Soda Magic Review

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Are you bored of drinking your regular drinks that are completely flat? Now there is a new way to turn your boring and flat drink to fun and fizzy in just seconds. Here’s introducing Soda Magic, a fun and quick way to turn any drink into a fizzy carbonated beverage.



Soda Magic
Soda Magic is very easy to use. Simply pour your drink into the Soda Magic bottle, load the fizz blaster cartridge, and then twist on the wand to turn your regular drink into a fun fizzy beverage.

You can use Soda Magic to turn any beverage into a fizzy drink. Use it for tea, water, juice, fruit punch, coffee, lemonade, wine, sport drinks, energy drinks, iced tea, and more. You can even use the Soda Magic bottle to turn flat soda to fizzy in just seconds. The secret of the Soda Magic bottle is in the fizz blaster, when inserted into the bottle it infuses the beverage with millions of flavor enhancing bubbles.

Soda Magic comes with a stay fizz lid so you can keep your favorite beverage fizzy and bubbly. You can also store your Soda Magic bottle in the fridge to drink your beverage chilled. You can also carry it with you wherever you go to enjoy your favorite fizzy drink anywhere anytime. Soda Magic is easy to clean, it rinses out in just seconds. It is also easy to store, simply place it in your drawer for easy storage.

So stop wasting your money on soda bottles bought from the store and don’t spend hundreds of dollars on a soda making machine. Order your Soda Magic bottle today and start saving your money!



What do I get?
You can now order the Soda Magic bottle for only $39.99 plus $7.99 S&P. it comes with a Soda Magic Wand, Soda Magic Carbonating Bottle, and Stay Fizz Lid to keep your soda magic fizzy. You also get 6 recyclable cartridges, and the Soda Magic fizzy drink guide loaded with 100’s of recipes. Your Soda Magic is backed by a 30 Day money back guarantee, less shipping and handling. Official website

Official Distributor – Ontel Products (

Customer Care – (973) 439-9035 or via e-mail at .



Soda Magic Video
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2 thoughts on “Soda Magic Review

  1. Has anyone tried the Soda magic, is it any good?

    Is Soda Magic easy to use?

    Is it easy to clean?

    Is it easy to store?

    Does it work with all beverages?

    Does it really brink flat soda back to life?

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