Christmas list. I ordered them 12/5, which for a well-run company would be plenty of time to receive them by Christmas. I checked the status online a few days later and everything was sold out BUT it guaranteed all orders placed by December 5 would arrive by Christmas.

    I checked the site everyday and it never changed. I started to panic by December 19 and started calling Customer Service everyday to check on them. The answer was always the same – After confirming my address and the details of my order, then reading from their script about “Due to overwhelming demand for our lovable product…” They would then say, “We are working extremely hard to get orders shipped out. Don’t you worry Mrs. M, we guarantee your order will be there before Christmas.” On 12/22 I called very concerned, got the same scripted info and then they said they would upgrade the order to 1-day shipping at no charge to me. I said, “Uh, thanks but really who cares if they don’t go out tomorrow because they won’t be here in time for Christmas?” They said they would “escalate my concerns” and promised again they would arrive before Christmas. They even added that I could count on them because they were using FedEx for the shipping.

    I called today and the story finally changed, but not positively. Now they say, “… so we are not able to guarantee your order will arrive by Christmas.” After getting hung up on, put on hold repeatedly and spending about 45 minutes arguing with agents, I finally got to speak to a manager who said he would investigate the “misinformation” I received from the previous agents and call me back. Of course I won’t hold my breath.

    The bottom line is that they have ruined Christmas for my child and apparently for a number of children. At least I was able to guarantee my daughter that Santa would bring items #2 and #3 on her list because those were at Target – a contrastingly WELL RUN COMPANY that consistently restocks their products, especially the ones they advertise. My husband is mad enough to cancel but the only reason I haven’t is because I am hoping they will AT LEAST deliver them in time for my child’s birthday on Jan 4.

  183. I ordered 7 pairs of Stompeez after on October 16 after seeing the commercial. Like everyone else, I was freaking out that I hadn’t received my order after two months. I finally received one box December 16, and the other box Dec. 20. I think the company was overwhelmed with orders and just couldn’t keep up. I’m glad I didn’t cancel my order, and I hope all my nieces and nephews and my kids enjoy their new slippers.

  184. This is a FARCE!! I ordered a month ago and now, after phone calls and requests for updates via email, I found out an item I ordered is no longer in stock. They are also still advertising it as still available. Not happy, I canceled my order.

  185. I ordered a pair of slippers of November 28, 2011. I called on November 28, 2011 and was told that my order was in stock and being shipped. I never received it; I also called on December 19 and December 21, and was told on both dates that my order was in stock and being shipped and I would receive it before Christmas, even though I questioned it getting here in time they assured it it would. Well it is now December 23, 2011, and when I called again I was told my order was not in stock and would be shipped when available. Since this was a Christmas present, I cancelled the order.

  186. Ordered Stompeez by the Christmas cut-off. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve. Where are my little sister’s Stompeez? Being processed for the past 3 weeks. How nice. I hope the company feels great about ruining every little kid’s Christmas. Absolutely ridiculous.

  187. I ordered 8 pairs of Stompeez in early October before they were even advertising them to the public. I had purchased pillow pets from the same company and they sent me an email letting me know about Stompeez b4 the general public. I ordered 8 pairs for grand-kids, nieces and nephews in October! I received 2 pairs soon after and I AM STILL WAITING FOR MY 6 PAIRS! looks like they won’t be here in time for Xmas! I am just devastated!!! I ordered them well over 2 MONTHS AGO and they don’t have them yet??? What a joke! I know they’ve been sending some out to costumers because I see them on eBay all the time now….I’ve called numerous times and get the run around. Customer service is horrible!! Now what am I supposed to do? I didn’t think I would not have my order in time for Xmas when I ordered it in OCTOBER?? Just disgusted!

  188. I got my stompeez last night yahoo. I was so worried with all the horrible reviews and I am so excited. The one thing my little girl asked for from Santa. Thank you Stompeez for being Santa!

  189. BUYER BEWARE!! I ordered two pairs on December 1 with Christmas delivery guaranteed. I kept checked my order status online, and it was always being processed. I called and spoke with customer service three times, and each time I was promised delivery on time, even though the website read still being processed. Everything I was promised was a total lie.

    Finally, on Dec. 23, they told me I wouldn’t receive it by Christmas. When I asked what they were going to do to compensate me for the lie on not only the TV ad, but their website, he hung up on me. I was told there wasn’t a manager to speak with or another number that I could call. Very frustrated and will have two disappointed children on Christmas morning.

  190. Worst Customer Service EVER!!! I called in my order back on Nov. 20th and was promised to have them by Christmas. Well, I got them today 12/23 through UPS. The box was all broken up and when I opened it I see that the 3 pairs that I ordered (kitty, pink puppy, and the unicorn) were not the 3 that I ordered. I ended up getting 2 unicorns and a pink puppy. There were 3 pairs because my friends ordered their daughters some too so we could get them cheaper. well the kitty that I ordered for my daughter was the one that was replaced with the extra unicorn! OH, and inside the box is a slip of paper saying, “Due to overwhelming demand for our loveable slippers they were forced to do some substitutions to ensure that we receive my order in time.” What The Heck!

    These kitty slippers were her number one Christmas wish list item she wanted from “Santa”! Now I have to tell her that Santa couldn’t get them for her.

    Called them to complain and the lady had a attitude with me saying that they had the order right and that I was wrong. I called the order in; that I didn’t order them online. Then she kept making re-explain myself to her like 4 times. VERY FRUSTRATING! So then she says that she will send me the knows I want once they get in a new shipment of them. So I ask when that is and she said late Jan.!! What choice did I have so I said OK so what do I do now. She stated that she would email me a return slip and that I had to pay to ship them back! I was like NO WAY!! Needless to say, but she emailed a prepaid shipping label.

    In all honesty, the quality of the slippers are definitely not worth the money paid! NEVER AGAIN! My daughter is luck I love her so much to buy these things! lol

  191. I placed my order on October 13th and just received them on December 22nd! So don’t hold your breath! They are cute but took way too long to get. Their customer service department was helpful. I felt the shipping cost was too high for such a long wait so they credited me half of the shipping cost. Nice slippers if you can wait 2 & 1/2 months for them!

  192. I ordered a pair on 11-29-11. As always they keep saying in communications it will be there before Christmas. Today is the 23rd of December and still nothing in the mail and nothing has changed on the website for status update. No one wants to help you at all and they are the most rude people in the world. Do not order from this company at all!!

  193. I may be one of the few people who actually received Stompeez. And no, I don’t work for them. I live in IL and ordered for my grand kids. They were delivered UPS next day yesterday. I also got 3 duffle bags that I didn’t think I ordered. Appeared I was charged less than I thought for shipping. I had placed ordered on 11/24. Hoping many of you get yours for your little ones. I almost feel guilty.

  194. I ordered these things I ordered them on Dec.5th still haven”t gotten them and come to find out someone there at Stompeezs changed the size of my daughter’s slippers and am unable to change the size back to a large like it was but they changed it to a e-large and there finally in the mail be with the wrong size so am going to have one pair with the right size and the other in the wrong size so one of my kids will be happy if there here by then and the other kid will be unhappy and crying so what to do> I should have waited until they were being sold in stores which like everything else in do time will be in store that”s the only way of being sure of getting what you really want the right size so both kids can be happy on Christmas morning….??

  195. For all of you that have ordered Stompeez, CHECK YOUR BANK ACCOUNTS. I ordered them on Oct21 and received my three pairs on Dec 21 after trying to email them (with every email being sent back). Then calling them, finally getting through to someone that I couldn’t understand. She said she would give me a $10. I see discount that shows up on the bill as a discount but didn’t apply it to the amount. I checked my bank account tonight to find that they did charge me the full amount and then I see an additional 6.95 charge to go through tomorrow for something I NEVER authorized. This company is a rip off and I will never order from them again. Horrible costumer service, horrible service and just down right underhanded.

  196. Like a bunch of other people on this site I placed my order for 4 slippers on November 28th. I still have not received them. When I called they said they would ship them immediately. status still says “processing”. I am so angry! I so want to sue these people and have all of us take away all the money they have made off this SCAM! In my heart I know they are not going to be here for Xmas but I know my son and nieces really want them so I am just going to wait and give them to them after Christmas. I am so furious!!!

  197. Hey guys maybe if you quite calling and etc they would have more time to get your order out to you. Where’s the Christmas spirit give them a chance. I’m waiting on mine also same boat as you. Looks like they were more popular than they thought. Not getting slippers is not the worst thing in the world to happen. Think of what could be!

    • I think you may be correct in the fact that the people who have called may have made the matter worse. The rep may have got so pissed that they put their order in the “don’t process/deliver until AFTER Christmas” file! but I can understand their frustration. I haven’t called them myself, and as of now (24 Dec) they are on their way to be delivered. We’ll see.

      Merry Christmas everyone.

    • Karen, Karen, Karen. I know you mean well but bottom line- 1) everyone should be respectful on the phone, 2) but retail companies have an obligation to deliver merchandise and provide customer service. Failure to do so could be a mistake, but when they repeatedly give out misinformation to hundreds of people(read the comments) and continue to list items on their website as in stock and collect money from new customers that is called poor business at best, and downright fraud at the worst. Sure, worse things could happen, but better things could and should happen. and when they don’t we have blogs like this to determine whether the problem we are having is an epidemic or an isolated incident, and take the appropriate action. I hope you got your slippers. But I bet ya didnt. If not, file a complaint with the stompeez repeatedly committed two cardinal sins, 1) don’t mess with peoples money, and 2) don’t mess with kids Christmas morning

  198. I filed a complaint a few weeks ago with the BBB & it was sent back and forth between their offices in CA and NJ BUT they have finally sent me a status update – I am copy & pasting the email that I just received from the person assigned to my complaint – please read ….

    I would like to apologize for the length of time it took to get your complaint filed. There was a misunderstanding as to where the complaint should be filed, and as to what Better Business Bureau would be filing the complaint. However, it is our conclusion that the complaint is to be filed here in California. Please keep complaint # ******** for your records. We have actually been inundated with complaints against Stompeez within the past couple of days, so there are many complaints coming in. Stompeez is not an accredited business with the Better Business Bureau, and new to our files, so I really can’t speculate as to how they may respond. However, once we have something to report to you or receive some acknowledgement from Stompeez, we will contact you via email. You can also track the status of your complaint online by using your complaint ID number and last name. Again, I apologize for the delay, and appreciate your patience and understanding.

  199. What a Ridiculous joke of a company!!! I ordered 2 pairs, neither of which was on backorder,Nov. 24th, and they didn’t even ship until Dec. 14. When I called to confirm thy I would have them by Christmas they assured that they would be here by Thursday or I could call back and they would overnight me a new order. Well surprise! No Stompeez today! When I called to explain they basically said ” sorry, it’s not going to be there on time and we won’t send you a new order.” the first supervisor I spoke with, Joann, actually hung up on me while I was insisting that they refund the ridiculous $18 shipping charge since I obviously paid for nothing!!! I called back and got an equally unhelpful supervisor, apparently the one in charge of the entire floor. She sang the same song. ” it won’t be there in time. So sorry. Nothing I can do.” blah blah. (BTW they also told me that they cant send me an expedited shipment because they have to fulfill the orders that are processing from the last couple days first. WHAT! They cant prioritize a screwed up order over a last minute one!! Joke!! this is the ONLY thing my daughter asked Santa for what a terrible disappointment. I can only hope that by some Christmas miracle they arrive on time. What a terrible company! I plan on filing complaints with absolutely every place I can! If anyone has any suggestions as to where complaints should be filed, let me know!!!

  200. Event Sequence:

    11/16/2011 Order was placed.
    11/17/2011 Order Was Downloaded Into System.
    12/21/2011 Payment Was Posted.
    12/21/2011 Ship Ticket Was Generated.
    12/21/2011 Package Was Shipped Via UPS second day air

    UPS says that I should have it by tomorrow afternoon – my 5 year old is thrilled – I had almost given up hope!!!

  201. I just got off the phone with a real person who is clearly reading a script. She PROMISED me that my order will arrive by Christmas time. I said “by Sunday?” and she said by Christmas time. I said you realize that there’s 2 shipping days left and she said she understood and she PROMISED that I would have them by Christmas. I said and what if I don’t and she said she PROMISES I will. I’m guessing she breaks ALOT of promises.

  202. once again, I was told by a floor supervisor (if in fact it was actually a supervisor) that my order from mid November would be shipped and that I would have it yesterday. Well, no slippers yet. I am starting to think that this company is a scam and that I will never get my order. So aggravated


    I placed an order on or around November 28, 2011. Three weeks later I checked the status and there was no update and they had no idea when they would be shipping them. the website said that any order after Dec 5 would not be received by Christmas. Someone I know who ordered them three hours before me received her shipment.

    I called two weeks ago and spoke to “ed” He said that he would put a rush on my order due to the fact that I had been waiting for so long. And take the shipping charge off. He took the shipping charge off that much I saw. I call back two days later to check to make sure he did b/c I didn’t trust him and the girl laughed and said did he talk to the manager I said no well it shows nothing in the system. So she explained that putting a stompeez rush meant that I could go from no 20 to number 1. I said well he never told me that. She talked to her manager and said that she could put a rush on it for free. I said fine. I call back either that day and say not only do I want a Stompeez rush but I want, once they are mailed, to have them the fastest way possible. she says ups 24-48 hours and I say yes I will pay for that. OK I see my account has not been charged 13.00 for that. I call back yesterday b/c they were shipped on Saturday, two days would have been Tuesday I gave them till Wednesday. She says you never paid for overnight. WAIT WHAT!

    So I ask for a mangers. She puts me on hold comes back and says she spoke to her manger and HE said that overnight was 3-4 days. Ok I want to speak to your manger I will hold. The manager gets one who is worse then even “Ed” and she says I didn’t pay for it. I say I did and I had a rush and she says nope not on the bill I said that’s b/c they kept crediting my account. She says nothing I can do and hangs up.

    • I was hung up on too, the lady said your order has been canceled and hung up, terrible! I feel so bad because this is all my son wanted.

  204. I ordered 3 pairs on 11/26. Called a few weeks ago since my order status was pending. Talked to a real person at the 800# who said they’d be shipped within a week. Checked the following week & still pending. Called the 800# again and was told they would be shipped as soon as the backorder pair was available. Called last Thursday & was told they would be shipped either Friday or Saturday..for sure. Order status still showed pending. Called Monday (12/19) had to call many times to get a real person. Finally got someone who said she’d mark them priority mail for free & that I should get them by Christmas. I expressed my displeasure with how this is being handled (lied to about them being shipped) & figured I’d give them a few more days before I cancel my order. Called yesterday (12/21) & was told they were shipped today (order status was changed to processed & my CC was charged). I asked for UPS tracking code, which she gave me. On UPS the pkg is being shipped & will arrive today (it’s in transit now). I’m shocked this worked out & thankful I didn’t cancel. Now this hope the product is worth all this…Good luck to the rest of you. I know how frustrating it’s been!

    • I hope they don’t send you the one you didn’t order like they did me. I also was lied to repeatedly by stompeez reps and they changed my order from the all blue pup to the blue/purple pup. Then, a manager supposedly re-ordered the kitty and was supposed to ship it over night. He told me specifically by Sat morning. The tracking number he gave me was for the package already shipped and the WRONG item! This company is nothing BUT lies! I’ll never order from them again!

  205. I too ordered 2 pairs of Stompeez on November 28. They still haven’t arrived and I live in California, less than an hour away from their address. Neither of the pairs I ordered was listed as backordered at the time I placed the order! So mad…

    • Worst company ever!!! sorry to hear about that I was in the same boat as you. I apparently am one of the lucky ones and got them but they seriously should not have taken our order if they couldn’t’ fill it. If it helps check your order status to see if it was shipped. They told me last week (if you believe them) that ALL ORDERS PLACED BEFORE DECEMBER 5 would be received by Christmas. Good luck. I seriously mean that b/c I know what you are going through.

    • I ordered my Sweet Girl a pair on November 30th. I started to get nervous since I had seen nothing indicating shipping. I have called and spoken to them on FOUR different occasions, including this Monday! I was told over and over that since I ordered BEFORE December 5th, I was guaranteed to get them by Christmas. I called this morning (12/22) and was finally told I could not be guaranteed by Christmas. I am also very MAD as this leaves me little time to replace the gift.

      • I have called everyday and they all say the same thing that they will be here for Christmas. The girl I talked to today said I would get mine Saturday and that the company is over-nighting all orders. I am not sure if this is going to happen. I told them I was not mad and that I understand the high demand, but that I just need the truth so that I could replace them with something else and she said that they will be here. I just hope that if they ship them that the mail gets them here.

    • I ordered 4 pair on Nov 29. I haven’t received them either! I want to cancel my order, but 1 niece really wants them. She will get them who knows when! Very annoying. They should have shut down the site ALONG time ago. It’s not like they just figured out Dec 5 they weren’t going to be able to fulfill orders!

  206. How can anyone say they have received their stompeez? Are you working for this company? because everything about the company is bullshit. And has anyone truly got a hold of this company with a live person on the phone? Ive called everyday for 2 weeks and the call is always hung up on the other line. Still pissed off over here!!! All I want is my freaking money back that I was charged for today!! Were not stupid STOMPEEZ! I ordered 2 months ago….was charged for them…and your website says I don’t even have an order!! this is ridiculous!

    • I have not received mine yet, but they were shipped on December 15th. I have been tracking the package and they were delivered to my local post office yesterday. It says to allow 1-2 additional days for delivery. I am hoping to receive them today. When they charged my credit, I received an email from them the following day, stating that my order had shipped and I received a tracking number. I don’t know what time zone you are in, but I live in Eastern time zone and I always called the customer service number around 9am and got a live person within 5-10 minutes. I have called and talked to someone on at least 8-10 occasions, thinking I would never receive the product. Although I am in total disagreement with the way they handled telling people when their item would ship, I don’t think they are a total scam. I believe I will receive the product in the next day or so. Hopefully, your card was charged because your order is on its way.

    • I live in IL so I do not work for the company. I talked to multiple customer service representatives on the phone. The last one actually helped a lot. He changed my order to next day air delivery and said my order will arrive before Christmas. He was right my order has shipped yesterday and the ups tracking number says my orders will arrive today by 3 pm. I think you were calling the wrong number. I also think the company has a lot of kinks to work out because it is fairly new. It is unfortunate, but happens I guess. I would say patience and persistence pays off in the end. I am sorry you are having difficulty with Stompeez, I did too but I am now happy that I ordered and did not freak out and cancel.

    • I ordered 11/19..I have called so many times and never spoke to anyone…I knew I wasn’t going to receive these slippers and was very upset…until I checked and they took the money out of my my account. Still skeptical…but it is a Christmas miracle because they arrived yesterday at my front door. I am so happy because this is all my 5 yr old wanted…and we got it just in time…so excited.

      • I just called my neighbor to see if the Stompeez were delivered in the mail today, and THEY WERE!! In case you were wondering the time frame, they shipped on December 15th and I received them today. Also, they shipped from California and I live in WV, so if you live closer, you may receive them faster! My Stompeez saga is finally over!!

      • Worst company ever!! I ordered on the 1st and they said they were getting ready to ship and then next person said they are still on back order! I got upset and they MANAGER said I will give you $6 for the shipping I said that I spent 20 and if you take that off I want them! She said your order has been canceled and hung up!

  207. OMG! I am telling you, do not order from these scammers!!! Everyone BEWARE of these freaking liars! I am so pissed off I can’t see straight. I ordered stompeez at the first of November and have not received ANYTHING!! I have called every number they have and you can’t get a hold of these creeps. I have posted and read every comment on their Facebook page and guess what? I was going to look at their Facebook page tonight and now they magically don’t’ have one. hmm I wonder why? I looked at my order status on their website and it says I don’t have one well then why the crap WAS I charged for them on my bank statement today?? when you go to the stompeez website it says they ensure you every order that was previously ordered is going to get here before Christmas then right below that it says ALL STOMPEEZ ARE CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK! Are you kidding me?? I want my money back right now! I swear if I could find this place I would walk in there and start throwing stuff and throwing a fit. I work hard for my money and they take with one click from my checking account. DO NOT buy these you’ll just end up pissed off like me. If I could find the owner I would ring his or her neck!! God I’m pissed!

  208. I ordered my unicorn stompeez on December 5th and got them today December 21st. However I did not receive the “free” duffle bag (you had to pay $6.95 shipping for) Did anyone else have this problem. Not the biggest deal- got the cherished stompeez- but don’t put something on your website you don’t deliver. I’ve emailed customer service twice with no response. I give up on calling the customer service number. I was on hold for 6 months and never got answered!!

    • Several people have said that their orders were split into two orders, since the duffel bags are still on backorder. It is my understanding that if you ordered the duffel bag, that you will receive the slippers first, and then once the duffel bags are available, they will ship them.

      • Thanks Jill. I’m in the same boat. Slippers delivered without the duffel bag. Would have been nice if they sent me an email explaining that instead of having to hear it on here.

  209. DO NOT SET YOUR CHILD UP FOR DISAPPOINTMENT! I ordered on 11/22. On 11/30 I called and asked why my order was still listed as “processing.” The person I spoke with said I’d have my order by 12/15. On 12/15 my order was still listed as “processing” so I called again. This time they promised to have the order by Christmas Eve. Thus far, the package appears to be on some random FedEx truck coming from California. I needed the order BEFORE Christmas Eve and I have serious doubts as to whether the order will arrive by then due to the incredibly terrible business practice this company employs. After reading several other reviews, it appears the products are not always shipped as ordered and often break quickly. My four-year-old daughter will be very disappointed if these do not arrive on time.

    • I ordered mine on the 1st and I called today and they told me they were being fed ex-ed! I talked to someone else and they said that they were still on back order!! I canceled my order(or should I say the manager told me my order was canceled and hung up)! I was soooo mad because this is the only thing my child wanted for x-mas!

  210. complete SCAM SCAM SCAM…….placed my order in November. Called and was guaranteed to have order by December 25. Called week before still told it was being shipped out. Called week of Christmas told they didn’t have any in stock. COMPLETE SCAM!! My son is going to be heart broken. DO NOT ORDER THIS PRODUCT…….COMPLETE SCAM out of CALIFORNIA!!

  211. DO NOT ORDER from them. I placed my order on Oct. 8 and it was magically canceled on Dec. 9th. I never cancelled my order.

    • Same thing happened to me. Ordered 10/3 cancelled 12/9. I never cancelled mine either and customer service was unwilling to make it right. I complained to the BBB.

  212. Ordered one pair December 2nd, same issue as everyone else. I have called several times, each time being promised that they will get here by Christmas. They are not clear just how being shipped. Being that today is Wed. December 21st and they just keep saying ready to be shipped, I can’t see how they will get here. Praying they do… Just goes to show you, anyone can put a commercial on tv. I will refuse shipment if after Christmas and file a report with the BBB. By the way, FYI- they say they are shipping from California.

  213. I ordered 1 pair of the monster slippers for my grandson just before Thanksgiving and they actually came pretty quickly (within a couple weeks). They seemed to work as well, but after reading some of these reviews I guess I’m one of the lucky ones. The quality seems pretty good, but I hope they hold up because if they don’t, this does not sound like the kind of company that will stand by their product.

  214. I ordered 4 pair of stompeez slippers for my granddaughters on November 1st. I have never received them. I did receive an email that they were shipped; but they never arrived. This is a scam! be careful. I will have 4 disappointed children.


  215. I must say I ordered mine thanksgiving weekend and the website clearly set my expectations of 2 weeks for processing. Sure enough they shipped last week via FedEx SmartPost to be delivered tomorrow by USPS. Order status was as simple as entering my first and last name and zipcode. It pays to read all of the information on the website.

    • I’d like to know if you actually received them. These people are scammers and I learned that today when I was charged but their website says I have no order with them.

      • Yes I did.

        Event Sequence:
        11/25/2011 Order was placed.
        11/26/2011 Order Was Downloaded Into System.
        12/14/2011 Payment Was Posted.
        12/14/2011 Ship Ticket Was Generated.
        12/14/2011 Package Was Shipped Via Smart Post GSI STD A
        Tracking Number: 420296819156927009878231553006

        • You are extremely lucky. I DID READ THE INSTRUCTIONS ON THE WEBSITE! I am still waiting on my order to be processed, one month later. Count your blessings!

  216. I ordered stompeez back in November. I still have not received them. I ordered 11 pair for some kids that are waiting to be adopted. Everytime I call they tell me that because my order is overwhelming that they are just waiting to ship them. They are not on backorder, all of them are in. How can a nationally advertised product not be able to handle a order for ONLY 11 pair. I asked the operator at stompeez if she could just put them in a box and mail them already? she assured me they would arrive by Christmas. Well how can that happen when Christmas is 4 days away? I am so disappointed with this company. I have read reviews about customers getting their orders already and only placed them this month. Mine were placed since Nov 11th. I am going to cancel the whole order if they aren’t shipped now. What a disappointment that I have to let down those adorable little girls.

    • Give Stompeez a call. I called them and they changed my shipment to 2 days for free. I just checked and finally after 3 stressful weeks mine have been processed.

        • 800 544 4099 just give them your phone number or order number you must call during business hrs to. Speak to someone otherwise you can enter your info and get an automated response call west coast time

          • Calling them has made zero difference for me. I have called them at least once a week since I placed my order in Nov, and they all say the same recited BS. And as of today Dec 27th, I have yet to receive my order. This company is a joke!!

  217. I have placed an order on Dec. 2nd. and it said it was in stock. According to the website this should have shipped in 48 hours. I am still fighting with them to send my order so I can have my Christmas presents for the kids. Last week I talked to 2 different people and they advised me that my order was in stock and it would ship by Friday Dec. 16th. And they would ship overnight at their expense. Checked again today, still has not shipped and now I was told my order is not in stock. I wanted to speak to a Supervisor and was put into a voice-mail and have yet to receive a call back. I would NOT order from this site. Not only do they false advertise, they have lied to me several times. I was also told that if I receive the order after Christmas and didn’t want it, I could refuse shipment and not be charged. However, if you look on the website, they charge you a fee to refuse shipment. I wonder if I would cancel my order if they would even give me my money back. Total scammers!!! I wish I would have read these blogs before ordering. Would be nice to talk to someone in the US as well!

  218. I am with the rest of these deceived folks after spending my entire morning trying to get through their so called customer service number. These people need to be shut down immediately. I ordered 12/1 and I see there are people here that ordered before me so I am giving up, telling my credit card company to stop charge. Anyone reading this an attorney? I’d say we have enough to class action them and at least get them shut down. This is hideous… all these kids going to be disappointed and this was the only thing my 3 year old g-baby wanted for Christmas. Does anyone have the background on who this company is and what can be done to shut them down for good? I’m game. Nothing makes me madder than deceitful, lying money grubbers. They probably didn’t have any inventory when they ran those adds on TV. Does anyone know who you contact from “AS SEEN ON TV PRODUCTS”? They a need a piece of all these comments as well. What responsibility do they have – just any SMO can advertise – they have some of the responsibility and guilt here as well.

  219. Finally canceled today after being lied to for the 4th time last Friday that they would be here by Christmas, yet the website stated they weren’t past the “processing” stage. Lets face it folks, if you are still in the “processing” stage you are doomed come Christmas with a bare footed child. Unless they have socks on ;p but you get the idea. I’m so glad my little girl hasn’t mentioned wanting those dreaded stompeez slippers after seeing the latest stompeez commercials. Still doesn’t change the fact that thousands of children will be heartbroken come Christmas morning thanks to these liars. Hope the company goes under for being so dirty handed to not only me but the rest of the world. Wish I would have found this website before I ordered. Thank you all for your reviews and I wish you all the best in your stompeez struggle.

  220. This is the WORST!! Online experience I’ve ever had. I placed the order on the 6Th of December. I never received a confirmation email. I contacted the company via telephone and I got someone in the Philippines who couldn’t answer any of my questions. Finally she asked for my information and promised a call back from here supervisor (which I never received). So my wife calls later that day and got a second tracking # different from the first and was Guaranteed delivery by the 22Nd. Which by the way is my daughters birthday, I was given this order # to look online so I can track my order but the web site doesn’t work. I t seem you can’t track your order from Stompeez website. I had to cancel the order on the 20th. Thanks You Screw ups!!! Thanks for ruining my kids Christmas. Also Thanks for being a bunch of unprofessional Liars!!!

  221. This company SUCKS!!!! I never order from any of those tv ads, but my grandson wanted these slippers so much, I took a chance. I didn’t want to do it after reading the reviews, and I should have stayed with my better judgement and not ordered them. I ordered them Nov. 27th and all the information I can get is my order is being processed…by whom?? Santa’s elves!!! I fully intend to report them to BBB>

  222. I ordered a pair of Stompeez online on 11/26/11 and STILL have not received them. I realized when wrapping my Christmas presents last weekend that the first thing I had ordered (the Stompeez) had not shown up yet when every other thing I ordered online had. I looked up the order online and to my surprise, my order was back ordered, even though no indication was given that this would be the case when I placed my order. I live in Alaska and there is NO possible way they can get these to me on time now so I will be calling to cancel the order. I am going to have one very disappointed 5 year old because she dances around asking for these every time she sees the commercial. Oh well…

    • Update to this. Surprise, surprise, I get home from work tonight, and go to the Stompeez website to input my info to get my order status so I can call to cancel the order and to my surprise, they shipped the order today, after I posted on a website that I was going to cancel. Unless they forked over the extra money to send it overnight, there’s very little chance it will make it here in 4 days. I suppose it will be a late Christmas gift. I only hope the quality of the product will make up for the fiasco that is their ordering process.

  223. My mom and dad were gonna buy me some stompeez until we saw all these bad reviews, I WANT SOME STOMPEEZ GOT DAMN IT! THIS IS SOME BS!

  224. I ordered my three pairs of Stompeez slippers back in the ending of November. I received them the beginning of December. My god daughter wore hers twice and the little ball that’s in the inside got squeezed down and wont pop back up. I tried emailing them and the message has an automatic response saying it is failing to connect. Is anyone else having this same problem with one of their slippers.

  225. We have not yet received our order, too, and when I went to go look up our order status, it states that our order has shipped & is in transit. What amazes me is that the order had originated from Los Angeles on 12/14/2011 and is still in transit to San Diego?!! A 2 hour drive takes a week to get to San Diego! Anyway, I’m sorry to hear that everyone’s orders are delayed or have not yet been received. As they had stated on their website, your credit card will not be posted until the shipment is ready to be sent. I truly appreciate that message was communicated on the website. We’re very much looking forward to seeing them soon (ETA 12/20/2011; keep you posted if they do not arrive on 12/20)!!! I’ve placed my order status info below so that you can see the chain of events for my order. I wish the same for you all when dealing with this company.

    Event Sequence:
    11/12/2011 Order was placed.
    11/13/2011 Order Was Downloaded Into System.
    12/14/2011 Payment Was Posted.
    12/14/2011 Ship Ticket Was Generated.
    12/14/2011 Package Was Shipped Via Smart Post

    Take care & happy holidays to all!

  226. I ordered 2 pairs of stompeez slippers on Nov. 22 and still have not received them. I called last week and a lady named pinky who was obviously from another country assured me that I would get them before Christmas. It’s Dec. 19 and when I go online my order status still says being processed. I am very MAD and plan on calling every TV station in my city to have this company investigated as well as the BBB. When I ordered the slippers it did not say that they were out of stock. They should not be selling something that they don’t have. The owner of Stompeez is a man by the name of Jonathan Grant from Silver Spring, MD. I am ready to give this company a lot of free publicity, none of which will be good if I don’t get my slippers before Christmas.

    • just sent an email to my local tv station’s consumer investigator to see if she will look into this company. Maybe if it is brought to the public’s attention on television this company will get its act in gear. I have not been able to get through to customer service for 2 weeks. Will keep you all updated

    • I ordered 5 pairs November 22nd, still have not received anything. I emailed with all the details, order #, name address phone #, and got an email back the next day, asking for order # name address, phone #. That made me concerned. I then tried to call the number for them listed in the email. It got me through to an ink supply company. What number are you calling that you actually get through to Stompeez.

  227. Ordered 3 pairs of Stompeez on Oct. 13th. Called Thanksgiving week, and told they had received the shipment and that they would ship shortly. I was given the same story the next 2 times I called. Called today and told they were shipping and that they would be here after Christmas – Really??? Tried to cancel and was given the run around ( had to tell the representative 4 times to get them canceled). We will see if I still get charged. I understand backorders, and would be OK if the company would just be honest. I would not order anything from this company again.

  228. Just got off the phone after being on hold for 45 min. I called them because every time I went into online they said their was no order found. I talked to a rep. Dec. 5th, gave her my order and I told her I needed them by Dec. 22nd. She said they would be mailed within 5 to 7 working days. Ya, what a joke! Now she claims she can’t pull up an order, she would refer my claim to management. I would hear from them within 24 yrs. I will have 3 little grandchildren that will be very disappointed now because of their screw up. This company is the pits!!! Anybody know how to report them to the Better Business Bureau?

  229. Ordered 3 pairs via a person on 11/29. Was promised delivery by Christmas (I asked several times). Difficult to look up order on line. Order number given did not work (had to look up by phone number and zip code). Order still listed “in process” online. No charge to credit card. Called 800-544-4099. Just a message asking me to check order online. No way to reach a person. Called 855-876-1809. Waited 30 minutes on hold (after 6 attempts of calling and getting abuse signal). Friendly CSR. Was told one of the slippers was on backorder, but that they were doing everything they could to get orders shipped before Christmas (which is different from the promised delivered BY Christmas I was told). I stated that it didn’t sound like I would get the slippers by Christmas as promised. She said they weren’t stating particular delivery dates at this time. Guess the kids will be getting wrapped pictures of the slippers for Christmas.

  230. I have been nothing but completely dissatisfied with this company..DO NOT ORDER!! I ordered a pair on 11/23 and to date (12/19) my order is still pending. I have called SEVERAL times to check to see if I was going to receive by Christmas and I get the same old run around about them guaranteeing by Christmas!! I highly doubt that since they were still in stock when I ordered and now they are completely out of stock. This is the one gift that my 5 year old daughter begged for and continually asks if Santa remembered to get them for her. Maybe on 12/25, I’ll have her call and cry to their customer service!!

  231. I ordered my stompeez on November 14th and the order was placed November 15th! I have yet to receive my slippers. It’s a shame that my grandsons will learn a new word for this Christmas season….BACKORDER!

    If they are a new company arrangements should have been made with another retailer that could handle the overwhelming requests. Can you say K-Mart or Walmart?

    My friends have been waiting to see how long it would take for me to receive my slippers before they placed an order. I’m warning them to NOT order anything from this company! Truly disappointed.

  232. I ordered my slippers on November 16, 2011. Every time I check the status of my order it says pending. When I try to call I sit on hold for over an hour. This company is a rip off. I will be taking further action towards this company. They are scam artists.

  233. I ordered Stompeez 2 pairs on Nov 28th and have yet to receive. Then I ordered another pair on Dec 3 and have yet to receive them. Customer service is terrible never pick up dont have hrs to call between I would never recommend this company to anyone! I am so disgusted one time I got through and lady gave me wrong order # to check status.

  234. This is an email I received on the 10th of Dec. So much for that. There is no way my order will be here before Christmas. 🙁 At least tell us the truth.

    Dear Customer,
    We have located two orders under your name. First order number is XXXXX. Second order number is XXXXX. You can follow the progression of your order at You are guaranteed to receive your order before Christmas. If you wish to cancel your order, you can reach our customer service line at 855-876-1809.

    Kind Regards
    Stompeez Customer Service

  235. I actually ordered my Stompeez on October 4, 2011 and have STILL NOT received them. Same story as presented, will be here soon.

    • Me too. Ordered on Oct 3rd. Figured 2 months was ample time for an order for Christmas to get here. Stompeez actually cancelled my order two months later and claims that I cancelled it. Now they say they can reinstate my order but I will go to the bottom of the list. Horrible customer service. Finally just hung up on the phone rep who kept giving me the same script line over and over. I will never do business with them again!

  236. I ordered 2 pair of stompeez for grand-kids on Nov. 29th, I never received any confirmation by email. I have continued to check the status of the order and it continues to say its pending. When I tried to cancel my order on line like I ordered it they first offered a discount of 6.95 if I didnt cancel than gave me a # to call. I have had to hunt for a phone number(to cancel my order) there are 2 by the way for those of you who had the same trouble 855-876-1809 or 800-544-4099 and call during day hours. This is either a poor excuse for a business or a scam. Very Disappointed in NE. about this product. Grand-kids will be too. POOR POOR COMMUNICATION FOR ANY KIND OF BUSINESS.

  237. This company makes me sick !! I ordered 2 pairs of slippers and the duffel bag and paid the 6.95 for the expedited shipped. When we finally got the cheap pieces of crap, we did not receive the duffel bag, got charged $20.85 for processing and handling and another $1.00 for the Electronic Order Surcharge! It does not seem like I need to add my 2 cents worth as they already have the wost reviews of a product I have ever seen!!

  238. I got this today in reply to my email I sent them earlier last week:

    Dear Customer,

    We are making every attempt to have the order delivered before the Holiday’s. We are expecting inventory to arrive in the near future and will process your order as soon as inventory is available. You will be sent an email confirmation once your order has shipped and you may visit us online at, to check the progression of your order. The reason why you see two orders in the system is because the duffle bag will ship separately. I do advise you that the duffle bag is still on back order for an additional 6-8 weeks. If the order had not been split this would have further delayed your order.

    Kind Regards,
    Stompeez Customer Service

  239. Ordered purple puppies on Nov. 30. Finally received email confirmation today saying they shipped on Dec. 14th. Tracking says they should arrive on friday the 23rd.

    • I received them in the mail today. They do run kind of small but any bigger and I’m not sure they would pop open.

  240. I ordered these on 11/24 and just got notice that they have been shipped via Fed Ex. I checked the tracking number with FedEx and they told me it is not one of their numbers. Don’t know what’s going on. I tried calling them and they are closed today.

  241. I ordered my perky puppies (S/M) on 11/24. I called several weeks in a row and kept getting the same answer. “they will ship next week”. Of course, I knew better. I decoded to give them until the end of this week, and cancel if I did not hear anything. Then on 12/16 payment was posted and I received a shipped notification the next day. Now the big decision, give them as a gift like previously planned, or sell them on eBay? There is a pair selling for $305 right now!!!

    • I do not consider any of these complaints to be “defaming” a company! Get real.

      These are the things that need to be brought to attention. Thanks everyone for making me feel better for not ordering these for my daughter for Christmas! 🙂

    • Well Rob, you obviously haven’t dealt with the lovely people at Stompeez Customer Service. I ordered my daughter the unicorn slippers in mid-November. I paid the extra fee to guarantee delivery by Christmas. I did, in fact, receive the slippers on December 6, but the pump that makes the eyes go up and down was broken in one of the shoes. I called Customer Service and spoke to a girl who told me exactly where to take the shoes so they could be shipped back to them (at their expense) and that once they showed up on the Fed Ex tracking system then I should call them back and they would get me a new pair out that day.

      I told her that the site said they were no longer taking any orders, but she assured me that there were enough shoes to fill the orders that they already had and any possible defects. I waited until December 8 and called back and spoke to some idiot who could barely speak English and she told me that in order for a new pair to be mailed I either had to wait until they received the first pair back or I would have to pay for another pair and they would refund the first pair when they received them back.

      I decided to pay again ($29.60) and she said they would go out in time for me to get them for Christmas. Having heard nothing, I decided to call Customer Service tonight to check on the status and after 45 MINUTES ON HOLD – YES, 45 MINUTES – I was told that I would receive the shoes the middle of next week. Unbelievable. I was even transferred to the Supervisor who was rude, also couldn’t speak English and then hung up on me. DO NOT EVER ORDER ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY. IF YOU DO, YOU ARE DOING SO AT YOUR OWN RISK.

  242. I ordered on November 18th and have called numerous times, just to hear the same thing, “Your order will ship soon. We can’t give you an exact date. Our goal is to ship all orders before the Christmas holiday. and so on…” Finally, yesterday, my order status updated. Payment was posted yesterday, and today it generated a tracking # and showed that it shipped yesterday. FYI…your order status may show “payment posted” and “your order is processing” and then the following day, it will change to “payment posted”, “ship ticket generated” and “tracking number”. So, don’t be concerned that payment posts and then you don’t immediately receive a shipping confirmation. For my account, this took about 24 hours to update. Now, I am just keeping my fingers crossed that I receive them by Christmas. If not, I guess they will still make a good birthday gift 🙂

  243. It’s obvious this is a ‘startup’ with no money and no inventory. They got enough orders and then are trying to fill them be one big shipment from china. It’s a pretty cheesy way to do business. I’ll be canceling on Monday I think, it’s not really wort it if we can’t get them shipped. No big deal really.

  244. Ordered the shoes and free duffel bag for my grandson on 11-26. I got no email confirmation so I checked back in a couple of days and used the order status. It showed my order date and then said my order was downloaded into the system on 11-27. It then said my order was “processing”. This never changed. I noticed after a week that they had a back order status button so I clicked that and it said they were waiting deliver of merchandise which would arrive over a 3 week period so those that ordered before Dec. 5 would get their product. Still, my order showed as “processing”. I tried to call and listened to muzak for more than 30 minutes, twice. I sent an email and got no reply. On Dec. 14, I tried to check the order status and this time it said I had 2 orders under my email address and zip code and it wouldn’t display either one. No combination of info would show my order. Since I never wrote the order number down from the site, I have no way to cancel and get out of this mess. I registered a complaint with the California BBB and asked them to get my order cancelled. What a rip off!

    • I am in the exact same boat. I ordered these for my daughter on the 27 of November. They took my payment off my credit card, now I call and check online and cant find my order. When I call the automated 800 number, they tell me it is still processing. WHY? They took my money just fine! I wanted these for Christmas, and nothing was out of stock when I ordered on the 27th. I do have my receipt, but have yet to talk to an actual person on the 800 number they give, I am pretty upset. I dont order online, and this is one of the reasons why……v

    • You need to call them. Two orders is because they are not sending the duffles because they cannot get them here before Christmas. If you call the 1-800 number on the site they will give you the order numbers. I have had no problem contacting them. I call during the day and it takes time for someone to answer, but they do and they will give you the number. I have no idea if we will see them for Christmas, but you can get your order number to cancel.

  245. I bet the company is selling them on eBay now…there is an auction and the bids for the slippers are over $280! There are many pairs going for over $100. We ordered 2 pairs Nov 25th and will probably never see them.

  246. I ordered 1 pair of slippers on Nov. 14. I added the 6.95 for fast delivery because I wanted to make sure it got to me by Christmas. Well after 2 weeks I called them and they said “everything is on back order). They said we will give you a 6.95 discount if you keep your order. So like a dummy, I did. Well looked on the web-site and it said your acct. has been charged. I thought great I will get them before Christmas. So I looked at my Checking acct and they charged me an extra 30.00 for some reason. I called them today after holding for 22 minutes…….. got a person I could hardly understand. Said I would have to wait until I got the order and return them. Then they would refund my money. I asked for Supervisor and I was told they were all busy but would call me back today. I asked for the name of the Customer Service Rep. I was talking to and she told me we are not allowed to give our name!!!!! I think this is a SCAM!!!

    • I am so upset. I ordered on Nov. 13 and still haven’t received mine. I made the phone call and all I get is your order is waiting to be processed. I am going to call the BBB and the Attorney General on Monday. I don’t see them getting here by Christmas. I am so MAD.

  247. I ordered 2 pair for my girls on 11/24/11. I clicked to cancel my order 2 weeks later and received a $6.95 discount if I did not cancel. I then tried to cancel again a yesterday and received a phone number to call. I called 3 different times and waited on hold for the next available customer service rep for over 20 minutes that never answered. I am furious. I only order because it said order now and you can still have them delivered before Christmas. What a rip off. Sad part is they will probably charge my card and ship after Christmas. Never again will I order from as seen on TV websites. Below is what my order says:

    Items Ordered:
    1 PERKY PINK PUPPY – S-M (I5-T1) $19.95 $19.95
    1 UNUSUAL UNICORN – L (11.5-4) $19.95 $19.95

    Subtotal $40.90
    Tax $0.00
    Discount $6.95
    Handling/Processing $13.90
    Total $47.85
    1 – Payment Plan

    Event Sequence:
    11/24/2011 Order was placed.
    11/25/2011 Order Was Downloaded Into System.
    x Your order is being processed.

    • Has anyone noticed that when you enter your order number and put in the wrong number you can get everyone elses information…I accidentally put the wrong order number in. And send someone else info…this website needs to be shut down..

    • I ordered as well but I used a prepaid debit card. I have learned never to give bank card info. on online orders. Their customer service is very poor and yes they do keep you on hold for a long time. I ordered the dragon and a week later went back and notice that the card had not been charged. When I contacted them, she told me that they were not taking anymore orders because of the high demand. They will not debit the card until the order is actually processed and ready to be shipped out. No one contacted me about this, and I told her why did it accept my order and why wasn’t the notice NOT ACCEPTING ORDERS showing doing the time my order was placed. She did not have an answer for that. She also told me that, they will try to shipped the order out before Christmas but it was no guarantee.

      I decided to spend the money on the gift card and I am glad I did because it is still showing “NOT ACCEPTING ORDERS” status.

  248. I stupidly ordered the Bunny Stompeez on 12/1/11 before reading any of these reviews. I also got the duffle bag, but have not received any product yet! I am getting irritated with this company as I called and they said they were working on trying to get the orders fulfilled by Christmas. When I placed the order there were “Supposedly” product still available. I was logging in to check my status and even signed up for the email, no emails as of yet and I misplaced my order number. Tonight I go to check the status and its saying there is 2 or more people with my name with orders and its asking for a order number? I dont get this…What the hell is going on? Ugh, this company needs a reality check on how to run a business….

    • I placed an order on Nov 29 2011, still haven’t received anything. I also have the 2 or more orders come up when I try to look at my order. Why??.. I dont know, but its very very very frustrating. This better be the best slipper on the face of planet for as long as I’ve had to wait for it. grrrrr 🙂

      • I ordered the perky pink puppy and unusual unicorn on 12-4 and got them today! I did pay the overnight shipping fee but it was worth it.

    • I had the same thing happen to me! I went on the site to track my order a few days after I placed it (12/4) and it said the order was placed and downloaded into system. I received no email within the next few days so I went back on to track it again and it said the same thing about two or more people with the same name and zip code, I put my order number in and it said it cant be found to call the customer service number! All of a sudden my tracking number doesn’t work?!?

      Soooooo upset!! my 4 yr old was really looking forward to them 🙁

  249. Does anyone know how long they take to actually ship once the order is processed? Mine still has not been processed, just curious if they process soon if they would arrive before Christmas??

  250. Mine came today and I have to say they’re pretty cute. I tried them out and the air pump that makes them work is closer to the heel, so if your child’s foot is at the smaller end of the size range they may have a hard time getting them to work.

    I did have to go to and look up my order by Billing information to check on the status since I never got an order confirmation email. I signed up for email updates and did get a shipping notification email with tracking number.

    Here are the order status details for anyone interested in the timeline.

    1 SIR ONE EYED MONSTER: S/M (I5-T1) $19.95 $19.95
    1 GROWLING DRAGON – S-M (I5-T1) $19.95 $19.95

      Subtotal $40.90
      Tax $0.00
      Discount $0.00
      Handling/Processing $13.90
      Total $54.80
      1 – Payment Plan
    Event Sequence:
    11/25/2011 Order was placed.  
    11/26/2011 Order Was Downloaded Into System.
    12/06/2011 Payment Was Posted.
    12/07/2011 Ship Ticket Was Generated.
    12/07/2011 Package Was Shipped Via Smart Post
    Tracking Number: 42003038910#############

  251. I didn’t have a problem receiving mine but they advertised their largest size was a 9 in adult and my 15 year old saw them on TV and loved them so I ordered her the cat ones. They are way too small and more like a size 5!!! She is so disappointed. If anyone would like to buy these I would be glad to sell them. I just talked to the company and after reading all these reviews I’m afraid I’ll never be credited my money after I return them. My email is I’ll send a pic of them. My daughter is so disappointed and so am I.

  252. I placed my order on Oct 18 for four pair of Stompeez slippers plus the duffle. Since one pair was for a granddaughter’s birthday, I included the overnight shipping. When it didn’t arrive within four days, with one day left for her birthday, I called.

    I was told that they were backordered, but they were having a huge order in from from the manufacturer “soon.” The overnight postage charge was so that I would receive them quickly once THEY received them. Cancelled the overnight charge. Was told I’d have them by Thanksgiving. Not very happy that they didn’t notify me, especially since I’d ordered the overnight delivery.

    Called 2 weeks ago. I’d have them in a week.

    Called six days ago. They would ship by Friday. (tomorrow).

    Today I received an email that the duffle was backordered. Followed the link to the order status, and found that was the only item on my order: The order confirmed the duffle order was placed on 10/18, but wasn’t downloaded into the system until 12/14! Called in a panic to verify the status of the rest of the order. (Found them online, finally, order was split into two orders, with two order numbers.)

    I finally was told that the reason for the delay is that the blue puppy, which was the choice for the birthday girl, has been DISCONTINUED. They said they had the rest of the order, and offered a substitute (purple and blue puppy). They said that I would have the order in time for Christmas. Uh, huh. We’ll see.

    All of the reps spoke with a thick accent. I doubt they are in the US. I suspect that in their country, the etiquette is to tell the customer what they want to hear.

    If they are not in the US, how much help will the BB be?

    One of the reps said that they had many, many more orders than they expected. I wouldn’t be surprised if part of the issue is the number of orders place, but another part of the issue is getting the orders in through customs.

    I’m really hoping these come soon, but I’m not convinced that my Stompeez will be here for Christmas. BIG DISAPPOINTMENT.

  253. I just got off the phone with a very nervous Customer Service Rep at Stompeez and then read the messages on this site. I am completely depressed. I ordered 4 pair 11/25 and my email confirmation happily stated “Thank you for your order! It is being processed and will be shipped promptly!” Well, so much for truth in email confirmations. I was told that I would receive complimentary UPS next day shipping but that I could not expect my order to ship today and since today is Thursday it might ship tomorrow (Friday) but UPS doesn’t pick up on Saturday, so they aren’t guaranteeing the slippers before Christmas. How sad for the grand-babies who live cross country. Grammie doesn’t have a chance of getting those mailed in time. Thanks Stompeez Grinch!

    • Sharon,

      I feel the exact same way you do. I was very disappointed that my dragon stompeez was not going to be available for Christmas. I had not see my grandson in about 3 years and he finally was with me for about two weeks. I really wanted to see these stompeez in his had before he left but now I am sadden that he left yesterday 12/15 without the stompeez that he watched me order online. Later to find out that it was on backorder and my card would not be debited until the order was about to be shipped. This is a terrible way of disappointed grandchildren!!! I am very upset by Stompeez’s customer service.

  254. Ordered a pair of stompeez for my daughters birthday on OCTOBER 14, and they were backordered then! Dummy me decides to order another pair for my other daughter on NOVEMBER 14 since I figured the first pair would now become a Christmas gift since they missed her birthday – both pairs are STILL on backorder. There is no way they’re filling all these orders before Christmas! CANCELLED.

  255. After Thanksgiving I saw a commercial for Stompeez and thought they would make a great Christmas gift for my 4 year old daughter. I began to read reviews and became worried about this company and it’s ability to “deliver”. I went ahead and thought maybe I would be one of the lucky ones. 2 1/2 weeks later, they showed up with time to spare. Hold out hope. They may have got this figured out. Best wishes.

  256. I ordered 2 pair of Stompeez Slippers for my daughters back in October and still haven’t received them and its Dec. 14. This SUCKS!!

  257. Oh how I wish I had found this website BEFORE I placed an order with Stompeez!!!!!! What a scam!!!!!! I placed my order on 11/24/11 for 4 pr. of Stompeez and since my credit card billing info is a P.O. Box #, and the order did not ask for anything else, I assumed the order would be shipped USPS. I checked the website a few days later and could see nothing on the order status so I called their number. I sat on Hold for 45 minutes and finally a man who didn’t speak good English came on and told me my order had been shipped and I would receive it in 3-5 days. I never received the order, so I called back today, 12/14, and sat on Hold for about 10 minutes. I then spoke with a woman, Kris Lantin, who didn’t speak good English. She told me the exact, same thing I’d been told on 12/3. I told her I wanted to know how it was being shipped and a tracking number. She wouldn’t give me that info, so I asked to speak to a supervisor. She said one wasn’t available, so I then told her to cancel the order as I was obviously being scammed. I’m sure I’ll have to get my Credit card company involved in this. What a nightmare!

  258. Ordered on 10/22, still nothing.

    Again today I got the same lines but now I was told it would be shipping today or tomorrow. I’ll call and finally cancel on Friday.

    Here are some of their more popular responses:

    – due to overwhelming demand, orders have been delayed
    – you will receive your order in 5 to 9 business days
    – we guarantee you will get these in time for Christmas

    I told the woman today to stop with the lines and the lies. I had to tell her to shut up and understand that I ordered them on 10/22, not last week, not in November , but in October.

    They’re idiots.

    36 dollars shipping and handling for this crap and they haven’t shipped or handled anything.

  259. I placed my first order for stompeez at the end of November. A few days later I realized that I had ordered the one eyed monster instead of the dragon. I placed a second order, choosing expedited shipping.

    I didn’t get any e-mails, and misplaced my order numbers so I couldn’t check the status. I did receive a phone call today offering a free gas card or Walmart card. The person I spoke to had no order information, I declined the offer.

    Imagine my surprise when a box from stompeez arrived at my door today! It was the second order that arrived. They look as if they run pretty small, but at least they came. Maybe others will start receiving theirs soon.

  260. DO NOT ORDER!!!!

    I ordered these slippers for my friends niece on November 21st 2011, only to STILL be waiting for them December 14th a week before Christmas! I was told all orders would ship BEFORE Christmas when I called December 1st..needless to say when I checked the site today (12/14/2011) the order was still “processing”. Do not waste your time or money..I now have to search for another present last minute due to this companies sloppy way of handling orders.

  261. GEEZ…. OK.. so I googled for some reviews on the stompeez. I really want them for my grand-babies, from a scan of the review I have decided not to order for Christmas. Will wait till after Christmas and give as a gift at a later time. BUT I will say this…. writing a review is a great way to vent and helpful to others like myself. To those who talk mess about other peoples reviews. GET A FREAKING LIFE, moving on to enjoy the holidays.


    • I also wanted them for my grand-kids. Perhaps you would feel differently if you HAD ordered them in November and were waiting for them still. Think about placing that order at all.

      • Numerous phone calls, long waits and some person in India telling us that their “goal” was to get them delivered in time for Christmas. Don’t care what their “goal”is , only care what they will do and when they will do it! Think twice, then think again before you order this product. Maybe by July they will get their act together.

  262. Again had to call and wait over 1/2 hour to get a pre-paid return label. Sitting in front of my computer as they told me they sent the email through. Did this 3 times. Was told to call back in an hour. Making another phone call now. This time to the Better Business Bureau.

  263. Great, looks like the one thing my 4 year old and 6 year old have been begging for Santa to bring them, will not be here. I ordered 2 pair the weekend after thanksgiving and they’re still not here. I can’t even get through to customer service to ask about the status of my order. If I find out that they cancelled my order, which is what is happened to a number of people, I will contact the BBB about this company.

    • Try looking up your order at by billing information, I signed up for emails here and actually got a shipping notification with tracking number.

  264. I was going to order two pairs of these for my grandchildren but the website said they are all out of everything. I found that suspicious so I started reading reviews and it looks like a dodged a bullet. Needless to say I won’t be ordering these after reading all these horrible reviews.

  265. I ordered three pairs and it took over 6 weeks to receive. They were backordered, but the company did not tell me that when I placed my order. They finally arrived today and I do NOT like them. My daughter has a size 8 foot (toddler). I ordered her a small based on the size chart which indicated sizes 5 to 11. When she takes a step, there is only minimal movement by the animal on the slipper. She is an average size 2 year old but apparently does not weigh enough to activate the movement of the slipper. Do not buy. I’m returning all 3 of my pairs.

    • Have you seen what they are going for on eBay?? They are selling for around $200 a pair. You may want to reconsider and sell them on eBay and make some extra $$ for all of your trouble. Were the slippers too small or too big for your child? I also ordered a pair for my 3 year old, who wears a size 8 toddler shoe. I am still waiting on mine.

    • Which ones do you have? Do you want to sell them? I ordered these in Oct for my 3 – 5 year old nieces (size 5-11) and not only did I not receive them, but Stompeez cancelled my order so now I am never getting them. If you want to sell them let me know by replying and I will give you my email address to work out paying you for them.

  266. Well I submitted my order on 20 November and am still waiting… I figured over a month would be a decent amount of time for a Christmas order to be fulfilled! I have had that “X” next to my order for “being processed” since then. Struggle to get customer service on the line and I know I am not going to get my order before Christmas… My four year old daughter will be devastated as for some reason that was her No.1 thing on her list…I hope we receive it in time for her birthday in April!! Shocking customer service and the thing that REALLY upset me was that when I placed my order back in November at no point during the order process did it mention a back log – only AFTER I had placed my order did I have to go back to their website and check where my order was to see a note that there was a fair size backlog… No emails either to say your order was received, the onus is on the customer to check everything.. I’m furious and I know many, many other parents are too.

  267. I placed an order for x- large dragon on Oct 26. At the end of November I still had not heard anything. Could not get a phone number from site but found one here. I called and after waiting over 1/2 hour spoke with customer service. They placed a new order with rush. Got the package today and rec’d small bunny slippers!! Another 1/2 hour wait and was told to return it and wait again. Ha! Returning for full refund. Never had so much trouble like this ordering anything on line before. Save your money, your time and your patience… DO NOT ORDER STOMPEEZ.

  268. Ordered one pair of stompeez for grand-daughter. On Nov 8th and it is Dec 16 and still have not received them. I have called at least 3 times and get the same old stuff first they were on back order then they were mailed. Now same thing today just called and said they were mailed..they cant be when my credit card hasn’t even been charged yet. Very bad customer service and would not but from again…. ever. Grand-daughter will be very disappointed, that is the reason I ordered them early … do not buy from Stompeez you will regret it.

  269. I ordered 3 pairs before reading any of these reviews. After reading the reviews, I called the company this morning (855-876-1809). I had to wait a few minutes for a rep, but got someone who gave me an order number that was different that the order number I received after placing my order, and was assured that I would get the slippers before Christmas. I ordered mine on 12/3 and was told they would be shipped in 5 to 7 days. Crossing my fingers. She said they are hoping to get all orders out before Christmas and that they started shipping orders November 30th (not sure what that means). I asked about the discount that I wasn’t able to get when I ordered on the website and she took care of it right away. The original price was $81 for 3 pairs including shipping. The revised price is $53 including shipping. Again, crossing my fingers. Good luck to everyone!

  270. I ordered 2 pairs of Stompeez and the “free” bag on Oct. 5, 2011 for my grandchildren. My daughter called the Stompeez number in November and the representative said that they would be here by Dec. 15th. I checked the website today and found out that my order was cancelled on Friday, Dec. 9th! My web history shows that I had not been to that website in 2 weeks! I only use 1 computer so if I had gone to that website on Friday, then I would have proof in my browser history. I did not call them to cancel the order. They do not have an email address that I could have used to cancel.

    So how did my order get cancelled?

  271. I can’t believe the audacity of the customer service rep at Stompeez. I tried to gather information as to when I can expect the two pair I ordered for my two boys and the woman sounded to be reading from a script. At no time did she answer my questions. When I went to cancel my order, I immediately get a pop up asking to keep the order if I take a $13.90. I took the discount and they not only cancelled my overnight request, but also cancelled one of my duffle bags. I understand they are overwhelmed, but that is no reason for rude customer service.

  272. Ordered 3 pair mid Nov. which came with the “Free” duffle bag. What I didn’t see until the end of the order is that they were charging almost $8.00 shipping/handling per duffle bag, not to mention the slippers. Total S/H fees for my order was $41.20. Since these aren’t coming in time for Christmas I canceled my order. I’ll wait until the “As Seen on TV Store” at the Mall of America in spring of 2012.

  273. What I don’t understand is, if they knew they were out of stock, why did they continue to let people order their product??? They are a joke. So misleading.

  274. I ordered these Stompeez Slippers back in November on the 14th. Never received confirmation or anything. I called them today, they tried giving me a run around on the whole deal. I told them I didn’t want to hear their script they have to say. I just wanted to know if I was getting to get these slippers…still a run around. So I told them I wanted to speak someone over them…got a supervisor, he said 2 weeks before they would even get material to make them. He wouldn’t come out and just tell me they wouldn’t be in before Christmas. So I said 2 weeks uhh? he said yea..I said 2 weeks is Christmas..cancel my I canceled…I wouldn’t go through the trouble of this!! DO NOT ORDER STOMPEEZ!!

  275. I ordered 2 pairs of Stompeez slippers on 12/5/11. Before I placed my order the website indicated “order now with overnight shipping to receive BEFORE Christmas. I paid the additional $14.95 shipping bringing my total order for 2 pairs of slippers to $60.95. Well here we are @ 12/12/11 and still no Stompeez slippers. 12/5 order placed, 12/6 order DOWNLOADED?, X- in place of order processed! SO MUCH FOR OVERNIGHT SHIPPING!! THIS IS OBVIOUSLY A BIG SCAM. MOST CUSTOMERS WOULD HAVE PAID THE EXTRA SHIPPING TO ENSURE OVERNIGHT DELIVERY. WELL IT IS DAY #7 AND STILL NO SLIPPERS OR EVEN AN UPDATED STATUS ON MY ORDER. IF THEY ARE CHARGING $14.95 FOR OVERNIGHT SHIPPING FOR EACH ORDER, JUST THINK OF THE $ THEY ARE POCKETING!!! I will be contacting customer service to have my amount recalculated to a fair price.{minus the $14.95 over charge}if they do not agree, then I will cancel my order entirely. I have also contacted my local States Attorney’s office and the BBB. I think all who have had problems with this company need to take it a step further and report them!!

  276. After waiting 2 months for my order to be fulfilled, several phone calls to check on my order and a postcard from the company telling me my expected delivery date was 11/26/11, I found out today that my order has been cancelled and the only available option is to reorder and go to the bottom of the shipping list. I was hesitant to order from a “as seen on tv” company. I should have listened to my gut. This company is a total SCAM!

    • I should add that it is not the fact that the product isn’t coming, or that it is on backorder that is the problem. My child will not care whether she gets these slippers or not. And no, Christmas is not about presents or having the hot item for the season. The poor customer service is the problem. We should not reward companies for poor service by ordering their product just because it’s cute and our kids want them.

      • I sooo agree with you Heidi! I just reported them to the Better Business Bureau online. I know that doesn’t accomplish much though. I’m so mad at myself because I usually do a lot of research before I do business with an online company. This time I didn’t and now have a headache and a probable call to my Credit card company in the future as a result – not to mention needing to buy more gifts somewhere else. 🙁

  277. I ordered 4 pairs on 10/24 for my nieces and nephews for Christmas and still do not have them. I did receive an email with confirmation stating that they were on back order and each time I check the status now it says “processing”. I have been on the phone for 30 minutes with a rep that I can hardly understand and it appears that they have “lost” my order. What a mess!!! Do not order this product!

  278. MY STOMPEEZ is on back order! being a good parent means making your children understand. I had a plan B for my daughter might as well give the stompeez to her after Christmas. Customer Service was very helpful gave me discount for the inconvenience.

    • You got a discount?? I placed my order on Nov. 26 and they were in stock. I emailed several times and got no response. Today I called and after 17 minutes finally someone answered and said my order was possibly shipping tomorrow. I need them by the 17th so I had to have them overnight – at my cost. I then waited to speak to a supervisor who said basically, “too bad. If you want them, you have to pay to overnight it.” DON’T DO BUSINESS WITH THESE PEOPLE. They are a total ripoff. The product better be good or I’m writing to the Better Business Bureau.

  279. Wow… I checked out this blog, since I’m looking to order these slippers. I hope all the negative comments are written by a three year old. This is amazing behavior for adults. Seriously, a pair of slippers will make or break your life or your child’s life, hmmm. I believe that life can deliver much harsher circumstances, in which a person must learn to persevere and master. If you have your life- smile. If you’ve been blessed with a child- remember, many haven’t. If you have grandchildren- many adults that are old enough to have grandchildren are lonely, with no one to visit them. We are the example for the future generations. How we handle our disappointments, is an example to others. What we master, won’t master us. Don’t be mastered by a pair of slippers. Your life is short, spend it loving your family and not being owned by tangible items. Not to mention judgment is a double edged sword, walk through that door… and it comes back to you. Negativity is a cancer, don’t feed it. Count your blessings, you’ve been blessed more than you realize. Gratitude and a thankful heart that overflows love to those around them… that’s the gift, not the slippers. They will forget the slippers when they get older, but they will never forget how you loved them!

    • These very upset consumers are not trying to whine and complain they are trying to make sure that future consumers understand what they are getting into, and to also make sure other people in the future are not being ripped off. This company appears to be out of control with their product and business and I am very happy these consumers have shared their experience, no matter how radical the statement. I am not buying stompeez until they are available in the stores. Thank you to all the responding consumers!

      You must work for the company.

    • Very true statements Steph. However, there is still a matter of responsibility and accountability. Reviews are very helpful in life, it helps us to separate the wheat from the chaff, avoiding wasted time that could be spent with our families, or more importantly serving Christ.

    • People are complaining about feeling scammed. Having given credit info to a company, some as far back as October, and never receiving a product. Not even being able to get a response when they will get the product. They are not complaining about their child needs these stupid slippers. Your comment is ridiculous and your reading comprehension level must be below average. Either that or you work for stompeez. After reading the reviews did you buy a pair? Hope you get them by June. Idiot.

      • They’re called reviews! You know, where people post their opinions about a product or service?! It’s best you delete your nonsense post. Your post doesn’t help future buyers make a decision on buying this product.

    • Stephanie,

      While I am not associated with this company or any like it I would like to say thank you for being the only person, likely on the planet, that understands how these negative reviews can ruin a company. I own a small restaurant and have been overrun with negative reviews due to limited seating issues and having to turn business away to accommodate reservations. I highly doubt this company anticipated the popularity of their product and their lack of ability to fulfill orders in a timely manner is a sideffect of the economy as much as anything else. How many of you would be complaining if the company had overstocked, had limited sales and closed due to budget issues? This is not a mulch-national corporation with facilities capable of producing the quantities desired in this rush. Give them a break and understand that you may be bringing down a small company that feeds a family, not necessarily a huge corporation that won’t notice the decline in sales.

  280. if they can’t spell it…thy can’t sell it!!

    on their website bodycopy, they manage to spell the name of their product no lees than TEN different ways! (Stompeez, Stompez, Stompys, Stomppeas, Stompes, Stompiez, Stompese, Stompeze, Stompees and Stompeas) Do you really want to do business with a “company” like this?!

    • Willie that was done to cover all the key words that people like us would use to search the internet. Type any of those words and you’ll find

  281. I placed an order for 5 different pairs of these stompeez slippers on 11/23/11. I never received a confirmation e-mail or anything in reference to my order. I saved all of my order information and used the track package feature on the website. The last activity on my order was on 11/24/11. The website now says that every single pair is out of stock & they’re awaiting a new shipment within 3 weeks. The website also states that they hope to have the orders shipped by Christmas. These were going to be part of a gift & I am very unhappy with the service! I spent almost $136 on slippers that I have no idea if and when I will receive them.

    • My husband placed an order on 11/21…same as you, no confirmation email or anything, no $ taken from my bank account. 11/29 I ordered a pair thinking my husband’s order didn’t go through…again, no confirmation email but I made sure the order went through & saved the info. 3 days later my husband & I both receive emails saying they shipped out of Los Angeles, checked my bank account & saw 2 Stompeez transactions. I was a little mad @ first about the no confirmation emails & now I’m stuck with 2 pairs when I only wanted 1 & worried about being able to send them back b/c of the wording (“provided there is a receipt”) of their return policy. Now these things are sold out & luckily, I received mine on 12/9, both pairs!! & they came with a receipt!

    • I would not recommend purchasing slippers from this company! I had placed an order for 6 pairs of slippers on October 27, 2011 and never received any confirmation email. I have contacted the company over 6 times (once a week). They keep stating that the shipment is ready to be shipped out and everytime I call I receive the same information. A little disappointed in not receiving the product. I am an avid online shopper and this is by far the worst company that I have ever had to deal with. I would definitely tell everyone not to order anything from this company, they obviously haven’t learned the business basics…….customer satisfaction.

  282. Seriously people need to calm dawn. If your credit card has not been charged, you have not been scammed. And to someone saying that their child is no longer going to believe in Santa? You are full of crap. If your child “asked Santa” for a sports car, you would say that Santa can’t always make everyone’s wishes come true because there is no way you are going to buy them a car.

    And yes it is not right that they are charging people extra to ensure that they get the merchandise, but with a new company, that is what happens sometimes. This is a new company with a new concept and they probably did not think that the idea was going to fly with the customers so they only made a limited supply. If it were your company you would have done the same thing. When they sold out immediately, they needed to scramble to figure out what to do. Maybe the manufacturers are making as many as possible. It may not even be a large manufacturer and they are shipping these all over the country. Instead of realizing that this company is doing whatever they can to satisfy the orders, all of you are complaining and threatening to sue them.

    Take a chill pill and get in the Christmas spirit. If you get them by Christmas, awesome. If not, give them to your child for their birthday. Problem solved. Give the company the benefit of the doubt.

    FYI I like stompeez and would love a pair. I hope that the company does very well for themselves through everything that all of you are saying.

    • I understand where you are coming from and have thought the same thing, BUT it doesn’t excuse their poor customer service and not keeping their customers updated!!

      • when I ordered my slippers on Nov. 14, they were all in stock. Yes it makes me very angry that people have ordered their slippers after me and have already received them. The people who want you to take a “chill pill” probably already receiver theirs.

    • Ok…now that I have read the reviews I will NOT be ordering any of these…I do understand having patience but when you never receive your order or your order gets canceled without your consent then YES THAT IS A PROBLEM!! This company should be reported and should stop operation until they are ready to deal with supply and demand aspect of it. They should NOT continue to operate when there are no products to distribute and obviously they sound very unorganized!! So all of you who say to chill out when you start losing money that you are paying out then maybe you will understand the frustration!!

    • You said something about if they haven’t charged your acct. Well they did charge my acct. twice! I think it is a SCAM! I ordered on Nov. 14th and still haven’t received!

  283. I just recently ordered one pair of Stompeez for $19.95. Now they’ve sent me an invoice for $195, claiming I ordered five. What a horrible company. Never order from these guys.

    • Hey Robert, when you receive your order send the other four my way. 🙂 I hear these slippers are in very high demand.

  284. I am so truly sorry to here about everyone’s issues with stompeez, I had place my order on 11-30-11 and then I saw all the bad comments on how people weren’t receiving there stompeez, I was terrified and was considering canceling my order because they were for my grandbaby for christmas but I didn’t cancel my order and im glad that I didn’t because like I said before I placed my order on 11-30-11 and I recieved them today 12-09-11. So I’m really hoping that everything work’s out for everyone else and just to let you know that im very satisfied with stompeez.

  285. Ordered Stompeez on 11/22/11 have yet to get a response. Wanted them for granddaughter for Christmas. There appears to be no phone # on the website to contact anyone. My order is in there but no idea when I will receive the slippers?? It is now 12/10/11 and will soon be a month.

    • If you go on the website & look at the very bottom. You will see in small black letters “Check Order Status”. You should be able to enter information in reference to your order and see if anything has gone on with your package since you placed your order.

    • There is a phone number on their website, I called and spoke with someone. The background noise was horrible, sounded like 1000 people were calling them at the same time but the girl assured me I’d receive them before XMAS. I ordered them on 12/3/2011. Still no change of status on the website but when I spoke with her on 12/9/2011, she said it would take about 10 days to receive them.

    • My husband ordered a pair 11/21, I ordered a pair 11/29 thinking his order didn’t go through. They shipped 12/2 & arrived @ my house 12/9

      • If anyone received an extra pair of small Unicorn Stompeez, I would love to buy them from you. We already explained to our three year old that they are all gone until after Christmas, but boy wouldn’t she be surprised! It is truly the only thing she has asked for this Christmas! Please reply if interested. Thank you and Merry Christmas!

        • I’m sorry, I don’t have the unicorns. I think I saw a S/M unicorn listed on eBay, they’re going for pretty outrageous pricing though.

  286. I ordered these for my kids for Christmas. I ordered them in the beginning of October and here it is the beginning of December and I JUST NOW got them. It is horrible that it took 2 months to receive them! Customer service is HORRIBLE! Every time I called I would get a recording and NEVER a live person. The recording was cheap sounding too. I honestly thought I had been scammed. I practically was. These slippers are poor quality.

    The device that makes the shoes work is located in the heal of the shoe. I purchased 2 pairs. One of the pair you have to press very hard to get it to work. These are way over priced and now I wish I hadn’t purchased them! I paid almost $60 for 2 pairs. I thought they would be a lot better.

  287. I wanted to let all of you hear something positive. And NO, I don’t work for Stompeez. I am an automotive technician who loves his nephew’s young ones. They saw Stompeez on a TV commercial and are craving them. So being a good uncle, I ordered two pair. I agree that the site needs a lot of improvement. The price isn’t bad, but the shipping for sure is way out of line. Between the final cost, with shipping, and all of the neg. feedback on this site, I almost cancelled my order. But I wanted them for the kids. So I decided to just be patient and see what happened. Today my order arrived and everything is correct. It took just under two weeks. Maybe it’s like someone else said, that this may be a fairly new company unable to handle the avalanche of orders which would certainly explain the shipping and communication problems. In any case, and without defending anybody, I will just say this company isn’t a scam. I placed my order and two weeks later I received it. That’s it. By the way, I unpacked them and tried them out. They work great! A really cute product!

  288. OMG!!!!! I wish I would’ve seen this site before I ordered. I placed an order on 11/19 for one pair of slippers, blanket, and duffle bag. I never received an order confirmation number via email. I called the customer service approx 15 min ago and only waited a few seconds and spoke with a representative. Basically all she did was report my order back to me and then told me not to worry that I would receive my order before Christmas. I made her send me a confirmation email regarding my order. I did receive it right when she said she was sending it. I am going to call back tomorrow and demand a delivery confirmation email. She did inform me however that they would not charge my credit card until the order actually ships. (we’ll see). If I don’t get an answer and receive my little boy’s slippers by Dec. 24th (Saturday). I will be reporting this company. I did tell them that as well on the phone. I also told them that they had the absolute worst customer service as well as business. All the representative done was say I apologize for the inconvenience. Anyways, Hope everyone receives their orders. Oh…I only payed $13.90 for all of my items.

    • I had the same thing just happen to me. She just told me that they would send out next Tuesday and will arrive in 5 – 7 business days. I am not happy with how they have handled things.

  289. I would like to thank everyone for posting their review.I was going to order some for my 5yr. old son, but after reading these reviews I will save my time and find something else for him.Thanks again everyone and Merry Christmas to all!

  290. WOW! I did place 2 orders for Stompeez 11 days ago. I cannot track my order because I did not have the tracking number and since I placed two orders I cannot track with my address or name. So I called to cancel but the representative assured me they would be shipped in 24 – 48 hours. This was 24 hours ago and nothing. Not to mention I asked him for my order number, he have me one, turns out its not the correct number! I also placed an order for Pawggles, which doesnt seem much better! I will never place an order online for any As Seen On TV product again, this is crazy. So if my order is not sent out tomorrow, needless to say, I will be canceling it for sure!

  291. I am so glad I saw this site first and now understand that these people are ripping people off. My wife tried to convince me and almost bought them. These people really should be taken somewhere deep in the forest and left there. Man I hope all of you get what you are asking for good luck. finding other slippers elsewhere

  292. Go online to Your sates Attorney Generals website and file a complaint. They go after them!! this has always worked for me on scams like this…

  293. I actually received the stompeez I purchased for my nephew this morning. I order them on 11/29 and payed the 6.95 additional s&h for 3-5 business day delivery and I received them on time. I didn’t add the optional “free” duffel bag to my order. I’m sorry that so many of you are having so many problems with this company. I hope everything works out.

    • Which ones did you order? I also did not add the additional duffel bag, but I ordered for a little girl, so maybe it’s the design that’s the hold up. I am glad to know that someone actually received them. Thanks for posting! You have given me hope 🙂

      • I ordered the one eyed monster ones. I know when I did order them I saw that some of the puppy ones were already out of stock. They are probably a hotter item for girls than boys. I do find it ridiculous that they don’t have enough supply for the demand. When they arrived they came in a beat up box and the slippers were just wrapped in plastic inside. I hope this helps!

        • Thanks for the reply. The puppy ones were the ones that I ordered. Even though there are alot of negative reviews, I am giving the company the benefit of the doubt. They have not charged my credit card, so they have not “technically” done anything wrong. I am just hoping to receive them by Christmas! It seems that the people who are receiving their orders have ordered boy items.

          • I ordered 4 pair on Dec. 5th and had them delivered air express and received them today. They are very cute and in my opinion well worth the money for Christmas. I know 3 grand kids that will be very happy. 1 puppy, 2 unicorns and 1 bunny. I hope everyone gets theirs.

    • Sure you did Holly. I don’t believe you for a second. I am guessing you are another Stompeez employee. Unless this scam of a company has decided to fill the most recent orders first, there is no way since orders from October, including those who paid the additional s&h, have yet to be filled. Take your nonsense elsewhere.

      • I don’t need you to believe me. I’m just posting to let everyone know that at least someone received them. I just posted to help. Everyone is asking if anyone actually received them and I did.

        • I order the monster one eye as well and the sight showed the puppy out of stock at that time too. So, I believe your Holly!

    • I had no problem with my Stompeez order. My daughter is so happy she got some mail with the stompeez inside and they work. The shipping was $6.95 but I expected to pay for shipping. I hope they get more stompeez in soon. I didn’t get the duffel bag either.

    • I ordered two pairs (dragons) on Dec 5 and received my order today. The slippers are adorable- however, I thought the shipping costs were very pricey, but wanted delivery by Christmas. Hopefully, everyone will get their order, because I think the kids will love them.

  294. It’s the only thing my grandchild ask Santa and everybody else and now we can’t get them don’t know what she will think of Santa.

  295. I only pursued this, because like so many of you, my child fell for the ad and I wanted to see her face on Christmas. I just couldn’t give them any credit card information until asking some questions. I waited it out on hold for over 20 minutes. I asked about guarantee delivery for Christmas. I was told if I paid an extra $16.95 per pair I could get them delivered. So this is on top of the $6.95. I didn’t understand so I asked for clarification. She admitted everything is “backordered” and said it is their goal to fulfill November orders but insisted 2 pairs would be available for me if I paid nearly $24 for delivery per pair. She said I would be placed at the beginning of the line. So I asked “I could buy my way to the front.” She agreed. Disgusting…. I hope those of you who ordered earlier aren’t still waiting because other people are buying a spot in front of you. Every other company I have ordered from for the holidays admits when they have run out of a product and either stops selling it or lists an available date. I would love to know who is behind this company so I can stop buying from them altogether.

    • Disturbing, since I’ve been waiting since October 13th. 5 pairs for nieces and nephews. The funny thing is I’m still hopeful they’ll arrive in time so I don’t have to find replacement gifts.

  296. What a crock. I was stupid enough to order these without finding the bad reviews first. Of course they were backordered, and I had the same issues as everyone else. Called the cancellation # to have it disconnect on me twice and then it finally gave me someone after 20 minutes. She claimed that they received an order today but I know that was only a last ditch effort to keep me from cancelling. I cancelled anyway. I know this is a scam, so save your sanity and don’t order these.

  297. Hello all- this site has saved me from ordering Stompeez and apparently being put through some headaches! So glad! In case anyone happens to see this- thought I would help: the website below might be a good alternative- they sell adult and children sleepwear- including cute slippers. I ordered robes from them a year or so ago- no problems. Hope this helps someone!

    • Thank you so very much for all your posting, people. I was willing to pay 35 dollars for the Stompeez slippers, just because it is the first item on my daughter’s list as well and we have had a sad year. These seemed to be fun and would make her laugh a lot…I am so sorry that the company is this mess. The consumer affairs department should be told about them, I completely agree on it. Thank you so much, I will not be buying now. Happy holidays, everyone, with another gift!!

  298. Thanks for the feedback! I was looking forward to ordering this for Christmas but I know that there’s no way I’ll get it so it’s off to the next search!

  299. I’ve had THE worst experience with this company!! My order was placed on October 27, 2011 and I have yet to receive it! I ordered 4 pairs of the slippers, have called in every week, tried to email twice only to receive a “non-delivery” reply, visited the website everyday and as of this morning I’ve been waiting on hold for a total of 46 minutes thus far. I paid for expedited shipping for all 4 of the slippers only to be told over and over that my order will ship next week. I would NOT recommend this company to ANYONE!

    • Ordered Stompeez in October and paid $6.95 for “RUSH” delivery – still not here as of 5 Dec. Telephone to their 855-876 -1809 number resulted in a dead battery on my cell phone after 128 minutes waiting for them to answer. Attorney general of California and the BBB will be notified.

  300. I guess I am one of the many who ordered these and am getting screwed. My kids also so the floods of commercials and this is the number one thing on there Xmas list. The stupid slippers are overpriced but I was willing to pay to make the kids happy on Xmas morning- now it has been two weeks, placed my order on Nov 22 and still have the dreaded x saying still processing. after being on hold- I kid you not 42 minutes I finally reached some one who stated they would be receiving a shipment in the next week and my items would ship out next week some time and guaranteed they would be here for Xmas. Some how I think that’s there brush off because after reading all this I highly doubt I will see them before Jan since some have been waiting since October for theirs. Don’t order if you can avoid!

  301. I’m so happy I checked this out because my husband & I are currently unemployed & we thought this would be the perfect Christmas gift for the grandchildren & it would have been sad for them not to receive them for Christmas. Thanks to all for the information.

  302. Well I ordered 2 pairs of Stompeez for my daughters on 11/1 and still haven’t received them. on 11/18 I got a email saying they were backordered. I sent an email regarding the order status and after 7 days still no reply. Today I called and after being on hold for 30 minutes finally spoke to someone who told me the backordered items were received by them and they should be shipped this week but not to worry I would have them in time for Christmas. They weren’t Christmas presents. I needed the first pair before 12/1 for a birthday gift. let’s see what they are like when they arrive. They better be worth the trouble

  303. OLB must work for Stompeez that’s the only thing I can think of for those post. I ordered my stompeez In October and here it is Dec. still waiting…….

  304. I’m glad I read these reviews before ordering them for my nieces. I won’t be wasting my money on these. I cannot even fathom a company charging that much for shipping and handling for slippers!

  305. I was going to order four pairs, but am so glad I found this site before purchasing. Hopefully all of you who have encountered problems with your orders have contacted or written the Better Business Bureau. Enough complaints and they will launch an investigation into the problems.

  306. So glad I read all these reviews. I hadn’t pressed the “submit” button yet when I decided to read the reviews. What a scam!!

  307. Holy crap!! I was in the middle of ordering when I accidentally clicked my browser and somehow ended up here, I think I will call it Divine intervention!! So glad I read this, thank you. I never read reviews but I will from now on, this world is so messed up I just realized as I was trying to explain this whole thing to my daughter and then read OLBs posts. These are disappointed kids and he’s trying to defend it.

  308. My grandchildren wanted nothing else for Christmas, so I went on line and ordered three pair. The site is very pushy and gimmicky! The slippers were 19.95 each. Very Pricey! Then they added a shipping and handling fee of 20.00.

    What a rip off. Now I am reading that they are having a difficult time getting orders filled and problems with sizing mistakes. Yikes!

    If Santa has any pull in this situation, I would really appreciate his help. This present cost me over 80.00 and it may not even reach us in time correctly.

    Concerned Grandma

  309. Well, I have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of Stompeez for my 3 yr. old daughter. I ordered them in mid November, and it still shows the dreaded “x” for “order is being processed”. I have called them a couple of times to check on the backorder status, and just got the “we are still guaranteeing them for Christmas delivery.” I am still holding out hope. I called today, and the person I spoke with, Carlos, told me they have received their shipment and will begin processing the backorders in the order they were received. He also said I could expect them in 8-10 business days, which would be before Christmas. I figure since I have held out this long and they haven’t charged my credit card, I will continue to wait out the process. Oh, and I unchecked the “free duffel bag”, so my one pair of Stompeez came to $27. Still a little pricey, but nothing like some of you have been talking about. Keeping fingers crossed!

    • Ok I ordered my slippers and now can’t get threw the lines to see if it processed. On hold for 2-3 hrs at a time, got not no email nor has my debit card been charged. Where can I go to check or change my order?

          • I unchecked the duffel bag on the main page where I selected the slippers that I wanted. Below the slipper options, there was a box with a statement that said something like, “Yes, I want the free duffel bag with purchase.” The box was automatically checked, but you could click and uncheck it. You may be able to call and have it taken off your order.

          • I called and had them remove the duffel bags. CS guaranteed me delivery before Christmas as long as I placed my order before Dec 5th. Since I ordered on Nov 28th, I am still holding on. Hope that by removing the duffel bags, my order can be processed and shipped.

  310. I just called the 1877 number to cancel my order…going on 25 mins of waiting I was close to hanging up and then a lady picked up. She was nice about it. I ordered mine November 23rd. After complaining about the shipping price(I was fine paying $19.99 for the slippers..two pairs actually). She gave me a discount. She also informed me people are who are being told to wait it is for the duffle bag. I took them off my order, because they are waiting on more. She confirmed that my ordered will be shipped next week(slippers only) in time for Christmas. Final cost of of stompeez order was $43 and sum change. I’m a patient person, and my kids are really wanting these for Christmas. If I do not get a confirmation e-mail by Wednesday of next week ill be calling back. And no, I’m not a sales rep.

    • Well I never ordered the duffle bag and I placed an order on November 15th my order status still says processing this past Tuesday I called and I spoke to someone who told me they would be here in in 10 to 15 business days but then last night I got an email from them saying my order was on back order and wont be here for 4 to 6 weeks.

    • Dear Kristy,

      Do you have the phone number for stompeez? I couldn’t find one on their web-site. Please let me know.

      Many Thanks,

      • At the very bottom of their website is a small link for Customer Service. If you click on that, you’ll see their phone number: 1-855-876-1809. I have tried calling that number twice, both times, I was on hold so long I had to hang up. I was really looking forward to getting these for friends of ours, but, after reading all the bad reviews on here, I’m really hesitant. Good luck!

      • The Stompeez customer service number I called was 855-876-1809 (and when I did a web search for the number it came up India)

      • Phone number is 1-855-876-1809 but after two hours of waiting for an answer my cell phone battery died. BBB and the CA Attorney general have been sent an email about the extra charge for 3 to 5 days shipping expedited, which is now 30 days.

  311. Event Sequence:
    11/16/2011 Order was placed.
    11/17/2011 Order Was Downloaded Into System.
    x Your order is on backorder. We expect inventory shortly. Your credit card will not be charged until your order is shipped

    I checked and my card has not been charged. I read the reviews before purchasing, and since this product is not available elsewhere and my 5 year old earned enough “tokens” to redeem for this reward (I made him earn 20 since the price was $20), I went ahead with the purchase, but with low expectations. I also ordered a pair for each of my nieces for Christmas presents. My thought is that there is a shortage of product currently (since I couldn’t even find people selling them on eBay), probably due to overwhelming demand. I didn’t think that it would make sense to pay extra for expedited shipping, because the company can’t ship what it (probably) doesn’t have. I will wait it out and be hopeful that the company is able to catch up on their orders shortly, mainly because my son worked so hard to earn this reward.

  312. My husband ordered a pair of Stompeez for my 4 y/o daughter when he saw them on tv over a week ago. He never got a confirmation email, order #, anything….he didn’t seem to remember this until just the other day when I asked about them. Since we had nothing referencing the order I decided to order again (11/30). Today (12/2), I get an email saying they’re being shipped…which according the the tracking email, they just left Los Angeles…I check my bank & have 2 charges for Stompeez, 1 on 11/29 & the other on 11/30. Ok, so I call customer service & get this taken care of right? That would be nice, if they listed a phone # to customer service!!! All I’ve found is their business hours, no phone #, no email.

    • Ok, I’m correcting this review a little. Turns out there is an order in their system placed by my husband (11/21) using my card. However, they didn’t charge the card until 11/29 when I placed another order with the same card, thus explaining the 2 charges. Order status on both of them says they shipped out of Los Angeles via FedEx this morning…guess it’s too late to cancel either order? So, it should be as easy as sending them back & getting a refund, right? I notice they put “provided Stompeez is accompanied by a receipt” in parentheses @ the end of their return policy, praying there’s a receipt with my orders!

      • With the demand of these slippers, you could probably sell them on eBay faster than sending them back and waiting on a refund. Did you receive them yet? I am waiting to hear from someone that has actually received them. I called today to check the status of my order and was told I should receive them in 5-7 business days.

          • I received both of my pairs of slippers the other day, 12/9!!! Shipped out of Los Angeles 12/2 & arrived to my house in the Midwest 12/9, both pairs. I paid $27.90/pair…so I don’t know what everyone is talking about the ridiculous pricing. Yes, I paid the $1 electronic fee or whatever & $6.95 s&h, that’s not so bad. I’m kinda glad I accidentally double-ordered now 🙂

            You’re right, Jill, I’m not even bothering sending them back, I listed them on eBay. Unfortunately, there’s only a few listings of Stompeez & other than mine & 1 of the other pairs, the quality of the rest do not look up to par. I’d be leary as a buyer, buying them on eBay. As a seller, they’re going for ridiculous pricing. The things parents will do for their kids I guess!

            Anyway, I did receive mine!! Other than them not sending me any kind of confirmation email & me not knowing I double ordered til my husband & I each received an email telling us they were shipped & saw the payments go through the bank, I have no more complaints & people need to just chill out a little. Obviously these things are in high demand & the probably didn’t expect this much volume & are having trouble keeping up. It happens. There is light @ the end of the tunnel!!

  313. I ordered Stompeez on 10/29. Nothing yet. I checked the order# on line and they had no record. I emailed customer service. It came back as undeliverable. I called the 800 #, and was referred to the website or given an 855 telephone #, which I called. I was told that the order # was only a reference #. And I should have them before Christmas. Haven’t tried to cancel yet. That’s next. I think they are a scam.

  314. Was going to order these as a Christmas gift…. 2 pairs = $39.90 (as expected) but wait… SURPRISE = $27.80 for processing and handling only?! Eff that. I’m not paying almost $70 for cheap slippers. Total scam. Big disappointment.

  315. I’m so glad I read all this before I ordered! the first thing that mad me question this company is they don’t even spell their own product correctly on the site. Lots of spelling errors! under the “check order status” icon they spell Stompeez like 10 different ways. Not to mention all the other things they word wrong. “get your a free duffle bag” another thing I noticed is you cant get details on the pillow/blanket until after you order. Why? so they can charge more shipping and another $1 for electronic processing fee? very unprofessional. I wont be giving them my card number! so upsetting, my daughter really wanted a pair!

    • The reason they spell their own name so many different ways is to pick up people who misspell the name when they do a Google search online. It’s a search engine optimization technique which insures that their web site will come up in your search even if you misspell the name. I don’t think they really intend for anyone to read that paragraph, it’s just a way to help their website come up in the search, no matter how you spell it. That said, I’m not sure I’ll be ordering them for my 3 girls based on the rest of these reviews… I’m hoping it’s just a matter of a small company that got slammed with way more demand than they can handle. But I will be researching the company much more carefully before I order. Happy Holidays!

  316. I am so disappointed. My 3 year old keeps seeing the commercials and asking for the slippers from Santa. I ordered them about 2 weeks ago. The website said “Order now to ensure delivery for Christmas”, Once I ordered them, there was NO confirmation of shipping estimate. Now when I go to the website, the status of “processing order” just has an “x”. What does that mean?? I am bummed that they show this commercial all the time and he will be so sad. Good luck to us all!

    • I ordered mine in November and I have the same status as you Allison. I’m starting to get worried. No confirmation or email yet, and I see alot of disappointed comments. I guess I’ll just hang out, wait and check my status frequently.

      • I had the same thing. Mine showed on 11/26 that my order was placed. On 11/27 that my order was downloaded into their system. 11/29 that my payment was posted. Then it showed an ‘x’ yesterday saying my order was being processed. But when I went out there today to check the status it shows 11/30 shipped and I received an e-mail shipping confirmation saying to expect them in 5-10 business. days. So don’t loose all hope yet! You may still get them! Good luck! 🙂

          • I ordered the Monster One eye. They were delivered and they work great. Very cute product. When all was said and done it was less than 2 weeks from when I orderd to when I received – I don’t think that is to bad.

    • I placed my order in October and still have not rec’d the slippers. Did not get confirmation or anything. I like the way they took the phone number off the website, too. Something does not smell right.

    • I am so frustrated!! I ordered the peek a boo bunny on November 18 and paid the overnight fee… I am still waiting… it has an x for the processing order… I have called 3 times and the last time is a new number for customer service after waiting 47 min on hold they told me… oh we are sorry they will be processed soon we got a shipment in but dont know when we will be sending them out… I explained that I have to send them to my granddaughter in Germany whose dad is in the army and have to send by December 8. The response. We are still waiting for delivery…. IS THIS COMPANY A SCAM OR WHAT??

  317. I ordered Stompeez on 10/16/2011 for my daughters 5th birthday. Once I placed my order a message told me that there is a 3-4 week back order. Now its Dec 1st and I’m hoping to have them at least for Christmas but after reviewing my order status I’m still being told that its on back order. This is ridiculous!!

  318. I placed an order today for two pairs of these slippers. Unfortunately I did not pay attention to the fact that there was no indication that a e-mail would be sent to confirm the order. When I checked further I was very sorry I had ordered. I went to the prompt that indicated I could cancel my order. I called the 800 number and I am happy to report that after only a short wait my call was picked up by there operator. I asked for her name, Jessica, was very nice and said that my order having just been placed was not yet in the system, I saw the instruction the site that you needed to wait 24 to 48 hours to check on your order. Then she suggested that I call tomorrow at this same time and the order would appear in the system. I told her that I was amazed that there were so very many unhappy customers and so many that had no received their merchandise. She said they were still promising delivery for Christmas and many people had received there slippers. She said that there was a very large back order due to the volume of orders. When asked shy that was not indicated on the web she said that the Blue puppy has been so posted. I also questioned the shipping amount. She really had no answer for that question. Of course I will call tomorrow and try to cancel. However I am also going to notify my credit card company that I will not be paying for this purchase and have attempted to cancel due to the poor reviews. I just wish I had paid attention to my first doubt. Lesson learned. I have to day that I do a lot of shopping on the internet and this is the very first time I have had such a problem come up. Wishing all Happy Holidays.

    • I am having the same problems as all of you. The only thing, I can’t seem to find the phone number to call them. When I click on customer service it says I may call mon-fri. Well their is no number to be found. I can’t get anywhere on the site. If anyone has the # can you please let me know.

      Thanks so much.

      • You can try 855-876-1809. that is the number that comes up when you use the prompt cancel order. Only after they ask if they give you a discount which amounts to about half the shipping.

        I did just get them to answer the phone and I have cancelled the order. The operator was very nice and gave me a cancellation conformation number. She also did say that they are not promising Christmas delivery.

        Good Luck.

  319. I’m so upset I just ordered stompeez and no one has anything good to say about them with the exception of OLB. I hope mine arrive before Christmas.

  320. I had no problem cancelling my order,was only on hold about 10 mins.They said it will be 2-3 weeks before they get more in,they out of stock of ALL stompeez slippers at the moment.

    My DD wanted these so bad.

  321. Has anyone had them post a payment and not received the Stompeez slippers? I show on the order tracking that my payment posted yesterday and then for today it shows my order is being processed. After reading all these reviews today I’m a little nervous that they took my money before they shipped the merchandise!