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What are Smilerz?

They are soft slippers for children that glow with every step they take. They come in a range of animated characters that children can choose from.

Cute and adorable slippers that glow

If you wish to take your little one with a delightful surprise, Smilerz could be just what you need. Smilerz are special slippers that light up when worn at every step taken and also turn off when not in use. What sets Smilerz apart from regular children’s slippers is that unlike them, they have lights that make them glow and come to life every time they are worn. The designers of Smilerz state that wearing them would seem a whole new experience for children, which fills up every walking moment for them with fun and delight. The slippers can get them to play, dance and run all over while glowing at every move kids make.

Six lovable animated characters

Smilerz come as six different animated characters viz. Laughing Lion, Dancing Dragon, passion Puppy, Playful Penguin, Cool Cow and Lovely Ladybug. They are available in a variety of vibrant colors and animated designs as well as different sizes starting from extra small to large to fit children comfortably.

Smart technology

According to the promoters of Smilerz, the splippers are provided with lights that glow for a really long time. They are turned on when the slippers are worn and switch off automatically when children don’t move around. That means you can expect the slippers to keep kids entertained and make sure they are on their toes for a really long time instead of sitting idle. Also, the slippers glow in the day as well as night with equal brightness. And since the slippers have animated characters’ faces that glow, they seem all the more thrilling and exciting.


Soft, cozy and safe

The makers of Smilerz claim that the slippers are cozy and soft keeping in mind the comfort of children. They are made of high quality fabric and thick soles so that kids’ feet stay warm and protected no matter what they do wearing them. Hence there’s no chance of any discomfort or harm to their feet even though they have lights and glow.


Happy feet everywhere

Children can wear their Smilerz anywhere and on any special occasion they like such parties, birthdays, someone’s home and more. They can collect all six characters or share them with friends.

What do I get?

You get two pairs of Smilerz™ Slippers in your choice of character and size for just $19.95 + $12.9 P&H.Official website


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