Skywinder Stunt Rocket by Air Gogs

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What is Air Hogs RC Skywinder?

It is a toy R/C stunt rocket that performs a variety of swoops, loops, dives and more in mid-air when sets off in action with a simple squeeze of its trigger.


Behold dare-devil stunts in the skies!

Air Hogs RC Skywinder is the latest stunner that promises to hit the skies like nothing else and zap you with its moves. Air Hogs invites all kids to partake in the exciting experience of flying their own machine that perform the most incredible stunts in the sky. The R/C stunt rocket claims it offers a host of exciting features like counter rotating blades and more that bring the young stunt rocket enthusiasts lots of fun.

Easy to fly

An R/C stunt rocket like Air Hogs RC Skywinder would understandably seem too complex and sophisticated in the beginning, but its manufacturers assure you that flying it is really easy. You are instructed to just press the trigger of the flying machine, which brings its counter rotating blades in life. In addition to that, it also makes the stunt rocket hover mid-air, perform swoops, loops, dives and more that are made to bedazzle the eye. Also, the single trigger flight of the R/C stunt rocket aims to make it easy for anyone to maneuver Skywinder’s stunts effortlessly.

The Air Hogs RC Skywinder highlight…

What powers this R/C stunt rocket is its patented counter rotating blades that you are told, beat gravity and push it to perform exceptionally powerful stunts. The blades also get it to hover in the air and perform a range of intricate somersaults that thrill and entertain kids. It is made to fly indoors, which means one can actually have fun right at home without having to go out.


Durable, safe and convenient

Air Hogs RC Skywinder apparently has a durable form body. Its makers further elaborate that it is made from safe, crash resistant material. It seems really easy to operate the stunt rocket as it works on batteries. The Skywinder is presented as a machine that is suitable for anyone above 8 years of age.


    What do I get ?

  • You get Skywinder Stunt Rocket by Air Gogs just for $ 29.99
  • Official Website :

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