Silly Slippers

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Kids have so many demands these days and there aren’t a lot of things that can entertain them and keep them happy for long. Silly Slippers claims to be one of those slippers that kids will never tire of or want to throw away ever. Unlike ordinary slippers that have badges, imprints of cartoon characters and lights, Silly Slippers promises to be a little different with its suave and highly imaginative design that has popping up animated characters that will definitely win each and every child’s heart.

How does Silly Slippers Work

The special and fun popping up feature of Silly Slippers is believed to make the cute characters that come with it pop to life when pressed while walking, jumping or doing other activities by kids. The promise of such fun in Silly Slippers is backed with a built in technology that senses the pressure on the bottom part and in response makes the featured part of character pop out in amazement. Also it’s said that Silly Slippers are made from a highly durable material and finely stitched to make them last for a long time even with the high amount of wear and tear they go through with kids’ activities.

Silly Slippers are said to be ultra comforting making it a cozy and cool catch for a slumber party, for use at home, while playing, taking it on weekends to grandparents or even becoming a perfect gift. Silly Slippers comes with 5 marvelous characters – Princess Kitty that has her ears popping out, Sneaky Shark whose mouth opens up wide, Lucky Leopard whose ears are flexibly jumping with joy, Dizzy Dinosaur whose mouth opens with joy and Zany Zebra whose ears are ready to dangle with each jump. The amazing Silly Slippers can also be used to keep the feet warm enough during winters.




What do I get?

    Choose your’s Design

    Silly Slippers Is Available in Four Designs

  • Lucky Leopard
  • Sneaky Shark
  • Zany Zebra
  • Dizzy Dinosaur
  • Size Available

  • Extra Small (Size 8 – 9)
  • Small (Size 10 – 11)
  • Medium (Size 12 – 13)
  • Large (Size 1 – 2)

Price – £14.99. Official website



Silly Slippers Video

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